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Best collapsible laundry baskets [UK]: Top Addis, Beldray, and Brabantia collapsible laundry baskets reviewed

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A laundry basket or two are necessary buys if you don’t want your room or home to look like a jumble sale that’s just been visited by a group of stampeding elephants. You can even convince the most untidy teenager to throw their dirty clothes into a laundry basket instead of just on the floor with a little coaxing, making laundry day all that much easier for you. The thing is, some large laundry baskets actually take up quite a bit of space and it’s totally unnecessary when they are not being used and empty of dirty clothes. This is where collapsible laundry baskets come in.

The best collapsible laundry baskets can be folded down to a size that makes them convenient for storing away in a drawer, under the bed, or in a cupboard until you need them next. Most of these products are going to cost you less than 20 pounds, with some being less than a quarter of that, and there are tons of designs out there, made from a wide range of materials.

Our picks for the best collapsible laundry baskets:

Best collapsible laundry basket: Addis Foldable Rectangular Laundry Basket, White & Aqua Haze, 45 litre

Best value pick collapsible laundry basket: Vinsani Colour Light Dark 3 Sections Laundry Hamper Collapsible Bag Foldable Cloth Basket Portable Storage Bin

Best value pick collapsible laundry basket alternative: UOON Large Laundry Basket 82L, Collapsible Fabric Laundry Hamper, Foldable Clothes Bag, Folding Washing Bin

Best collapsible laundry basket alternative if Addis not available: Brabantia Foldable Laundry Basket – Grey

Most stylish and large collapsible laundry basket: Lifewit Double Laundry Hamper with Lid and Removable Laundry Bags

Best large collapsible laundry basket: Delgeo Large Capacity Laundry Baskets(Grey,XL) 100L Collapsible,Grey Storage Basket with Lid and Handles

What to look for when buying the Best Collapsible Laundry Baskets

Want to know what to keep an eye out for when buying a collapsible laundry basket? Then read this short but informative buyer’s guide that covers all the main points you need to know.


Consider how many people will be using your laundry basket, how often they change clothes, and how much space you have in your house/apartment/room before buying a product. Even though these baskets are collapsible, they will still have to be stood up while the laundry is in them, and if you live in a dorm room, or a small flat, it might not be the best idea to have a huge collapsible laundry basket. There’s also no point buying a huge basket if your washing line is small!

On the other hand, a compact model won’t be suitable for more than one person who does laundry fairly often.


The two main types of collapsible laundry basket are those made from plastic and rubber, and those made of fabric.

Fabric collapsible laundry baskets

The plastic and rubber products tend to fold down flatter, and are easier to keep clean, but you have to be careful with the soft rubber parts, especially on cheaper models as this can split. There are different types of fabric collapsible laundry bags and baskets. Ones made from a combination of polyester, cotton, and polyethylene are usually durable, as are ones made from Oxford fabric. Fabric laundry baskets should have the inside lined with some kind of plastic to keep them waterproof.


Unless you want to be constantly adjusting a sagging laundry basket or bag, stability should be high on the list of requirements. Thankfully, most of these products nowadays are pretty good at staying upright on their own, even when empty, but I would still read reviews and customer feedback comments on this subject before buying. A tiny bit of losing shape is all fine for a fabric bag, as long as it isn’t too much, but plastic baskets should definitely hold their structure.

MDF base on a collapsible laundry basket is stronger but weighs more

Style and colour

Your laundry basket is going to be a semi-permanent feature in your home, whether it is in the bedrooms or next to the washing machine. Sure, you can fold it up when not needed, but it will at least spend a bit of time on full display, so it’s better to get something that you think looks nice. If you’ve got smaller children, and you want to get them into the good habit of putting their clothes in a laundry basket, you might want to go for something colourful with a pretty pattern. However, for teenagers, or your own bedroom, you’ll probably be happier with something that is a bit more neutrally coloured.

Plastic collapsible laundry baskets tend to have the brighter colours, while fabric models tend to be plainer and more neutral. An exception to this is the DII polyester storage basket that comes in a wide range of patterns and colour schemes and looks wonderful.


When it comes to price, even some of the best collapsible laundry baskets aren’t going to leave you bankrupt, so I wouldn’t try to scrimp on the cost. I would rather pay an extra 10 pounds or so for a quality product that will last than something that cost only a few quid but breaks after a couple of months. Having said that, there are some great deals on Amazon at the moment, and the Vinsani three section laundry bag for around 12 pounds is a steal. 

In this article we give our ‘break down’ of the latest and best collapsible laundry baskets, so you can feel more informed and better prepared to make your own purchasing decision.

Best collapsible laundry basket reviews

We took a closer look at the best-selling collapsible laundry baskets that are available in the UK. We considered things like ease of use, material, and build quality, and then wrote up our findings in the reviews below. Enjoy.

1. Addis Foldable Rectangular Laundry Basket, White & Aqua Haze, 45 litre

A collapsible laundry basket for the medium sized family, this product from UK based firm Addis can hold up to 45 litres at a time. It is constructed out of a combination of plastics, some being rigid, while others are flexible in order to make it foldable, yet solid once popped up into shape.

And ‘pop up’ is a good way to describe how this  plastic, collapsible, laundry basket works. From its flattened position you simply place your foot on the bottom and then pull the handles up and it pops into its usable position.

When flat it has dimensions of 61cm wide by 45cm deep, but just 8.5cm high, and resembles a tray in this position, and this makes it easy to find a storage space for it. Once fully erected the width and depth stay the same, but the height increases to 28cm.

The way the basket folds up and down is smooth in operation, and easy to do, but the flexibility of some of the plastic/rubber components on the side made me feel that I had to be a little bit careful with the basket so that I don’t prematurely damage it. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t feel flimsy, just not as solid as my old regular non-folding basket I have in the bedroom, but I guess that’s to be expected from something that has to be collapsible.

Unlike some cheaper collapsible baskets, you won’t have to hold this one in place, as it will stand up freely on its own, whether that is when fully assembled or only popped up halfway. This I really liked because it can be so annoying when these baskets collapse all the time of their own accord. The Addis foldable laundry basket has a good design, it pops up and folds down easily, and has a decent amount of room to get your laundry in. All in all, it’s a decent product.

Addis Foldable Rectangular Laundry Basket, White & Aqua Haze, 45 litre

I haven’t updated this article for a while and after reviewing the consensus online, I changed up some of the opinions but also had to include this beautiful collapsible laundry basket. Now I know you want budget sometimes but this isn’t that, this is really class and fits into most stylish decor setups. But there’s more, the removable laundry bags means you don’t have to worry about the outer frame dirtying and at the same time can separate your lights and darks in an organised fashion.

The first thing you’ll notice is the fact this doesn’t take up much space at all. Being taller you have less footage used so fits nicely in most small spaces as well because it’ll still fit nicely under work counters.

Setup isn’t much of a bother either. Have you ever seen a pop up gazebo or a tent? This basically works in exactly the same way, threading the wooden structure with a rubber core throughout to give stability. I’d say setup is less than 5 minutes for even the most basic DIY’ers. One thing to be careful of is pulling the cords tightly so it all comes together and looks like the sales pictures. IF you don’t get this step right it’ll look a bit disappointing.

PRO TIP: One thing you want to avoid though, don’t let this get wet or it’ll stain and go mouldy. Being fabric this is one of the biggest problems you’ll face with whatever collapsible laundry basket you opt for. Not only will it end up looking rough – it’ll go mouldy which isn’t healthy and it’ll do it quickly! Worse still, you won’t get a refund as most fabric collapsible laundry basket manufacturers state this very clearly in their listings!

Some have complained the material is cheap. I have to say my opinion is for the money this looks luxury and as long as you don’t let it get wet you have a real diamond.

Our first review is of the excellent DII collapsible storage basket/bin. This round collapsible Laundry basket is one of the smaller options out there, measuring just 12”x15”, and is better suited to people who do laundry more often as the basket will get full after a few days. There are larger versions available, but they are not that big either, and there is also the choice of getting a rectangular basket, but we preferred the look of the round one.

This is a collapsible laundry basket, but because of its compact size, and the fact that all of the 9 colour schemes that it comes in look fantastic, you probably won’t want to put it away out of sight.

These collapsible laundry baskets can easily be used to store books, toys, and just about anything else you like, while adding a touch of colour to your child’s bedroom at the same time.

They are made from thick polyester and constructed very sturdily. The cotton rope handles are soft to hold in the hand, yet very strong, making these a good option to move kids toys from upstairs to downstairs or to use as a funky shopping bag when you visit the supermarket.

To sum up, these round baskets look great, and are very well put together from strong materials. They would be a great addition to a child’s bedroom, or even in the living room to keep books or magazines in.

4. UOON Large Laundry Basket 82L, Collapsible Fabric Laundry Hamper, Foldable Clothes Bag, Folding Washing Bin

Need something a bit bigger to keep all your dirty clothes in under the weekend rolls around and you have time to do your laundry? This 82 litre capacity collapsible laundry basket might be just the thing for you.

It is made from a strong feeling fabric that can handle loads up to 12kg, and is held together by durable seams. The handles are made from aluminium, again for durability, but have rubber coatings to make them more comfortable to carry.

The material is a combination of 600D Oxford fabric, which is known for its strength, and the lining is coated with Polyethylene to make it waterproof.

This collapsible laundry bag stands at 38 x 38 x 72cm at its full extension, and it is stable enough to stand freely without collapsing again. Once empty and folded down it weighs 560 grams and is small enough to slip under a bed or washing machine until needed.

There are multiple colours to choose from, but no variety in patterns, just paint colours. This is not a bad thing though, as it gives this product a modern look and feel, and makes this collapsible laundry basket suitable for teenagers and college students. Of course, these bags can also be used for a wide range of applications other than laundry, such as books and toys, and the neutral colours mean that it can fit into any bedroom without looking out of place.

This is a really good quality product, and definitely one of my favourites out of all the collapsible laundry baskets we tested. It has a large capacity, but doesn’t take up too much room, even when left standing up, it’s made out of very good materials, and those materials are well put together. What’s not to like?

Similar in design to the Addis foldable laundry basket, and priced around the same, this product’s 27 litre capacity makes it better suited to smaller families or individuals who only do laundry once a week. Before I get into the review further let’s take a look at their demo video:

It is constructed out of the same kinds of materials as the Addis product; a mix of plastic and rubber, but I have to say that the rubber parts on this Beldray model felt a little bit thicker to me. At the same time though, the hard-plastic handles didn’t seem quite as thick or strong as its rival.

The unfolding mechanism is very easy and smooth, you just have to push your hand into the bottom, and likewise, the collapsing is done by placing the basket on a hard surface and pushing the handles down. You’ll have to make sure that you are folding the soft rubber sides the way there were intended though, but this becomes easier the more you do it.

When empty, the Beldray collapsible laundry basket weighs 1.3 kilos, which is noticeably heavier than your average wicker laundry basket, but it does make you feel that this isn’t a flimsy product, even if it does make lifting a full load a little bit harder work.

The main problem I have read about this product is with the sticker that comes attached to the inside of the basket. It is held on with an extremely strong adhesive and is very difficult to remove. I had already read about this before ours arrived, so I didn’t even bother trying to remove it, and it didn’t bother me leaving it there. You can purchase this collapsible laundry basket in either grey, turquoise, purple or red.

Beldray® LA034816 Oval Collapsible Laundry Basket

Another one of my favourites, the Brabantia foldable laundry basket is a good value and dependable product. With dimensions of 37 x 44 x 26cm, it is not the largest collapsible laundry basket out there, but it can hold a surprisingly large amount of laundry, and would be enough for a couple with no children, or more than enough for a single adult.

Although this is collapsible, it doesn’t fold down as flat as say the Addis basket, but because the Brabantia is made of fabric and not plastic and rubber, you can feel comfortable squeezing it into gaps without worrying about tearing or damaging it.

The actual materials used to make the Brabantia are polyester (75%) and cotton (25%), with a PU coating on the inside to make it waterproof, and to help with the structure of the basket. The outside layer does not have this coating, but feels like it won’t be damaged by a bit of water in any case. I really like the look of this product, it has a simple, yet stylish aesthetic that makes it look like a nice addition to your home rather than an eyesore if left stood up. 

The carry handles are well made and comfortable to hold, even when the basket is full, and the dimensions of the product felt just right to carry in front of me naturally, and I hardly even realised it was there when walking up and down stairs. In my opinion, this is easily worth the eighteen pounds that it is going for on Amazon at the moment. It will certainly last longer than most plastic baskets, and looks nicer to boot.

A good alternative to the UOON product when it comes to large capacity collapsible laundry baskets, this excellent basket from Delgeo has some nice design features to set it apart from its closest competitor.

For a start, this model has a more rigid structure, yet still folds down very quickly and easily down flat for ease of storage. The bottom of the basket is made from a strong MDF board and this prevents it from sagging when filled to it’s 100 litre capacity, and also helps to keep it standing stable.

The other materials used in this basket’s construction are polypropylene and polyester, and this gives it a strong, robust quality while still being breathable which prevents odours. The whole product feels like it will last for a fair old while, and even comes with a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

To keep the contents in place, there is a drawstring that you can tie across the top of the clothes, and also my favourite feature: a solid lid that saves you from smelling other people’s dirty socks as you carry it to the washing machine!

The Delgeo collapsible laundry basket arrives as a flat pack, but only takes a minute to set up and then stands 63cm tall, and 38cm wide and deep. 

Although only available in a  single colour: grey, it does look good and will blend in with your home’s colour scheme and decorations effortlessly. 

I honestly can’t find anything to fault with Delgeo’s collapsible laundry basket, and if I really had to choose one to spend my money on, this would probably be it. I’m a bit busy getting around to doing laundry more than once a week, and the large capacity, plus the closable lid, is perfect for that purpose.

8. Vinsani Colour Light Dark 3 Sections Laundry Hamper Collapsible Bag Foldable Cloth Basket Portable Storage Bin with Carry Handles for Bathroom Bedroom, Dark Grey

If you’re like me, you’ve probably accidentally mixed the odd coloured item in with your whites when you shouldn’t have, and ended up with a load of pink, grey, and other washed out colorer clothes that previously weren’t that shade. To avoid this situation, you could invest in ones of 3-section collapsible laundry bags from Vinsani. The three separate sections mean that you can drop your colours in one side, whites in the other, and darks such as black and dark brown in the third. This should prevent people like me throwing in the wrong things together, and avoiding a teenage melt down when your son sees his favourite England shirt has now got a very distinct rosy tint to it.

Made from extremely durable double layered Oxford fabric, and coated with polyethylene to make it waterproof, this is a laundry bag that should last you a while even if you aren’t the most careful of people. 

The handles are aluminium, known for its rust-resistant properties, and they have been given a rubber coating for comfort. These handles are attached to the bag’s fabric and feel like they have been made to be strong and sturdy and I think they could easy hold up a fully loaded bag for years to come.

When the bag is empty, it does lose its shape slightly, but this is hardly enough to be a problem, and is fine when filled with clothes. The package arrived as a little flattened down pack wrapped in plastic and looked quite small, but when I opened it up, I was happy with the 60 x 32 x 49cm dimensions, that is more than enough for normal sized family, and if you have a larger family, then why not buy a second or third basket? At the bargain price of just over a tenner, you can’t go wrong.

Well ladies and gents, that’s all for today but we hope we have helped you decide on which collapsible laundry basket is best for you. To be honest, I thought all of the products featured were good in their own way, it all depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Hopefully we will see you here again at garden Toolbox, and would like to invite you to explore this site some more. It is packed with gardening and DIY information.

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