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Top leaf collectors

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7 Best Leaf Collectors Reviewed

Leaf collectors are a must, Autumn is on its way, and you know what that means; leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. 
It’s so tempting to just leave those dead leaves on your grass to decompose over time (trust me, you’ll need grass seed next season though), especially when the weather has changed and spending an hour out there in the wind and rain isn’t exactly the most tempting thing in the world.
 I really like a leaf blower vacuum given the prices these days, or just a garden leaf collector, and even a vacuum leaf collector, as long as it’s engine powered I’m happy. If you’re so inclined; hand leaf collectors needs to be light weight and grab leaves well(to lift them into the compost bin) and they should have plastic that doesn’t go brittle easily, it’ll sit in the shed months at a time. They should also have good handles for easy grip and with these points in consideration, I have reviewed the best leaf collectors to save you time.

Comparison table: Top leaf collectors

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Spear and Jackson Plastic Leaf Grabber

  • 500 mm (19 1/2 Inch) wide collecting blades
  • Overall length of 920 mm (36 Inch)
  • Non-slip grips
  • Collect up leaves without bending
  • Ideal to keep your garden looking

Yeoman Long Handled Angled Garden Grabbe

  • Yeoman Long Handled Leaf Collector
  • Lightweight scissor action handles for efficient collection of debris
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable soft grips
  • Picks up large amounts of leaves at once
  • Angled to promote good posture in use and reduce bending strain

GardenHOME Leaf Grabs, Handheld Leaf Claw Scoops, Ladybug Shape Leaf Collector, 1 Pair

  • ERGONOMIC ADJUSTABLE HANDLES: Can fit different hand sizes and protect your hands from bugs...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Leaf scoops can pick up large piles of leaves...
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: The leaf scoops are made of durable polycarbonate material...
  • LARGE SIZE: 38x30.5x5cm one size fits all...
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGNED: Ladybug shape leaf scoops make the gardening work more fun and give you a feeling of much...

Bosmere 1 N455 Hand Leaf Grabs, Green

  • Hand leaf grabs
  • It keep hands clean and dry at the same time
  • It makes cleaning up faster as more volume can be picked up...
  • Its tidying up or sweeping leaves becomes a breeze
  • It is useful for the garden

Whitefurze G25LG1 Leaf Grabber Set - Forest Green (Set of 2)

  • Make light work of collecting grass and leaves
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Moulded handles for comfort
  • Large capacity scoops
  • Available in forest green

Bosmere N450 Long Handled Leaf Grab

  • It is best solution where storage space is limited
  • Made of heavy duty tear resistant material and strong metal frame with solid puncture proof tyre...
  • Attached hand tool storage pouch
  • Holding capacity is up to 20kg in weight; it is quick and simple to assemble...
  • It folds away neatly to fit into a shed or hang on a wall using hanging loop...

Draper 76762 Heavy-Duty Leaf Collectors (Pair)

  • Soft Hand Grips
  • Large Scoops
  • Durable but Light Construction
  • Easy to use
  • Draper Guaranteed Product

The problem with not collecting the leaves is that, although they will decompose and add nutrients to your grass over time, there is also the chance of them causing damage to your lawn. If, for example, the leaves get soaked by rain and frost, they can actually encourage weeds to grow, especially if there are a lot of leaves blanketing large areas of your lawn.

If you’d rather not take the chance, you’re going to have to rake and collect all those leaves and a hand leaf collector is an inexpensive, simple, and effective way of picking up large amounts of leaves at a time.

There are plenty of good products to choose from, but to make things a little easier, we have comprised this list of reviews for the best leaf collectors you can buy in the UK.

1. Spear & Jackson Plastic Leaf Grabber

The Spear & Jackson plastic leaf grabber is our first best leaf collector review.
 It is ideal for people with back problems and those that are a bit longer in tooth, because its 92cm length means that you can operate it without the need to bend over.
 The 500mm wide blades have blunt serrated edges, like teeth, that help to get, and keep a grip of a large amount of leaves at a time. The blades also have thin holes to allow excess rain water and such to drip through while not releasing the leaves.
 Holding this leaf collector has been made a comfortable experience by Spear & Jackson who have given it rubberised non-slip handles. 
This leaf collector weighs very little and won’t make your arms and shoulder ache even after using it for a while.

  • Made by a reputable company
  • 92cm long arms allow you to use this without any bending over
  • 500mm wide blades can grab a lot of leaves at once
  • Serrated teeth on the blades to help grab the leaves and slits to let water run through
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Non-slip handles

2. Yeoman Long Handled Angled Garden Grabber

With a very similar design to our first review, and priced about 25 percent cheaper, the Yeoman handled garden grabber is another product worthy of being on our list of best leaf collectors.
It comes fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box. The 88cm length is enough so that the majority of people can use it without the need to bend at the waist. 
The foam gripped handles are made from strong tubular steel and they run down and connect to both of the strong plastic blades in two places per blade.
 Like the Spear & Jackson product, wide toothed blades are used to grab and hold the leaves. When holding a large load of wet leaves, this model feels sturdy and handles the weight well, even when lifting it up to empty into a dustbin.

  • Cheaper than the Spear & Jackson leaf grabber
  • Tubular steel handles and strong plastic blades make this a robust product
  • Long arms negate the need for bending at the waist
  • Large blades for grabbing loads of leaves
  • Soft foam grip handles designed not to slip
This pair of leaf grabbers differs from our first two reviews in design. Instead of using an upright posture and a scissor like motion to collect the leaves, these leaf collectors are ‘worn’ on the hands like giant gloves and then you manually scoop up the leaves in them and hold them together.
 For people who are reasonably fit, they are a much faster way to collect leaves from your garden, and because of their shape and the way you hold them, your kids will actually want to help you clear the lawn.
 These leaf collectors are made from durable plastic and are very light weight. The dimensions of each one are 44.5 x 41 x 6.4 cm, with the curved ‘scoop’ part of the product being large enough to hold a large amount of leaves.

  • Excellent design makes them very easy to hold and use
  • Kids will like to use them
  • A quick way to collect leaves
  • Made from robust plastic but very lightweight
  • Large scoop for holding leaves
The Draper heavy duty leaf collectors are another pair of glove-like grabbers. They are a little bit more expensive than the Whitefurze brand ones but after being hands on with them both, I have to say, that these are better quality. 
The plastic used is polypropylene, a material well known for its combination of lightweight and strength, and they just feel thicker and more robust.
 You hold them in much the same way as our previous review, with your hands sliding in to grip the soft handles, which again, just feel better than the Whitefurze.
 These leaf collectors have deep enough scoops for you to be able to get a good a grip on a large pile of leaves and carry to the bin without dropping too many on the way. 
These collectors measure 48.8 x 34.7 x 11.3 cm and weigh just 522 grams.

  • Made from thick and strong Polypropylene
  • Lightweight at only 522 grams
  • Nice soft grip handles
  • Large and deep scoops to hold a good deal of leaves
  • Easy to use

5. Bosmere N450 Long Handled Leaf Grab

With our next leaf collector review we are going back to the long scissor action type, this time from makers Bosmere. 
The tubular steel handles have been powder coated to protect them from rust and corrosion and together with the plastic blades, they measure 96.5cm long. This makes them the longest of our reviewed products which may interest taller customers. 
Like the other products of similar design, it doesn’t weigh very much and is easy to carry and operate. 
The wide blades do a good job of scooping up leaves and are strong enough to hold a decent load without bending.

  • Very long handles makes it a good fit for taller people
  • Tubular steel handles and plastic blades are strong and able to hold a large pile of leaves
  • Powder coated to resist rust
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
We continue our reviews for the best leaf collectors with another product from Bosmere.
 These hand leaf grabs are worn on the hands like a huge pair of musical cymbals, with your palms on the back of the blades secured by a strap.
 This actually gives them a nice natural feel when using them, as it’s the same type of motion you would do with your bare hands.
 The bottoms of the blades are serrated and the teeth can act as a mini rake so you can pile together those leftover leaves after shifting the main pile. They also help to interlock and secure the bottom of the leaf pile when you’re lifting it.
 These leaf collectors are made from solid plastic, but it’s good quality and will keep you going for a while before you see any bad wear and tear.

  • Worn on the hands like cymbals
  • Natural holding and grabbing position
  • Serrated bottoms of the blades
  • Made from good quality plastic
  • Low cost
If you’re looking to add a bit of colour and fun to your gardening tool box, then you might be interested in these handheld leaf collectors from garden home.
 This pair of bright red hand scoops are shaped like ladybirds (ladybugs if there’s any Americans reading) and would probably help convince your kids to lend a hand with the leaf collecting process. 
They are made of a durable and robust polycarbonate that makes them lightweight but able to withstand the workload they are intended for.
 The handles on the back of the blades are adjustable so you can get a nice comfortable fit no matter the size of your hands.
 With measurements of 38×30.5x5cm they are large enough for you to grab hold of a good quantity of fallen leaves.

  • Bright colour and Ladybird design would be fun for kids and the young at heart
  • Large scoops can shift a lot of leaves
  • Adjustable handles assure a good fit for all
  • Made from strong materials (polycarbonate)
  • Very lightweight and easy to use

Well, that was our final review of this article and completes our ‘7 best leaf collectors reviewed’ page for now. As new products come onto the market we will update this page with any deemed to be a better deal than the ones we have displayed for you here.
We hope you found this article of some use to you.

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