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Best strimmer line reviewed for price and durability (November 2020 Updated)

This article was last updated on May 6th, 2020 at 3:04 pm

Picking the right strimmer line for your strimmer might seem complicated. Actually, it’s not. There’s not a great deal of variables you need to consider so in this relatively short article you’ll be able to find the right strimmer line for your strimmer, hassle free.

Strimmer line

Strimmer line typically varies between 1.5mm and 3mm. The larger, heavier machines require a thicker gauge or quite simply, under heavy load will break too easily. If you were wondering why it all seems rather complicated for what should be a relatively simple process it’s not. The answer is as simple as that, different motors need different grade line. It’s almost like sea fishing, catch a big fish you generally need big line, small fish, small line. That simple. There are a few manufacturers with many different spools for each trimmer. This is not the norm though.

There’s no other variables to consider so let’s take a look at some of the more popular models and the strimmer line they will require. I’ve included a handy table of contents to save you a little time finding the right model for you.

Table of Contents

Flymo strimmer line is really easy to get to grips with take a look at the product noted here. It fits almost every grass trimmer you can think of but to be sure, here’s a table to guide you:

Flymo strimmer line

Flymo strimmer model

Does this Flymo strimmer line fit your model?

Contour 500 XT yes
Power Trim 500 XT yes
Mini Trim Auto ST/XT/Plus XT yes
Mini Trim Contour XT yes
Speedi-Trim yes
Contour yes
Contour 500/700 yes
Mini Trim Auto/Auto Plus yes
Multi Trim 250D/250DX/300D/300DX yes
Power Trim (pnc 9648641) yes
Power Trim 500/700 (pnc 9648596/7) yes
Revolution 2000/2300/2500 yes
Twist and Edge yes

As you can see this one Flymo strimmer line spool practically carries the whole Flymo strimmer range. Please feel free to pop me an email if you’re model isn’t in the list and I’ll double check for you with Flymo.

The bad news with Bosch strimmer line is there are loads of different strimmer line options and spools. The good news is, the most common range (Art 23/26) and all it’s variations work together.

If you take a look at the table provided it’ll become far more clear as to whether or not this Bosch strimmer line is suitable for you.

Bosh strimmer line

Bosch strimmer model

Does this Bosch strimmer line fit your model?

ART 30-36 LI yes
ART 30 yes
ART 24 yes
ART 27 yes

Black and decker strimmer line

The Black and decker strimmer line is great because it comes on a huge spool for you. There’s 37.5m which makes this an absolute bargain. Be careful though, it doesn’t fit the models: GL650, GL660, GL670. You’ll need a separate strimmer line for those. You want part number 575462-00. I think Black and decker strimmer line is probably the fairest price on the market, especially if you need this gauge, its a great buy for other brands too.

Stihl strimmer line

The good news with Stihl strimmer line is the fact it’s almost universal. Please take a look at the table so you can see whether or not this strimmer line will fit your Stihl Strimmer. As you would expect of Stihl, the product is extremely good value for money and a seriously heavy gauge to match the engine power and quality of the product in general.

Stihl strimmer line

Stihl strimmer model

Does this Stihl strimmer line fit your model?

Trim-Cut 31-2 yes
Trim-Cut 40-2 yes
Trim-Cut 51-2 yes
Trim-Cut 41-2 yes
Trim-Cut 50-2 yes
Auto-Cut 25-2 yes
Auto-Cut C25-2 yes
Auto-Cut 30-2 yes
Auto-Cut 40-4 yes

Ryobi strimmer line

Ryobi strimmer line is a real pain, the best thing to do is take a look at the gauge of strimmer line you currently have. Almost certainly you will have 1.6mm or 2.4mm. The cheapest way to go about replacing the 1.6mm will be to follow the link provided here. If it’s the 2.4mm then follow this link and you’ll find this type of line too. Both will take you to multiple spool options as well if you are not inclined to save the money.

Qualcast strimmer line

There are loads of Qualcast strimmer line options but the most common is the 1.6mm line, especially if it’s for the range of cordless strimmers. If you have a simple strimmer then it’s almost certainly going to fit but just to be sure it’s worth checking against the table provided below.

Qualcast strimmer line

Qualcast strimmer model

Does this Qualcast strimmer line fit your model?

CGT18LA yes
CGT18LA1 18v (157/5039) yes
CGT25 (105328) yes
CGT36LA1 (327164) yes
CGT183A yes
CLGT1825D yes
GT18 yes


If you already know what you need, buying heavy duty strimmer line is an option, you don’t need to necessarily buy from the branded manufacturer. If your strimmer can take a serious gauge then I would look at the couple of options.

Heavy duty strimmer line: 2mm,2.4mm,3mm

My first pick for heavy duty strimmer line is the Stihl bulk spool that we already looked at above. Not a great deal needs to be said, it’s 2.4mm and there’s yards of it. Complete bargain and you’ll probably never buy another spool if it’s for home use.

My next choice is this 3mm twisted strimmer line. It works really well and it’s ultra heavy duty strimmer line at 3mm. You are sure to get decent life from this strimmer line.

Please let me know if there’s any other strimmer line I’ve missed here and I’ll be glad to add them to the list for you.


What strimmer line do I need to use?

Let’s not overcomplicate the strimmer line thing. As long as you have the right gauge it will fit into your strimmer. While it’s always easier to follow branded guidelines you should be aware that 1.5mm gauge strimmer line for example, is just that, and it will fit into any corresponding strimmer of that gauge. You can normally fit thinner strimmer line into you strimmer too. So for example if you have 2.4mm requirement, you can probably fit 2mm but I highly recommend using the correct gauge for safety and product efficiency.

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