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Best warming racks – DO NOT buy one until you’ve read this.

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It’s no secret I am a massive fan of a charcoal bbq. After discovering the sheer wonders of fish baskets, I then delved deeper into warming racks. My Kamado Joe Classic II does a brilliant job with different levels, and to an extent my .Uniflame charcoal bbq too. But where it really smashed it, was my portable bbq setup as that was the hardest to maintain a fixed temperature. In the end to give me different levels I started looking at warming racks, and I sure am glad I did!! It’s given me even more control with less grief adjust the height of my bbq. But before you rush off and buy one consider what they can actually do for you. I nearly DOUBLED the useable cooking space on my bbq! That makes having a smaller bbq with a warming rack SUPER VALUE!

And a well designed warming rack will literally look like it came with your bbq – it can fit in just perfect:

Denmay warming rack literally looks like it was designed for this bbq!

Absolutely under no circumstances buy a warming rack until you’ve read this:

Before we go any further. You can do loads with a warming rack:


It’s called the “warming rack”, but there are so many more uses for this often overlooked part on our gas grills. Let us know other uses you’ve found!

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As an expert frequently using warming racks, I can offer some key insights and tips to maximize their utility in your cooking process. Here are some valuable points to consider:

1. Optimal Placement: Position the warming rack correctly in your grill or oven. It should be high enough to keep the food warm without continuing to cook it. The goal is to maintain the desired temperature, not to add more heat.
2. Even Warming: When placing food on the rack, distribute it evenly. This ensures that all items receive consistent heat and stay warm throughout. Overcrowding the rack can lead to uneven heating.
3. Preheating the Rack: It’s a good practice to preheat the warming rack along with your grill or oven. This helps to start the warming process immediately once the food is placed on the rack.

BBQ warming racks are super handy

4. Type of Food: Warming racks are ideal for bread, cooked vegetables, and meats that need to rest, like steak or chicken. They’re also great for keeping pancakes, waffles, or tortillas warm while you finish cooking the rest.
5. Covering Food: To retain moisture, lightly cover the food with aluminum foil. This prevents drying out, especially for bread and delicate items. But don’t wrap too tightly; you want to keep the food warm, not steam it.
6. Timing is Key: Don’t leave food on the warming rack for too long to avoid over-drying, especially for baked goods or thinner meats. It’s meant to keep food warm for a short period while the rest of the meal is prepared.
7. Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean the rack after every use to prevent food buildup, which can affect its performance and longevity. If the rack is detachable, cleaning it separately is often easier.
8. Creative Uses: Beyond just keeping food warm, you can use the rack for gentle heating or defrosting. For example, you can thaw frozen bread or gently melt cheese on a burger.
9. Safety First: Always use heat-resistant gloves when handling a hot warming rack, and be cautious of the heat radiating from the main cooking area.
10. Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different foods on the warming rack. You might discover new ways to enhance your cooking routine.

Best warming racks:

Dualit warming rack – best for toasting / heating your garlic bread or pittas. Haven’t had anything stick so far.

Landmann 13463 Universal Barbecue Warming Rack – probably the best all rounder. Not just my opinion either many prefer it.

onlyfire BBQ Warming Rack for Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill Kamado Ceramic Grill and Smoker – What I use on my Kamado – circular design is absolutely ideal fit and tailor made but if you prefer something a little different to me:

Denmay 52.3cm Warming Rack for 57 cm Weber Kettle Grills – Decent alternative for a kettle bbq

BBQ Grill Grill Warming Rack Stainless Steel Rack – FINALLY a decent solution for when disposable bbq’s are too hot.

The Dualit warming rack is an excellent accessory for those who enjoy warm bread products, such as bagels, muffins, croissants, and more. It’s designed to complement your barbecue grill or toaster, offering a convenient way to heat these items without using the main cooking area. Here are some more details about this product:

  1. Best for Bread Products: This rack is ideal for gently warming a variety of bread products, ensuring they are deliciously warm without being toasted or overcooked. Its design caters specifically to items that require gentle heat to enhance their flavor and texture.
  2. Strong Build Quality: Made for longevity, the Dualit warming rack is built to withstand regular use. Its durability ensures that it remains a functional part of your kitchen for a long time, making it a wise investment for frequent bakers and grillers.
  3. Ease of Use: The rack features a simple mechanism that allows it to fit seamlessly into your toaster. It’s designed for hassle-free attachment and removal, making the warming process straightforward and convenient.
  4. Heat Insulated Cool Touch Handle: Safety and comfort are key with this rack. The heat-insulated handle allows for easy handling and transportation without the risk of burns, making it user-friendly even when the rack is hot.
  5. Good Build Material: Constructed from stainless steel, the rack is not only sturdy but also resistant to corrosion. This ensures that it maintains its quality and appearance over time, even with regular washing and exposure to heat and moisture.
  6. Easy to Maintain: The rack can be cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand, making maintenance simple and ensuring hygiene. Its stainless steel construction also means it’s less prone to staining and retains its luster.
  7. Nice Look: With its silver color and metallic luster, the Dualit warming rack has a majestic and professional appearance that can enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen.
  8. Fast Acting: Capable of warming items for up to fifteen minutes, it’s efficient for quick heating, saving time and energy.
  9. Universal Compatibility: This rack is compatible with AWS and Vario toasters, indicating its versatile nature. This compatibility makes it a suitable addition to various kitchen setups.

In summary, the Dualit Warming Rack stands out for its combination of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their bread-warming capabilities, whether in a home or professional setting.

2. Landmann 13463 Universal Barbecue Warming Rack

When you don’t want the Dualit or my favourite rack for the Egg bbq’s then you probably want the Landmann 13463 Universal Barbecue Warming Rack. Here’s why:

The Dualit Warming Rack and the Landmann 13463 Universal Barbecue Warming Rack serve totally different purposes. The Dualit rack, designed primarily for toasting/heating bread, excels in warming bread products with its simple, user-friendly design and sturdy build. It’s made of stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance, and features a cool-touch handle for safety.

On the other hand, the Landmann 13463 is a universal barbecue warming rack, suited for gas and charcoal barbecues. It’s chrome-plated and dishwasher safe, highlighting its suitability for outdoor grilling needs. The Landmann rack is designed for a broader range of food items typically associated with barbecue cooking.

In essence, if you’re looking for a rack to warm bread products in a toaster, the Dualit is an excellent choice. However, for barbecue enthusiasts needing a versatile rack for different food types, the Landmann 13463 might be more suitable.

It’s really that simple no thrills. but here’s a bit more:

I’ve had a great experience using the Onlyfire BBQ Solid Stainless Steel Rod Warming Rack. This rack is an ideal addition for charcoal kettle grills like Weber and Char-Broil, and it also fits perfectly with ceramic grills such as the Large Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe Classic. Its size, measuring 17-3/4 inches in length and 4-1/2 inches in height, provides ample space for a variety of foods.

One of the standout features of this warming rack is the significant extra grilling, smoking, and warming space it adds. The open-faced design is particularly beneficial, as it expands the cooking area, allowing me to cook more items simultaneously. It’s especially useful when I’m preparing meals for a larger group.

I found the warming rack extremely efficient in retaining heat, which is great for professional searing. The fact that the grill lid can fully close with food on the warming rack is a major plus, as it helps in maintaining a consistent cooking temperature.

The construction quality is impressive. Made from durable 304 grade non-magnetic stainless steel, it’s not only sturdy but also resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-term use. The thickness of the material and the reliability of its welding are evident upon inspection.

It’s versatile enough for various foods, from hot dogs and hamburgers to vegetables. It’s definitely enhanced my grilling experiences, allowing me to spend more enjoyable and relaxed time with family and friends.

For those who have other ceramic grill cooking grates, I recommend checking the product description for compatibility. This warming rack is a practical and durable choice for anyone looking to expand their grilling capabilities.

The Denmay Upper Deck Stainless Steel Warming Rack is indeed an excellent fit for Weber grills, particularly the 57 cm models. Its compatibility with these grills at a more affordable price than the official Weber accessory makes it an attractive option for grill enthusiasts. The rack’s design allows for efficient use of grill space, enabling you to keep a significant portion of food warm while simultaneously cooking directly above the coals.

This dual-level functionality is particularly useful for managing different cooking stages and temperatures. While the lower level, closer to the heat source, is ideal for grilling and searing, the upper deck serves as a warming area, keeping food at an optimal temperature without overcooking. This setup is great for larger gatherings where you need to grill a substantial amount of food while ensuring everything is served warm.

In summary, the Denmay Upper Deck Warming Rack offers practicality and cost-effectiveness, making it a valuable addition to your Weber grill setup. It enhances the overall functionality of the grill, allowing for more versatile cooking options.

When you compare it to the onlyfire warming rack this is definitely worth considering:

  1. Compatibility: It’s designed to fit any 57 cm (22-inch) round grill. This includes 57 cm Weber Kettle Grills and the larger One-Touch Grills Bar-B-Kettle models. However, it’s not suitable for the smaller 47 cm grills. Its compatibility with popular grill models makes it a convenient choice for many users.
  2. Easy Installation: The rack is designed for ease of installation. It can be positioned anywhere on the cooking grate, which adds to its flexibility and convenience. This feature allows for quick setup and adjustments based on your cooking needs.
  3. Material: Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the rack is built to last. This material choice ensures that it won’t rust or corrode, guaranteeing years of use. The durability of stainless steel makes it ideal for the high-heat environment of grilling.

Unlike any of the other pics this is totally freestanding in a sense that a small bbq can be placed under it as well as on top of a bbq. So definitely warranted adding despite being a new product to the market. We want the most rounded and factually correct best warming racks after all 🙂

Here are some potential features and benefits based on the image:

  • Material: The rack is made of stainless steel, which is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Design: The grid design allows for even heat distribution and prevents small items from falling through. It is also conducive to grill marks on the food.
  • Versatility: Its ability to serve as both a cooking surface and a warming rack adds versatility to the grilling experience. This is useful when managing different cooking tasks simultaneously.
  • Portability: It seems to be lightweight and portable, making it suitable for outdoor activities like camping or picnics.
  • Ease of Use: The simple design suggests ease of use. It can likely be placed on or removed from the grill without complex setup or tools.

If you’ve found this write up useful for barbecue accessories then you might want to take a look at rib racks or grill presses that both equally assist a quality barbecue.

Final thoughts on a warming rack:

Remember, a warming rack is a tool to enhance your cooking process, providing convenience and ensuring that all parts of your meal are served at the perfect temperature. With these expert tips, you’ll be able to use your warming rack to its fullest potential.

Buying a grill takes a lot of research and thinking over. With the number of options that are available at your disposal, making the right choice can be quite a tricky affair While keeping the budget in mind you will certainly look for something that can add value to your grilling or barbecuing. There are many tools and accessories that can make cooking or grilling easier. The warming rack is one of those tools that can make your weekend parties warm and delicious. Finding the right accessories such as a warming rack for your grill can be a laborious task as well. Let me help you to narrow down the options. First, let us understand what is warming rack is meant to do.

It is a gadget that you get built-in with some of the smokers or the barbecue grills. Its primary use is for warming food items before using them. But that is not the only benefit of having a warming rack. Since this rack is kept above the grill the chance of food getting charred or burned is very rare. Does this ring a bell? This means you need not light up your kitchen stove to toast bread or warm up a burger. Just place the warming rack over the grill and do the warming. Sometimes it gives you an additional grill itself for barbecuing vegetables and burgers.

Points to be noted before ordering a warming rack: Once you have decided to buy a warming rack for your barbecue make sure you note down the size of your grill. You may be able to use a smaller warming rack but it is certain that using a bigger rack is impossible. Not only the size, but the shape of the barbecue is also important. Warming racks used in kettle barbecues will not be fit for bigger barbecues. Then, consider the material used to make the rack. Even though the warming rack will not be that near to heat like the grill, it will also have to withstand the heat. In this article, I will try to list some of the warming racks that have satisfied the customer’s needs.

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