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Layflat Hose

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Choose Layflat Hose For Faster Deployment and Retrieval

In many applications that involve the transfer of fluid, the use of conventional rigid pipe brings many restrictions. But, you can overcome these limitations by using a layflat hose. In addition to ensuring speed of retrieval and deployment, the small storage footprint and adaptability to changing topography are just a few examples of the benefits you can get from this type of hose. Further, the reduction in the number of joints ensures cost-saving and environmental benefits. Moreover, the capability to mount certain products without involving cranes can bring considerable safety and health benefits.

Comparison table: Layflat Hose

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Layflat Discharge Water Hose White 1.5" 20Mtr

  • 20 Meters length
  • No order no colour fading
  • Easy storage
  • Lasts much longer than the traditional nylon hose
  • We issue VAT invoice with each purchase

Blue Layflat Water Discharge Hose Pipe Pump Irrigation - 32mm (1 1/4") Bore x 20 Metres Long

  • Construction- Flexible PVC Cover
  • Reinforcement - Polyester
  • Internal - Smooth Bore
  • Working Pressure - 4 Bar
  • Operating Temperature - -25 To +60c

Silverline 633827 - Lay Flat Discharge Hose 10m x 25mm

  • Compatible with submersible pumps including Silverline 262231
  • High-capacity 10 m discharge hose
  • Ideal for emptying ponds
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Flexible PVC construction

2" i.d. Lay Flat Delivery Hose Blue 4.5 bar (per metre)

  • Lay Flat Delivery Hose
  • Trade Prices
  • Fast Delivery From Our UK Warehouse
  • No Quibble Returns Policy

Good Quality Lay Flat Hose for Water Pumps, 1 1/4"/32mm, Per 5 metre Length

  • 1 1/4"/32mm layflat water hose
  • Lightweight layflat hose is easy to move
  • Price is per 5m length
  • 1 = 5m, 2 = 10m
  • 1 Free Hose Clip With Each Order

Equip247uk Blue Layflat Water Discharge Hose Pipe Pump Irrigation - 25mm (1") Bore x 10 Metres Long

  • 1 layer PVC reinforced with polyester braided yarn.
  • Internal - Smooth Bore
  • Working Pressure - 4 Bar
  • Operating Temperature - -25 To +60c

HydroSure Yellow Layflat Hose Heavy Duty - 50mm (2") - x 25 Metres

  • Is a heavy duty
  • Designed for the transportation of water
  • Maximum Working Pressure of 6 Bar and a Burst Pressure of 18 Bar

What makes layflat hoses beneficial than conventional hoses?

There are many valid reasons why you should consider moving to a layflat hose as against conventional hoses. Here are some of the reasons to consider:

Simpler maintenance:
The repairs and maintenance work in a layflat hose can be completed within a fraction of time compared to a rigid pipe. In addition to reduced downtime, lower labour and equipment costs are added advantages.

Longer service life:
When you do not properly place or fold a rigid pipe, there is a great chance of damage to the pipe, which, in turn, can cause the hose to tear. On the other hand, layflat hose can be used even in a harsh environment and even when you use it continuously for your high-pressure pumping needs. In addition, the features like resistance to fire, weather, ozone, UV rays, chemicals, heat and fuels make layflat hose make the ideal choice.

Easier to store and transport:
One of the important reasons to shift to a layflat hose as the name implies is that you can lay this hose flat after use. It means that it will not consume more space for storage. Moreover, transportation becomes a jiffy in these hoses as compared to rigid hoses.

Faster retrieval and deployment:
With the help of power-driven reels, flaking boxes or light-duty trailers, it will be easier to quickly retrieve and deploy these hoses as compared to rigid hoses. Further, it avoids expensive path-cutting work and kink-resistance and high-flexibility permits natural ground contours without adding any pressure on the pipeline. Faster connections and fewer joints mean reduce equipment and labour costs. A comprehensive range of handling equipment is available to handle layflat hose if it is long.

What are the features to be considered in shopping for a layflat hose?

When you start your search to shop for a layflat hose, you will come across many choices. Now, your question will be what features make the best layflat hose. Here are some important features you will have to carefully evaluate before you place your order for any layflat hose:

  • What is the material used in the hose?
  • How about the cost of the hose?
  • Is the material easy to use and eco-friendly?
  • Does the manufacturer offer a warranty for the hose?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is the material corrosion-resistant?
  • Flexibility
  • Weight

Considering the above-mentioned features will help you end up with the right layflat hose for your application.

Top Choices for Layflat Hoses:

The first and foremost attractive thing about this layflat hose is that it is Amazon’s Choice product. The hose is made out of a flexible PVC construction and it is designed as a hardwearing and durable hose. It is ideal for use in flooded areas, ditches, pools and even helps with emptying ponds. This high-capacity 10 m discharge hose is offered in different lengths by Silverline. Yes, you can choose 25, 32, 40 or 50 mm based on your requirements, while the 10 m remains the same in all variants. It is compatible with submersible pumps. The hose has been subjected to thorough testing and here is the set of features of this hose from Silverline:

  • Flexible PVC Construction
  • Hardwearing and durable
  • Suitable for emptying flooded areas, ditches, pools and ponds
  • High-capacity 10 m discharge hose
  • Compatible with different submersible pumps.
Similar to most other layflat water discharge hoses, this hose is also designed in blue colour and is offered by Thorne on sale. This 20 meters long hose has a flexible PVC Construction. It has an operating temperature of -25 to +600C. With a four-bar working pressure, the internal of this hose is smooth bore made. With a polyester reinforcement, this hose is ideal for irrigation purpose. Further, it can be used for water supply, sprinkler systems and even for drainage purposes. With the internal being smoothbore make, it can even be used for transporting chemicals and liquid fertilisers and chemicals for agriculture use. The key features of this hose include:

  • Better operating temperature range to suit different users
  • 4 Bar working pressure
  • Smoothbore inside the hose
  • Polyester reinforcement
  • Flexible PVC Cover Construction
If you wish that your layflat hose should be unique, you can go for this one. The reason is that as against these hoses generally found in blue colour, this hose is white in colour. It is a 20 m x 32 mm hose from KATSU Tools. As it is white in colour, you need not have to worry about fading of colour when used for continuously days together under the sun. As against traditional nylon hose, this hose will last longer and the working temperature of this hose is 8 kg, while blasting pressure is 39 kg. When the external temperature gets to less than -5, this hose will not harden and it can tolerate a temperature of about 65 degrees. It can be used in different places like chemical industry, petroleum, agriculture, ship industry and even it can be used for residential water supply. The key features of this hose include:

  • Longevity as compared to traditional nylon hoses
  • Easy Storage
  • No colour fading
  • No odour
With polyester reinforcement and smooth bore in the internals, this PVC hose can be used for different applications. This is designed as a lightweight flexible PVC hose for delivery of different types of liquids under pressure. In addition to being suitable for water supply, it is ideal for drainage use, sprinkler systems use and for irrigation as well. Even, you can use this hose for transferring of chemicals like agricultural liquid fertilisers and chemicals. It will suit only for open-ended discharge situations. This hose has polyester yarn reinforcement and it has a 4-bar working pressure with a 12-bar burst pressure. In addition, it is offered not just in this single size. To meet the needs of different customers, AutoSiliconeHoses offers this hose in different sizes. It has abrasion resistance feature and it can withstand temperature from –10 to 600C. The key features of this product are listed below:

  • 4-Bar working pressure
  • Operating temperature from -10 to 600C
  • Smooth Bore Internal
  • Polyester reinforcement
With an operating temperature of -25 to +600C, this hose from Equip247uk smooth bore internal. With a working pressure of 4-bar, this hose comes with a single layer PVC hardened with polyester braided yarn. It can be used not just for water supply, but also for sprinkler systems, drainage and for irrigation. In addition to the transportation of water, this hose with its temperature holding capacity can be helpful in the transfer of chemicals and liquid-based fertilisers for agriculture as well with the following features:

  • 4-Bar working pressure
  • Smooth Bore Internal
  • Operating temperature from -25 to +600C
  • Single-layer PVC strengthened with polyester braided yarn.
At the very first look, you will find that the yellow colour in this hose is different from the other yellow-coloured layflat hoses available in the market. So, if you are a person interested in uniqueness, you will truly love this product. Moreover, with a 2” internal diameter, it is a medium pressure hose, but also a heavy-duty hose. It is designed not just for the transportation of water, but also for transporting other liquids like chemicals and fertilisers. With the utmost burst pressure of 18 Bar, this product has a working pressure of 6 bar with an operating temperature of between -20 and +600C. The features of this hose are listed below:

  • Medium Pressure Hose
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Suitable for transporting not just water, but also other liquids, chemicals and fertilisers
Do you know why we have chosen this product as one of our choices? The reason is that this product has a 5-star customer rating. It is perfect for using in the outlet side of the submersible and centrifugal pump. Without the requirement of any real installation, this is a lightweight hose that is easy to move. The price quoted by the seller is per 5-metre length. If you need more, you can place your order in multiples of 5 with the seller. With your order for this product, you will get a free hose clip. The list of attractive features of this hose is given below:

  • A free hose clip with your order
  • No real installation required
  • Easy to use and store
  • Perfect for use in the outlet point of different water pumps
This is yet another lay flat hose with five-star customer rating. The internal diameter of this hose is 2” and it is sold at per meter cost. It is useful in the open-ended delivery of chemicals, water and other liquids. The utmost pressure is 4.5-bar and the seller assures quick delivery from the UK warehouses. It is not suitable for use with spirits, petrol, benzene and other solvents with aromatics and the set of features is listed below:

  • Quick delivery
  • 5-star customer rating
  • Suitable for open-ended delivery of water, chemicals and other liquids
  • Internal diameter of 2”


You can choose one of the choices given above. When shopping, it is better to check the experiences of past customers in the review section. When they are really satisfied, you can somewhat just the quality of the product. Further, make sure to know the length before placing your order. You will have a specific length requirement in your mind and so it is better to check the specifications and know whether you can place your order for the required length. Otherwise, it is better to go for another option. You will find many sellers selling layflat hose at Amazon. Selecting the best seller assuring quality would be a good idea.

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