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Best strimmers [UK]-heavy duty, professional, petrol, cordless strimmers compared

This article was last updated on August 21st, 2021 at 9:06 am

Overgrown grass and vegetation can be the stuff of nightmares. It’s not always easy to maintain your garden and keeping it tip-top shape throughout the year. For a lot of people, a strimmer or brushcutter is an essential bit of kit stashed away in the shed. So, I thought, what better than to take a look at strimmers and brush cutters, in detail, on a rainy day for those who don’t have one yet or perhaps need an upgrade?

Petrol strimmers, electric strimmers, and cordless strimmers make up the majority of these types of products for sale, so I’ll concentrate on those in this post.

If you’re looking for a quick answer to the best strimmer or brush-cutter, I’ve included the comparison list and a table of contents to help navigate around the page but extensive reviews of the strimmers can be found lower down in the post.

What is a strimmer?

Next to your standard lawnmower, strimmers are probably the most common power tools found in most gardeners arsenals, and you can find out more about each type in our buyers’ guide. Primarily used for trimming long grass and weeds from the outer edges of lawns, trimmers can save you a ton of time when compared with using a simple pair of edging shears. However, it is still a good idea to keep a pair of the former handy for getting into those really tight spaces.

How does a strimmer compare to a brushcutter?

When comparing a strimmer to a brushcutter, and deciding which is best for you, you have to think in terms of what kind of vegetation you need to cut through. Although these tools look similar, they can be told apart by looking at the cutting head. A strimmer typically uses a line of nylon that is fed from a spool, and are better suited to cutting grass, and some weeds. Brush cutters are armed with a multi-toothed metal cutting blade and will be able to cut through thicker weeds and plants, like bramble.

There are tools out there that double up as both a strimmer and a brush cutter and can be switched from one to the other simply by changing the tool head. Most often, these brush cutter attachments are sold separately but there are tools out there that come with both cutting heads as standard.

Best strimmers – out top picks

  1. Black + Decker GL733GB electric strimmer – best electric strimmer
  2. Makita UR3000 Electric Trimmer best professional electric strimmer
  3. Flymo Contour 500E Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger
  4. Bosch ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer
  5. Makita 18V cordless line trimmer best cordless strimmer
  6. Ryobi One+ cordless strimmer
  7. Garden Gear Cordless Strimmer
  8. BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer
  9. Greenworks 40V Cordless Brushless Trimmer
  10. McCulloch TrimMac Grass Trimmer
  11. Stihl FS55 Petrol strimmer best petrol strimmer heavy duty
  12. Hyundai HYBC5080AV 2 Stroke Grass Strimmer
  13. ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

Review of the best strimmers and brush-cutters

Comparison table: Best strimmers [UK]-heavy duty, professional, petrol, cordless strimmers compared

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Makita 18V cordless line trimmer

If you want the best, you have to be prepared to pay a little more for it, and the Makita is definitely the best cordless strimmer available in the UK. With the right combination of features, durability, and the overall finish that Makita are famous for, this product is a winner. So, do yourself a favour and save yourself money in the long run by spending a little extra now on the Makita 18V Cordless line trimmer.

Makita UR3000 Electric Trimmer

Although more expensive than some of its competitors on this page, the Makita UR3000 Electric Trimmer is definitely worth every penny. It has a build quality and a finish that is second to none, and of course, has that famous Makita reliability which makes it great for more heavy-duty tasks.

Black & Decker 36V cordless strimmer

Another outstanding product to add to Black & Decker's already impressive portfolio, this cordless strimmer combines excellent battery technology with awesome features such as variable power modes and low vibration, to make it one of the best options out there. It is very lightweight and runs surprisingly quietly for a tool that packs a punch as big as it does too. The Black & Decker 36V Cordless Strimmer is a really good bit of kit.

Ryobi One+ cordless strimmer

With an automatic line feed that works amazingly well, and its very lightweight design, there is a lot to like about the Ryobi OLTT1832 18V ONE+ cordless strimmer. This is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use tools of this kind that I've ever tried out, and that alone will probably sell it to a lot of people. On top of that, it is actually a powerful machine and the adjustable cutting width is just the icing on the cake.

Black + Decker GL733GB electric strimmer

in very close second place is the Black & Decker GL733GB electric strimmer, chosen for the excellent value for money it offers. Powered by a beefy 700W electric motor, this strimmer will handle tasks that some others in its rice range just won't be able to, and a large 30cm cutting radius will allow you to finish the job quickly too.

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

The Parker Brand petrol strimmer offers its buyers excellent value for money with its extremely powerful 52cc engine, capable of 2.2kw, and 7500rpm. Apart from some poor instructions, and less than great assembly tools, this tool is a winner, with an overall robustness that is surprising considering the price, and a performance to match.

Flymo Contour 500E Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger

Although quite heavy compared to other corded strimmer products, the comfortable, ergonomic handles and great weight distribution still make this a comfortable strimmer to use around the garden. With features like the plant guard, extendable shaft, and the edging tool mode, the Flymo Contour 500E Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger is a good choice if you're not aiming to spend too much.

Bosch ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer

If you can get past the poor instructions that guide you through the assembly process, the Bosch ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer is actually a pretty good piece of kit, providing you with enough power to get the job done with a very decent 400 Watt motor for the money, while remaining very lightweight and highly manoeuvrable. It's not my pick for best in its category, but it is still a decent product.

Greenworks Brushless Grass Trimmer 40V String Trimmer

The brushless motor in the Greenworks 40V Cordless Brushless Trimmer makes this product one of the most energy-efficient in its class. Not only that but it also delivers impressive power that most cordless models can't compare to. While it does feel a little heavy after using it for a while, but the extra-long battery life more than makes up for it.

Garden Gear Cordless Strimmer

Garden Gear Cordless Strimmer has good battery life and rapid charging, allowing you to spend more time on the job, and less standing around by the wall socket. It is really lightweight and so would be a good choice if you find yourself getting fatigued using heavier tools.

Hyundai HYBC5080AV 2 Stroke Grass Strimmer

The Hyundai HYBC5080AV 2 Stroke Grass Strimmer is one of the more powerful petrol trimmers, thanks to its 50cc engine. This large engine also adds a fair bit of weight, but the excellent wheels and top-notch anti-vibration technology make this a product that is easy to use. If changing the cutting wire sool too often is a pet peeve of yours, then the Hyundai might be just the product for you.

McCulloch TrimMac Grass Trimmer

For the price, the Mculloch Trimmac strimmer is hard to beat. Combining a smooth and fuel-efficient engine with excellent build quality, this is a popular choice and has made many customers very happy. Its lightweight design and lack of vibration make it one of the best petrol strimmers to use for long gardening sessions, and despite being a little noisier than some of its competitors, it is still an excellent product.

The range of strimmers and brush cutters is so impressive, finding the best one takes a fair bit of research and effort, and hopefully, this article helps to clear things up a bit.

Electric Strimmers

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 700W, Cutting Width: 33cm, Speed: 7000rpm, Weight: ‎3.2kg

Black and Decker’s GL733GB is our top pick for corded electric trimmers due to offering the right mix of price, power, and durability.

Firstly, the price is incredibly reasonable for a tool of this quality, and there aren’t many in the same price bracket that can compare. The metal shaft and heavy-duty plastics used in the construction of the Black&Decker give you the sense that this tool has been made to last.

The curved angle of the main shaft, combined with ergonomic handles, make this a very comfortable strimmer to use for long gardening sessions, allowing you to remain upright and keep control of the head of the tool effortlessly. The shaft is also adjustable, as is the secondary handle, and it’s easy to find just the right length set up to make your trimming go as smoothly as possible and without any aches and pains.

This Black & Decker strimmer certainly packs a punch and is powered by a 700W motor that produces high torque and cutting speeds of up to 7000rpm. This motor is not only powerful enough to cut through dense vegetation, but does so without any lagging, and even better than that, it is rather quiet compared to other products in its class.

With its larger than usual 30cm cutting width bring backed up with all that power from the motor, you will find yourself getting the job done in very little time. The auto-feed spool feature works really well, and this also saves you a lot of time and hassle. However, I did find that we got through a lot of line during our tests, so I would advise you to buy some spares.

To really give your lawn that professional-looking finish, you need an edging tool, and wouldn’t you know it? Black & Decker have thought of that too. By simply rotating the shaft 180 degrees, you can do the job with this strimmer, and there’s even a wheel edge guide to ensure that you get the neatest lines.

One thing that winds me up about some corded electric trimmers is that they come with really short power cables. Not the Black & Decker though. The GL733GB is armed with an impressive power cord length, and for most gardens, you won’t even need an extension lead. I do wish that there were some hooks on the shaft or handle to wrap the cord around after using the strimmer, but it’s hardly a big deal.

Putting the GL733GB together was no huge feat, although it would have been easier if the instructions had been more detailed and not just the same old picture graph types that are so prevalent these days. Besides this, I really don’t have anything bad to say about this excellent Black & Decker electric strimmer and have no qualms about recommending it to you.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1-3 year), Power: 450W, Cutting Width: 30cm, Speed: 9000rpm, Weight: ‎2.6kg

Although at 450W, the Makita UR3000 has a smaller motor than the Black & Decker GL733GB, the excellent engineering involved in the Makita product means that actual performance on the ground isn’t all that different, and the  cutting speed is kept up to a nice 9000rpm constant for the majority of the time.

If there’s one thing Makita is known for, it’s being extremely hard-wearing, reliable, and durable, and the UR3000 keeps up that tradition with a rustproof, aluminium shaft, and the highest quality plastics used for the casing and handles. The overall finish is absolutely spot on, with no rattles, shales, or unwanted gaps to be found.

What you find with most trimmers, is that they come with quite a low-quality nylon cutting line that breaks as soon as it makes contact with any other than the thinnest grass. So, I was really happy to see that Makita has fitted theirs with something a bit more heavy-duty, and I found that when compared with a lot of other trimmers right out of the box, the Makita line broke far less often. However, I have been told by customers that it can be tricky getting your hands on replacement wire, but as long as you don’t mind tracking it down online, it’s not a problem.

Although amongst the heavier electric trimmers, it isn’t by a large margin, and I would never say that it is heavy, and due to the excellent weight distribution and balance of the tool, you certainly don’t notice it. What’s more, Makita has thrown in a free shoulder strap for the price, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired arms.

Like the Black & Decker, the Makita UR3000 can be turned into a quality edging tool by a quick turning of the tool head. This is quick and easy to do, and the tool loses none of its balance or ease of use when used in this mode either, allowing you to wield it with confidence and get a perfect finish to your lawn.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 500W, Cutting Width: 25cm, Speed: 11500rpm, Weight: ‎3.1kg

The Flymo Contour 500E Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger is a great all in one edger and strimmer. It uses an adjustable steady handle with a comfortable firm grip to help keep you balanced. The telescopic handle extends beyond the length of even the tallest users which is great. You also get a double line feed system to keep your line running smoothly. Switching from a strimmer to an edger is easy; simply by twisting the cutting head.

The helpful plant guard on this unit will keep it from cutting too deep or running any prized plants in your garden but it has been mentioned that it can be restrictive, a small price to pay for more control in amongst the flower beds to my mind, especially when compared to the older model this one cuts far neater. All in all, you get a very solid electric strimmer for the money though there are a couple of niggles and we will go into those as well.

This is a very nice little electric corded strimmer though some have suggested the plastic body isn’t as robust as it could be. I’ve never seen the frame fail so it would appear to be up to the job. It’s a nice touch that this strimmer folds away into small sections too. It comes in a little box and you simply pop it together. some have complained that the safety has been taken so far it inhibits the use of the strimmer. I can’t say I blame Flymo for going safety first but it’s something worth considering if you buy one of these yourself. You might consider that 3.1kg is fairly weighty too for a free hand grass trimmer. Many have mentioned it can get quite tiring so if you think you need to do much more than half an hour at a time it’s worth thinking about.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 400W, Cutting Width: 24cm, Speed: 12000rpm, Weight: ‎2.6kg

The Bosch ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer is one of the better grass trimmers that you can buy. Bosch is a universally renowned brand so you can expect a decent quality strimmer for your money and priced at £52.00 it’s pretty good. This is a corded strimmer powered by a 400W motor which will help you easily get through your basic strimming duties.

The twin line automatic cutting system helps you get through wild and unruly patches of undergrowth. Comfort-wise, this strimmer manages to be one of the easiest to use units out there. This unit only weighs 2.4 KG which means you don’t have to struggle with carrying it around. It also has 90-degree rotating head so you don’t have to strain your muscles to get at unruly angles.

One of the faults with this grass trimmer is the ability to assemble it. Bosch is normally really reliable but the instructions are somewhat difficult to follow and that makes for a potentially time-consuming assembly. The spool has been commented in the past as too small and doesn’t hold enough line as well as being a little difficult to control when strimming edges. With that said, priced as it is, it’s not a bad choice but there are better options out there.

Cordless Strimmers

We’ve reviewed a range of cracking cordless strimmers. They just keep better and better, don’t they? With the leaps and bounds in battery technology, the very basic cordless strimmers are really coming into their own whilst the more expensive brands such as Makita are giving us corded power performance with the freedom that comes from a petrol strimmer. Quite amazing really, and so I will be reviewing the best cordless strimmers currently available.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1-3 year), Power: 18V, Cutting Width: 26cm, Speed: 7800rpm, Weight: ‎3.1kg

Look into most tradesmen’s toolboxes and you’ll probably find a Makita tool or two. Known for reliability that can only be matched by very few other brands, Makita tools have long been a staple on building sites and in workshops, and of course, in DIY enthusiasts garages.

Now, quality like this doesn’t come cheap, and just to buy this cordless strimmer alone, without the battery or charger, will set you back around 90 pounds at the time of writing. This isn’t too much of a problem if you already own Makita tools as you can use the same battery to power multiple items, however, if this is your first time buying Makita, you’re going to have to fork out around another hundred quid for a battery and charger.

That extra cost might have you sweating a little, but as I said ‘quality doesn’t come cheap’ and for the higher expense, you are rewarded with a strimmer that is likely to at you for years to come. Cheaper, low-end, brands just can’t compare with the durability, build quality, and reliable performance that you get from a Makita, and this is why they are such a firm favourite.

This quality is found throughout the Makita cordless strimmer. From the solidity of the main shaft, right down to the bump feed cap being constructed of metal, and not the usual plastic. Vibration is also very low when using this machine, another testament to the top-notch construction.

After taking 30 minutes or so to fully charge, the Makita battery will give you around the same amount of time to work with, and when you consider the 78000rpm cutting speeds and good quality cutting wire, that should be plenty of time to get your lawn trimmed and looking fantastic.

With the battery in place, the Makita cordless strimmer weighs 3.1kg, but as a lot of that weight is on the battery, which connects into the handle of the machine, it keeps it really well balanced and stops you from feeling fatigued too quickly. The ergonomic shape of the handles and the nice distance between them also help with controlling the weight, and of course, adjusting the length of the telescopic shaft always comes in handy.

For dealing with tricky angles, corners, etc. the Makita’s head can be pivoted through five different angles, and the tool can even be used as an edger if you spin it 180 degrees. This gives the tool some great versatility and is just another season why we chose this for the best cordless strimmer.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 18V, Cutting Width: 25cm or 30cm, Speed: 7800rpm or 8400rpm, Weight: ‎2.3kg

Like Makita products, tools from the Ryobi ONE+ range all use the same battery system, and as there are over a hundred products in this particular range, there’s a chance that you might already own one of them. if so, then buying this strimmer (body only) would be a no brainer, as it offers very good value for money. However, if you don’t own any Ryobi ONE+ tools, you’ll have to consider forking out the extra 55 pounds or so for the battery and charger.

Is it worth it? I would say so. The Ryobi cordless strimmer not only looks great, it produces enough power to get rid of any type weeds from around your patio, fence, and path, and does so quickly. I did notice that there was slightly more vibration felt when compared to the Makita, but this is only because the Makita was so low, and not to say anything bad about the Ryobi.

The Ryobi cordless strimmer gives you plenty of options when it comes to your gardening sessions. For a start, there is a choice of cutting widths, and you can either choose to use the 30cm width for a faster finish but more battery drain, or go with the 25mm setting that will reduce battery use but will not get you done quite as quickly.
There are also various angles you can choose from for the cutting head, and obviously, this comes in handy if you’ve got things like hedges to get underneath, and with a simple click of a button, you can twist the tool around and use it as an edger.

Ryobi has opted to fit this product with an automatic line feed that comes into place when you press the trigger ina specific way. It takes a few goes to get the hang of, but after that, it actually gives you better control of when the line will be fed and when it won’t and if you compare it to products that are available for around the same price, it is definitely one of the better auto-feed systems.

With an adjustable shaft, and also an adjustable auxiliary handle, it is easy to get the settings just as you like, and this makes it one of the more comfortable cordless trimmers to use. It is lightweight too, and the balance feels just about right.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 20V, Cutting Width: 26cm, Speed: N/A, Weight: ‎1.86kg

There are dozens of great cordless strimmers out there but for us, the Garden Gear Cordless Strimmer manages to outclass the rest. It’s one of the best cordless strimmers that you can buy right now. It only weighs a couple of kilograms making it perfect for all users. It comes with its own 20V lithium-ion battery that provides enough power for a good run of about 30 minutes in the garden and generally it’s just a very good all-round performing cordless grass trimmer. Let’s be perfectly clear and honest though. This will not perform as well as a corded electric strimmer in the same price range. What you get in freedom, you lose a little in performance. If you’re looking for high end performance with freedom then you’ll need a petrol strimmer, or to revert to a corded electric strimmer. the other option is to spend big on a cordless electric strimmer but a petrol version would be cheaper.

The blades are well design and can cut through more grass and light brushes with ease. Probably one of the best features on this grass strimmer is the guide, it really helps keep you strimming in neat and tidy lines. You also get a useful stabilising handle which assists alongside the guide giving you plenty of control. It’s great to have the freedom of a petrol strimmer without the fumes and nasty noise. At the same time, it’s great to have the benefits you get from a maintenance-free electric motor. All-round for £52.00 you are getting plenty for your money.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 36V, Cutting Width: 30cm, Speed: 8500rpm, Weight: ‎3.5kg

The BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer is one of the few highly rated products in reviews. It’s arguably one of the best cordless strimmers backed up by the sheer number of positive reviews it has online. Given the reputation of the brand and the quality of this cordless strimmer, it’s definitely one to shortlist.

This unit is equipped with its own 36 V Lithium Ion battery that powers the whole unit. Normally a 36V battery would mean some sort of sacrifice in terms of overall battery life but not with this strimmer, Black and Decker have really nailed it with this model. The 2Ah battery capacity ensures that it runs for a good half an hour before running out of legs. That’s not the most impressive bit either, I know there are people that have owned this model for three years now and remarkably the battery is still holding charge and all working as it should.

That’s rather impressive for a cordless strimmer and it gets better still. It only weighs 3.5kg so you don’t have much to carry around with you either. This cordless grass trimmer is so good it’s hard to find fault, it even has an automatic line feed which saves another headache! Just like the Black and decker corded power strimmer, they’ve set the bar really high here and you won’t be disappointed in this price range.

If I could find fault, it would be that some have reported breaking their strimmer line easily and quickly. I would be willing to bet this is a manufacturing error as opposed to an actual design fault. In any event, Black and Decker will refund or replace so you buy with no fear of being left in the lurch!


BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer has excellent battery technology, and that means that even in a couple of years time, you’ll still be getting a good half an hour of use out of each charge. The automatic line feed works really well, and the build quality is what you’d expect from B&D. replace the standard cutting wire with some thicker stuff and you’ll be very happy.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Power: 40V, Cutting Width: 40cm, Speed: ‎5300rpm, Weight: ‎‎5.77kg

The Greenworks 40V Cordless Brushless Trimmer is a seriously decent bit of kit. It’s a cordless grass strimmer and brush-cutter that delivers excellent power for a battery-operated strimmer and can, amazingly, get most of the work done that a petrol version can. It has a brushless motor technology that assists in power delivery. In normal terms, this means you won’t find it running out of power and slowing up on you. That’s always a concern with battery tools and it’s very handy that they have addressed this issue. The best bit that we walked straight by is this is NOT a petrol brush cutter. So much less fuss than a petrol unit with all the benefits. It’s worth putting on the shopping list!

It’s a funny place to be, the price is somewhere between a high-end power corded brush cutter and a low-end petrol brush-cutter/strimmer. It almost fills a gap between the two; heavy work at home and commercial use. It is plenty powerful enough for a garden in need of work, but not enough for a commercial user.

Not only does this mean you get a great amount of efficiency from the motor to the blades, but it also means that you’re going to quiet operation for the most part. You won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours with excessive noise, which is a plus, especially when compared to petrol units. You can choose between two battery options that offer 2 Ah and 4Ah capacity, so if you know you will be doing heavy work, naturally opt for the bigger battery. Overall, this a fantastic strimmer and fills a gap somewhere between a corded brush cutter and a petrol version, bringing the best of both worlds with all the benefits combined into one package.

Typically you can get an hour of strimming from the bigger 4Ah battery, more than enough for most and the charge time is around an hour too so purchasing two batteries will give you continual use.

One flaw I’ve found is under extremely heavy use, i.e cutting long thick grass, battery time seems to run down to around half an hour. However, we are talking about cutting the kind of vegetation that was once only possible with petrol power, so overall, a huge leap forward but it’s worth mentioning all the same.

Petrol Strimmers

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Engine Power: 2-stroke 0.6kW, Cutting Width: 40cm, Speed: 10000rpm, Weight: ‎‎3.9kg

My favourite petrol strimmer available at the moment has to be the McCulloch TrimMac Grass Trimmer, on sale now at a very affordable price for a product of this quality.

Powered by a 25cc, 2 stroke engine that is one of the smoothest I’ve ever had the pleasure of using, the Mculloch is the strimmer to go for if you want real power matched with mobility and reliability. It is very easy to start from cold, and only requires a few presses of the well-positioned purge button to get the fuel pumped into the carb, and then you’re ready to go. A couple of tugs on the starter cord and the machine will kick into life every time.

The anti-vibration system used on the Mculloch is excellent, and really does a great job of reducing the amount you feel when using the machine, even when really revving it up and putting it through its paces. The effectiveness of this anti-vibration system has a lot to do with the positioning of it. Unlike many of its competitors, the Mculloch petrol strimmer has this system placed directly under the engine, where most of the vibrations come from, and it works wonders.

There has been a lot of thought put into making this tool user friendly and features like the see-through fuel tank, and tool-free access to the air filter, are just really nice, practical features that make this product a firm favourite amongst our customers.

The fuel consumption of the Mculloch is slightly better than average, but being a 2-stroke, you’ll have to make sure you get the oil and petrol mix ratio right. Of course, there is also the smoke that comes with any 2-stroke too, but actually, it is not too bad with the Mculloch, certainly not if I compare it with some that I have used over the years. There is also the issue of it being a bit loud at 112 decibels, but nothing a good pair of ear defenders won’t fix.

For a petrol-powered strimmer, this is surprisingly lightweight at only 3.6kg and can be moved around the garden with ease, and without the need for a harness although longer sessions sent with the tool will start to cause some fatigue, but this is part and parcel of using a petrol strimmer. ore power means more weight.

Speaking of power, this is much more powerful than a cordless or corded electric strimmer, but in terms of petrol trimmers, it isn’t exactly a beast. it is more than enough for home-based tasks, but if you’re looking for something to use commercially on big jobs, you might want to ay more and get something with a bit more grunt. It is more compact than many other petrol strimmers though, and even features a splittable shaft for storage and transport reasons.

Specification: Warranty: yes (1 year), Engine Power: 2-Stroke 1 hp/0.75 kW, Cutting Width: 42cm, Speed: N/A, Weight: 4.9kg

The name Stihl is synonymous with high quality, and their gardening products have been used by professionals for years. This FS55 model is available at a price that puts it in the reach of the average gardener, even if it is a little more expensive than some petrol strimmers.

Armed with a 27.2cc engine that produces 1HP, the Stihl gives you more than enough power to get the job done at home. What’s more, the engine is comparatively quiet, so you don’t have to worry about complaints from the neighbours every time you trim the lawn.

Starting the engine on this machine is satisfyingly easily. With many petrol strimmers you really have to give the cord a long, hard, pull. As I expected, the Stihl was different, and only needed me to give it a couple of half-tugs before it started from cold. Once warm, it started on the first pull.

With its exceptional sturdiness and outstanding build quality, you have to accept that there will be some additional weight. however, Stihl has done a great job of keeping that weight to a minimum and an even better job of keeping the tool well balanced and there were absolutely no problems getting the tool to go where I wanted it to.

As with the Mculloch, the vibrations felt when operating the Stihl petrol strimmer are very low for such a product. Obviously, there are some vibrations as is the nature of a petrol-powered power tool, but they aren’t bothersome. If you really don’t like vibrations, you should perhaps be looking at the electric or cordless trimmers instead.

To really get the most out of this product, I would recommend buying the brush cutter attachment that is sold separately. Armed with this, there won’t be many lawn clearing jobs that you can’t handle, and if you choose not to follow my advice, used as strimmer, this is still a very high-performer and will not fail you.

Putting the Stihl petrol strimmer together didn’t take too long, and the I instructions were pretty easy to follow. Double-checking everything was right before starting, I would say that it took about 10 minutes altogether. That could be cut in half with someone lending a hand though

Specification: Warranty: yes (3 years), Engine Power: 2-Stroke 2.2kW, Cutting Width: 4045cm, Speed: 7500rpm, Weight: 15.96kg

The Hyundai HYBC5080AV 2 Stroke Grass Strimmer is considered one of the best-wheeled petrol strimmers. It should come as no shock given how Hyundai is a major brand in the automotive and mechanical world. This unit comes with a 2 stroke 50.8 cc recoil start petrol engine. This means you’re getting plenty of power to cut through almost all growth effortlessly but it does have it’s limits which we will go into.

Given the engine power you might expect to struggle with handling though it couldn’t be further from the case. It’s perfectly controllable thanks to its anti-vibration system. The design was carefully considered and it’s a different too to a hand strimmer, it’s not even fair to compare them really. Another great thing about this strimmer is the spool of line. It really lasts so long that you rarely find yourself changing it. When you do though, note it’s on a ratchet system rather than a tap and feed so takes a little effort but by no means a deal-breaker.

One of the very best things about the power delivery of this product is the crisp cut. It leaves your lawn looking spot on and overall this is a great wheeled strimmer that delivers for the £349.99 asking price.

Some pointed out that due to the angle of the cutter, you can’t really get at long grass. Though there are workarounds, I want my strimmer to do the job I bought it for without modification so bear that in mind. One user bought this strimmer in good faith though never filled out the form to validate his warranty. Subsequently, he was turned away which is unfortunate. I would highly recommend registering the purchase so you can get your warranty, which will then be honoured. Some have complained about the instructions but that is the minority. It’s also mentioned spare parts aren’t easy to get hold of. Overall I find this to be a good little two-wheeled petrol grass strimmer and ideal if you don’t want to carry the weight around.

13. ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

Specification: Warranty: yes (2 years), Engine Power: 2-Stroke 2.2kW, Cutting Width: N/A, Speed: 7500rpm, Weight: 10.7kg

The ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer has been consistently getting great reviews online by consumers for both performance and price. The performance to price is making this a standout bit of kit and can be bought as a multi tool that will do the strimming and brush cutting as well as hedge trimming, cutting, and pruning if you wanted to spend a little extra and get a great deal more. It’s ability as a grass trimmer and brush cutter is exceptional and cuts with ease.

This is one of the more durable petrol strimmers that you will find and weighing 10.8kg you are grateful of the decent harness that’s provided. It helps to balance the machine well and that’s important with all that power, you would be struggling to control it otherwise!

Surprisingly for a budget petrol strimmer / brush cutter it’s being compared to tops brands like Stihl. This is a testament in itself to the value of this strimmer. I expect price hikes in line with the quality very soon so worth getting one before that happens. It’s a nice touch that it comes with a fuel mixer and tools thought I would point out they are not the best and your spanner and screwdriver set will do a better job. The mixing bottle is good though.

I don’t have any problems at all with this petrol grass trimmer, perhaps I noticed a slight tuning issue in the mid rev range but nothing groundbreaking. Some have questioned the lifespan and reasonably so when it’s broken for them on first or second use. Mixed feedback a couple of years on has left a lingering thought as to how long it will really last. I think they’ve just been unlucky, most are over the moon. I’ll say this though; two years of top-notch performance from a budget machine is already great value. Like any petrol engine, it’ll need looking after if you want it to last. Also, it would be fair to point out breaking on first-time use means refund or replacement so not all bad.

Best Strimmers Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, there is quite a selection of strimmers to choose from, so we thought we’d make your decision a little easier by comparing the different types of strimmer here in this buyers’ guide.

Which strimmer is right for you? Comparing Petrol, electric, and cordless strimmers

To choose the right kind of strimmer, you need to know how they compare to each other, and in this section, we will briefly point out the pros and cons of each.

Petrol strimmers are easily the most powerful, and they are the ones to go for if you have a large property to deal with, or you need to clear some very thick vegetation. There isn’t that much difference between corded and cordless electric models, although as the battery on the cordless strimmers starts to get low, you might find that the performance starts to drop too.

Both petrol strimmers and cordless strimmers give you lots of freedom of movement, but as petrol models tend to be much heavier, you will probably need a harness or shoulder strap, and they might be harder to manoeuvre. Corded models are of course restricted by the length of the power cord, although using an extension lead will make things easier.

If noise, vibration, and fumes bother you, steer away from petrol strimmers as they are the worst offenders of all three of these things. Electric and cordless strimmers will vibrate also, but the levels tend to be much lower than petrol models. They are much quieter too.

When it comes to cost, corded strimmers usually work out the cheapest as you don’t have to buy expensive batteries and chargers as you do with cordless products. Petrol strimmers are the most expensive, both for initial layout and for running costs.



I hope you liked our review of the best strimmers and brushcutters. We have put together the most comprehensive reviews of them online to date and hope it’s covered you. If not we have individual electric strimmer, cordless strimmer, and petrol strimmer pages to help you too.

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