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UK’s best garden table and chair sets rated on style and value: folding and glass sets compared and reviewed

This article was last updated on April 23rd, 2022 at 5:57 am

We’ve just been purging the decking in anticipation of the new garden table and chair set we want to buy. It’s a busy week here, we looked at decking cleaner, decking oil and treatment, as well as decking stain. All this in an effort to enjoy our garden seating area all the more late into the evenings. With the decking sorted we decided to look at our garden table and chair set. It’s literally falling to pieces 😀 So I thought what better way than to re-visit an article I wrote a couple of years ago to refresh myself of the various bargains, as well as pitfalls there are with each set.

Garden table and chair sets can enhance a garden design

For me, a garden table and chair set needs to fit in with its environment nicely. It needs to be durable enough to get through a few summers (would be nice if the kids can’t destroy it in five minutes too), and it would be handy if you don’t need to sell a kidney to buy it! So with those ideas in mind I ended up whittling it down to this list of options:

My top picks for best garden table and chairs set in the UK

Best garden table and chairs set in the UK: WOODEN GARDEN GARDEN SET – TABLE, 2 BENCHES, AND 2 CHAIRS
Best black garden table and chairs: Leisure Zone Rattan Dining Table and Chairs Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set (Black) (currently out of stock but lovely black set)
Best glass garden table and chairs: Leisure Zone Rattan Dining Table and Chairs Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set (Black) (currently out of stock but lovely black set)
Cheapest garden table and chairs set: Garden Table and Chair 4 seater, 2 ArmChairs + 1 Double Chair Sofa + Glass Coffee Table
Best folding garden table and chairs: Rowlinson Plumley 6-Seater FSC Hardwood Garden Dining Set – Folding set
Best mosaic garden table and chairs: Home Source Mosaic Bistro Set Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture Table and 2 Chairs
Best little garden table and chair set: Lazy Susan Ivy 63cm Round Garden Table in Antique Bronze with 2 April Chairs

What you need to known when buying garden table and chairs sets in the UK

You’ll not believe how often I get asked similar questions with regards to garden table and chair sets. So, I decided to pick a few of the most common issues to help you make the right choice for your garden from cleaning and maintenance to ways in which you can draw comparisons for value:

How to clean garden table and chair sets?

Personally I love to blast down my garden furniture with my cordless pressure washer. I don’t bother using the petrol pressure washer as this will actually strip the finish off your furniture and can leave a furry finish if you go too hard and close as can be seen when I pressure wash my shed:

However, if you’ve got an orbital sander you can put that right, but I would say unless solid wood, I would steer clear (rattan etc).

If the cordless pressure washer can’t clean your furniture then you’ll need to consider some detergent. There’s no point in damaging the set in the cleaning process.

While the pressure washer works for the framework, you’ll still need to consider your textiles. Never never pick a set that doesn’t have washable covers. That is about as painful as it gets. You just want to be able to quickly remove and sling them in the washing machine. Pay attention to reviews that talk about the covers shrinking too. I’ve noticed that on my set when I had the washing on standard temperature I still ended up shrinking the covers which was a right pain and really difficult to get the foam back in them. It also left them looking a bit bulged for some time after.

Can I paint or oil my wooden garden table and chairs?

Absolutely yes. When the time comes you want to really give your furniture a good clean down with soapy water then rinse off. Make sure its then left to dry out well and when you have a break in the weather you can paint or oil as you prefer. I would highly recommend looking at oil first. Once you paint your furniture it will be very difficult to reverse that decision and from there on in you’ll need to keep up a paint maintenance program so your garden set looks in top condition all the time.

Garden table and chairs will need painting – once you start you can’t stop so bear that in mind!

If you use oil then a one and a half inch brush is ideal to get into all the gaps in and around the sides of the frame. Make sure you don’t do this on your patio without putting down a dust sheet first as you’l leave nasty stains if it drips! You’ve been fairly warned 😀

How do I compare which garden table and chair sets are the best value?

With a whole myriad of designs, prices, styles, and materials there’s a lot to compare and review. One of the best starting places is to set your budget and decide the main styles you’re interested in. Given there’s literally hundreds of sets out there, this will considerably trim the pack in your favour. It’s all well and good staring at those unaffordable sets but they’ll distract you from finding a decent bargain. With the price range set, start looking at longevity, style, build quality, and customer service, comparing each. If you spend a little time making the comparisons you’ll come up with a solid buy, and remember, garden furniture isn’t cheap!

I hope you liked our review of the best garden table and chair sets, please always pop us an email or message if there’s some amazing garden sets that you feel we’ve missed and we will be glad to add them for you.

How to pick the best garden table and chairs set for your garden?

Finding the right garden table and chair set for your needs boils down to value for money and what you want from your seating. Is it comfort or aesthetics? Do you want a long lasting setup or more concerned with style over longevity? Because no two situations are the same, I’ve taken a decent cross section of the best garden table and chair sets available at the moment ranging in price, material, and build quality with a look at classic and contemporary too.

Deciding what you want from your garden table set

Are you looking for modern or classic? Thats a good start point. If you’re looking for modern you’ll probably end up taking a look at the Leisure Zone Rattan Dining Table and Chairs Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set (Black) as this would suit any sleek contemporary setup. If you’re looking for classic and durable you have a couple of great options to get you going. The first tone to look at is the WOODEN GARDEN GARDEN SET – TABLE, 2 BENCHES, AND 2 CHAIRS and then the Rowlinson Plumley 6-Seater FSC Hardwood Garden Dining Set.

Garden table and chairs – rattan and expensive glass finish

Perhaps you’re looking for something durable and a mix of classic and modern. In that case you might find the Lazy Susan Ivy 63cm Round Garden Table in Antique Bronze with 2 April Chairs. This set offers a lovely balance in my opinion.

What about if you’re looking for a big family garden table and chair set – no problem, you definitely want to take a look at the Outsunny 11PC Rattan Set.

Buy cheap or buy quality – weighing up and comparing value

The biggest mental battle you’re going to have is paying upfront for quality or getting a modern look for cheap money. The trade off is life span. On one end of the spectrum you’ve got Lazy Susan JUNE Garden Table + Rose Chairs that seriously costs some money but will last a lifetime. By contrast, for considerably less you can get a nice rattan set. The Leisure Zone Rattan Dining Table and Chairs is considerably cheaper, more comfort, looks much more modern, which, depending on your standpoint may be better but the trade off is you might only get three or four years out of it, especially if you don’t store it properly over winter or place a cover on it when not in use.

The best garden table and chairs sets in the UK reviewed

Specification: Material: Textilene fabric, Garden furniture set: 4 Piece (2 Armchairs, 1 Sofa, 1 Coffee table), Armchair size: 22.64 x 19.49 x 29.53 inch, Sofa size: 43.11 x 19.49 x 29.53 inch, Table size: 33.47 x 17.72 x 15.16 inch,

First up on the list is the Garden Table and Chair 4 seater set with a glass coffee table. It features a couple of comfy arm chairs with a double. The set looks well balanced to me, the glass coffee table the right size to accompany the chairs. While this set is less of a dinning set, and more of a social thing I decided to have a closer look because I did wonder if we would benefit from two sets – one for dinner, one for relaxing with a G and T, hold the coffee 🙂 The sofa is about 1.1m long and the chairs 55 cm so it’s a nice little quaint set with the table being about 83cm long so it really is on the small side.

It’s pretty modern looking in a sleek and attractive way. It doesn’t shout “CHEAP” either but the price tag is certainly in the lower range but I do have my reservations. The backing and seating is a taunt textile fabric. The minute you put those two words together for me in the garden I start thinking fading and bird dropping stains that won’t come out. The manufacturer though reckons ‘no need to worry about fading, cracking, deterioration, and any other wear and tear.’ It must just be a figment of my imagination these things happen to garden sets then! So why am I looking for another one when my current set is three years old and barely hanging together 😀

How nice of them to remove those worries with a few short words that are simply not true! 😀 The reality is this will rust and packaging clearly isn’t the best as many are grumbling the glass was smashed on delivery. It seems like water is getting into the tubular steel arms and running into the legs, rusting, and then subsequently coming out the bottom leaving nice rusty pools – which would be on my decking I just lovingly oiled. Erm no thanks! It’s clearly a manufacture issue and would be great if they can confirm its a design flaw or a few duds, but if those couple of problems don’t put you off it looks good, it’s certainly proportionately sized and clearly functional so not a bad little set, you should get a few years out of it looking good and at this money it’s going to be hard to do better hence being an Amazon best seller. The masses are rarely wrong!


  • Amazon best seller
  • Nice looking set
  • Reasonably well priced
  • Light and easy to move


  • Tubes rusting inside
  • Poor packing leading to smashed tables
  • Don’t like the misleading sales patter

Specification: Material: ‎Aluminium, Garden furniture set: 3 Piece (2 Chairs + pad cushions , 1 Table), Chair size: 62 x 55.5 x 93 cm, Table size: 63 x 63 x 67.5 cm,

Up next is the smallest set in the review – the Lazy Susan Ivy Garden Table with 2 April Chairs. The first thing you notice is just how lovely this set is looks. With a choice of cushions to make it that bit more comfortable as a little bonus and it’s hard not to take notice of the style! For a start, the lattice chair back looks just right to me. It helps balance contemporary and classic.

In terms of quality this is in a different league when compare to the first table and chair set. This solid cast aluminium set will last practically forever. Some time way way down the line you will need to tighten up the bolts and respray it. But genuinely you can expect a long time maintenance free, miles longer than the first set which realistically might see you through three Summers!

It really is small – the table is 63 cm in length and width with 67.5 cm height. The chair’s are slightly larger when compared to the table with the length at 62 cm and width being 55 cm. This is a sensibly wide enough chair to sit very comfortable with a cushion for hours on end.

If I have any gripe with this, it’s the easy assembly which I feel isn’t the case. The instructions could be clearer but it’s not impossible by any means. Just mentally prepare yourself for a little more challenging than the easy assembly the sales team put at you and all will be fine.

Otherwise you’re looking at a very accomplished little garden table and chair set!


  • Looks beautiful
  • Lovely lattice design on chair backs
  • Maintenance free for a long long time
  • High quality construction


  • Bit on the pricey side
  • Instructions for assembly could do better

Specification: Material: ‎Scandinavian redwood, Garden furniture set: 5 Piece (2 Chairs, 2 Benches, 1 Table), Chair size: 105 x 44 cm, Bench size: 50 x 44 cm, Table size: 6 ft.

The “WOODEN GARDEN GARDEN SET” by STAFFORDSHIRE GARDEN FURNITURE has to be one of the best picks for Summer 2021 if you’re looking for large and wooden.

It’s a simple, sturdy, rustic, and robust wooden garden set that actually looks very nice and pretty reasonable value for money given there 6 seats too. Its easy to see how this has become one of the highest rated garden table and chair sets in the UK this year with nothing comparably close at all. There’s two really important things about this set that make it my pick for the best garden table and chair set in the UK. Firstly, I really like the dimensions – the table is ample for all 6 to enjoy a meal without too much of a squeeze. The other HUGE thing for me is the fact it it pre-assembled so arrives straight off the delivery truck lifted straight into your garden! Happy days, because honestly, flat pack deliveries are really starting to get me. I’ve still got two Ikea bedside cabinets that I haven’t assembled from 3 months ago 😀

The table and chairs are all screwed together nicely, and at some point way way down the line when something invariably loosens off, you’ll be able to glue and screw it again. Every few years it’ll need wood oil or a wood stain. The main construction of the frame and chairs is 3 by 2 and 4 by 2. Whilst quite bulky, it is totally overkill and you will get long service from this set. This isn’t buying a coupe of Summers, this is buying a lasting solution. You can see the Redwood has been treated, in fact looking closely it’s ready for you to pick a colour or top coat and probably worth laying on wood oil just to make sure its sealed in and going to really last well. Totally optional though but I’d do it to be on the safe side.

If I could pick one fault it would be the inability to pull your chair right under the table. This is ok though, it goes close enough to eat but I am one of those people that like to tuck myself right up tight against the table. You might find that bugs you if you’re the same.


  • Solid wood construction
  • Pre treated
  • Pre-assembed
  • Well priced
  • Excellent service
  • Big set


  • Chairs don’t go under stable

Specification: Material: Aluminium, Garden furniture set: 7 Piece (6 Chairs, 1 Table), Chair size: 60 x 55 x 92 cm, Table size: 150 x 95 x 73 cm

Following on from the Lazy Susan Ivy 63cm Round Garden Table which is a super little garden table chair set, I decided to include the Lazy Susan JUNE and Matching Rose Chairs because of the sheer quality and the lovely aesthetics. When you compare the two they are superb solid aluminium cast structures which basically last a lifetime and are maintenance free for a good number of years too. You get 12 months warranty but I find that to be be a bit of a gimmick given the quality. The only thing you might claim on perhaps is the odd fixing bolt missing. Breaking solid cast aluminium seriously takes some doing. This will want re-painting down the line and that’s about it.

The six chairs included in this set are exactly the same as the chairs in the second pick when you compare them, it’s just a case of this set being much much bigger. With the table being a decent size for dining – 1.5m long and 90cm wide this is a dual purpose table. Equally adept at relaxing with a G and T as well as dinner after a nice barbecue.

On the smaller table some mentioned it didn’t quite fee like a matching set. The large table has a much closer matching lattice when you compare them, it makes you wonder if the intended pairing of these chairs was initially this large table 🤔. Either way, the table and chairs compliment each other with the lattice pattern looking modern contemporary with the squarer arms on the chairs too which are designed for comfort, whilst still feeling classic and timeless. I have to say I really do love this garden table chairs set. It’s hard to make this stop pick, but if you’re into classic and money not so much of any issue, this is definitely a top pick in the UK.


  • Looks stunning with contemporary and classic look and feel.
  • Solid cast aluminium should last a lifetime.
  • Seats really comfortable
  • Big enough for 6 to enjoy outdoor dining


  • The price

Specification: Material: Metal + Mosaic Tiled, Garden furniture set: 3 Piece (2 Chairs, 1 Table), Chair size: 48 x 37 x 89.5 cm, Table size: 61 x 71 cm

What a lovely little mosaic garden table chair set. The Home Source mosaic design is very nice indeed and that’s not all I like. It has lovely slim lines and despite looking so sleek, absolutely no reports of issues with strength and durability which backs up the tubular cast iron used being of excellent quality. The base of the chair is solid and slightly rectangular giving excellent strength – you’ll notice this set is pretty heavy, a clear sign of quality.

The mosaic is pretty plain when compared to some of the lively and vibrant patterns, but I actually quite like that. It’s not crazily over powering but certainly feels nice and cozy. All these little positives add up to this being the best mosaic garden table and chairs in the UK this Summer, and the price point definitely is in the affordable range.

What you’re going to like compared to other sets this size is the sturdy base on the table. he legs span nice and wide. And while this can be a bit of a pain getting close to the table, it isn’t really a deal breaker – I very much doubt you’ll use this for anything more than afternoon tea!


  • The table and chair set is very easy to set up
  • Nice and compact
  • Well priced
  • Very neutral design will go in most settings
  • Solid cast iron


  • Mosaic pattern might not be to your taste

6. Leisure Zone Rattan Dining Table and Chairs Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set (Black)

Specification: Material: PE rattan weave, Garden furniture set: 7 Piece (6 Chairs + pad cushions, 1 Table), Chair size: 84 x 60 x 58 cm, Table size: 150 x 90 x 75 cm

When I reviewed this a couple of years ago this set was just starting out so you can benefit from the knowledge this set lasts a few years with no problem and doesn’t suffer from the usual problems like brittle broken weaving or faded colour. A few years ago there was the odd set that shouldn’t have passed quality control but I’m glad to say they’ve managed to pull that back and the rating has steadily risen over these last few years. I have no doubt that is down to much better quality control checks.

The other issue is setup isn’t the easiest and has had a few pulling their hair out. 😀 Apart from that, you’re going to find mainly positive reviews to almost all sales in he UK.

The glass table top is pretty good at resisting scratches too. When I compare the price point to the Wooden set which is my top pick, I only prefer that on long lasting durability. Obviously, look at this set, it looks superb! If you’re willing to trade style over longevity then this might be the right garden table chair set for you.

While there’s been been some mixed feedback you can’t knock the lovely black rattan design, it looks superb. he glass table top that looks like darker privacy glass too and really makes this a modern looking set and aesthetically speaking is my favourite pick for this summer and thanks to Will B for sharing on Amazon:

So when you factor this set thats been around a few years and stood reasonable test of time, looks superb in black, and the glass table is really contemporary, I’m making this my pick for best black table and chair set as well as best glass table and chair set too.


  • The furniture set with a glass table top comes equipped with tempered glass.
  • If you are looking for both luxury and style in your furniture this isn’t a bad shout.
  • Very much more attractive compared to other sets in this review at the same price point.


  • Few poor quality sets made it through Quality Control
  • Not as robust when compared to the wooden table chair set at similar money
  • Can be a bit tough to setup

7. Rowlinson Plumley 6-Seater FSC Hardwood Garden Dining Set - Folding set

Specification: Material: Eucalyptus Hardwood, Garden furniture set: 7 Piece (2 Armchairs + pad cushions, 4 Side chairs + pad cushions, 1 Table), Armchair size: 86 x 57 x 52 cm, Chair size: 86 x 57 x 46 cm, Table size: 73 x 140 x 85 cm

Are you looking for an alternative to compare the other Wooden set in this review too? Well I’ve decided to include the Rowlinson Plumley 6-Seater FSC Hardwood Garden Dining Set. It should be no surprise that I ate this highly. In fact it’s been for sale longer than my top pick actually. It’s also cheaper, and when directly compared it’s much more durable as it is hardwood as opposed to softwood Scandinavian Redwood making this one of the garden furniture sets you can leave outside without worry.

It doesn’t have two double seaters, like the top wooden pick, instead they opted for four singles. I have to say if it’s for adults or grown ups individual seats are much easier for diners. The cushions tie on and are easily removed for an easy machine wash – a real bonus. Being so easy to remove you stand half a chance of being bothered to take them in and avoiding the weather getting them too. The best bit though is this set folds down and can easily be stored in a little shed:

Garden table and chair set folds down

You can expect good lifespan from this too. After a few years you’re going to want to oil this again. Apart from that, the joins are all solid and you can expect long life from this set. This isn’t just my opinion, it’s one of the top rated sets on Amazon and has been for a long time now.


  • All chairs come equipped with comfortable seat cushions
  • Completely foldable garden table and chair set
  • Cheaper when compared to other wooden set competitor
  • Last really well
  • Quality hardwood


  • Will need oiling in a few years

8. Outsunny 11PC Rattan Garden Furniture Outdoor Patio Dining Table Set Weave Wicker 10 Seater Stool Black - Black

Specification: Material: PE rattan weave, Garden furniture set: 11 Piece (6 Chairs + cushions, 4 Footstool + cushions, 1 Topped table), Chair size: 56 x 52 x 87 cm, Footstool size: 41 x 41 x 35 cm, Table size: 168 x 109 x 72 cm

Outsunny did away with their 9 piece set and have turned it into an 11 piece set. They’ve essentially made a larger table and added two chairs making this a far bigger and better set, and definitely more useable for families. Don’t underestimate the weight of this set. You’ll need to shift nearly 100kg into the back garden before you even begin to set this up! This is by far the biggest table on this review too: 168cm length by 109cm wide.

Once thing I’ve learnt from Outsunny rattan over the last few years is pretty sensible quality for the price point. It can stand the harsh UV rays without fading and when I compare it to other rattan makers. Also, the chairs are rated up to 160kg which is much higher when compared to some other rattan models. I definitely like the fact they have a long reputation and thousands of positive reviews across their range of furniture.

The glass tables look really contemporary and the whole setup oozes style. I probably like how well the set saves space compared to the other rattan top pick in this article. The seat cushions are very comfortable and just about the right balance of padding to make you sit comfortably hours on end without turning this into the feel of a sofa. This is definitely some of the best garden rattan seating available to buy online at the moment. You’ll appreciate the fact you can remove the covers and they are machine washable.


  • The cushion covers are zippered and are removable
  • Not only is the set modern and stylish, it is space saving too
  • This furniture set is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Big investment for rattan furniture with a limited lifespan

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