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Best bait for mice

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Get The Best Bait For Mice To Keep Your House Safe From Mouse

A mouse is indeed a little critter. They look attractive at times. But, something is unsettling about sharing an office or a home with many mice running through the walls. Even, many of us are nervous about these little creatures spoiling many essential things in our homes like a costly sofa set or even the comfortable bed in which we sleep every night. Thanks to the baits available that rightly attracts the mouse and helps us get rid of these little disturbances from our homes.

Comparison table: Best bait for mice

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Formula ‘B+’ From Pest Expert:

  • ✅ THE FACTS: Formula ‘B+’ is 4 x STRONGER than other rat and mouse poisons containing Bromadiolone and 2...

Racan Force Paste Mouse Killer:

  • UK's New Strongest Strength Rat and Mouse Poison Racan Force Xtermin8 Pro B...
  • Gets rid of rats with 1 single feed an Ultra Powerful Strong Bait Killer...
  • 15 x 10g Poison Paste Blocks
  • kills all mice rodents
  • Read Label Advice Instructions before using this product

Roshield 600g Rat & Mouse Killer Poison Control Bait Blocks

  • Professional quality ready-to-use block bait to be used in tamper resistant bait stations for the control of rats in...
  • Blocks contains denatonium benzoate
  • Contains a unique chocolatey smell to encourage rats to investigate and consume bait....
  • Roshield blocks are formulated using high quality culinary grade wheat flour
  • Purchase multiply packs depending on the size of the infestation

The Big Cheese STV213 All-Weather Block Bait

  • Fast acting bait with advanced multifeed technology
  • Indoor and outdoor use: Moisture resistant – bait stays fresh and highly palatable in damp and wet weather conditions...
  • Use with The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Bait Station (A tamper-resistant bait station must be used by law...
  • Part of the HOME CHOICE range

Roban 25 Paste Bait From Elixir Gardens:

  • Professional high quality Pasta Bait for the Amateur consumer
  • Pasta rodenticide is a high energy option which makes it the preferred formulation in cold situations...
  • Roban Pasta Bait is a ready-for-use bait formulated using a blend of high quality culinary grade wheat flour...
  • WARNING - This product contains an anticoagulant substance

Are humans smarter than an average mouse?

We can understand that you look for the best bait for mice to safeguard your property from these small creatures. But, before we get into the choices available in the market, it would be better to understand how instinctive, crafty and smart these living wonders are.

  • Yes, they are blessed by nature with a great sense of smell, vision and hearing. Even, they are known to have touch sensation that is well beyond what we humans think. It means that you can get rid of these beasts from your property only when you outsmart them.
  • You are right, these tiny rodents just need a small quarter-inch opening anywhere to gain access to a building. More than this, they can live inside the walls. They can use your home as the base for their operations for midnight raids to get to your bedroom, kitchen or pantry.
  • These are intelligent living organisms that react differently to varied types of baits you keep for trapping them. Experts believe that the owners of any property should use the best bait for their specific mouse trap situation. You should use different baits until you find the right one for your situation.
  • These are crafty rodents and they are efficient enough to escape away with the bait before they are caught. They can communicate with each other and can share tactics and tricks for stealing bait from the mousetrap without being caught.

So, you should remember these things about the nature of these creatures when you choose the right bait for your mousetrap.

7 mouse trap mistakes to avoid:

If you have been failing in your endeavour of catching the mouse, you might be doing the following 7 mistakes. Gaining this knowledge will help you avoid the mistakes such that your attempt to catch mice will be successful:

  1. You are using bait that is already half spoiled when you handle it.
  2. You are not choosing the right bait. It should be something that mice crave for.
  3. Using too much bait is yet another mistake. Mice just eat some of them and run away before getting caught
  4. You are expecting instant results
  5. Not setting the trap in the right places
  6. You are using only a single or just a few mouse traps
  7. You are starting slow every time

In addition to choosing the right bait when you avoid the other mistakes stated above you can succeed in your endeavour.

Best Choices:

As mentioned earlier, it would be better to try different baits before you identify the right one to get rid of mice from your home or office. In this way, it is better to be aware of the different bait choices available in the market, such that you can select the best bait for mice with ease:

This pack contains 600 grams of bait blocks that are ready to be placed in tamper resistant bait stations for controlling rats and mouse from your home or office. You will get 30 blocks in this pack. It is a professional quality ready-to-use pack of bait blocks. To prevent human consumption, this pack contains denatonium benzoate, which is very bitter in taste. Further, it contains a unique chocolaty smell to attract rate to investigate. These blocks were created with the help of first-class cooking-quality wheat flour melded with chopped wheat, proteins and other cereals. They are bounded into blocks with the help of edible waxes. Based on the size of infestation in your house, you can choose multiple packs. The top features include:

  • Formulated through first-class cooking grade wheat flour and other proteins and cereals
  • To attract mouse, the blocks have a unique chocolate smell
  • To prevent human consumption, it has unique bitter taste
  • Contains denatonium benzoate
  • Ready-to-use bait blocks

2. STV International The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait:

This product holds the pride of being the best seller in the mice bait category. This pack contains 30 ready-to-use bait blocks that are moisture resistant. Even, if you place it in a wet or damp condition, it will stay fresh. It will fit into any mouse bait station and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The blocks contain difenacoum that can act as an effective mouse killer to safeguard your property from the mouse. Once the mouse is attracted to this block placed in a bait station and eat it, it will die. However, the mouse will not die immediately as it will have to eat a significant amount to die. Once the mouse dies, make sure to remove it using double plastic bags to prevent wildlife or pet access. Otherwise, handover it to a specialist waste contractor. This product encompasses the features listed below:

  • Suitable not just for mouse, but also for rats and other rodents
  • Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Ready-to-use baits
  • Water-resistant bait blocks usable in any condition
  • Best Seller in the category of mouse baits

This product from Pest Exert has been created keeping in mind that not all mouse and rate poisons are the same. Yes, this product has turned 4 times more powerful than other mouse poisons available in the UK market. It contains bromadiolone and two times stronger than those rat killers containing Difenacoum. It has permitted legal strength and kills a mouse in a single feed as against all mouse killers that need multiple feeds. To make sure mouse won’t hesitate to get near this product, there is no wax content and it is manufactured using top-quality whole wheat grain. Further, to ensure easy usage, this product is supplied in 30 x 100 grams sachets. The pack comes with nitrile safety gloves to make sure that users can handle the poisonous bait with the utmost care. As it contains the permitted levels of Brodifacoum at 0.0029%, it is suitable for rodent control not just in homes, but also in business premises like farms, factories, food premises and restaurants. The key features of this product include:

  • Easy to use
  • Irresistible for mouse
  • Kills in a single feed
  • Contains Bromadiolone
  • 4 x stronger than other rat kills available in the market

This is yet another formula designed to kill a mouse in a single feed. This ultra-powerful strong bait killer pack encompasses 15 x 10 grams of poison paste blocks. All you have to do to kill a mouse is to keep a block from this pack in a tamper-resistant baiting box station. It is ideal both for indoor and indoor use and it is the UK’s new strongest strength mouse poison. You are recommended to read the instruction before using this product and the name of this product from Racan is Xtermin8. The key features include:

  • Possible to get rid of mouse in a single feed
  • Ultra robust bait killer
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

5. Mouse killer pasta bait from Rentokil:

This is yet another product ideal for both indoor and garden use. If you are concerned about mouse spoiling your lawn and plants in your garden, you can place this bait with a rich aroma. This product comes in easy-to-bait packs and so you can easily use it in a mouse trap to attract the mouse. As compared to traditional formulated baits, this product will help with rodent infestation to be dealt with ease. This product named FM60 comes in a tub container and so you can store it with ease safe from kids. The tub will have 25 bait packs sufficient to handle a home infestation. Read the instructions given in the tub before use. The essential features of this product to know are listed below:

  • Rich aroma to attract rodents
  • Comes in a convenient tub for easy storage and use
  • The tub contains 25 bait packs
  • Ideal for home and garden use

This pack of paste bait comes in 10 grams sachets and you will find that pack contains 75 baits in number. Even, Elixir Gardens offer this product in different numbers starting from 15 to 150 numbers in additions of 15. For instance, you will find packs with 15, 30, and 45 and so no up to packs of 150 x 10 grams sachet. Even, if you need higher numbers to handle mouse infestation in different parts of your property, you can go for 300 to 1200 numbers in additions of 150 per pack. It means you will find 300, 450, 600, and 750 and so on up to 1200 x 10 grams paste bait packs. It is designed as the ideal product for amateur consumer and it contains denatonium benzonate 0.001% and difenacoum 0.0025% ready-to-use. You can use the pasta pack in bait stations that are tamper-resistant to control mouse and rat from around your building. This product contains pasta rodenticide, which is the high-energy option that makes it the ideal choice in cold situations. The reason is that rodents avoid accepting other types of baits during such climatic conditions. It is ready-to-use bait created with a combination of top-rated cooking-grade wheat flour, synthetic peanut flavouring, soft lard and chopped grain for producing a high-energy and high-calorie feed that will rightly attract mice. The artificial peanut flavouring used in this product permits its use even in sensitive situations, where products that contain nuts are not permitted for use. The key features include:

  • Available in different quantities to choose
  • Ideal for catching mice with the right bait during cold climatic conditions
  • High-quality bait for the amateur consumer


So, go for any of these baits mentioned above. Also, make sure that you do not place the bait in a single place. Place them in many places in the suitable bait station for mice to rightly get rid of these little creatures from your house. When you choose the rightly flavoured bait, you can attract the mice towards the trap with ease. If you do not want to kill the mice, but want to trap them, you can use non-poisonous bait for attracting the mice to the trap and thereafter let them free in an isolated location far from your house. But, it should be done as per local rules.

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