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Chainsaw Oil

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Chainsaw Oil is sorely missed when you need it most. Now you can get the best chainsaw oil delivered directly to your door with the click of a button and we have collated some of the best for your petrol chainsaw. The great news is that most standard two stroke chainsaw oil will work perfectly for your petrol hedge trimmer, or petrol strimmers and so saves on keeping a whole host of oil. The best chainsaw oil burns without a nasty smells and has quality magnetic oil technology that bonds to the moving parts of your chainsaw keeping them well lubricated and guaranteeing that you’ll have a chainsaw in perfect health for many years to come.

So please find the best chainsaw oil

Comparison table: Chainsaw Oil

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Rotatech Genuine Chainsaw Oil (5 Litre)

  • Suitable for all chainsaws including Stihl
  • Increases chain performance and decreases maintenance costs
  • Medium viscosity oil made from high-grade virgin based oils
  • Designed to keep you cutting for longer through extending the life of your bar and chain....
  • Used by thousands of tree surgeons nationwide and throughout Europe.

5 Litre 2-Stroke Oil Two Stroke Oil 5L

  • Low smoke formulation to give a cleaner fuel burn.
  • Easily mixes with fuel and Red in colour for easy identification
  • High quality mineral oil using latest additives
  • Protects engine from wear and corrosion

Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil, 1 Litre

  • Universal chainsaw oil: Recommended for all chainsaws; Superior quality trusted by the professionals...
  • Longer life: Oil lubricates all of the cutting components and reduces wear and tear...
  • Anti corrosion: Protects the chain chassis and helps prevent saw chain failure...
  • Anti fling: Tenacious film resists fling off and chainsaw wiping effect of cutting action...
  • Includes: 1 Litre Chainsaw Chain Oil

Bosch 2607000181 Chainsaw Oil for Bosch AKE Chainsaws, Biodegradable, 1 L

  • Biodegradable oil for Bosch chainsaws
  • Compatible with all Bosch AKE/PKE/GKE chainsaws
  • 1 L biodegradable oil
  • Keeps chainsaw chain lubricated and prevents rusting


  • Pack of 1
  • 5 Litres of Genuine Stihl Synth Plus Professional Chain Saw Oil
  • Use with any chainsaw
  • Optimum lubrication in summer and winter
  • Free UK Delivery

Makita 988002658 Mineral Chainsaw Oil 5 L

  • Chainsaw oil.
  • Suitable for all types of chainsaws.
  • Economical in consumption.
  • 5 litrecontainer.
  • Includescorrosion protection.

Oregon 104937 Arborol Bio Chain Oil, 25 litres

  • Adhesive additive
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for all brands of high-performance chainsaws

  • Amazon’s choice for chainsaw oil, the Oregon Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil is the perfect fuel for your tool.
  • With high quality anti – fling formulation, this lubricant greases all the moving parts of a chainsaw and reduces wear and tear.
  • It increases the working life of your tool so you can keep using it for a long time in different projects.
  • This oil protects the chainsaw from damage due to rust and corrosion.
  • You can use this oil on your chainsaw and be confident in the engine protection.

  • The Rotatech Genuine Chainsaw Oil is an oil of professional quality designed to provide the best care for your chainsaw.
  • It is characterised by an anti fling formula that gives it its premium quality. It can comfortable lubricate cutting teeth and prevent wearing down of the chain.
  • It increases the chain’s life so you don’t have to replace it soon and can keep using it for long.
  • It is corrosion resistant, which means it will protect your tool from getting damaged by rust and oxidisation.
  • Popular with the masses, its quality features make the Rotatech Genuine Chainsaw Oil Amazon’s Choice for best chainsaw oils (5L).

3. Oregon 104937 Arborol Bio Chain Oil, 25 litres

  • For construction with conscience, Oregon brings to you the Arborol Bio Chain Oil.
  • This chainsaw oil contains super adhesive additive, and is ideal for all types of heavy duty chainsaws.
  • It is formulated with uniquely processed sustainable vegetable oils and emulsifiers.
  • This incredible bio chain oil cools down and greases the chainsaw through activity of special magnetic molecules that are drawn to the metal in contact.
  • It lubricates the cutting teeth and ensures no wear and tear happens to the instrument. It elongates the life of your chainsaw.
  • This bio chain oil provides strong protection to your tool from corrosion and rust damage.
  • You can easily switch over from your old bar oil to Arborol without worrying about modification to your chainsaw.
  • The best part is that the Arborol Bio Chain Oil is biodegradable and can be dispensed easily. This is why it has become quite popular among gardening and landscaping enthusiasts.

4. Makita 988002658 Mineral Chainsaw Oil 5 L

  • The Makita Mineral Chainsaw Oil is one of the leading products in the market. This chainsaw oil is suitable for all chainsaws, meaning you won’t have to modify your chainsaw in any way to use this oil. This quality oil works great in all engines such as the Makita petrol leaf blower.
  • It is economical to consume and comes in a sturdy 5 L oil container that is easy to move around and store.
  • This chainsaw oil quickly and efficiently lubricates your instrument. It is made of the highest quality materials that protect your instrument and provide ease of use.
  • It prevents wear and tear of your chainsaw and increases its working life.
  • You will not have to replace your expensive chainsaw as quickly as you would have to if you were using generic chainsaw oil.
  • This oil is rust resistant and protects your chainsaw from damage due to corrosion.
  • It gives it a long life.
  • The Makita Mineral Chainsaw Oil lives up to its name and makes life easy for anyone who uses it – be it a professional or an amateur.

5. Bosch 2607000181 Chainsaw Oil for Bosch AKE Chainsaws, Biodegradable, 1 L

  • Amazon’s Choice in Bosch chainsaw oils, this chainsaw oil has seen leaps in its popularity due to its amazing performance with your essential gardening tool.
  • It is fully adaptable for all Bosch AKE/PKE/GKE chainsaws – you can rest assured that your Bosch chainsaw is getting the best care it could get in the market.
  • This chainsaw oil is excellent for maintaining the chainsaw’s engine and chains. It prevents wearing down of the parts and protects them from damage.
  • It elongates the life of your chainsaw by many bounds.
  • It lubricates the chain and cutting parts of your chainsaw to ensure they keep running smoothly.
  • It even protects the chainsaw from any damage caused by rusting and corrosion of metal.
  • The product comes to you in a 1 L recyclable container.
  • The Bosch Chainsaw Oil is here to keep your conscience as well as your chainsaw clean. It is biodegradable, and can be dispensed off easily.


  • The product contains 1 container with 5 Litres of Genuine Stihl Synth Plus Professional Chain Saw Oil.
  • This chainsaw oil is fully compatible with all chainsaws. You can use it with any chainsaw without breaking a sweat. Even if you have a professional chainsaw, you can use the Stihl Synth Plus chain oil to lubricate it.
  • Formulated with advanced modern technology, this partly synthetic chain oil is of the highest quality. It has special additives that make it premium grade and great for your chainsaw.
  • This chainsaw oil greases your chainsaw’s engine and chains even under heavy circumstances. It can be used in any season as it does not deteriorate easily.
  • It elongates the working years of your chainsaw, and protects it from damage by the weather or damage due to rusting and corrosion.
  • Use the Stihl Synth Professional Chain Saw Oil to protect your chainsaw and ensure its long use.

  • This two stroke oil by Westway Lubricants is the dream fuel for your engine. It is very versatile and can be used in a variety of instruments like strimmers, chainsaws, lawnmowers, scooters, go – karts, hedge cutters etc.
  • It is designed with a low smoke formula that gives an especially cleaner fuel burn. It is premium grade low ash mineral oil that is manufactured using the best base oils and latest additives.
  • It is very cooperative with fuel and is coloured red so that it can be identified easily.
  • It protects the engine from wearing down easily and gives it a longer life.
  • It has additives that protect the engine and instrument against corrosion and rust related damage. It is specifically manufactured to combat the extreme winter and summer temperatures of the UK.

I hope you’ve enjoyed best chainsaw oil write up and if you think we’ve overlooked any of the best chainsaw oils that are available then please do not hesitate to pop us a message and we will gladly add your chainsaw oil of choice to this list.

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