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Best garden Hosepipe & Hose Reels

This article was last updated on May 6th, 2020 at 2:43 pm

7 Best Garden Hosepipes and Hose Reels Reviewed

The importance of a good garden hose can’t be overstated. It doesn’t matter how much you shell put on the top brand connectors, kits, and attachments, you’ll still get mediocre to poor performance out of them if your hosepipe is sub-par to begin with.
Back in the day, most hosepipes were pretty much generic with very little difference between them. However, with advances in technology and materials, there are several different types available each with their own pros and cons. 
To help you sort through the mountain of options, we have created this page of product reviews of the hosepipes and hose reels we consider the best value for money in the UK.

Comparison table: Best garden Hosepipe & Hose Reels

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

TACKLIFE Hose Reel 10m, Garden Pico Reel with Faucet Adapters for Connections, Spray Mode Arbitrary Conversion, Perfect for Balconies and Small Garden Spaces - GHR1C

  • 【10m Anti-kink Hose】 - With excellent water pressure
  • 【Easy Rewind】 - The special reel handle enables to rewind easily
  • 【Quick Connection】 - Equipped with 1/2"+3/4" faucet adapter
  • 【Multiple Spray Mode】 - Ergonomic multi-function spray design
  • 【Package Include】 - 1 x Tacklife 10m Pico Reel

Hozelock Ultimate Hose, 50 m

  • Anti -kink and crushproof hose with Super Tricoflex(TM) Technology
  • Flexible, light and easy to handle
  • Supple and soft whilst remaining robust
  • Weather proof with UV and frost protection
  • Guarantee - 30 Year

VonHaus Hose Reel - 20M Auto Rewind Wall-Mounted Reel for Garden

You can't rule out the VonHaus Hose Reel - 20M Auto Rewind Wall-Mounted Reel for Garden. Well priced and built well. This came out a couple of years ago and is still getting excellent feedback since then. With a two year warranty that has now proven itself this makes for an even more attractive purchase this summer 2021. The plastic connectors are not the best but you can upgrade those easily with the money you're saving on other models. You won't go far wrong if price is a driver here.

【2019 UPGRADE】Expandable Hose 150FT 45M Garden Hose with Double Latex Core Hose Pipe Solid Brass Fittings 9 Function Metal Spray Gun Nozzle Wall Hanger for Gardening Car Washing Pet Bathing (150FT)

  • ◆ 9-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY - The 2 pipe connectors can be attached to the faucet and the garden hose...

ANSIO Garden Hose Pipe Expandable Water Hose 100 Ft/30M

  • EXPANDABLE: The Expandable Garden Magic Hose expands up to 3 times the original length 33ft...
  • STRONG, TANGLE FREE AND DURABLE: Ansio’s 100 feet Kink/Tangle-free Expandable Hose Pipe has an inner tube made of revolutionary...
  • 9 SETTINGS SPRAY GUN: On top of the ON/OFF valve
  • EASY TO USE AND STORE: The garden pipe is easy to use as it is Kink/Tangle free...

Hozelock Compact 2in1 Reel with 25m Hose

  • Can be wall mounted or used as a free standing reel
  • Enclosed casing for added protection from wear and tear.
  • Large winding handle for hassle free manual rewinding.
  • Lightweight design and folding carry handle allows the hose reel to be fully portable....
  • Easy to assemble.Comes with 25m of Hozelock multi-purpose hose

Avyvi 100FT Expandable Garden Hose Pipe,Flexible Expanding Magic Hose With Multi Spray Watering Gun /Storage Bag/Hose Hanger,Fashion Brass Fittings Water Hosepipe

  • ▶100ft Garden Hose ----- Retracts to 33ft for easy storage
  • ▶Stronger than Ever Design -----The garden hose is make up from a durable ...
  • ▶Ergonomics And Aesthetics Spray Gun-----comforatable rear trigger
  • ▶Fashion Leak-Free Brass fittings----- Where others fail
  • ▶What You Get----12 months Warranty and 180 Days Money Back Guaranteed
We kick off our best garden hosepipe reviews with the Ansio expandable garden hosepipe and spray gun set.
Available in 2 different sizes, one that extends to 50ft, and one to 100 ft, Ansio’s product gives you plenty of range after they are expanded by the water pressure to up to 3 times the original length.
This hosepipe is made out of a triple-layer natural latex and has a strong and durable, webbed polyester outer covering. The materials used in its construction make it kink and tangle free as well as being able to withstand high pressures without bursting.
The fittings on the ends of the hosepipe, and also the ones used to connect to the spray gun, are made from good quality brass to prevent leaking and to enhance the longevity of the hose.
The spray gun itself is decent, being made of good quality plastic and having a soft grip to prevent slipping, a trigger lock for continuous spraying, and giving you a choice of 9 different spray patterns. The spray patterns are Shower, Mist, Centre, Cone, Flat, Full, Jet, Angle and Soaker. 
This hosepipe comes with a 1 year, free replacement guarantee.

  • High Quality product
  • Expandable hosepipe. Extends up to 3 times its original length
  • Triple layer natural latex inner layer with webbed polyester covering
  • Brass hose connectors
  • Spray gun with 9 spray patterns, non-slip grip and lockable trigger
  • Available in two sizes

2. Hozelock Compact 2in1 Reel with 25m Hose

Our second garden hosepipe review comes to us courtesy of trusted brand Hozelock.
Their compact two in one reel is a versatile product. It can either be mounted on a wall to keep the garden looking tidy whilst always having the hosepipe where you need it, or its compact design allows for it to be carried around and used as a free standing hose reel. 
The 25 metre long hose is very strong and regains its shape even after being stepped on and there are no signs of any leaks. To increase the working life of the hose, it is designed to be reeled in by the large winch handle on the side and stored in the casing box. The casing has a viewing window to help prevent you twisting the hose up inside it.
Included in the package is a hozelock hose nozzle that has an adjustable spray and the connectors needed to attach it to the hose. 
This hosepipe and reel comes in a few different parts and there is some minor assembly required, but it’s extremely easy to do and won’t give anyone any problems.

  • Best-selling product from a trusted brand
  • Can be mounted on the wall or used free standing
  • 25m Strong and durable hose retains shape well with no leaks
  • Hard wearing casing box for storing the hose
  • Large handle for winding the hose back in
  • Viewing window on casing
This auto rewinding hose reel from Von-Haus is a great combination of a practical, well-made tool, and a low price tag.
Of course the main feature of this hose reel is the self-winding action, which we are happy to say, works wonderfully without kinking the hose in the process.
The round, modern style casing is designed to be mounted on the wall and everything you need to do so, including instructions, is included in the packaging. I would note though, that I would purchase some better screw from the DIY shop instead of using the ones provided just to be on the safe side.
Once mounted, the reel can pivot through 180 degrees making it easier to reach all parts of your garden. Heavy duty plastic has been used for the hose reel and casing making this a robust and great value product.
The 20 metre long anti-kink hose pulls out of the reel nice and smoothly and automatically locks in position so you don’t need to keep constant tension on the hose and this reduces the risk of damaging it. The end of the hose has an adjustable nozzle also made out of good quality plastic.
Von Haus are giving Hozelock a run for their money with this model, which is better quality than most of its competitors and also a lot cheaper.

  • Great value for money
  • Solidly built and high quality
  • Automatic rewinding hose
  • 20 metre hose is robust and anti-kink
  • Reel rotates 180 degrees for Maneuverability
  • Auto lock feature means you don’t have to keep constant pressure on the hosepipe
At the time of writing this, the Avyvi 100ft expandable garden hose was one of Amazon’s choice products and on sale for 25.66 with free UK delivery. There is also a smaller 50 feet hose available for 15.66.
The optimal operating pressure for this hose is 3-6 bar, the more pressure, the better it works. The water will extend the hose from its starting length of 33 feet all the way up to a maximum of 100 feet. Once the water is turned off and the hose fully drained, it will return to its original size.
You don’t have to worry about the hose getting tangled up on itself or being littered with kinks as the inner material of the hosepipe is made from a highly elastic double layer latex material. The outer layer is a tough, yet lightweight polyester.
The brass hose and tap connectors not only look great as they contrast against the black hosepipe, but they are also highly effective in staying secure and preventing any leakage.
Speaking of looking good, the 8 pattern spray gun that you get free with this hose has a sleek design and colour scheme, and is also very comfortable to hold thanks to the ribbed, non-slip rubberized handle.
This product comes with a free storage bag and a 1 year guarantee.

  • Impressive quality for such a low cost item
  • Extends up to 100 feet
  • Highly elastic material and won’t kink
  • Good quality brass connectors
  • ABS plastic spray gun feels solid and comfortable to use
  • 8 pattern spray gun, 1 year guarantee and free storage bag
Hozelock’s ultimate hose is more expensive than your average hosepipe but there has been a lot of thought that has gone into this product and it has pleased a lot of customers.
Hozelock’s ‘super trioflex’ technology has been selected as the material of choice for the ultimate hose. It is a very lightweight, yet super durable material constructed from 5 knitted layers. Super trioflex material is designed to last and Hozelock have given their ultimate garden hose an impressive 30 year guarantee.
This hose is not only very strong and robust but also able to remain flexible and free of kinks. You also don’t have to worry about accidently stepping or rolling over it with something as it is crush proof and also anti-twist. 
A drawback of a lot of hoses is that they need to be put away and stored after every use or their longevity is seriously reduced. However, this particular hosepipe is resistant to weather damage such as UV rays and also frost, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it in the garden. 
At 50 metres long, you should have enough range to water gardens of any size and Hozelock have made their ultimate hose with the environment in mind so it contains no heavy metals or other harmful toxins

  • 50 metres long gives you plenty of range
  • Trioflex material is lightweight yet extremely strong
  • Anti-twist and kink
  • Weatherproof- both UV rays and frost
  • Crush proof and environmentally friendly
  • 30 year guarantee
While this expandable hose and spray gun set is similar to the two we’ve already reviewed above, it has some features that set it above them and justifies its price tag.
First of all it its maximum length of 150ft when fully expanded. That’s a third longer than either of its competitors and can operate at 3-12 bar of pressure and at temperatures 41-113 degrees Fahrenheit.
The spray gun is also a step up, being made of metal instead of plastic with a comfortable rubber covered handle. The spary gun is adjustable and there are 9 spray modes (SHOWER – CONE – JET – SOAKER – ANGLE – MIST – CENTER – FULL – FLAT) that all work well.
Leaks are non-existent thanks to the high quality brass connectors for the tap and spray gun and the zinc alloy spray nozzle.
The hose is constructed from a dual layer latex with a premium 3300D polyester outer layer ensuring it won’t be easily crushed or start to crack anytime soon.
Included in the pack are a storage bag, hose hanger, and instructions. This hosepipe comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

  • Very long 150ft hose when fully expanded
  • Operating pressure of 3-12 bar, at temperatures of 41-113 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Good quality metal spray gun with 9 spray modes
  • Dual layer latex hose with premium quality polyester outer layer
  • Brass connectors for tap and spray gun
  • Free storage bag and hose hanger
  • Money back guarantee
This 10 metre hose reel from Tacklife is a steal at its current price and is perfect for those of you with smaller gardens.
The hose comprises of 3 layers, a strong PVC outer layer to prolong its working life, a woven second inner layer to help with flexibility and to prevent the hose from becoming deformed, and finally a third inner most layer made from elastic designed to prevent algae breeding.
The hard polypropylene casing of the storage box protects the hose well and has a large handle to make it easy to carry around the garden. 
There is a handle on the side of the casing for rewinding the non-kink hose, which it does smoothly. Also located on the body of the casing is a handy storage port for the connectors to sit and be secured. 
The casing will help to protect the hosepipe from weather damage, such as UV, but it will not withstand frost so don’t leave it out in the cold.
The tap connector can be adjusted to fit either ½ inch or ¾ inch garden taps or faucets.
Included with this hose reel is a spray nozzle that can be adjusted from light mist to single stream ‘jet’.
To sum up, this is a great budget hose reel that delivers higher than expected performance and durability.

  • 10 metre Hose reel in secure casing to protect it from the weather
  • 3 layer hose design for longevity
  • Hard polypropylene casing with handle for rewinding the hose
  • Storage port for securing connectors
  • Adjustable tap connector ½ or ¾ inch
  • Very good value for money
  • Adjustable spray nozzle

Well, that final review is our last one for today. We will keep an eye on the new products coming onto the UK market and update this page from time to time as we see fit. 
We hope you feel more enlightened about the best garden hosepipes and hose reels available in the UK after reading this article and invite you to read our other articles on various gardening products, also with their own set of reviews.

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