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Best garden spray guns and nozzles

This article was last updated on April 23rd, 2022 at 5:12 am

8 Best Garden Spray guns and Nozzles reviewed

Investing in a garden spray gun is always a good idea. They can transform your ordinary garden hose into a very useful addition to your gardening arsenal if you buy a good model. Most modern garden spray guns sport a great deal of features, from anti-leak seals and ergonomically designed handles, to multiple spray options, and most are easily affordable with many of the most popular priced under 20 pounds.

The variety in a garden spray gun’s water patterns can be used for getting the right amount of water on different areas of the garden, preventing you from over, or under, watering certain plants. The more powerful sprays have ‘jet’ settings which come in very handy when cleaning stubborn dirt of your tools, saving you a lot of hassle and time.

Comparison table: Best garden spray guns and nozzles

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Spear & Jackson BWF18 Brass Spray Nozzle

  • Rustproof, highly resistant to temperature change
  • Tough and durable
  • Genuine Spear & Jackson product
  • Grow your own great British growing 2018 award winners

Hozelock Hose Nozzle

  • Perfect for quick cleaning tasks around the garden
  • Adjustable spray fitting with male connector
  • Made from high quality material for increased durability
  • Quick connect male connector enables a simple connection to your Hozelock System...
  • Adjustable head from wide cone to a strong jet

Draper 25342 7 Pattern Aluminium Spray Gun

  • Good quality aluminium body jet spray gun with brass fitting for added durability...
  • Seven pattern sprays suits most watering needs
  • Designed for easy use

Tuknon Garden Spray Gun

  • 8 Spray Patterns: Spray Nozzle with a bigger Spray Area
  • Durable and Comfortable: High quality ABS plastic
  • Easy to Use: The gun offers ultimate comfort so your fingers do not get tired...
  • Save 90% Water: You can adjust the water discharge you like by the water discharge control knob and adjust...
  • Application: Our hose spray gun can be used to watering plants

VOXON Metal Garden Hose Spray Gun

  • Ultra Tough zinc alloy body for increased durability
  • 9 spray patterns for all cleaning and gardening tasks
  • Soft ergonomic handle for added comfort
  • Lockable on/off trigger flow
  • Comes with a three year guarantee

FANHAO Garden Hose Spray Gun

  • [ Premium-grade Material ] -- Made of 100% metal and brass head.Full soil brass nozzle & zinc alloy gun...
  • [ Solid Brass Connection ] -- Easy to use
  • [ Pressure Adjustable ] -- Adjust water flow by rotating the head of nozzle...
  • [ Ergonomic Design ] -- It makes you feel very comfortable when you use this nozzle sprayer...
  • [ Guaranteed Leak-proof Function ] -- The high quality design ensure 100% Leakage Free during use...

Crenova Spray Nozzle High Pressure Water Gun

  • ★ADJUSTABLE WATERING PATTERNS - Flexible and adjustable water flow goes from fine mist...
  • ★ADVANCED METAL MATERIAL - Made of metal body with the rubberized outer coating...
  • ★LABOR-SAVING DESIGN - Crenova hose spray nozzle features a nice integrated trigger lock bar at the top of the...

Hozelock Ltd Multi Spray Gun

  • Five spray patterns for all garden tasks
  • Made from high quality materials for increased durability
  • Quick connect male connector allows a simple connection to your Hozelock System...
  • Flow control that adjusts the level of water sprayed

There are also some good nozzles out there that you simply slide onto the end of your hose to provide you with a more concentrated stream of water or to give you a choice between jet and spray. Nozzles are usually much cheaper than full garden spray guns but they also have less features and some can lose more water pressure than a decent spray gun. With so many products to choose from, you’d be forgiven if it has you a little puzzled when it come4s to your purchase, and that’s where we come in.

Below you will find a selection of reviews for the best gardening spray guns and nozzles complete with bullet points and links to further information.

1. Draper 25342 7 Pattern Aluminium Spray Gun

This Draper product is our first garden spray gun review, and we are off to a flying start. 
Available for around ten pounds, yet offering a good selection of spray patterns, and also being more durable than your average plastic models in the same price range, this Draper garden spray gun is a great deal.
 There are seven spray patterns to choose from, and the difference between the fine mist at one end of the spectrum, and the powerful jet at the other, with everything in between, offers you everything setting you need for your everyday gardening.

To increase the spray gun’s working life, Draper have given it an aluminium body instead of plastic as aluminium doesn’t rust like steel or get damaged easily like plastic can. The other metal fittings such as the hose connector are made from brass, again improving longevity and durability as well as enhancing the overall look of the spray gun. The ribbed rubber grip combined with a smooth trigger action and a total weight of only 180 grams, makes this a very nice tool to use.

  • Strong, rust resistant and lightweight aluminium body
  • At around 10 pounds it is excellent value for money
  • 7 different spray patterns all work well
  • Powerful jet feature has surprising range
  • Brass fittings for extra longevity
  • Weighs only 18 grams
  • Comfortable ribbed rubber grip and smooth trigger action

The first thing you notice about this garden spray gun from Crenova is its sleek, modern look. With its zinc alloy body and metallic trigger, brass head and fittings, and black TRP rubberized grip, Crenova have created an awesome looking and long lasting spray gun. It not only looks great but also works far better than I expected it to and actively increases the input water pressure to more than double that when it leaves the nozzle of the gun.

The brass ¾ inch hose connector and rubber hose washer do a very good job of keeping things leak free during operation but should any leaking occur within the first year, Crenova will replace it for you. The spray can be adjusted by twisting the hose nozzle head and can even be completely switched off by the same action. Getting and keeping a grip on the trigger is nice and easy thanks to its size and the fact it is placed in front of the grip rather than on the back of the gun. There is also the option of locking the trigger in the ‘on’ position with a built in clip clock.

  • Modern and stylish metallic design
  • Brass head and fittings improve durability and look great
  • High pressure spray gun. Doubles input pressure
  • Adjustable spray
  • Leak free thanks to quality fittings
  • Comfortable grip and large trigger
  • Lockable trigger for easy spraying

Our next best garden spray gun review is of this excellent product from VOXON, priced at £7.99 on Amazon. Featuring a body made from zinc-alloy to keep it strong sturdy and hard wearing, and giving you the choice of 9 different spray patterns, this garden tool is worth 15 quid of anyone’s money.

The 9 spray patterns give you a lot of variety and are not just spray and jet. There are settings for a flat spray, angled spray, wide cone, and many more so I’m sure you’ll find just the right setting for the job at hand.
As mentioned above, the body is made from strong zinc-alloy and this is covered with a soft rubber to keep it sitting comfortably in your hand and prevent it slipping.

The smooth trigger sits on the back of the gun and is operated with your thumb and palm. There is the option to lock the trigger in the on or off position.
Above the trigger is the adjuster for controlling the water flow/pressure. Used in conjunction with the 9 spray settings, you have a very wide selection to choose from.
 This is a good quality garden spray gun that comes with a 3 year warranty.

  • Zinc-alloy body makes it strong and durable
  • Good price
  • 9 spray patterns are varied and work well
  • Good strong jet setting
  • Smooth trigger and is lockable in the on or off position
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Soft rubber grip covers the whole handle
  • 3 year warranty

This product from well-known brand Hozelock is a number one bestselling product on Amazon. Unlike our previous reviews, this garden spray gun is made of plastic, which has its pros and cons. On the upside, being plastic means that it is cheaper than zinc-alloy or aluminium models and also lighter, however plastic is prone to cracking should you accidentally drop it, and tends not to be as durable as metal. The plastic used for this gun is high quality though and does feel sturdy.

There are 5 spray patterns to choose from, together with adjustable water flow. The water flow can be locked at 40 percent and 100 percent to prevent you wasting water, which is a good thing in these environmentally conscious times. Water waste can also be reduced thanks to the comfortable, pressure sensitive trigger giving you excellent control of the output.

  • Low price of just 7 pounds
  • Lightweight yet sturdy plastic construction
  • 5 spray patterns to choose from
  • Adjustable and lockable water flow to save water
  • Pressure sensitive trigger gives you excellent control
  • Quick connect male connector can be used with Hozelock system

The FANHAO garden spray gun costs 16.87 on Amazon at the moment and offers good value for money for its build quality and striking looks. 
The shiny gun body is made from zinc-alloy and the makers have chosen not to cover the handle in a rubber grip so the fully metallic style really stands out. The brass and copper fittings only add to this modern look.
Being a completely metal construction, it is hard wearing and good quality. There were no signs of leaking from where the spray gun connected to the hose thanks to the copper fitting and the same can be said about the gun’s nozzle.

The nozzle can be twisted to adjust the water spray from mist to jet with various settings in between. Unfortunately, the trigger isn’t pressure sensitive and only works as an on or off function, but it is lockable and made out of metal and so will last a lot longer than a plastic trigger, just be sure to wear gloves in winter as metal has a way of getting cold. This garden spray gun is very compact and measures 14 x 11.5 x 3.5 cm.

  • Very good build quality for a decent price
  • Lovely metallic look and modern styling
  • High quality brass and copper fittings prevent leaks
  • Adjustable nozzle for different sprays
  • Lockable metal trigger
  • Compact spray gun

For only £13.99 you can buy this garden spray gun from Tuknon and it’s worth every penny. It is made from ABS plastic which is a higher quality material than most plastic products and does feel very solid and well-built when you hold it in your hand. 
It also feels very comfortable thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle that has been ribbed for better grip and comfort, the trigger works smoothly and has a soft touch grip coating. It can be locked in the on position to save you from getting achy hands when using the spray gun for long periods.

There are eight spray patterns to choose from- Jet, Flat, Mist, Cone, Shower, Center, Rinse, and Soaker. They all work well with no leaking and give you a comprehensive array of sprays to tackle your watering needs with.
 Above the trigger is a knob to adjust the water flow so you can be sure you’re not wasting water unnecessarily.
 The overall colour scheme is bright, vibrant and easy to spot, and the styling is modern and similar to a lot of its competitors with an ergonomic grip and large spray head.

  • Low price but good quality
  • Strong ABS plastic construction
  • 8 varied spray patterns
  • Smooth soft touch trigger can be locked to prevent your hands aching
  • Water flow adjustment knob above the trigger
  • Ergonomic handle and non-slip grip

Not really in need of a pressured garden spray gun and just want something to stick on the end of a hose pipe to give a bit more control? Here are 2 nozzles that might be good for you.

You can get your hands on this popular nozzle from Hozelock for around 6 quid at the moment on Amazon. It is made from good quality plastic that should last a while as long as it’s not misused or mistreated too badly.

Connecting the nozzle to a hose is very quick and simple and it also comes with a ‘quick connect’ Hozelock male connector to connect to a hozelock system and prevent leaks and drips.

Adjusting the spray from a light mist to a focused jet steam is achieved by simply twisting the nozzle. It is a simple design that works well. The jet is powerful enough to clean gardening equipment while the mist is ideal for flower beds.

  • Low price
  • Made from sturdy plastic
  • Easily adjustable spray by twisting nozzle
  • Comes with Hozelock male connector
  • Jet is powerful enough to clean gardening equipment

The problem with plastic nozzles is that they are susceptible to cracking and warping due to weather and temperature changes. Spear & Jackson have decided to negate this by constructing this particular garden spray nozzle out of brass.
Being made out of solid brass means that it will not be affected by rust or frost, and also that accidentally dropping it, won’t cause it to break or spring leaks. It also looks very cool.

This nozzle can be connected to a hozelock system onto the hose pipe easily enough and is also easy to use. 
A simple twist of the nozzle adjusts the stream of the water and there are no leaks, even when changing the spray pattern.

  • Rust resistant and not affected by frost band temperature changes
  • Low price but high quality
  • Strong and durable material. Lasts longer than plastic models
  • No leaks even when changing stream pattern
  • Adjustable water stream by twisting the nozzle
  • Can be connected to a hozelock system

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