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Best BBQ tool set [UK]: Pick from the top BBQ accessories

This article was last updated on July 31st, 2021 at 9:30 am

So, you’ve spent endless hours deciding on whether to go with a charcoal BBQ or gas BBQ, finally made a decision, and you’re almost ready for a summer of outdoor cookouts with friends and family. The garden furniture has been brought back out and dusted off, the gazebo is up and ready, what more could you need?

Best BBQ tool set

Well, without the best BBQ tool set, you’re never really going to be king of the grill (or food smoker), so feast your eyes on this selection of outstanding tool sets. Every single one of them is worth your consideration, and we have included sets to match all budget types, so dive right into our product reviews where we will go more in-depth with each one of the most popular BBQ tool sets on the UK market right now.

Still want more? Ok, no problem, we have also included a short guide that will point out a few things that you should know, or be aware of, when buying your BBQ tool set.

First up though, is our reviews section, so let’s get cracking.

Comparison table: Best BBQ tool set [UK]: Pick from the top BBQ accessories

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

grilljoy BBQ Grill Tool Set, 25pcs

  • QUALITY SERVICE - Our main purpose as a seller is to provide the best barbecue grill set products...

ROMANTICIST 20pcs Stainless Steel Barbecue Tools Set

  • Professional Barbecue Set for Grill Master
  • Superior High Quality Barbecue Tools with Exquisite Craftsmanship
  • Complete BBQ Tools Kit with Rubber-Steel Combination
  • A Multifunctional BBQ Tools Set for Tackling Any Grill Task
  • Unrivaled Performance & Ideal Christmas Gift for Men

Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set- 16 Piece

  • COMPLETE SET- This high quality set comes with everything needed for a successful cook out...
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE- With a heavy duty aluminum case
  • QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL- Each barbecue tool is made from quality stainless steel which is rust resistant for long-lasting reliability....
  • PERFECT GIFT- This complete set of barbeque accessories is an ideal gift for any avid griller or cook...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- 16 piece set includes essentials like swiss knife


  • 【Durable BBQ Utensil Kit】 All tools are made of 430 food grade stainless steel which ensure that the tools...
  • 【Safe BBQ Grill Tool Set】 All tools are with oak handles (the oak wood is harder...
  • 【Easy storage BBQ Grilling Tools Set】 All tools are equipped with hanging holes...
  • 【Multi-purpose Apron】An apron made of high-hardness
  • 【Ergonomic Designed BBQ Grilling Tools Set】 All the Barbecue tools are ergonomically designed...

POLIGO 23pcs BBQ Accessories

  • COMPLETE BARBECUE TOOLS SET -This barbecue tools set includes 4-in-1 spatula
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - The bbq utensils are made of professional grade stainless steel...
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Barbecue accessories with elongated handles keep your hands safe from the heat and the end hanging...
  • ALUMINUM STORAGE CASE - Keep all barbecue grill utensil set stays in order and protected in the lightweight case...
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE: Our main purpose as a seller is to provide the best products...

Homemaxs BBQ Accessories BBQ Tools Set

  • 🍴🔥UPGRADED CLEANING GRILL BRUSH: This bbq brush with stainless steel extra sharp scraper can easily scrub any stubborn gunk...
  • 🍴🔥2X THICKER THAN OTHERS: These BBQ accessories are made of extra-thick solid stainless steel...
  • 🍴🔥16 INCH SUPER LONG HANDLE: BBQ accessories with solid elongated handles allow you to safely reach the grill...
  • 🍴🔥PROFESSIONAL 14 PCS BBQ TOOLS: Our BBQ utensil set contains more professional BBQ accessories than others...
  • 🍴🔥INCLUDE CARRY BAG: BBQ accessories come with a sturdy canvas bag,easy to carry...


With so many outstanding products available, choosing a BBQ tool set to occupy the top spot on our best’ list wasn’t a quick and easy task, let me tell you. After a fair bit of deliberation with some friends and colleagues, we did finally come to an agreement that the top spot should be taken by the set that offers the right balance of affordability, a good selection of useful tools, nice presentation factor, and of build quality, of course.

Coming in a modern and stylish, aluminium storage case (meaning it is ideal for a portable charcoal bbq or portable gas bbq too), this is a BBQ tool set that will make any wannabe outdoor chef smile from ear to ear. Excellent quality, combined with a great selection of tools, make this one our winner and best bbq tool set for 2021.

Best bbq tool set – very neat box too not that I used it much as you’ll see further down the review 😀

With these factors in mind, we were led to our final decision on the matter, and present to you the overall winner: The Romanticist 20-piece barbecue tools set.

This is one of few 20-piece sets by this brand, with each being a slightly different price, and containing a few different tools, and while all of those sets are great in their own right, we selected this particular one as we thought it contained the most practical tools.

This set consists of a spatula, fork, tongs, cleaning brush, basting brush, an extra brush head, 4 kebab skewers, 8 corn holders, and a digital thermometer. All are made from premium stainless steel, with black rubber handle parts, are incredibly strong, and look fantastic. What I like most about this set is the grill cleaner. We’ve hammered ours and it’s superb at getting the grill into some resemblance of a surface worth eating from.

Grill brush has stood up very well over the last dozen bbq cleans.

It’s really nice and rigid with a much longer handle than I was previously used to. This is a super upgrade on both counts. Firstly my hand doesn’t get burnt, secondly, I can push as hard as I want to clean off the grill. Sounds trivial but does make a decent difference.

After that, the two most outstanding pieces for me were the spatula and the thermometer. The spatula is not just your regular design for flipping burgers, although you can certainly use it for that, it has a very innovative design that allows it to be used as a cutting tool. On one side you will find a knife edge for cutting, and on the other, a tenderising edge, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a built-in bottle opener right before the handle, so the chef can have himself a well-earned cold one (or two) without having to leave the grill.

The thermometer is an excellent addition to any BBQ tool set, and one that isn’t all that common. When cooking pork, or chicken, it is really important to go by internal temperature rather than by time or what the meat looks like, if you want to keep it juicy while still being safe to eat, and a good thermometer is the only way to do that.

They do end up looking beaten up but that just adds to how well they’ve stood up and overall I am really pleased with this bbq tool set and I’ve also used it in my fire pit too.

Coming in a close second place is Grilljoy’s 25-piece BBQ grill tool set, which offers good value for money at its current price, but sadly fell short on a few small issues.

First off, this set contains a lot of tools for the money you pay for it, including a multi-purpose spatula, tongs, 40cm fork, kebab skewers, basting and cleaning brushes, corn holders, and more.

It also includes a meat thermometer, meat injector (complete with needle), salt and pepper shakers, and 2 grill matts. The grill matts are an excellent addition, and are very heat retardant, so you can lay them down on the grill and then place smaller items that would normally fall through the bars, like vegetables and prawns, on top.

Like the Romanticist set, these tools are made from stainless steel to stop them rusting prematurely, and feel nice and strong. You can choose to buy this set with either silver or black handles, and personally I think the silver looks better, but both sets will arrive in a silver metal case.

So, so far so good, and you might be asking why we wouldn’t choose a set that contains more tools, for a lower price, as our number one. Well, it’s because there were a few quality control issues that niggled me in the set we got our hands on. They weren’t deal breaking, or anything like that, but I did notice them and that’s why this set is second place instead of the top spot.

For example, inside the case, there were some loose threading in a couple of the holders for the tools, and on close inspection, one side of the tongs was slightly longer than the other. Like I said, small things, but there were enough of them to be noticeable, and if I had the choice, I’d pay the extra ten pounds for the Romanticist BBQ tool set instead. If little things like that don’t bother you though, this is an excellent deal.

If you prefer a BBQ tool set that looks a bit more traditional, or you just don;;t want to spend more than twenty pounds on your cooking accessories, Mosfiata’s product might interest you.

Now, I understand that pure stainless steel tools, or a combination of steel and plastic may be the better bet for maintenance free longevity, but I still have to say that I prefer the classic look, and feel, of the oak handles on these tools. I know they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but personally, I like them.

The tool heads are all made from 430 food grade stainless steel, and are very solid, especially considering the low price of this set. What’s more, they all have nice, long handles, so you can avoid any accidental burns on your hands or clothes.

I like that instead of a carry case, you get a free BBQ apron with this set. It has holders in the front of it for all your main tools, and is made of waterproof 10A oxford cloth, designed to be highly durable and hard wearing.

There is a BBQ grill mat thrown in for good measure too, and if you’ve never used one, you are missing out. These mats allow you to cook much smaller things on the grill without anything getting burned, so the inclusion of one in a cheap set like this comes as a nice surprise.

Without some maintenance, wood will eventually start to rot, weaken, break, etc. so if you are not the best at that kind of thing, you will probably be better off with another product. On the other hand, with a little TLC, these could last you a while and prove to be a very good value.

Home Complete’s BBQ tool set is another fantastic looking product, with shiny stainless-steel tools, complete with the brand’s name emblazoned on them, albeit in a very classy and tasteful way.

These are very well-built BBQ tools, and every single piece feels as sturdy and durable as you can get, I couldn’t even bend the tongs very much at all, and I was purposefully trying to do so with all my strength.

Like most of these sets these days, everything comes in an aluminium case, a material chosen, no doubt, for the fact that it provides strength while remaining lightweight, and also highly resistant to rust.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about the quality of this set at all, but I do think it is overpriced. At twice the price of the Grilljoy set, you would expect a little more. Yes, the tools are better quality, but not that much better, and the fact the set contains far less tools, just doesn’t justify the extra you pay. I would accept paying an extra 10 pounds or so, but not double.

It’s a shame too, as other than the high price, these BBQ tools are great. As already mentioned, they are excellent quality, strong and no doubt very durable. There are no quality control issues like with the cheaper Grilljoy product either. I just wish Home Complete would have just included a few more items, and made it a 20+ piece set, and then I might have placed it higher on our list.

If you’ve got around 30 quid to spare, you could do a lot worse than this 23-piece BBQ tool set from Poligo that offers some handy cooking accessories for a great price.

The Poligo set includes a 4-in-1 spatula, 40cm grill fork, 38cm tongs, 4 twisted kebab skewers, grill cleaning brush and spare head, silicone basting brush, 8 corn holders, and a salt and pepper shaker duo. Just like with other sets, they are made from stainless steel, and you have the choice of having the plain metal handles, or pay a pound more and get the rubber handled variety. I have to say the steel didn’t feel as strong as our number one pick, but for the cheaper price, that’s to be expected.

As an extra bonus, Poligo have thrown in a couple of their premium BBQ grill mats too. These mats are made from PTFE fiberglass and contain no PFOA, a chemical that is known to damage your health in a variety of ways, so the absence of it is always a good thing.

Again, everything comes in an aluminium storage case, unfortunately with the model we looked at, the locking mechanism wasn’t the most secure and would pop open sometimes. It wasn’t the end of the world, and if you’ve got an ounce of DIY skill, you can easily sort it out, but it is still a negative point. After speaking to many customers of ours, it seems that this isn’t a common problem, though not completely unheard of either, so it does seem like there is a quality control problem at the factory in this regard.

Other than that, I had no grumbles about the Poligo set, and I think it offers good value for money overall.

POLIGO 23pcs BBQ Accessories

You may only get 14 pieces in Homemaxs’ BBQ tools set, and with that in mind it certainly isn’t the most cost-effective product in our list, but unlike a lot of the other sets which are virtual clones of each other, this has a few differences.

First of all, the stainless steel used for the tools is of a very high quality, they are thicker than a lot of other brands’ tools, and feel a bit more substantial in general. Although, I only spent a little time with the set myself, I do have customers who have had it for a while and are pleased with the durability.

Instead of a hard, aluminium case, these tools come in a soft, canvas carry bag, and although it isn’t as pleasing to the eye as the aforementioned metallic ones, it is not too shabby looking, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally denting it; a common problem with the aluminium cases.

The grill cleaning brush on this set is excellent, and has a curved brush combined with a nice sharp scraper that helps to get rid of those stubborn pieces of food. This brush was far superior to all the others that we tested out, and was definitely the star of the show when it comes to this set.

As for the negatives, the main one I would point out, and it is quite a big one I would say, is that the tongs are just really hard to use. The spring back on them is so strong that you’d better have forearms like Popeye, or you’re going to be aching the next day. They might loosen up over time, but at first, they are hard work.

The second thing is that despite being called a 14-piece set, four of those pieces are simple hanging hooks, and the carry case is counted as a piece too. So, in actuality, you are paying 30 pounds for five main tools, and four corn holders, and I just think that’s a bit steep for me. On the other hand, they are good quality, and at least not the same generic type you find in most BBQ tool sets these days.

Best BBQ Tool Set Buyers’ Guide

To ensure that you’re handing over your money for the right product, it’s important to be in the know about BBQ tool sets. So, we thought we’d lend a hand and point out a few things that might help you make the right decision, and assist you in getting the most out of your purchase.

Don’t be fooled by how many pieces are advertised

You might see that a set has 24 or more pieces and still be very affordable, but this can be misleading. Often the ‘extra’ tools are not that important, or are smaller pieces such as corn holders (as many as eight pieces), so this isn’t the best judge of value for a BBQ tool set.

All the best BBQ tool sets must have a decent spatula, a set of tongs, a BBQ fork, and a couple of brushes. As for extras that are worth paying for, I would say a good temperature reader, kebab skewers, and BBQ grill mats, are all good inclusions. Salt and pepper shakers, not so much.

Check to see how long the handles are

You can never really trust the photos used for advertising products, and often the size of things is not portrayed accurately. Always check the actual measurements of the tools, and the ratio of the tool head to the handle. You want the handles to be long enough so that your hands are safely away from the heat of the grill, but tools that are excessively long can be harder to handle, particularly when some fine motor skill work is needed.

Materials are important

You should look for BBQ tool sets where the tool heads are high quality stainless steel, as they will last the longest, due to the rust resistant properties of that material. When it comes to handles, you usually have a choice of stainless steel, plastic, rubber, or wood. Stainless steel usually looks the most eye-catching, but it can be hard to keep a good grip on them, especially when things get a little greasy. Plastic offers better grip, and is hard wearing, but doesn’t look as good as either stainless steel or wood, depending on your tastes. Wooden handles are for me the most comfortable to hold and use, and can look great. However, they won’t last as long as the other types of material unless you really look after them.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because one set is much higher priced than another, that it is that much better. To be honest, a lot of these BBQ tool sets are very similar, and although there are some differences in the quality of the little things, those differences are generally not worth some of the huge price differences that you see. This is why it is always a good idea to read trusted product reviews like the ones on this page, so you can get a clearer picture about the true value and quality.

Well, that’s the end of this article I’m afraid, but I feel confident that I’ve offered up some good advice and honest feedback on the most popular BBQ tool sets on sale at the current time. This article will of course be updated as things change with available supply, and as new products enter the market.

Until then, the products featured above should be enough to keep you all happily grilling away this summer, and after all the craziness, I think we all deserve a few wonderful days in the garden with family friends, don’t you?

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