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The Best Bulb Planters to make life easy in the garden

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10 Best Bulb Planters

A bulb planter is neater and quicker than a fork and trowel set for planting and used in conjunction with a kneeler or knee pads you’ll find gardening that little bit easier. The best bulb planter should easily cut into the soil for you, leaving a neat and tidy hole that’s easy to plant. The handle should be easy to grip and comfortable when applying force, especially when wearing a set of gardening gloves. The bulb planter should be solid and made to last and priced sensibly. With those criteria in mind I have collated the best bulb planters to save you some time choosing.

Comparison table: The Best Bulb Planters to make life easy in the garden

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

GARDENA Bulb Planter

  • Practical planting help: The Bulb Planter from GARDENA makes planting flower bulbs extremely easy – no tiresome digging of...
  • Especially convenient: The automatic grip trigger releases the soil
  • The best corrosion protection: The garden tool for bulb planting is made of high-quality steel and coated with Duroplast...
  • A helpful detail: To ensure the ideal depth for each flower bulb...
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1 GARDENA Bulb Planter

Spear and Jackson 3060EL Select Stainless Steel Bulb Planter

  • Stainless steel body
  • Adjustable handle for easier release of soil during use
  • Spring loaded adjustable handle for faster and easier release of soil
  • Depth measuring aid
  • Grow your own British growing 2018 award winners

Spear and Jackson Traditional Stainless Long Handle Bulb Planter

  • Mirror polished stainless steel head for minimal soil adhesion and easy cleaning...
  • Weatherproofed hardwood handle for strength and durability
  • Wide T grip handle for comfort and ease of use

Kingfisher RC402 Pro Gold Long Handled Bulb Planter - Red

  • 1 x Deluxe Wild Bird Nut Peanut Feeder
  • Constructed from durable steel and galvanised mesh.
  • Designed with a traditional look and feel
  • Metal Hanging Hoop, Hang From Trees
  • The Shaped Base Allows Feed To Gravitate Towards The Outside Edge

Bulb Planter

  • Bulb planter diameter 60 mm
  • Manufactured from chrome plated carbon steel
  • Long handled planter
  • Bulb planter diameter 60 mm
  • Manufactured from chrome plated carbon steel

Gardening can either be a pleasure or a chore. Choosing the right tool for the job can make all the difference.Using a bulb planter is much easier than using a large spade or shovel that would create holes far too large or deep for the task in hand, and a fork and trowel set is the next best alternative

The bulb planters available are either hand-held or long-handled. The obvious benefit of using a longer handled bulb planter is not having to constantly bend over when trying to dig an abundance of holes over a vast area of land. This can leave even professional landscape gardeners felling fatigued. We would recommend using a long-handled bulb planter for anyone who suffers with back problems or simply someone who doesn’t want to be bending over all day. The long-handled bulb planter works by placing the device over the area where you want to make the hole. Then, firmly push down with the handle while pushing your foot down on the foot tread for extra pressure. The edge of the head is often serrated or honed for sharpness penetrating the ground effortlessly. After, just raise the planter out of the ground and the soil should fall right out, some earth might stick annoyingly but it all depends on the type of soil.

The hand-held choice is also great for quickness they work in much the same way, but the pressure is only applied by the hand and the soil is twisted out. The handles often have a quick release button or trigger which releases the soil which can speed up the process.
Both options work equally well in their own right, leaving your garden looking immaculate and professional. We will be reviewing both the hand-held and long-handled bulb planters.

1. Draper 3082 Bulb Planter

The Draper 3082 bulb planter is a short-handled design. The handle is a chrome plated steel and plastic, it is also spring-loaded, and it is easy to release the dug soil. This bulb planter’s diameter is 60 mm and is capable to digging up to depths of 50 mm and 100 mm which is enough for most planting.The precision 3 plain slot and 3 cross slot ground blades are made from hardened steel and cut into the soil effortlessly. The device is also made from nickel plated steel bodies with swivel tops.

The Draper 3082 bulb planter is currently on sale. Amazon is selling this wonderful bulb planter for just .
Chrome plated steel and plastic handle with spring loading.

  • 60 mm diameter
  • Digging depths of 50 mm or 100 mm
  • Hardened steel blades
  • Nickel plated steel bodies with swivel tops
The Gardena bulb planter was very easy and comfortable to use we particularly liked the handle with this bulb planter. It has a handy quick release trigger. This made it even easier to rid the planter of the soil. Plus, they have included a depth scale next to the handle, so the user is able to dig to their desired depth. The Gardena handle is made from plastic but feels durable.The premium quality steel has been coating with Duroplast to ensure protection against corrosion. The blades are decent and dig deep into the soil trouble-free.
The Gardena bulb planter can be bought online, on Amazon for £15.45.

  • Handy quick release trigger handle
  • Practical depth scale
  • Premium quality Duroplast coated steel

3. Spear and Jackson 3060EL Select Stainless Steel Bulb Planter

The Spear and Jackson short-handled bulb planter has been forged with stainless steel body for minimal soil adhesion and rust protection. This durable bulb planter’s head size is 110 mm and has and overall length of 240 mm. On the side of the head itself there is a depth gauge which we found to be helpful when planting to a precise depth.
The spring-loaded handle is also adjustable making the release of soil faster and easier than some of its competitors. This bulb planter has also won a gold award in the ‘Grow Your Own’ British growing awards 2018. Amazon are currently selling the Spear and Jackson select stainless steel bulb planter for the sale price for only £33.00 which we think is an excellent deal.

  • Stainless steel body provides minimal soil adhesion and rust protection
  • Larger head size than most shorthand bulb planters
  • Depth measuring aid
  • Adjustable spring-loaded handle
  • Gold award winner in the ‘Grow Your Own’ British growing awards 2019

4. Kingfisher RC420 Pro Gold Long-Handled Bulb Planter

The kingfisher RC420 pro gold is a long-handled bulb planter and 38 inches in length. It doesn’t weigh too much wither at only 1.32 kg. The device feels durable and is made of quality steel. It works well at creating holes but is bit annoying when the soil, mud or clay gets stuck in the head. However, that is not the case with every hole dug.
The handle has a soft cushion grip which provides the operator with some comfort. The digging process is standard and when driving the bulb planter into the soil the foot treads feel robust and not flimsy.

The Kingfisher bulb planter is available on Amazon now for a budget price of £24.49.

  • 38 inches length
  • 1.32 kg weight
  • Quality steel
  • Cushion handle grip
  • Cheap price on Amazon

Wolf-Garten state than when they designed this product it was for the smaller gardens and flower beds. However, we feel that this small but effective bulb planter would be a nice addition to any landscaping professional working of any sized garden. The Wolf-Garten bulb planter has a maximum hole diameter of 6 cm which is not the biggest no but it’s certainly ample. The serrated edges of the head blades sink into the soil with ease. With a simple twist the soil pulls right out and with an even easier press of the handle the soil flies right out.

Holes can be dug up to 10 cm which is decent for any hand-held bulb planter and the Wolf-Garten bulb planter comes with a convenient depth measuring gauge on the side. Wolf-Garten are so confident in the resilience of their bulb planter that it comes with a ten-year guarantee. This bulb planter is a sound buy for any keen gardener and is being sold on Amazon for .

  • Maximum hole diameter 6 cm
  • Maximum hole depth 10 cm
  • Serrated blades to dig holes with ease
  • Automatic soil release button on the handle
  • Convenient depth gauge
  • Ten-year guarantee

6. Darlac Long-Handled Bulb Planter

The Darlac Long-handled bulb planter has been beautifully crafted with a traditional sturdy hardwood handle and a lifelong carbon steel head that has been refined for cutting through the tough solid ground all year round. The bulb planter does well at removing the soil and the robustness can be seen when pushing down of the foot tread to a maximum depth of 10 cm.The connection between the handle and the carbon steel head feels strong and the foot bar doesn’t feel like it is going to bend or break like some long-handled bulb planters. The soil doesn’t stick to the carbon steel and it makes planting a pleasure.

The Darlac Long-handled bulb planter can be found on Amazon for just .

  • Traditional hardwood handle
  • Maximum hole depth 10 cm
  • Long-lasting carbon steel head with honed edge
  • Sturdy single foot tread

This ergonomically designed chrome plated steel bulb planter is Draper’s long-handled option. It also has a 60 mm hole diameter like its short-handled counterpart. The handle is a curved over and creates a wide loop to hold and to push down on. The foot treads are part of the steel head and help to drive the serrated edges of the head into the ground easily. The Long-handled Draper is built to last and is on Amazon right now for only £18.29.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Chrome plated steel
  • Long-handle loop
  • Strong foot treads
  • Jagged edges of the head
  • 60 mm hole diameter

8. Burgon and Ball GTH/SBPHRHS Hand-Held Bulb Planter

Burgon and Ball products are well respected within the gardening and horticultural community. This bulb planter has been endorsed by The Royal horticultural Society (RHS). Also, Burgon and Ball provides the purchaser with a five-year guarantee against any manufacturing defect.We particularly like the traditional design of the Burgon and Ball bulb planter. The handle is made from sustainable hardwood and is comfortable to hold even when applying pressure. This product works especially well, and the head is made from tempered stainless steel and provides the user with excellent resistance against rust and soil adhesion. The head has been crafted with extra long serrated blades that can penetrate the tough soil smoothly and without clogging. It feels great to hold and comfortable too. Burgon and Ball have also included a convenient measuring aid to help with even more precision for planting at the correct depth.

The Burgon and Ball hand-held bulb planter has been constructed with robustness in mind and for only right now on Amazon this product would be a great addition to any gardeners shed.

  • Endorsed by The Royal horticultural Society (RHS)
  • Five-year guarantee against any manufacturing defect
  • Rustic and traditional design
  • Sustainable hardwood handle
  • Tempered stainless steel head with rust resistance and soil adhesion protection
  • Deeper serrations
  • Measuring aid
  • Durable

Spear and Jackson has also made a decent long-handled option for both gardeners and landscaping professionals. Amazon have this item on sale now for only £40.00. The Spear and Jackson long-handled bulb planter has been constructed with a waterproofed hardened wooden handle. The handle is strong and will withstand the pressures of planting and the harsh weather of the UK. The handle is finished with a wide T-grip ensuring the operator comfort and ease of use. The extra-long handle safeguards the user from any discomfort when using the product for a prolonged amount of time.The Spear and Jackson long-handled model is extremely durable and has a tough treaded head which the user can apply extra pressure when cutting into the tougher soil. The Head itself utilises a mirror polished stainless steel to create a product that is built to last with soil adhesion reduction and rust protection the Spear and Jackson long-handled bulb planter is tremendously robust.

One feature we liked on this long-handled bulb planter was the measuring gauge has both metric and imperial markings, which we thought was a nice touch.

  • Waterproofed hardened wooden handle
  • Finished with a wide T-grip handle for ease of use
  • Extra-long handle safeguards the user from discomfort from overuse
  • Robust treaded steel head with a mirrored finish for rust protection and reduction of soil adhesion
  • Measuring gauge has both metric and imperial markings

10. Silverline 951486 Forged Bulb Planter with Long Handle

Silverline have created a rustic but durable product. The handle is polished ash wood, it looks great and feels sturdy. The handle is 990 mm long and provides the user some comfort. The handle is finished with a T-grip which is easy to hold. The head is a heavy-duty forged steel complete with foot treads to aid with digging. The edges of the head penetrate the soil easily and create the ideal hole for bulb planting. The Silverline bulb planter feels lightweight for a long-handled bulb planter, weighing in at just under 2 kg.The long T-grip handle, lightweight and forged steel head make lightwork of digging any hole. Silverline have produced a decent competitor in the long-handled category and it is currently on sale now on Amazon for under twenty pounds at .

  • Polished wood handle with T-grip
  • Heavy-duty forged steel foot treads and head
  • Lightweight

Whether you will be using a hand-held or long-handled bulb planter for either personal or commercial use we hope that this review of the best 10 bulb planters has helped you make the right decision for your purchase.

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