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UK’s best space heaters that are energy efficient for a large rooms and bedrooms

This article was last updated on September 22nd, 2022 at 7:57 pm

This time last year when I tested some of the better space heaters available in the UK I was banging on about value in terms of the heater itself and obviously I was taking aim at blow heaters that are cheap as chips like the Ansio but cost a fortune to run (or at least now they do). This year you can imagine my very first heating article was cheapest to run heaters for your home as the budget cap at ofgem looked to be a staggering £3500 plus at a staggering 52p a kWh. Since then Liz Truss has saved us freezing, literally with a £2500 energy price guarantee for two years – however, that still equates by my calculation to a staggering 34p a kWh and higher than we have ever paid in history on a direct debit. So before you turn the heaters on full blast it’s worth appreciating you were probably paying around 19p per kWh of electric this time last year! In fact, until October you will probably be paying around 30p a kWh so it’s absolutely vital you understand how much electric a space heater uses and then armed with that knowledge you might want to understand how to choose the best space heater for you 🙂

Understanding your electric cost and how much electric a space heater uses – I am paying 29p per kWh in September 2022

Without question, space heaters are the best value and should be on your to buy list if you’re trying to gently heat an entire room – even a large room or bedroom. As from my testing, pound for pound you are safely sure of the best electrical value – and that relates to price too. But some space heaters are better than others by a long way. Ceramic blow heaters are a nightmare on electric. You wan’t a wall panel heater, an oil filled radiator, or a traditional convector heater – the night space heaters we are all accustomed to:

Oil filled radiator is going to be the best option for heating your room this year


Top picks for the best space heater:

Best space heater: Delonghi HSX2320 2.0 kW Slim Convector Heater – must have if you want a room to heat quickly and if you want the cheaper option to this go for the Warmlite it is less than a third of the price!!!!

Alternative top pick: Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator [new to the list and fully tested and proven]

Top space heater for a large room: Delonghi HSX2320 2.0 kW Slim Convector Heater

Budget space heater for a bedroom: Warmlite Convection Heater [personally tested and proven]

Alternative space heater pick: Warme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Panel Heater

How much electric a space heater uses

When a space heater is rated at 2kW it basically means it will be consuming 2kW per hour if on full blast. That will equate to a shocking 68p an hour or more understandably over £15 quid a day if left continuously running.

So, that’s probably put you on the back foot and rightly so. And this is why I am recommending convection and radiant heating from either infrared heating or over blow heaters. Every single oil filled radiator and convection old school storage heater I’ve ever tested has come with a thermostat – once the room reaches temperature your heater switches off, and therefore will cost considerably less than 68p an hour over time. Where as a 2kW blow heater just keeps on going. Granted you can set it to a lower temperature but you need to be extremely close to the heater for any effect, it will not heat a large room and I would consider it electrically unsafe to leave on whilst asleep.

What about heaters with Watt settings and not just kW

Some heaters have settings such as 750 watts or 1500 Watts as opposed to kW. Now there are 1000 Watts in a kW so that means on the price electric guarantee you’ll be paying 25.5p per hour to power it. If you have a 1500 Watt heater you essentially have a 1.5kW heater and therefore will cost 51p an hour to run. If you’re unsure or want advice on the cheapest way to heat yourself with a space heater feel free to email in.

Why choose a space heater?

Did you know space heaters have become so varied in capabilities and function that they now connect to your smart home assistants: Alexa or Google Home. They connect to your wifi and look totally futuristic. But don’t worry, if you wan’t something safe and reliable to heat a room for under twenty quid there’s still that option. the world hasn’t totally moved on…yet 😀

I tested the Warme Wall panel heater: they now look cool and futuristic too

The great news about the technology though is the energy improvements. Some of these space heaters are becoming ever so good on the electric bill, and with energy prices going through the roof at the moment there couldn’t be any better timing. I’ve picked a good selection of these space heaters based on power, energy efficiency, safety, and ability to keep a room warm with no fuss.

How to choose the best space heater

If you’re looking for a space heater for your home, most likely bedroom, then you’re going to want something quiet and safe. This points you straight at a convection (so that includes a modern style panel heater too) or oil filled electric radiator. I’d highly recommend the Delonghi HSX2320 myself as that can do some useful energy saving things if you check my review.

Let’s assume you want something for the lounge – a room you’ll be in and can supervise the heater. You might go for a ceramic heater because they look great or fan as they instantly warm up the area they are in but let’s break them down a little to help you:

Convection and Panel heaters

In my mind if you’re going to use electric heating indoors then this or panel heaters which work in a very similar way are the right choice. This is because they tend to be reasonably efficient, as well as a reasonably safe option to use that heats the rooms quickly and now they come with smart apps like the Warme model. You’d probably say oil filled radiators have the edge on safety but they take too long in my mind to warm a room, they are all about keeping the edge off and consistency but we will get to them in a minute.

Convection works by heating the particles near the source, this pushes them out the way and pushes colder particles in its place. This process repeats itself until all the same temperature is constant throughout the room. These essentially rely on particles in the air to disperse the heat which is far more efficient than trying to push the air around yourself. If that’s difficult to follow watch about 30 seconds of this science clip and you’ll understand in no time:

Oil filled radiators

I used to really love oil filled radiators, they are heavy, reliable and take the edge off a cold room. Now I’ve worked out though it’s much easier to use a simple convector heater to quickly warm up a room on a timer or with wifi smart system. In my mind, I’d rather a really comfy room for an hour when I wake up and dress as opposed to a room with the edge off all night. I don’t care how cold it is when I’m under a thick cover…

Ceramic blow heater

These heat up really quick, tend to be a little noisy, like the ANSIO Ceramic Fan Heater. They also tend to be less efficient than convection but come with a massive advantage of spot heating a room in minutes. The problem tends to be that the heat comes as quickly as it goes, unlike convection which takes a good while to drop temperature. They also need constant supervision thought the latest models have knock over cut out, it doesn’t mean some lint doesn’t fall in the way and cause a problem – definitely must be supervised.

1. Delonghi HSX2320 2.0 kW Slim Convector Heater

Specification: Heat Selection: 800W / 1200W/ 2000W, Anti-frost function: yes, Thermostat: yes

Update after using this for two years: I have to say this is a cracking heater. I’ve used it mainly in my workshop as a garage heater. No fuss and just does what it’s supposed to. I would however say in the winter months when I want to keep the room a sensible 18/19 degrees that it is running full whack 2kW for most of the time. My workshop is 25.5m2 and has a tall apex ceiling. So with the new expensive electric costs for the next couple of years to keep myself comfortable I am looking at a whacking 68p an hour with the thermostat on full power (6). However, the alternative is an oil filled radiator that will build the heat. I am currently testing the Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator and it’s looking promising. Whilst not being direct competitors as they are heating differently, all I really care about is the electrical cost as well as safety. So I’ll update that accordingly.

Original update:

Since I last updated this article they retired the De’Longhi HS20/2 which also had a 2kW output and it is very efficient in heating the space around it. In place, a new king of the convection heating world – the Delonghi HSX2320 2.0 kW Slim Convector Heater has taken its place. And no, it’s not one of those stories where the older model was better and more reliable, this is a success story!

It’s slimmer, better looking, more heat settings, and in general a better looking product. In fact, the new one rates higher than the original which was the best! this one now rates best space heater in the UK for my money! Delonghi have a long history of quality electrical equipment – this new spacer heater design is no exception. Here’s a look for real without the glitzy sales pictures:

Delonghi HSX2320 – genuinely looks great

In fact a quick look at this video will show you just how many heater options they offer:

The first thing you’ll notice when picking up this heater is just how incredibly light it is!

Being so lightweight it’s portable and can easily be moved from one place to another for occasional use, say in a spare bedroom that doesn’t quite warm up enough and you want your guests to be comfy or to keep the chill off a garage or workshop etc.

It’s moved on a long way from the old dials too. It now has timer and controls for heat settings. The timer is especially useful if you want to set it to come on an half and hour before you get up to a warm and comfortable room. The switches are pretty obvious for heating, push both over to on for full power, and both the other direction for entirely turned off. Min is your 800w setting, and medium is the 1200w. To be honest they do make these things easy to follow so don’t worry as you can see from the picture above, it’s just two switches and so there’s nothing overly complicated or simplified when comparing to the best direct competitors.

The anti frost system works nicely. This kicks in if the room gets chilly – below 5 degrees which is ideal, just keeping the edge off the room. This convection heater works with a fan to move the warm air about more quickly. It’s a pretty good bit of kit for fast heating in the bedroom.

The electric space heater has an ergonomic design and has curved feet so that it stands stably on the ground – far better than some of the competitors and feels very safe hence why it made my top pick. The space heater can also be mounted on the wall if you wanted it for a longer term solution too.

The device is equipped with handles so that it can be easily moved. There is double insulation and a safety thermostat too. The room thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature and then set it to a particular temperature that maintains in the room throughout the time.

On the downside with so many thousands of these units being sold a few do break. You’ll find a handful of reviews


  • They are priced well – inline with other convection heaters and known quality and reliability
  • They’ll warm the room quickly – much faster than oil filled radiator that’s electric.
  • You can heat a 60m3 room efficiently with this
  • Lightweight design makes it a godsend for people that struggle lifting.
  • Thermostat and timer work well.
  • It operates silently – great for the bedroom.


  • It will cause your electricity bill to rise.
  • A few QC issues – some report breakages quickly.

I am currently testing the Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator. It’s by far the most powerful oil filled radiator I have ever used but that is because I am using it as a garage heater. If you read my top pick you’ll know I am trying to workout if this is better for costs than the Delonghi. Being 2.5kW you’d think not, but I am noticing when the room is 18/19 degrees that this is turned off for longer. So I reckon this may well have the edge in terms of an efficient and cheap heater.

Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator, 11 Fin – Portable Electric Heater – Built-in Timer, 3 Heat Settings – I’m testing this in the garage and the home for energy efficiency

There are three heat settings. I haven’t been able to move it down to the mid power setting yet to sustain the same comfortable temperature I get from the Delonghi. However, before you start thinking that it should, the second setting is only 1300 Watts when compared to the Delonghi that is blasting out 2000 Watts. Everything really boils down to the electrical cost and as Winter progresses I will keep a keen eye on this and update you accordingly and I always have the thermostat set to 19 degrees. I am unwilling to drop this into top spot first time of reviewing and testing but I do believe it is going to end up there on the next update so wouldn’t blame you for taking this over the Delonghi. I will say this though, the heat is much slower but will come. Even on a large room.

In terms of aesthetics you can’t go wrong – it looks modern and cool. It’ll fit into almost any home. Beyond that it’s just a heater to me 🙂

Crucially in terms of usability: the castors are annoying, they are tiny. I wouldn’t want to have to lug this about on thick carpet, that’ll do your head in but solid floor this thing glides. The thing feels ultra stable. Short of my kids giving it a good drop kick this thing will stay upright.

As with all the quality space heaters this has a timer – so you can set it half hour before you get out of bed to make things that bit more comfortable. I would suggest though, make sure you’re awake I am never a fan of having electrics on asleep. Just my preference in keeping safe.

Next up and easily up to the task or matching my top pick is Warme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater. This panel heater works solely based on convection much like the Delonghi top pick and so is pretty efficient. It has some super cool features too but are you willing to pay the extra? Before we get looking closely I thought I’d include their intro video as it’s pretty reasonable:

The first thing you can’t help but notice is just how cool and futuristic it is.

This is a super cool bit of kit and has very similar features to another heater I reviewed recently, this infrared heater. Whilst the heating method is nothing alike, the ability to hook this up to a smart home and use Alexa, and fully control this heater from anywhere with an App is starting to make life very easy and more comfortable. I’d also say much safer too since programming switch off fail stops is easy! You’ve also got a cut out and switch on system whereby this heater will sleep and then turn on once the room drops 3 degrees. This method of heating is far superior in energy saving to traditional convection heaters that just blast out heat consistently.

The app is a bit of a pain. And that’s probably not fair but what I mean is, this panel heater has so many heating options, like what day time, heat, variable heat, countdown timer, adjustable heat, and honestly the list goes on that it takes a bit of work to fully understand the system. However, with that said, once you’ve got the hang of it then you move to the next level of space heating in your home, no question on that, it’s miles ahead, better than the top pick in this article for sure.

It’s not all better though. In comparable terms it’s twice the weight of the Delonghi with the same power output. Many complain of the same issue I raised about being overly complicated for a simple heater. The question is though, did they over design it and give you too much control? I really think people are difficult to please ay? 😀 I say no because they do also make this easy with three simple presets – warm, cheaper warm, and take the edge off. The answer is definitely no and this is a super space heater and easily worthy of the alternative pick.


  • Super smart home compatible – this is the next generation os average space heater, no question
  • Looks amazing – fits in a designer lounge or bedroom no problem
  • Loads of features and wifi enabled so you can control from your mobile


  • A fair chunk of money for what is essentially a space heater
  • The system is definitely complex and will frustrate some
  • As with all units sold in the thousands, you get the odd report of breakdowns

The Warmlite Convection Heater is a super bargain when compared to the other space heaters in this review, it’s 7 times cheaper than the Warme with the same energy output. It’s your good old fashioned convection heater with simple switches and thermostat control:

warmlite convection heater – heat switch and thermostat are really easy to use

So the best place to start is probably safety. After all, I’d have my reservations about a space heater that’s 7 times cheaper! I can definitely confirm these work well. If you knock one over by accident it’ll cut out. And by the way, the legs are pretty decent on these, you’ll have to really bang into it for it to fall over.

The other thing that’s kind of odd is the handles, I way prefer the external handles on the cheaper model as opposed to the built in ones that you can find if you follow the link to Amazon provided. It’s rare that your preference is cheaper 😀

The heat settings are super easy, actually even better than the Delonghi top pick. Rather than min med max, this one tell you what power you’re using. Since 1250w isn’t in the middle of 750w and 2000w how can you really call that medium? So I like that transparent move. This applies to Delonghi as well who’s ratings are not inline, perhaps something they might consider.

The thermostat works great, from personal experience I can tell you that once the temperature set by the thermostat is reached, it simply ‘clicks’ off. You can hear it turn itself off, and back on too. Talking of the click, this is a really good unit if you want to put it in the bedroom given there’s practically no noise at all.

As with all cheap products it has it’s flaws. On these it’s just a case of bad luck if you get a dud from manufacture. With literally tens of thousands sold there’s a handful of negative reviews so you’d have to be unlucky. And by the way, the more expensive heaters have the same problems too so you’re not necessarily going to bypass this issue by paying more and this can even be converted into a wall mounted heater.


  • Cheapest quality space heater in the UK
  • Heats very well and quickly – 2000w is as much as most expensive models
  • The thermostat works – once a room reaches temperature it shuts off
  • The safety is spot on too – it’ll cut out if knocked over


  • Not the best quality but what can you expect for a fraction of other units
  • Some known failures – they are limited though
  • The built in handle model is much more expensive, can’t workout why when comparing stats to this great unit.

I thought it a decent idea to include the SORTFIELD Convector Radiator Heater as it’s pretty similar to the old Delonghi and the best budget pick Warmlite (the one with integrated handles). It doesn’t disappoint. As a basic convection heater for the bedroom its a pretty solid pick and decent alternative. The interesting thing is just how similar in function it is to the warmlite!

You’ve got the 750w, 1250w, 2kw heat settings, identical thermostat knob, heat cut out, and pretty solid feet. So you have to question why buy this over the Warmlite? Well it’s identical in price to the warmlite with integrated handles and so if that’s the style you prefer, it really is flip a coin as to which one of these you buy. I would probably even go with this one just down to the fact they’ve become an Amazon best seller with hundreds of decent reviews and just a handful of the usual manufacture fails from new…

It also has the same cut out if knocked over too. So essentially we are looking at a very very similar unit with a different badge, it doesn’t have a timer or any advanced system beyond that of the other basic space heaters in this review.

What it is though, is a good solid space heater for a bedroom or lounge that is quiet and pretty good on reliability.


  • Well designed feet – good stability
  • Sensible safety – cut out feature if knocked over
  • Price decent – inline with Warmlite recessed handle model


  • Hard to buy this over the cheaper Warmlite
  • A few failures – normal for convection heaters, just a case of return for a new one if unlucky

Update since last review: Please remember blow heater are costing a fortune to run at the moment. If you consider the sheer electrical cost the upfront saving in my opinion is no longer worth it given the price guarantee that is in place for two years.

Original review: Second to last up is a slightly different type of heater. We’ve gone back to really simple after some of the previous listing and the apps – if they’ve put you off being overly complicated then the Ansio might be for you. This one is a blow heater rather than a convection heater. The ANSIO ceramic heater is rated for 2000w but also has a 1200w setting. As with all modern space heaters they come with cut out safety if over heating as well as accidental knock over cut out. That’s the big one really for safety. If you just nod off and managed to knock into an electrical unit, it’s a big problem without that feature.

There’s a lot to like about these heaters. You place them where you want heat within the room and in a matter of seconds they’ll be at full heat. This one is super portable and easy to carry around as well as looking great so fits in most peoples rooms nicely.

If I had anything to say against this unit, which is hard because it’s pretty reliable and does it’s job well, it would be the noise of the fan. I’m not particularly used to this type of heater but the more I’ve looked around the more I’ve realised the speed this pushes out hot air, cutting the noise is impossible. In fact the only way to solve it or reduce it is by taking the lower setting which of course gives less heat 😀 Overall though, not a problem.

The other issue is the cost. These type of heaters are less efficient than the convection heaters. So if you want something to spot heat the room this is great, otherwise it’s definitely better to go with a convection!


  • Very quick to heat a small area
  • Pretty reliable with decent safety cut outs
  • Well priced for how sleek it looks


  • Fan heater is inefficient compared to convection
  • A little on the noisy side – the fan pushing air basically.

Specification: Heat Selection: 750W / 1250W / 2000W, Anti-frost function: yes, Thermostat: yes

Update: this is currently unavailable and so has been dropped to the bottom of the reviews. If it’s not back in stock by the next update I will regrettably drop it which is a shame as it’s every bit as good as the Warmlite when I directly tested this against it.

The Duronic Convector heater is a high performing and good quality electric heater. Convector heaters use advanced technology and they heat very quickly as compared to other heaters such as the oil filled versions. There is a built-in thermostat that can be adjusted according to the heating requirements. Also, the heater switches off when the already set temperature is reached. When the temperature in the room will start dropping, the heater will sense it and turn on itself to warm up the room again. The electric space heater makes sure that the temperature in the room remains consistent. All the while this unit is working it’s five stars all the way:

Duronic Convector Heater looks great and works fine

The electric space heater is quite lightweight and portable as it weighs only 3.2 kg. There are easy to grab carry handles that make lifting quite easy. The heater has 3 heat settings which allow the turbo fan to improve the heat output and heat up the area quickly. The space heater is very safe and reliable to use as it has a CE certificate which means that it has passed all the safety standards. The heater is available with a BS approved UK British 3 pin plug type G. The space heater can be mounted on the wall or can be kept free standing on the floor.

The biggest problem is the reviews are a bit lower on this product due to the customer service handling of broken products. It’s a quality product but if it goes wrong then there’s frustration. Personally I think whilst the unit is working it’s a bargain but until the customer service improves I can’t put this as a top rated product.


  • Lightweight and compact design – better than competitor models in this review.
  • Safety cut-off feature – if it gets too hot it’ll cut out.
  • Variable heat settings – probably one of the best on the market for that in this price range
  • You can either wall mount it or keep it free standing.
  • It warms up quickly and efficiently.


  • Not great on customer support
  • Tend to be a fair few disgruntled customers when things go wrong

Why buy a space heater?

Winters are harsh for the human body and if there is no adequate measurements taken to prevent cold, you can fall ill quite easily. Having just a roof and a cozy place to live won’t help you especially if the temperature in your area drops to zero Fahrenheit frequently. Space heaters offer an easy and efficient way to heat up your space and that too at an affordable rate.

Space heaters keep you safe from the unforgiving cold and also add ambience to your space. These space heaters are quite portable and are good enough to keep you warm when the temperature falls. We have tested and picked different types of space heaters which we’re going to review in this post. Before we go to the review section, let’s first find out the factors that should be considered before choosing the right space heater.

More information about space heaters and the types available to you:

Are you searching for the best space heaters but are confused because of so many styles and kinds available? We’re here to help you find the right space heater according to your requirements. We have compiled a short buying guide that will help you make an informed decision. Following are some factors to consider before buying a space heater:

Heater type

The first thing that you should consider before buying a space heater is to determine the type that you need. There are many types of heaters but there are three basic heating technologies used in them. The electric space heaters can be divided into these categories: radiant, convection, and fan-forced. The radiant heaters allow warmth to be generated, dispersed and used and it provides quick heating in small spaces. The convection heaters provide even heating throughout the room and the fan-forced heaters dissipate the heat around the room solely.

Apart from the electric heaters, there are propane space heaters, diesel space heaters, and paraffin space heaters. There are heaters that can be mounted on the wall and some can be just kept on the floor. Selecting the right type of heater will make sure you get enough and proper warmth that you want.

Heating capacity

If you need a portable heater, you must consider its size before buying. The size of the heater will determine its heating capacity, that is, the area it will cover. The heating capacity of a space heater can be known by the wattage rating. As a general rule of thumb, a room heater will use 10 watts of heating power to heat one square foot of your space. So, if you’re going to buy a 1500 Watt heater, it will easily cover an area of 150 square feet. However, these estimations are not fixed to every type of space heater, there can be some variations too. There are other factors too such as the indoor environment, heating technology, and others.

Safety features

Another important thing to look for is the safety features of the space heater. There should be enough of them on the device so that it operates safely in your indoor environment. One important safety feature is the overheat protection which makes sure that the device doesn’t get too hot and switches it off automatically. This safety feature makes sure that the internal heating elements of the space heater don’t get too heated up and prevents any form of electrical circuit damage. This not only keeps the heater safe but the surrounding environment too.

The tip-over protection is another safety feature that makes sure that there is no risk of fire if the heater accidentally falls down or is tipped over. However, it is important to take care yourself and keep any children or pets away from the heater so that it isn’t knocked down or tipped over. Space heaters should be safe enough so that it doesn’t create a fire hazard or burn anyone. Also, inspect carefully the space heater’s cords for damage and never use an extension cord with an electric heater.

Energy efficiency

If you are concerned about rising energy costs and utility bills, you must consider the efficiency of the space heater. There are EER ratings that are present on space heaters and that can determine their energy efficiency. Choosing an energy efficient space heater is imperative if you want to keep your electric bills in a reasonable range. Also, there are energy efficient features such as the energy saving modes, low wattage, adjustable thermostats, and programmable timers that help to stop the skyrocketing electric bills.

Noise level

Some space heaters produce more sound than others during the operation. Non-fan forced units such as oil-filled radiator or base board heaters are good if you don’t like noise. If you want to place heater in your office or bedroom, the noise of the heater can disturb you, so it is important to check this feature.

Electric space heaters

Electric space heaters are compact and lightweight and can be easily placed in your home or office. The electric space heaters are energy efficient and are equipped with latest technology so that the heat is uniformly distributed, and your space is kept warm. These electric space heaters make sure your winters will pass comfortably and cozily. Following are some of the best electric space heaters available:


Space heaters are an amazing advancement of technology since they keep you protected from the chilly temperatures when the weather turns icy cold in the winter season. Nowadays, you can get very affordable space heaters as there are many of them for sale that can be a very reasonable option for you in terms of costs as well as the features and heating they provide. You can go through these space heater reviews and choose one according to your needs and requirements. Some of the space heaters listed here are equipped with power saving capabilities and have safety features too. All the space heaters listed on this post are from reliable and trusted brands and are proven to be highly efficient in heating up a space.

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