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Best plant troughs rated by quality and style

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Plant troughs considerably improve and enhance a well organised garden. If you like structuring your garden and you like changing layouts, plant troughs can be a handy additional to the garden planters you already have. They will allow you to play with design ideas and create lovely spaces. Plant troughs need to be durable and safe, especially balcony planters and planters placed on window sills. They should be aesthetically pleasing and fit with your overall planting ideas and we’ve chosen the best plant troughs for you. It’s probably worth mentioning self watering troughs, they are rather handy and exactly the same principal. We have reviewed the best plant troughs for your garden and I hope you like them.

Best plant troughs available for your garden

Comparison table: Best plant troughs rated by quality and style

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Lechuza premium Delta planter trough

  • Water system puts the plant in control for best results
  • Visual indicator takes the guesswork out of watering
  • Lightweight, recyclable & with a stylish ceramic look
  • Removable plant liner makes planting clean & easy
  • Perfect for Orchids, indoor plants

Stewart Corinthian Trough

  • Traditonal fluted trough
  • Ideal for growing vegetables
  • Durable plastic construction
  • 32 litre capacity
  • Lightweight

Elho Green all in 1 basics trough

  • This pot fits a railing up to 6cm wide
  • clips included, so your balcony planter is firmly attached
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • The pot is frost-resistant and can be used in every gardening season...
  • No tools necessary

Strata Milano trough

  • Milano Trough^Pewter Effect^58cm Length 24cm Width 23cm Height

Stewart gothic trough

  • Robust & lightweight construction from durable plastic
  • Pre-drilled holes for drainage and outdoor use
  • Height: 28cm x Width: 90cm x Length: 32cm with 47 litre soil capacity...
  • Light stone effect - colour may vary from image
  • Manufactured in the UK

Whitefurze G02064 60cm Venetian patio trough

  • Indoor and outdoor decorative patio planters
  • Extra deep trough
  • Decorative and tough
  • Available in forest green colour
  • Measures 60 cm length by 24 cm width by 30 cm depth

  • A traditional looking plant trough that is fluted. It looks like an old Corinthian style trough giving your balcony or garden a classy and traditional look.
  • This trough is ideal for planting, growing vegetables, heathers, or herbs, and bedding displays.
  • Made of durable plastic, this trough can be exposed to sunlight and it will not damage trough. Since the material used is plastic this is lightweight.
  • It has a capacity of 32 litres so; you can plant more than one plant in this trough.
  • The dimensions of this trough are 70 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm (LxWxH). The weight of this trough is 499 grams.
  • There are three colours available – green, terracotta, and black.

  • A trough that can be conveniently placed anywhere you want it to be. It can be a balcony, your garden fence or your wooden decking.
  • This is made possible by fitting the trough on to any railing. The only requirement is that the rail should be less than 6 centimetres wide.
  • To help you fix this to the railing the package comes with the clips.
  • The trough is made of recycled plastic and there is a metal rack included along with the clips.
  • Watering your plants is also easy – by pouring water down through the opening in the front.
  • If there is excess water due to weather change, it will be stored at the bottom of the trough.
  • The recycled plastic used here is UV resistant and frost resistant (up to -40 degrees). Since it is UV resistant the colour of the trough will not fade.
  • This product comes in three different sizes and 7 different colours.
  • The dimensions of this particular product are 47.3 cm x 25.7 cm x 16.7 cm (LxWxH). The weight is 1.10 KGs. The capacity of this trough is 7.4 litres.

  • A trough that reminds you of Gothic constructions that are known for their beauty and classy look – a gift from the Renaissance period in Europe’s history.
  • This is a trough that can be kept on the ground to give your garden a traditional look.
  • The trough is made of plastic that is lightweight and at the same time, it is robust and durable.
  • This Gothic style trough has drainage holes so that you do not have to worry about the roots getting damaged of excess water.
  • The trough comes with a colour that is similar to that of a stone.
  • These troughs are manufactured in the UK.
  • The dimensions of this trough are 90 cm x 32 cm x 28 cm (LxWxH). This trough weighs about one KG. The soil capacity of this is 47 litres.
  • These are long lasting and are resistant to most of the weather conditions. This is frost resistant which means it will not get damaged in the winter season because of frost.
  • Since it is UV resistant the colour will not fade away and also the plastic will not get damaged. These troughs are shockproof also.

  • A trough that can bring new life into your gardening. You can plant small flower plants or shrubs to decorate your garden as well as the balcony. These can also be used in patios, decks, and even gravelled area of your garden.
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations since there are no drainage holes. You may drill holes if you want them.
  • This Milano trough is made of hard plastic making it strong enough to stay outdoors in all seasons.
  • The painting of this trough gives a pewter effect to the planter. Pewter is a metal alloy that is being used for centuries by humans. So, the tough will look like a metal planter.
  • The dimensions of this trough are 58 cm x 24 cm x 23 cm (LxWxH). The weight of this planter is 1.2 KG.

  • A glossy type trough that can be used to decorate indoors; even your office.
  • The technology used here is different from the conventional trough planters. It can even tell you when to water your plants in the trough.
  • These are the ideal planters for orchids, foliage, herbs, and other indoor plants.
  • This has a water system that is capable of using the water that is available in the bottom part of the trough.
  • The water system and the plant liner with this trough make sure that your plants are well cared.
  • This planter is UV resistant, light-weight, weatherproof and frost- proof.
  • This has a water reservoir system that makes your plant self-sufficient in watering. There is an indicator with this system that will let you know when to water the plants.
  • In case of excess rain water, it will be collected in the below part that passes through the valve.
  • The package comes with the trough, plant liner, the irrigation system, and the PON-substrate.
  • The dimensions of this trough planter are 30 cm x 11 cm x 13 cm (LxWxH).
  • The weight if this planter is 1.1 KGs.
  • You can order troughs that have different dimensions and colours.

  • A patio trough that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • This is made of plastic and has a rectangular shape.
  • This package comes with forest green trough. You can order four different colours like terracotta, green, black, and forest green.
  • This trough is deep enough to plant most shrubs and flower plants.
  • A decorative trough that can even be used as a planter for herbs.
  • The dimensions of this are 60 cm x 24 cm x 30 cm (LxWxH). The weight of the trough is 798 grams.
  • There are drainage holes at the bottom to remove excess water.

The best plant troughs will considerably improve the overall feel in your garden and I hope from the selection provided you have been able to make some choices. Please feel free to checkout our full range of plant pots too. These will also considerably help your garden planting.

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