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Best wood dye[UK]: top water based wood dye options to give Oak and Mahogany effect

This article was last updated on November 23rd, 2021 at 1:35 am

If you have decided to add colour and depth to your wooden furniture, you are in the right place. Dyeing is the best way to restore the beauty of old wooden furniture. Wood dyes are available in vibrant colours which can enhance the natural appearance of wood and wooden products. Many people dye their indoor furniture in order to highlight the wood texture.

Best wood dye: Littlefair’s Non-Toxic Water-Based Wood Stain
Best wood dye for use on Pine: Littlefair’s Non-Toxic Water-Based Wood Stain
Best wood dye for light Oak: Rustin’s 5015332650064 Wood Dye- Light Oak
Best wood stain for dark Oak: Everbuild WSTAINSDO0250 Woodstain, Dark Oak, 250ml
Best Driftwood Grey stain effect: Littlefair’s Water Based Wood Stain & Dye – Driftwood Grey

This helps you to achieve the look that you desired to have in your house.

Light oak stain and dye

Dyes are usually made of small particles that can penetrate well and deeply in the wood. This is why it is considered to be better than stains or applied colour. It enhances the natural tones of wood better. Not just that, but using dyes mean you will be able to colour your wooden products evenly.

If you are looking for quality wood dyes, you can find 5 of the best wood dye products in our list. Go through the details of each of the products to get an idea.

Specification: Usage: ‎Interior/Exterior, Quick drying: yes, Volume: ‎many sizes

With the use of Littlefair’s wood dye, you can add an authentic finish to your wooden furniture. It can penetrate the hardwood better and thus, enhance the natural tone of the wood. It’s ideal if you want to significantly darken Pine, or add extra depth to hardwood such as Oak or Mahogany – in fact, the look you’ll get from this wood dye / stain is in fact… Mahogany. Here’s a look at something you can achieve from lighter wood in combination with wood oil:

Mahogany stain effect

Wood dyes from Littlefair’s are water-based products which mean they are not made of any toxic chemicals. Also, it doesn’t give off any bad smell. The good thing about these wood dyes is that they are easy to use and quick to dry. You can even clean it off nicely with a brush.

With this particular product, you can have a natural grainy effect. Along with that, it will also enhance the darker details of the natural wood products. This means you can get the natural finish that you want.

  • Doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals
  • It is odourless
  • It can be easily cleaned with a brush
  • Easy to apply and quick to dry

2. Rustin’s 5015332650064 Wood Dye- Light Oak

Specification: Usage: ‎Interior/Exterior, Quick drying: yes, Volume: ‎0.25L

If you want the best finish for your wooden garden furniture or skirtings/architraves indoors then this is the product you consider, assuming you want a light Oak finish. It is easy to use and also quick to dry. Not just that, but it can also penetrate deep into the wood and thus, creating the effect you want. Here’s a look at what you can expect from Rustins:

Light Oak stained reclaimed timber

The product is available in a variety of shades. You can even intermix two or more shades in order to get something more attractive. This natural wood shade can restore the beauty of your wooden products.

The product is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Also, the product is known to conform to the toys regulations in 1995.

  • Can penetrate deep into the wood
  • It dries quickly and also easy to use
  • It doesn’t raise the grain
  • It is available in different shades

3. Everbuild WSTAINSDO0250 Woodstain, Dark Oak, 250ml

Specification: Usage: ‎Interior/Exterior, Quick drying: yes, Volume: ‎0.25L

This professional dye from Everbuild is all you need to improve the appearance of your wooden furniture. With the help of this product, you can enhance the natural qualities of wood. you’ll get a deep and rich aged effect:

Dar oak stained coffee table from dark Oak Everbuild

Not just that, but it also provides long-lasting protection.

The product also provides weather protection. A single coat of Everbuild wood dye can give a peel and crack resistant look to your furniture. This product is ideal for smooth planed exterior and interior timber such as window frames, doors, architectural timbers, garden furniture, etc.

You can expect 5 years of protection after you apply this product. Also, it dries very quickly. It takes only 30 minutes to dry and overcoat after 4 hours.

  • Enhances natural qualities of wood
  • Suitable for interior and exterior wooden furniture
  • Provides 5 years of protection
  • Weatherproof
  • Peel and crack resistant
    Dries quickly

Driftwood Grey is becoming ever more popular is becoming ever more popular in this day and age – so I decided it’s about time to include it – sorry to the purists!

However, in my mind it looks superb:

Driftwood Grey effect

This style happens to fit in almost any home and the usual terms for application are followed.

It doesn’t just have to be furniture either (though in my opinion giving tired furniture a new lease of life with a rugged effect is almost ideal since you’re for the best part enhancing something already tired – the look marries perfectly.), you could finish almost anything wood – I wouldn’t do the floor as this isn’t hard wearing enough for that.

Talking of hard wearing – you can certainly use this for furniture in the garden – be it benches, tables or chairs – no problem there are at all.

Some complain this is a bit watery and more of a paint than a stain – I’d have to agree a little as how do you make Grey after all. If you want the effect above though it’s spot on and looks plenty natural enough to me deserving it’s top spot in the UK.

4. Liberon WDPDO250 250ml Palette Wood Dye- Dark Oak

Specification: Usage: ‎interior woodwork and on floors., Quick drying: Minimum of 2 hours, Volume: ‎0.25L

This product from Liberon is ideal for interior furniture. You can apply this on bare woodwork to get a beautiful finish whilst leaving the natural beauty of the grain visible.
With the use of this product, you can get quick and uniform results. You can apply this product on both small and large surfaces including floors, doors, frames, cupboards, etc. not just that, but it is also safe for toys.

The product is available in a variety of shades for you to choose from. You can also mix the different shades in order to get a more natural and unique shade. This dye is a water based one and is suitable for both softwoods and hardwoods.

  • Water-based dye
  • Suitable for both softwoods and hardwoods
  • Leaves the grain visible
  • It is available in different shades
  • Can be used for both large and small surfaces

5. Rustins Wood Dye Penetrating Wood Stain In 12 Colours All Types of Wood 250ml Dark Oak

Specification: Usage: ‎Interior/Exterior, Quick drying: yes, Volume: ‎0.25L

This dark oak wood dye from Rustins is a great choice for your wooden furniture. It penetrates deep into the wood and thus, enhances the beauty of your wooden furniture.

If you want to give your furniture a permanent colour then this is the product you need. The product is easy to use and also dries up quickly.

The product provides ultimate protection to your wooden furniture. The good thing is that it is suitable for all types of wood. Other than that, it doesn’t even raise the wood grains.

You can use this product for further protection of your furniture.

The product is available in different shades which can be mixed together to get something unique.

  • Quick drying wood dye
  • Deep penetrating wood dye
  • Does not raise the wood grains
  • Suitable for all types of wood
  • Provides better protection to your furniture
  • Available in different shades

The wood dye is important to preserve the beauty and look of your wooden furniture. But at the same time, you also need to make sure that you get the best quality products. Now that you have 5 of the best wood dye on your list, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to make the right choice. With the help of these products, you can keep your wooden furniture beautiful and protected for a long time.

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