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Cleaning Solutions

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Cleaning Solutions To Make Your Garden, Lawn And Outdoor Surfaces Clean And Tidy

A well-maintained lawn with attractive flowers will have an immediate amiable effect on the mood of a person. Even a simple garden that is well-manicured can add to the aesthetic appeal of any building. When it comes to the garden maintenance plan, you should ensure that your plan encompasses leaf and weed control, shrubberies and borders, hedge trimming and grass cutting. Proper garden maintenance will ensure that you have a nice outdoor area to relax with your family during weekends.

Comparison table: Cleaning Solutions

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Gardening Expandable Hose From Crenova 30M With Double Latex Core Expandable:

  • The hose extends up to 3 times of its original length(extend from 33 ft to 100 ft) while in...
  • Pre-fitted Leak-free solid 3/4 Inches brass fitting
  • 7 function Spraying nozzle
  • Improved Construction. Improved thicker and seamless material knit wall design provides a better protecting for double inner tube...
  • Every crenova product enjoys a 12-month worry-free guarantee & 60 days money back Guarantee...



PS40 Power Scrubber from Kärcher:

  • Compatible with Kärcher K2-K7 series pressure washers
  • Removes stubborn dirt in large area quickly and perfect for steps and edges...
  • Designed with 3 high pressure jet nozzles
  • Squeegee to use to gather the excess water in one location

Rempro decking cleaner

  • Rempro Path, Patio & Decking Cleaner dilutable to make 20 litres of total sprayable product...
  • Perfect for cleaning hard surfaces including paths
  • Treatment area approx 10m2 per litre when diluted and can be used both internal and external....
  • Treatment can last upto a year
  • No harmful biocides and safe around pets and children once dry.

CLICIC Lawn and Garden Portable Sprayer 8L:

  • CURVED NOZZLE DESIGN - It's air-tight
  • COMFORTABLE AND EFFICIENT - Solid construction and comfortable grip are what makes it a keeper...
  • EASY FILLING - Funnel top opening allows for easy no-mess filling
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Practical compression sprayer for indoor and outdoor use
  • PRACTICAL SPRAYING WAND. Enjoy a better reach and work standing up straight with the help of the sprayer wand....

Plastic Spray Bottle with Adjustable Nozzle Leak Proof Garden watering Can:

  • Heavy duty material: Our 17oz (about 500ml) heavy duty spray bottles are made of high quality PET plastic...
  • Package includes: 3 pack of our professional sprayers you can receive
  • Adjustable nozzle: The spray bottles nozzle can be rotated from jet to mist...
  • Leak-proof design: The water spray bottle features a long lasting polypropylense spray head with tight seal...
  • Multi-purpose durable sprayer: This sturdy sprayer can hold a variety of pesticides...

What is involved in maintaining the attractiveness of outdoor area?

If you are highly particular that the outdoors of your property should look attractive, you can do many things that will help with improving the looks. Not just looks, you will also have to consider the safety aspects when it comes to maintaining the outdoors. Here are certain things to be done in this respect for your outdoors:

  • Effective lawn care
  • Pressure Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Disposal of needles and sharps
  • Hard-floor maintenance
  • Gutter clearance and maintenance
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Flood damage control
  • Anti-slip coating and treatments

In short, proper cleaning will go a long way in maintaining the attractiveness and safety of your property. There are some cleaning supplies that will help with making your maintenance task easier. For instance, there are solutions that will make your window cleaning easier. In the same way, you can find solutions that will help with effectively removing mould and mildew from your plants and other outdoor areas. Similarly, for effective gardening, you will find garden hoses that to easily water and maintain your plants.

Top Cleaning Solutions:

As you are looking for effective maintenance of your outdoor space, here are the top choices of products available at Amazon to ease your work:

When maintaining your garden, you will have to make sure that the plants are free from any sort of bugs. For this, you need to apply safe fertilisers to be sprayed over the plants as the medicine for preventing the growth of bugs. For this, this 8 litres sprayer from CLICIC will help. Not just for spraying fertilisers, this sprayer will also help with spraying water to your plants to maintain freshness, particularly during hot summer days. This product is also offered in the size of 5-litre sprayer with spraying nozzle. This product comes with practical spraying wand and you can fill the sprayer with water or fertiliser with ease. The comfortable and efficient design and also the curved nozzle design with leak-proof and non-corrosive features will make your job easier with this unit that comes with the following key features:

  • Practical spraying wand
  • Multi-functional design
  • Easy filling
  • Comfortable and efficient design
  • Curved nozzle design
  • 5-star customer rating

Power scrubber is one of the essential supplies you should have handy in your home to property maintaining the exteriors. If you have Kärcher K2-K7 pressure washers in your home, this product can turn out to be the best accessory ever. This pressure washer accessory has been designed with three high-pressure jet nozzles. In turn, it can effectively get rid of stubborn dirt in a large area at a faster pace and it is the ideal choice for cleaning edges and steps in outdoors. Further, it encompasses a squeegee for gathering the excess water in a single location. Further, this unit has a hard-wearing brush as well to clean hard surfaces effectively. It is best operated in an upright position to bring down the strain on your back. Key features of this unit include:

  • To gather the excess water sprayed by the power washer in a single location, this power scrubber has a squeegee attached
  • It has three high-pressure jet nozzles
  • Effective in the removal of tough dirt and dust in steps and edges
  • Compatible with pressure washers from Kärcher

As against the first product mentioned above, if you are looking for an affordable solution, you can choose this pack of plastic spray bottles. The pack contains three plastic bottles with adjustable nozzle and it is designed as a leak-proof garden watering can. You have the option to choose either 500 ml, 550 or even 1000 ml can. It can hold a wide range of pesticides and chemical solutions. Even, it can be used for ironing clothes, misting vegetables, spraying neem oil, cleaning the car, watering plants and even as for hair moisturising. The bottles in this set feature a long-lasting polypropylene spray head with a tight seal. It will ensure dripping of liquid will not happen. Another attractive feature about the nozzle head in these bottles is that it can be rotated from jet to mist. It means that users can get a variety of their needs satisfied. The bottles are designed in such a way that they can safely hold even chemicals. They are made out of PET plastic, odour and toxin-free. The bottles are ideal for repeated use and portable for easy carrying. The key features include:

  • Multi-purpose durable sprayer
  • Leak-proof design
  • Adjustable nozzle from jet to mist
  • Different use
  • Heavy-duty material

As you know, outdoor window cleaning particularly the windows on the first floor of your building is something hard to do. To make this job easier, you can consider this cleaning solution. This product offered by Hi-Tech comes is window cleaning pole that can be extended to 17-foot height. The collapsed length of this product is 1450 mm and it is constructed from aluminium. It is a water-fed cleaning pole to ease your window cleaning in case, you need water in the process of cleaning. The weight of the bare pole is 2 kgs and the on/off switch makes it suitable for the garden hose as well. The essential features of this product are listed below:

  • 17-foot height to reach otherwise unreachable areas
  • On/off switch makes it suitable for the garden hose as well
  • Water-fed window cleaning pole
  • Attached brush in the base of the pole to get rid of dust and dirt from windows

This cleaning solution from Rempro will come handy when you are into patio and deck cleaning. It is a sprayable product and you can dilute it to make 20 litres of solution. It is designed as a solution ideal for cleaning hard surfaces like decking, stone, brick paving, patios and paths. Once treated, your areas will remain clean for up to a year, which is much longer than similar leading products available in the market. The good thing about this product is that it does not include any harmful biocides and most importantly, it is safe around kids and pets once dry. You can apply this solution with ease without any scrubbing or rinsing required. It is effective in cleaning surfaces that are subject to fungal and algae growth. For using this solution to clean areas, you can take one part of the solution and can dilute it with three parts of water. Even though you can use a brush for applying, it is preferable to use low-pressure spray. To apply, you will have to wet the area thoroughly. Make sure that flowers, plants and grass are avoided as it can lead to scorching. You can see the results typically around two to four days after treatment. Nevertheless, secondary effects can be seen after some weeks or months. Before applying the solution, it is better to make sure that you get rid of the excess growth. Based on the porosity and the rate of application, this solution can cover approximately 10 m2 per litre when diluted. It is recommended to apply this solution during dry weather above 5C when you do not expect any rainfall. If you are concerned about how long it will take to dry, the product will rain-fast after three to four hours of applying and for complete curing it will take around 24 hours based on temperature and porosity. The key features of this unit include:

  • Safe to use in places with kids and pets as there are no harmful biocides
  • Once treated, your space will maintain the sheen for one year
  • Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces like decking, stone, brick paving, patios and path
  • Dilutable to make 20 litres of total sprayable product

At the very first look, you will identify that this hose has a very good quality. From its original size of 33 ft, it will extend to 100 ft once the water starts to flow through it. Also, once the water supply shuts off, it will contract. It will neither kink nor tangle and you can store it with ease after usage as well. The outlet from which water gets out is designed as a sprayer and this portion has a pre-fitted leak-free solid ¾ inches brass fitting along with double latex tube and rubber washer. The product comes along with extra-flexible 3750D polyester fabric cover. The hose can handle water in the temperature range of 230F to 1220F. It has been designed to stay with the user for long. The spraying nozzle can handle 7 functions. They are flat, soaker, mist, centre, angle, shower and jet. So, it can deliver the absolute solution for all cleaning and watering needs. The external part of the hose is protected using seamless material knit with improved thickness. This safeguards the double inner tube effectively. It has the ability to withstand high water pressure of up to 15 Bar/1.5 mpa. The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month hassle-free guarantee. The nozzle body has a metal body with rubberised out coating. The water flow control knob in this body ensures easily shifting between one flow and another. The key features include:

  • Rubber Washer and a solid brass connector
  • Flexible inner latex hose
  • Easy removal of hose fittings
  • Hosepipe will automatically shrink without water.
  • With water flow, it will automatically expand three times its original size
  • Multi-functional garden hose


When talking about cleaning solutions for your exteriors, in addition to the things stated above, if you are yet to shop for a power washer, do get it as it will go a long way in easing and speed up your cleaning process without any doubt. If you already have one, you will find many power washer accessories that will further ease your work.

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