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UK’s best paint rollers for wood with sleeves in 2021

This article was last updated on February 28th, 2021 at 12:01 pm

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5 Best Woodcare paint rollers & Sleeves Available for DIY work

In this guide, we a take a look at wood paint rollers and sleeves but we also have some complete kits in this review which includes items like paint brushes, trays and even gloves. We have narrowed our review to the best individual rollers and kits that are designed for painting wood or at least have the qualities that make them a good choice for painting wood.

What you need to understand is that there are several types of rollers and bushes for painting wood and a lot depends on the type of wood your painting and its surface texture. For example, for a roughly finished surface, things like fences, you really need a roller with longer denser fibres as it allows the paint to get between the cracks and ridges, but if you want to paint smooth wood, maybe furniture with gloss paint, varnish or oil, then a roller with shorter fibres or more of a smooth foam will give a better smoother finish.

Comparison table: UK’s best paint rollers for wood with sleeves in 2021

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Axus Decor AXU/RKL4 Lime Wood Finishing Mini Kit

  • Contains 2 x Lime mini roller sleeves
  • Ideal for doors, cabinets and other woodwork
  • Achieves a super-fine finish with both water and oil-based coatings
  • Considered a close runner-up to a spray finish

Harris 4210 9 Inch Medium Pile Roller Set with 2 Sleeves

  • Contains 1x 9" Roller tray
  • Great for painting walls and ceilings
  • Suitable for use with emulsion paints
  • Provides good paint coverage
  • Great paint pick up

Hamilton 34242-001 7 Piece Gloss Mini Roller Kit

  • Contains 5x 4" Foam Rollers
  • High density foam
  • No fibre loss giving a smooth
  • Use with oil based gloss paints
  • High density foam ensures no fibre loss and smooth finish

Harris 10602 Transform Shed, Fence and Decking Paint Roller Kit

Designed specifically for wood Care tasks

FFJ Shed/Fence Roller Kit

  • 7" roller ideal for use on large panels
  • 4" brush ideal for cutting in enges and posts
  • Kit can be used with most wood treatments and preservatives
  • Kit can also be used for decking
  • DIY product providing an excellent balance between price and finish quality

Here we will mention some of the wood care rollers that are highly rated and are easily available in the market. So, let us get started with it.

First, on our list os probably the best choice for most people as sheds and fences are usually what most people will be painting when looking for a roller or brush for wood. This set includes everything you need to get started and being that its made by Harris who is known for quality products, it’s also more affordable than you might think for such a good quality roller and brush.

The complete kit includes a 9-inch tray, a roller handle, two 4-inch quality roller sleeves, a quality wood care brush and a set of gloves, basically everything you need except the paint. What really makes this set stand out is that the roller sleeves are made from polyester with long dense fibres which enables them to soak up a considerable amount of paint and also apply it between the cracks and rough surfaces easily to get a good even finish.

The brush is also reasonably good quality, made of good quality long bristles, which provide an even finish on wooden surfaces. Whether that be smooth shed walls or fence panels made from rough sawn timber.

Overall, if you plan on painting your shed, fence, or other large outdoor wooden structures, this set is well worth considering, and you can’t go wrong with it. What we will say is it’s usually faster using the rollers than a paint brush, especially on larger flat surfaces.

  • Complete set, perfect for painting sheds and fences and other wooden structures
  • Set includes 2 x 4” roller sleeves, a paint brush, a roller handle and gloves
  • High-quality professional painting products from a trusted brand known for quality
  • Good value for money when you consider what is included in the set

2. Harris 4210 9 Inch Medium Pile Roller Set with 2 Sleeves

This particular set of rollers from Harris is perfect if you just need a couple of rollers for painting large surfaces outdoors or indoors. What makes it the right choice for wood is that it has a medium pile roller which is excellent for both rough and smooth surfaces, which means it good for nearly all jobs.

The complete set comes with a paint tray, and along with it, you will get the roller handle and two roller sleeves which are made from knitted polyester which is a good choice for painting wood. What makes knitted polyester a good choice of material is that it soaks up a fair amount of paint and provides excellent coverage without leaving any stroke marks, something you often see with brushes, especially if your not a professional painter and decorator.

If you just want a couple of large rollers to paint a large surface, this is well worth considering and from one of the best brands when it comes to painting products. With these rollers, they have made a great choice at choosing the best materials to ensure that its a truly multi-use roller, perfect for all products and surfaces.

  • It comes with two medium pile roller sleeves made of knitted polyester plus a tray
  • Perfect for painting large wood surfaces such as sheds, fences, obelisks, playhouses and more
  • Ideal for painting both rough and smooth surfaces
  • It can cover a fair amount of area, much quicker than using a brush
  • It can be used on most wood surfaces as well as on standard walls, indoors and outdoors

If you’re looking to create that professional smooth finish, maybe painting skirting boards, cabinets, doors or other smooth woodwork, this rollers kit gives a finish that is almost as good as spraying, then this set is what you need.

The quality is simply unmatched by most other rollers on the market and it starts with the HD foam topped with the velvet flock sleeves. Combine this with the super high quality handles with the chrome-plated metal design with a combination plastic/rubber grip, and you get a proper professional painting setup.

These rollers are of a mini size which helps you really get a quality finish, and when you consider they’re perfect for use with oil-based and water-based products, you do get a roller that will give you that professional finish. You will find that you get finish is super-fine so it can help to achieve the fine quality your after that’s comparable to a sprayed finish, its almost as smoothed, maybe as smooth in the right hands.

We like that the rollers can be washed and used a number of times, super handy and ensures you also get better value for money and not just throwing rollers away after one use.

  • Perfect for painting doors, cupboards, cabinets and other smooth surfaces
  • It gives a subtle professional finish, matching that of a sprayed finish
  • HD foam topped with the velvet flock sleeves gives an ultra-smooth finish
  • High quality handles with chrome-plated metal which helps prevent corrosion
  • Uses a combination of plastic/rubber grip handle for comfort
  • The roller provides a super-fine finish on the furniture and most wooden surfaces
  • The roller can be used for both oil-based and water-based products

If your looking for something more budget-friendly for painting your shed, fence or decking, the FFJ Roller and brush set is an excellent place to start.

The roller sleeve measures 7” across, which is 3” wider than the more expensive harris kit we reviewed earlier, and it comes with a 4” brush and a paint tray. The roller can be used to apply most treatments that work on woods thanks to the longer pile finish on the roller that can get into every nook and cranny when painting rough surfaces such as that on fences. The finish quality of both the roller and the brush are maybe not as good as those from the Harris brand but there more than good enough for personal use around the garden and more affordable.

  • An affordable roller and brush set for painting smooth and rough surfaces
  • This set includes a wide 7” roller, a brush with long bristles and a tray
  • Ideal for using with most paints and wood treatments on fences, sheds and decking
  • The handles are rubberised to provide adequate grip when painting

Last on our top recommendations list is this 7 piece set from Hamilton which contains a paint tray, a roller handle and five pieces of roller sleeves which we think is a great combination of affordability and quality.

What we like is that the roller sleeves that come with this pack are made from high-density foam, which provides them with the ability to soak up a good amount of paint and apply it evenly on the surface.

What I will mention is that it’s only really useful for solvent-based paints but it gives a great finish and is perfect for the more delicate painting of wood where you need that super smooth finish.

So in terms of what’s included, as it does come with a few decent pieces, there are a set of 7 items that include a good quality roller frame, a 4” tray and 5 x 4” gloss mini sleeves to get that perfect smooth finish.

Overall the high-density foam used in the sleeves are of good quality for the price and they provide an even finish on the surface which is what really matters. The only type of paint they might not be great for is oil-based paint. I think this may be too thick and sticky and could cause the foam sleeves to start to tear, other than that, they are brilliant and well worth considering.

  • Perfect for painting cabinets and skirting boards and getting a smooth finish
  • Sets include 1 x 4” tray, roller handle and 5 smooth gloss mini sleeves
  • Ideal for using with solvent-based paints on smooth surfaces.

In conclusion, we can say that these are some of the best rollers and sleeves that are available in the market for wood care. We are sure that you will get good results after using them.

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