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Best self watering troughs to conserve water and save time

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6 Best Self Watering Troughs

If you’d like to have nice blooming flowers and healthy looking plants but your schedule doesn’t give you time to keep them properly watered, you might want to think about investing in a self-watering trough or two.

Comparison table: Best self watering troughs to conserve water and save time

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Lechuza Colour Balconera 50cm Slate Self Watering Balcony & Window Box Planter Pot

  • Water system puts the plant in control for best results
  • Visual indicator takes the guesswork out of watering
  • Lightweight, recyclable & with a stylish silken finish
  • Removable plant liner makes planting clean & easy
  • Drainage system and plug allows for planting Indoors and Outside

Mkouo 3 Pack Self Watering Plant Pots Indoor Outdoor White Plastic Flower Planter, M

  • Self watering planter ensures the plants take enough water they need for days...
  • Durable, PP plastic planter
  • This clever self watering planter can help you to care your plants when you go outside a couple days...
  • Thanks to the double-layer design that allows excess water to be stored in the bottom of this planter pot...
  • Please note that watering the plant cannot exceed the inner basket and the water level within the flower pot...

Stewart Balconniere Trough, 70 cm - Green

  • European style planter
  • Outdoor trough planter
  • Self watering system
  • Manufactured in the UK from grade plastic

Lechuza Premiuim Mini Deltini 13cm Tall, High Gloss White Self Watering Houseplant & Herb Indoor Planter Pot

  • Water system puts the plant in control for best results
  • Visual indicator takes the guesswork out of watering
  • Lightweight, recyclable & with a stylish high gloss ceramic look
  • Removable plant liner makes planting clean & easy
  • Perfect for Orchids, indoor plants

Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Range Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper, Enamel Coated Steel, White and Grey, Triple

  • Keeps fresh herbs up to 10 days longer
  • Hydro-felt pad to allow herbs to draw water as desired
  • Pads are washable, estimate 3-month duration per pad
  • 12 pads included
  • Fits up to 85 mm diameter pot (base)

Self-watering troughs / window boxes/ containers are based on a simple system where your soil or potting mix sits in a top section that is divided from, but fed by, a water reservoir in the bottom section of the trough. The plants then get fed a constant supply of moisture without the water evaporating. It’s a simple but very efficient and effective system.

With literally hundreds of different brands and models available, choosing the right one may prove difficult. That’s why we have decided to lend a helping hand and review a selection of the best ones for you.

1. Lechuza Colour Balconera Self Watering Balcony & Window Box Planter Pot

We kick off our self-watering trough reviews with the Balconera model from Lechuza.
Available in 50cm and 80cm sizes and a selection of colours, this self-watering trough is a highly rated product with many happy customers.It has some great features such as being frost proof and made out of UV resistant materials so you can use it both indoors and out.
There is a visual indicator so you can easily monitor water levels and know when it’s time to top up the reservoir, and there is a drainage system and plug so you can get rid of any excess water, from rainfall for example, with no messing around.

The water from the reservoir is filtered through the included stones and fed to your plants automatically, there’s no need for you to do anything except watch your plants grow and refill from time to time.

The plant liner is removable which makes cleaning the trough much easier, and also helps when you’re planting too.
For the peace of mind for the environmentally friendly amongst us, Lechuza have made this product out of fully recyclable materials.
As we mentioned above, you can buy this self-watering trough in two different sizes and four different colours- nutmeg, slate, white, and pistachio.

  • Versatile trough and can be used indoors or outside
  • Frost proof and UV resistant
  • High quality materials
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Drainage system and plug for getting rid of excess water
  • Water level indicator to show you when it’s time to refill the reservoir
  • Available in two different sizes and 4 colours
  • Removable plant liner
Our second review is also a Lechuza product, but this one is aimed at customers who are just looking for something to grow some small flowers in around the house to brighten things up a little.
This is a very small product and measures only 13cm so it won’t look out of place anywhere but it also means you are limited to the size of plants you can grow in it. However, this same self-watering pot is available in a selection of sizes up0 to 43cm, so if you like the design but what it bigger, you can have it.
Like the other Lechuza product, this model is made from lightweight (only 430 grams) and robust plastic and has the same UV and frost protection.
It also uses the same watering system where the water filters through the stones from the reservoir to the plants, and shares the removable liner, drainage system, and water level indicator features too.
The ‘stones’ we mention are actually Lechuza’s patented Lechuza-pon granules. It’s a high-quality, pure mineral plant alternative to regular soil and doesn’t have to be replaced for years.Pros

  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Perfect for indoors
  • Removable plant liner
  • Weatherproof, frost proof, UV resistant
  • Optimum water level indicator
  • Drainage valve
  • Comes with Lechuza-pon granules
The Stewart Balconniere trough has been given a European style and made from high grade plastic in the UK.
This self-watering trough is available in 2 different sizes- 50, and 70 centimetres and also comes in green, terracotta, and chocolate colour schemes.
The self-watering system for this product is different to the Lechuza products, as with this trough the reservoir is filled via a feeder tube and then the water is absorbed by the soil and into the plants themselves. There is no need to worry about excess water, as it self-bleeds out when the level becomes too high.
This is a tough self-watering trough and has been designed to be used outside so it’s weatherproof and fully UV proof.
A great thing about this model is the price. You can purchase the largest model for 8.49 on amazon at the moment, and the 50cm model will cost less than 6.50.

  • Low price
  • Made in the UK out of high grade materials
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Available in 2 sizes and 3 different colours
  • Fully weather and UV proof and designed for outdoor use
  • Self-draining of excess water
  • Feeder tube fed reservoir
The Santino Calipso uses a unique system to keep your plants fed and healthy. The 13.5 inch model can be yours for 8.15 plus delivery charges, or you can opt for a smaller, cheaper, size if you wish.
The roots of your plants will be kept healthy thanks to the Santino Calipso’s self-watering wick system which stops the water stagnating and allows the roots to breathe and grow. It will keep the soil moist for over a month at a time.
Keeping the water at optimum levels is a piece of cake as there is a clear window for you to see when it’s time to refill the reservoir which can hold 6oz of water.
The lacquer plastic pot has been made to withstand the elements and is suitable for the garden, patio, or in the house itself. The plastic is good quality and durable.
This self-watering planter can be used with soil or any kind of peat mixture you like and is available in 7 different colour schemes.

  • Good quality product
  • Weather and UV proof
  • Large water reservoir means it will last over a month
  • Unique ‘wick’ system works well to keep roots healthy
  • Clear window for water level indication
  • Available in 4 sizes and 7 colours
Always fancied growing your own parsley, basil, and rosemary but you just don’t have the ‘thyme’ (yes, I know it’s a bad joke) to keep them watered? Cole & Mason are here to help with their self-watering herb keeper priced at 22.49 for the triple pot model or 11.99 for the smaller single pot version.
It’s simple, yet effective design will keep your herbs growing healthily for up to 10 days. You simply fill the reservoir with water and then place the trough on top. Finally, put your potted herbs in the trough and watch them grow. The hydro-felt pads in the bottom of the trough draw up the water from the reservoir as needed by the herbs.
These pads are removable and washable and will last around 3 months at a time. There are 12 pads included with the trough.
The trough itself is made out of metal so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily unlike some cheap plastics.

  • Excellent for keeping your herbs growing for 10 days
  • Negates the need for time consuming repotting
  • Simple and effective design
  • Hydro-pads are removable and washable
  • 12 pads are included in the box
  • Made from metal not plastic
  • Good price
For only 14.99 you can buy this pack of 3 self-watering plant pots, made by Mkouo (Please don’t ask me to pronounce that!).
The self-watering system works much in the same way as the others, with the plants being supplied water from the reservoir via some kind of agent. In this case it is a cotton rope that soaks up the water and feeds the plants as needed.
The measurements of the medium sized model are- Inner basket diameter 3.9″. Open diameter 5.2″. Inner depth 3.2″ , and height 5.4″. There is also the option of buying a smaller or larger version, just click the links we’ve provided to view their details.
The pots are made from polypropylene which is known for being hard wearing, strong and long lasting and is used for a wide range of gardening tools and other products and other products these days. The pots are fully weather and frost proof and won’t be damaged by UV rays.
Stylistically, these self-watering plant pots look great with a modern design that will great either in the garden or in the kitchen.

  • 3 pots for under 15 pounds is great value for money
  • Made from strong and durable Polypropylene
  • Cotton rope feeder system works well
  • Nice modern design will look good indoors or outside
  • Weather and UV proof and can left outside
  • Available in different sizes

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