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Best plant trays rated on quality and price

This article was last updated on May 6th, 2020 at 2:40 pm

Plant trays, or seed trays are the basis for all gardening and give us a head start on the competition. It doesn’t matter what way you look at it, a seed tray, propagator, and greenhouse heater will put us miles ahead of this seasons garden planting. The best plant trays will be re-usable for many years to come. They should be rigid, but at the same time flexible enough to release seedlings with ease.

So here is my selection of the best plant trays available online

Comparison table: Best plant trays rated on quality and price

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Garland square garden tray

  • Material: plastic.
  • Ideal irrigation trays for pots and trays.
  • Length: 60cm.
  • Width: 60cm.
  • Depth: 7cm.

Elho loft urban plant tray

  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Healthy plants always, because of the efficient watering method the roots of your plants will not rot....
  • There is always a matching saucer for each flowerpot from elho
  • Useful against water stains on your table or patio tiles
  • Make sure to remove the saucer from under the pot when it freezes...

T4U plants pot saucer trays

  • Made of Hard Thick Resin Plastic
  • Raised Rim - Collecting excess water drainage and soil spillage
  • Decor and place your plant pots sturdy and It is Inexpensive
  • Matching pot's bottom width under 7.9cm / 3 inch (Pot sold separately)
  • Set of 10; Dimension: 4 x 3 x 0.7 inch / 10 x 8 x 1.8 cm (L x

Selections G16B standard garden tray

  • Made from recycled polypropylene
  • Dimensions - 56cm (l) x 40cm (w) x 4cm (h) [22" x 15.7" x 1.6"]...
  • 9 Liter internal capacity
  • Colour: black The Standard Garden Tray from Garlandis ideal for use in the greenhouse and polytunnel etc....

Whitefurze G04114 garden pot tray

  • Saucer to complement cultivation/grower pots
  • Made of high quality material
  • Durable, easy to use
  • Designed for 7.5 and 10 cm garden pot
  • Available in terracotta colour

Garden Grow plant trays

  • **Please Note** This Listing is for the Plant Trays Only
  • Set of 4 trays
  • Lightweight seed tray without drainage holes
  • Ideal for use in greenhouses and polytunnels
  • Constructed from plastic

Stewart 4842014 flower pot tray

  • Base for drainage and water retention
  • Manufactured in the UK from premium grade plastic
  • Promoting healthy root growth

  • A garden pot tray that can also be used to help with cultivation.
  • The tray is made of high quality plastic to make it durable while being light to carry. This makes it easy to use plant tray.
  • The tray can be used to collect excess water and soil that filters out of the garden pot. Therefore, it ensures that the plant only gets the right amount of water and that the fertile soil is not lost.
  • This garden tray can be used for both 10 cm and 7.5 cm radius garden pots. The dimensions of this tray are 10 cm x 2 cm (diameter x height).
  • If your plant pots are bigger than this you can order the tray that is designed for 15 cm and 12.7 cm pots.
  • Totally there are 5 different colours available for this garden pot – terracotta, black, fuchsia, lilac, and white. The tray in this package comes in terracotta colour.
  • You will get 5 trays with this order.

  • This is a garden tray that comes in square shape.
  • This product is from Garland which is an experienced name in this sector and is known to offer quality products.
  • The dimensions of this tray are 60 cm x 60 cm x 7 cm (LxWxH).
  • Having a depth of 12 cm, this tray can hold a volume of up to 32 litres.
  • The tray features a series of horizontal ridges on the internal base that helps in draining excess water from plant pots.
  • This black coloured Garland square garden tray is made of plastic (recycled polypropylene) and weighs just 1.3 kilos. Though less heavy, this is a solid and sturdy tray.

  • The Stewart 4842014 flower pot tray comes in a set of 5 individual trays.
  • This flower pot tray acts as a base for drainage and assists in water retention. It helps in keeping the plants well hydrated and your vicinity tidy from unnecessary spillage.
  • This is manufactured from premium grade plastic – orange colour – in the UK. It is a quality product. These are available in three different colours.
  • This flower pot tray promotes healthy root growth and can be used both outdoors as well as indoors.
  • The Stewart 4842014 flower pot tray is an all season product measuring 14 x 2.5 x 0.7 cm and weighing 778 grams.

  • A standard garden tray that comes in black colour.
  • Selections garden tray can hold up to 9 litres of water in it. You need not clean it frequently.
  • The material used here is recycled polypropylene a type of plastic. This is made using the injection mould technology.
  • This tough plastic makes the garden tray durable and strong.
  • The dimensions of this garden tray are 57 cm x 39 cm x 5 cm (LxWxH). The weight of the tray is 1.5 KGs.
  • A multi-purpose garden tray that can be used in polytunnels as well as greenhouses.

  • A set of plant pot trays that can help you in decorating both indoors and outdoors with flower plants.
  • These come in three different dimensions. The dimensions of the first variant are 10.3 cm x 8 cm x 1.8 cm (Top diameter x bottom diameter x height). The dimensions of the second variant are 11.6 cm x 9 cm x 2.1 cm (Top diameter x bottom diameter x height) and the dimensions of the third variant are 13.6 cm x 10.6 cm x 2.3 cm (Top diameter x bottom diameter x height).
  • There are two different colours also for you to select from – beige and dark grey.
  • When you order this package it comes with 10 T4U plant trays.
  • The trays are made using hard and thick resin plastic making it durable because it cannot be deformed or broken that easily.
  • The rim of this tray is raised a little bit giving a bit of extra storage capacity. The soil or the drainage water will not spill that easily.
  • Maintaining these trays is also very easy. You can just empty the tray and wash it.
  • A sturdy and inexpensive way to decorate using your flower pots.

  • A set of 4 trays that can be used in greenhouses. These trays can also be used as garden trays on polytunnels.
  • These trays can also be used as seed trays as well as drainage trays for troughs that come in rectangle shape.
  • Made of plastic these are durable and easy to clean.
  • The trays do not have the drainage holes. Because of that, you can also use these as a water reservoir and gravel trays. If you want drainage holes you can drill them easily. The manufacturer has left that up to you for best personal preference.
  • The material used here is PS plastic that is lightweight.
  • The dimensions of these trays are 56.5 cm x 24.5 cm x 6 cm (LxWxH). Each tray weighs about 200 grams.

  • Trays that are made from recycled plastic to make them environment friendly.
  • Using these trays you can make sure that your living room tables and the tiles in the patios will not be stained with drained water and soil from the plant pots.
  • These trays come in 9 different sizes (in terms of diameter and height). You can order trays that have a diameter between 14 centimetres to 48 centimetres. The height also varies from 1.9 centimetres to 5.4 centimetres.
  • You can buy matching trays for each pot from Elho. There are 15 different colours available to select.
  • Since the spilled water will be stored in the tray your plant’s roots will be watered evenly but without damaging them.
  • However, in the winter season, you have to be cautious to remove the tray to avoid freezing of the roots.

I hope you liked our selection of the best plant trays. If you feel that we have missed any of the best plant trays then please feel free to pop us a message and we will gladly add them to the list for you.

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