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Best infrared heater [UK]: top portable, outdoor, indoor, and free standing commercial infrared heaters reviewed and compared

This article was last updated on April 23rd, 2022 at 1:55 am

If you’re searching infrared heaters you know they work great when compared to traditional blow heaters and even beat some convection type heaters as well as heavy duty patio heaters. It’s quite interesting actually because they work through electromagnetic radiation. This is pretty much how the sun heats us up. So they work by heating up walls and ceiling around you rather than the air directly. The biggest advantage though is just how quickly they can heat up. You can be at full power in less than a minute! This is a bit like convection heaters where the heat is stored in the brick and releases to provide warmth over a longer period and takes the edge off the chill. There’s more below on how infrared heating works which may help you make a suitable decision for your home but they are certainly a great choice given they are far more efficient than blow heaters and in some cases more efficient than convection heaters too!

Outdoors, these heaters work by heating us directly via radiation like the sun, bypassing the air so to speak and makes them a pretty good choice for outside too. You’ll find many wall mounted heaters and table top heaters work like this in the garden and may be of interest too. You’ll note the top ranked are normally infrared which isn’t a surprise given the way they work and their efficiency. The wind cold be blowing hard but you’ll still feel the radiation. Here’s a look at one:

Floor standing infrared heater

So below is my picks for the best infrared heaters for indoor and outdoor use both domestically and commercially:

Best infrared heater: Devola Electric Infrared Patio Heater – must have if you love a ‘smart home’

Top indoor infrared heater: Veito CH1800RE Free Standing Carbon Infrared Heater

Cheapest infrared heater: Heatlab 2KW FreeStanding Water Resistant Infrared Heater

Most sturdy free standing infrared heater: Veito CH1800RE Free Standing Carbon Infrared Heater

Best outdoor infrared heater on a budget: VonHaus Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Garden/Outdoor Warmer must have for outdoor budget heating

Most powerful infrared panel heater: FUTURA Purus 2500W Deluxe Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Heater

Best portable infrared heater in the UK: Luxeva Carbon Infrared Floor Heater – must have if you want easy to carry.

Great alternative infrared heater: Luxeva Carbon Infrared Floor Heater

Understanding more about infrared heaters to make an informed purchase

The thing that people really like about infrared heating is the sheer efficiency. It’s not underestimation to say they are nearly twice as effective as standard blow heaters.

If you want to understand more this little video will really help you get to grips with infrared heating. it covers everything that would be important to understand for a home infrared heater:

It goes without saying don’t leave these with your kids whether indoors or out. Some mention ages but I don’t think it’s advisable to leave any of these heaters unsupervised.

The Devola Electric Infrared Patio Heater is my pick for top infrared heater because it does a great job of heating both outdoor and indoor, it’s proven to have some of the best feedback online as well so it’s not just me that thinks so. But what makes it the best? Well before we get going on that their demo video is quite handy to see the various functions laid out for you in picture. I’ve skipped three seconds wasted life, how I hate intros 😀

the first thing you’ll notice is this is a relatively low orange light compared to some heaters that are bright and obtrusive. This is definitely one of the betters ones for that available in the UK at the moment. Being IP65 -it means this unit is waterproof against jets of water (so a bit of rain then). I wouldn’t leave an electric heater outside to get rained on but if I did I would make absolutely sure the power cable and plug were absolutely dry. Under cover suits this better in my opinion but doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I’ve read a chap who installed his South facing with no cover and thus far no issues. Time will tell on that though I am sure.

I reviewed the bigger model of this in the best wall mounted heater reviews too. Devola is doing a great job of looking after their customer too. There are very few complaints across the board.

The remote and smart wifi control is a game changer though for me. You may well be sitting down relaxing and a few beers in. You might have gone indoors and forgotten to turn your heater off. It doesn’t matter now because with a handy app or connection to Alexa you can turn this heater off. Beware though, it works through Wifi and not bluetooth. This means you must have an internet connection present for all of this to work. If indoors it’s easy, if outdoors you may need to get yourself a signal repeater if it’s weak. That’s what I did to get to my shed anyway.

If you’re using it indoors it’s smart too. If the temperature suddenly falls it’ll turn off, sensing you’ve vented a room or opened the door or window. There’s no point heating the entire world! in terms of saving energy, four power settings give you the opportunity to set as low as is comfortable. A nice bonus for the fuel bill that’s going up and up at the moment!

These are so effective and comparably safe, I would not hesitate to line these up in a large commercial setting. Not many units are known to fail. One thing I’d say is beware the power draw, you’ll need a fully unwound extension cable reel at least or better yet mains power given it uses all of those 2000 Watts

Finally on the negative side you’ll find around the internet some complaining its broken quickly. They’ll replace the unit. With so many sold the odd dud is almost inevitable. You won’t get left and forgotten if it’s a genuine cause for complaint! Overall a great buy and I’m happy to recommend this in your home as a quality professional and commercial heater available to domestic as well.


  • Well priced – for the quality this is the best infrared heater in the UK right now
  • Light emitted isn’t too bright – lowish orange beam
  • Smart enabled is a game changer – use Alexa or the smart app
  • Variable power settings – may help save energy if you can use a lower setting comfortably
  • Waterproof, a bit of rain won’t hurt


  • Not bluetooth – would be super handy if they could sort that
  • Uses a huge amount of power on full blast
  • Needs its own power supply as it draws 10 amps nearly on full power setting.
  • A few QC issues.


2. Heatlab 2KW FreeStanding Water Resistant Infared Electric Garden Outdoor Indoor Patio Heater

From the best to the cheapest. Well, not actually the cheapest, but the cheapest I felt comfortable to recommend that won’t frustrate you and fail in 5 minutes. You can buy cheaper but ‘caveat emptor’ as they say, or buyer beware if you prefer. With the disclaimer out the way, lets have a look at what this infrared heater has going for it other than price.

For a start, this free standing infrared heater is actually pretty sturdy despite the price tag. This to be fair is certainly down to minimum safety requirements in my mind. And being IPX4 it can handle a bit of rain too. That doesn’t mean let the plug get wet though. That is most certainly not waterproof!

What you’re going to really like about this budget option is the adjustable height as well as angle the head radiates heat. Here’s a look at that:

Heatlab infrared heater – change the angle of heat radiation easily

It’s a nice touch given the price point and with three heat settings only slightly less flexible than the top pick. They claim 2500 hours bulb life and I don’t have any mass evidence to the contrary so all good there. Overall it’s a pretty solid bit of kit and happens to look pretty good too. It’s equally at home indoors or out.

On the downside, what you don’t have though is smart or remote control. This is a big deal to me. Nothing worse than being sat indoors or outside and needing to get up to turn on the heater (or off) so I was willing to pay the extra. However, you might think leaving this outside to the elements is a far more sensible option than an expensive model and I’d probably tend to agree if that’s the plan.


  • Very nice bit of kit for the money – cheapest in UK I can trust
  • Adjustable height – nice touch
  • 2000 Watt so plenty of power
  • Looks great – easy on the eye for sure


  • No remote control – big deal if you don’t like getting up and like a smart home
  • 1.8m cable not long enough in my mind


Specification: Power settings: 900W/1200W/1500W/1800W, Effective range: up to 15-20 m², Length cable: N/A, Remote control: Yes,

Last time I reviewed this a couple of years ago it was a great little product, not much has changed since. I still really like it. This infrared heater is good on saving money energy wise and looks great both inside and out. It’s one of those all rounders for sure. It’s a decent quality too. The remote works nicely and as I already mentioned its a big deal for me. It’s a shame they haven’t worked out wifi and a smart app yet though as that’s a real game changer for sure.

Before we get into what’s good and what isn’t. A look at the manufacture demo video doesn’t hurt:

Having four temperature controls makes it on par with the Devola too. Ranging from 900W to 1800W you’ve got a fair range to reduce power consumption if you feel it appropriate. What you might like indoors is the temperature control. You can set the temperature you’re looking for and this unit will do its best to keep it where you want. Also, the timer isn’t a bad little hack. Let’s assume you’re going to sleep on the sofa, simply set the heater timer to ensure it doesn’t stay on all night.

But what I like is the safety and that makes this the best free standing infrared heater in my mind. The base is very sturdy, however, if you manage to knock it over the unit senses it’s not upright and will cut out. This is a very big deal and should come as standard on all free standing heaters but sadly it’s not the case. Either way, this Veito has it and that makes it even more viable indoors, apart from the great looking design that is.


  • Overheat protection – it’ll cut out if overheating which is a must have safety feature
  • Remote control operation – would like to see wifi too but remote good enough
  • Safety cut out – if it falls over it’ll cut out reducing fire risks
  • Automatic temperature control – nice touch indoors
  • Adjustable height – simply turn the knob at the back and then tighten back up once you’ve slid it to the desired height.


  • Pretty pricey for what you can get elsewhere
  • Some have complained the build quality is a little weak for the price

Gotta say, I’m always a fan of Vonhaus and it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a new product of theirs. Generally they make it to almost all products lines I work on but it’s been a couple of years since I updated this article and in that time they’ve managed to produce a quality infrared heater with loads of feedback online, at a decent price. Can’t say I’m surprised though! This is definitely my best pick for an outdoor infrared heater on a budget and here’s why:

Firstly it’s nearly as cheap the cheapest option for infrared heaters but instead of being short of functions, it actually has a higher spec than some of the mid range stuff! For a start its IP66 rated for waterproofing, which if you don’t know what that means is good news for rain. obviously don’t let the plug get wet though, that would be dangerous! Other models in this review are IP65 which is lower rated! This is best run off a waterproof external power point, if not, a waterproof extension cable reel is the next best alternative. You can find one at the link provided.

So with the fact this is truly an outdoor infrared heater out the way, the next big thing is the remote control. Whilst it’s not got wifi or bluetooth, it’s really not a big deal when you have paid less than half the price of one that does have the extra wifi settings!

A couple of years warranty isn’t bad either is it? Two heat settings and a decent enough length power lead for a budget infrared heater is also worth a mention. It fits on the wall with a few wall plugs – you want an SDS drill if its concrete of brick. Worth considering.

The only complaints that crop up online is a few fail straight off the bat. That really doesn’t concern me because, while inconvenient, VonHaus have earned my trust over the last 5 years reviewing tools and I can assure you they are good for their returns policy. The other issue is that this heater doesn’t put out enough heat. Which is a bit of an odd one because many say the polar opposite 😀 Your expectations of an infrared heater should be they will knock the cold off. They won’t heat air outside as well but you can reasonably expect a small patio to be positively warmed! Overall it’s a great buy and what I’d have in my garden on a budget.


  • Best infrared heater for outdoors on a budget – nearly as cheap as the cheapest option!
  • Well built and quality reliability
  • Two heat settings are good enough
  • Properly waterproof – IP66 rating proves that


  • QC issues – the odd one fails over hundreds of sales
  • Some may not find an infrared heater style warm enough

FUTURA Purus 2500W Infrared Heater is a solid 2.5kw and will heat an area of up 24m2 pretty well, that’s much more than the 16m2 of any other infrared heater in this review and so earns it’s place as the most powerful infrared heater. Given the size and power of this heater it makes it ideal for commercial use – pubs and bars are ideal. However, if you want a seriously comfortable and warm spot on your patio then it’s a really good buy and much cheaper to run than a gas patio heater.

The first thing to know about this infrared heater is just how easy it is to setup. You’ll need a drill as it’s fixed to the wall with screws and wall plugs which are included in the set. You simply fit the two brackets and then once fitted, clip on the heater. That simple, almost as simple as putting up a blind. Once up, the heater can pivot and adjust to where you want to point the heat. Perfect.

So the unit comes with a couple of remotes. Handy if you break one or the battery runs out. This gives you a second chance to get your ducks lined up so to speak. It also had a few heat settings which is nice in case you don’t need full blast. Being IP65 rated means it can get wet. So if left in the rain I would say absolutely make sure you keep the power lead dry. The socket must not get wet or you’ll have a problem!

On the downside there’s been a few failures over the years. I suppose to be expected though, you generally don’t hear anything from 90% of the happy buyers! The main complaint is the thing stopped working but assuming within warranty period which is two years then it’s all good, you can get a replacement. Overall, a great buy if you are looking for out and out heat power.


  • Most powerful infrared in this review by far
  • Pretty well priced considering the specs
  • Handy remote setup so you don’t have to get up
  • Easy to install with a cordless drill.


  • A few QC issues – heater just stopped working
  • Must keep an eye on this heater – don’t leave it unattended, it’s not like central heating reliability

Last on my list of infrared heaters is a challenger to the Devola. I wanted you to have something worthwhile to compete with as an alternative in case the Devola is out of stock or unavailable. Perhaps even, you just don’t like it 🙂 So to compete with the Devola I have chose the Luxeva Carbon Infrared Floor Heater. Whilst it works differently in terms of being easy to move around, that isn’t a bad thing.

It’s also powered up to 2000w. if you’re sitting around this heater even in reasonably cold weather you can expect to be kept comfortably warm. The only thing it’s really missing in terms of quality and spec is a remote. To me this is a big deal, but if you’re looking for seriously portable then having it close by should negate the need for a remote most of the time!

It looks super stylish. You could easily put this in the house as part of a dressed room. The black aluminium frame isn’t just strong, it looks the part too! One thing you might consider is the need for a cable extension.

On the downside if you read some reviews – someone was unfortunate enough to incorrectly and irresponsibly leave this on overnight and their garden caught on fire whilst they were asleep! They guy stated the unit was faulty but also mentioned gazebo nearby. If it’s material type you really don’t want to let that get anywhere near. This could happen to absolutely any of these heaters and really drums home what I’ve been saying about not leaving these things unsupervised. Sure they are great, but they must be watched. As this story develops and the facts come out I’ll consider revisiting this section as it’s unfortunate for both buyer and brand.


  • Lovely design
  • Well built from aluminum – quality framework
  • So very easy to move about – completely portable


  • Safety issues – one caught fire I’ve read online
  • Price is right up there
  • No remote to switch it off

Why buy an infrared heater?

Winter can be especially cruel in most parts of the UK. People often find it difficult to go out during winter due to the freezing temperatures. However, the cold can also be felt indoors and can get particularly uncomfortable if you do not have proper heating equipment. Good heating equipment can ensure that the household has a temperature which makes it comfortable to live in. There are also office spaces which use heating equipment these days in order to maintain a comfortable temperature for the people working.

There are different types of heating equipment which are available in the market which you can choose to purchase for your home. However, making the right choice can mean the difference between having comfortable temperatures maintained indoors. It also can ensure that you save a lot of money on your energy bills when you have efficient heating equipment.

Infrared heaters are said to be some of the best equipment which you can invest on. It not only is efficient with its heating but is also said to be economical at the same time as well. With infrared space heaters there is no loss of heat as the infrared radiation heats only the object it touches. This makes it effective at the same time low on cost as well.

If you take a look around there are many types of infrared space heating equipment which come in all shapes, sizes and prices. To be able to make the right choice is important to ensure that your investment does not go wasted.

In this article we review some of the best infrared heaters which are available in the market at the moment. This can enable you to make the right choice of purchase and the process of decision making a lot easier.

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