Written by Terry Smith

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UK’s best chainsaws: petrol, electric, and cordless chainsaws with heavy duty options

This article was last updated on January 19th, 2023 at 4:37 am

When a hand saw isn’t up to the task, you instantly think ‘chainsaw’. In this article you will learn how to buy the safest, cheapest, easiest to use, and pure raw power chainsaws available for the UK. That’s how we’ve based our decisions for the best chainsaws: simple to understand metrics and there’s no shortage of quality tools in this segment – I managed to whittle the list down from 30 contenders to just 14, picking the best of the best from some of my own personal testing. If you’ve spent any time at all on my site you’ll know I am a total fan of the Makita cordless chainsaw – (quick demo of me using that below) as well as the super well priced petrol chainsaw: the Hyundai petrol chainsaw which I’ve been using for years since writing this article and I can’t recommend it enough if you don’t want to pay Stihl money. Given it has a 3 year warranty for me it’s the diamond of picks if you need decent power. I ranked it second last time but it’s getting top spot overall best chainsaw this year because it’s been so reliable for me.

It doesn’t matter what you need a chainsaw for, it’s one of the most unique and diverse items that will save huge amounts of time in the garden. There’s nothing like trying to chop through a log that takes at least 5 minutes with a hand saw, but just 10 seconds flat with a sharp chainsaw! A chainsaw should be strong, reliable, easy to use, and most of all safe. It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for an electric chainsaw, petrol chainsaw, or cordless chainsaw, we are certain to have reviewed them to save you time and effort based on the criteria that makes the best chainsaws.

Before we really get into the review much further I would like to highlight one important thing – chainsaw safety. If you don’t have appropriate clothing then chainsaw boots and chainsaw trousers will really make a difference!

Best chainsaws – I love Stihl but a bit pricey for home garden use

Before we get started I am going to provide a list of the most useful and best chainsaws in this article. If you haven’t got the time to have a full read and you’re just looking to quickly buy one then here’s our top picks that we thoroughly researched. These are best value for money as of November 17th, 2021 and the overall best performance in terms of your personal use. We highlight a wide variety of features such as power, safety, usability, bar length, does it self lubricate, and things like fuel type.

If you’re a commercial landscape specialist you’re going to want the very best. If you’re just a budding home gardener then of course it makes no sense to spend out massively on an item that you may not use all that often. We look for the best value and all between for all of our readers in the UK:

Best chainsaws – editor top picks in the UK

Best chainsaw overall: Professional most powerful pick: Hyundai Petrol Chainsaw, 62cc engine and as alternative the Parker 62cc Petrol Chainsaw is very well priced [personally tested and used the Hyundai for a few years trouble free now – can’t recommend this enough]
Best chainsaw for a small garden: Hyundai Powerful Electric Chainsaw or Makita DUC355Z [I personally really like the electric Hyundai too and given they’ve held prices steady it is better value than ever since my last update on this article so it’s getting best budget overall below]
Best budget overall: Hyundai Powerful Electric Chainsaw

Best petrol:

Best petrol chainsaw: Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II 14″ 38.2cc Petrol Chainsaw
Cheapest petrol chainsaw pick: Petrol Chainsaw Chain or maybe look at the Parker 62cc Petrol Chainsaw

Best battery cordless:

Best battery powered cordless chainsaw: Makita DUC355Z Cordless Chainsaw [personally tested and can tell you this is superb]
Alternative pick for cordless chainsaw: Ryobi OCS1830 Cordless Brushless Chain Saw

Best corded electric:

Best electric chainsaw: Makita UC3551A/2 240V 35cm Electric Chainsaw
Alternative electric chainsaw pick that’s powerful too: OREGON CS1400 2400 W Electric Chainsaw – definitely worth a look if you want cheaper than the Makita UC3551A/2
Budget electric chainsaw: Hyundai Powerful Electric Chainsaw

Help picking the best chainsaw for you

There’s loads of factors to consider when picking a chainsaw. You’ve got price, safety, range of use, build quality, fuel type, bar length, and then putting these together in combination to get the best value for you and that’s what we’ve done in this article:


Price is a difficult one – you can get a cheap petrol chainsaw like the Petrol Chainsaw Chain for the same money as the OREGON Electric Chainsaw. Obviously petrol is higher quality but is it more useable? I would personally rather be making the cut with the Oregon – it can take an absolute beating and therefore in my mind the cheaper of the two. Oregon really can work hard for the money:

Oregon electric chainsaws can really work hard for the money

If you’re looking for a quality tool with freedom of use in the garden it probably has to be the Makita DUC355Z – but this requires batteries and if you don’t have them it starts to add up.

If you want raw power you’re going to go with a Stihl or on a budget the Hyundai Petrol Chainsaw, 62cc engine is a cracker. If you’re looking for a balance of power and quality and don’t need a huge cut then all day long it’ll be the Husqvarna HUSQ120-14.


Whenever you say safety with a chainsaw the first thing that springs to mind is protective clothing: chainsaw boots and chainsaw trousers. Then it’s anti kick back. If you’ve ever wondered what those prongs are on the front of a chainsaw wonder no more – this stops a kick (in my opinion the Makita Electric Chainsaw is excellent for this on a budget) and reduces the likelihood of an injury:

Makita anti kick back

Notice I say reduce – the protective clothing should just about get you out of a tight spot if you check the links you’ll see they stand up to a hit, not that you should want to lull yourself into any sense of security – a chainsaw is a seriously dangerous tool when misused and still has dangers used properly.

Build Quality

Nothing beats the quality of Stihl but the problem is you pay a fortune for the privilege. A sensible balance (if you don’t need a chainsaw too big) is the Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 or Makita DUC355Z if you want battery cordless. This is remarkably well built and offers a super warranty – talking of warranties – you can never rule out the Hyundai petrol or the Hyundai electric chainsaw as both come with an astonishing 3 year warranty. If you feel you want better value for money and don’t mind a bit of a compromise here then I would direct you to the Parker Petrol Chainsaw as that balances price too – very cheap for what it is with Hyundai engine, power, and a quality 2 year warranty.


The bottom line is – cordless chainsaws offer the least power but are easily the best for smallish trees and gardens – just take a look at my cut video on the Makita DUC355ZThe next power rating is the electric corded and this is a considerably big jump up in power when compared to the cordless models. I’d draw your attention to the Makita Electric Chainsaw or the OREGON. But for absolute power you want a petrol chainsaw:

Petrol chainsaws for power

Nothing beats the freedom of a petrol chainsaw. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your garden, a customer, or your own little bit of woodside, a petrol chainsaw gets the job done. A petrol chainsaw has a huge advantage over an electric chainsaw in that you can use it almost anywhere, take it with you in the back of the truck, just pick it up and get going. I hardly need to go into the benefits of petrol chainsaws so let’s just look at the prices and compare the performance as well as features of them.

I intend to take a look at the bottom, middle, and top of the market. And let’s just see if we can find a bargain in there somewhere. Nine times out of ten you get what you pay for but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some kind of deal to be had here, After all we came across an incredible unknown brand petrol leaf blower vacuum in a previous article that saved literally 70% on the price of a branded one. It also had very similar capabilities, and to my knowledge lasts well too.

Bar length – what your chainsaw can actually

Chainsaw bar length – will determine how large the tree you can safely fell

Bar length is a big deal because I feel much safer felling a tree that’s smaller than my bar – yes you can easily cut a tree larger than the bar if you want – this is just a safety thing in my mind and the longest bar for the money is the OREGON Electric Chainsaw if we are talking back garden stuff that is nasty and dirty – believe me it’ll take a bruising 😀 or if you need more freedom then we start looking at the Hyundai petrol as these all have 20 inch bars. If you’re doing smaller work – I would definitely check out the Hyundai Powerful Electric ChainsawThis is one of the cheapest quality chainsaws in the UK and although smaller – its still a 35 cm bar which matches the Makita picks in this review and considerably cheaper!

Chainsaws for a small garden.

If you have a small garden and you’re just looking to cut back a few fairly chunky trees here and there, then you’re almost certainly going to be better off with an electric chainsaw such as the Makita or the OREGON as they are considerably cheaper as well as requiring considerably less maintenance. The alternative would be a cordless chainsaw if you want more freedom and then you’ll want to consider looking at the Makita DUC355Z. If you carefully think about petrol chainsaws requiring maintenance and then there’s storage of flammable fuel, that’s needed on hand. There’s a lot of good reasons not to bother with a petrol chainsaw in this situation, ownership is probably too much work for light use, especially when you consider the cost of chainsaw clothing as well. It all adds up…

We’re going to compare electric chainsaws for you in this section. We are going to look at the cheapest available online and another one that I believe to be the best value for money. The best value for money is almost certainly the right pick but it still makes sense to take a look at the cheapest anyway. Having a comparison between the two is going to be useful helping you decide which one to select.

Since the precious best pick, the P1PE has been discontinued on Amazon the chainsaw by Hyundai will fit the bill as top chainsaw this Winter. It was already my most powerful pick without spending a fortune on a Husqvarna or Stihl. At 18m/s chain speed, 62cc you’ll want decent chainsaw trousers, that’s for sure. Despite actually having a bit less horsepower than the P1PE chainsaw on paper, I felt that this one was that bit more efficient and would cut through wood quicker. It didn’t struggle on larger pieces either (the anti kick back gives you more confidence), and I was really quite impressed with how this slightly lower powered chainsaw could have that little bit more kick than the P1PE…Perhaps there’s a sweet compromise between power and effectiveness? Sometimes a quality chainsaw overcomes more brute force…I actually think this would keep up with my Stihl on a cut…perhaps.

Either way, it’s designed to be a heavy duty chainsaw as well as having 5 star engine specs (EURO stats), so it’s no surprise it has a solid amount of power. I will say though it is up around the same weight petrol chainsaws, at just short of 7kg and was noticeably heavier than the cordless battery models I tested which is to be expected, so it might struggle a bit more with long periods of use. It’s starts up relatively easy to due to the decompression system – and it does actually work! Here’s a look at how you prep and start one from the manufacturer:

It is a bit more expensive than the other petrol chainsaws at mid range money, but it comes with a carry case and a bar cover, so it could be worse. It also comes with a three year warranty, so if power is what you’re after, then perhaps its worth investing in this chainsaw instead since it might even last you longer with the design specs it has. Apart from the extra weight I didn’t notice any drawbacks, and if anything I was just impressed by this chainsaw just like the in first place, so I couldn’t recommend it enough! And to round it off it comes in a nice neat bag to keep it dry and in good nick – along with a bag for the tool set too (how often I misplace those on a chainsaw as a result of taking them out to adjust chains etc :D)

If I had to find fault at this money and 3 year warranty but if I’m picking wings off flies I suppose you could mention over thousands of sales a few have had issues with the pull cord and the braking system. Generally seizing or failing to work. I can’t say it’s a ‘normal’ problem though and with Hyundai being so reliable it’s hard not to like this petrol chainsaw.

It costs a bit more than other petrol chainsaws in this list but it comes with a 3 year warranty and is made to last, so the investment would be worth it if you want power and reliability – I actually really like the petrol lawn mowers I’ve tested in their range too.

In summary it is slightly heavier so longer periods of cutting might be difficult, but not impossible by any means. I was impressed by how much kick it had in terms of power, but the fact that its built to last reassures me too, so I would recommend this one for those of you who are going to be using your chainsaw frequently and with force.


  • 3 year warranty unbeatable in UK market
  • Massive cut power
  • Much cheaper than Stihl


  • Not the same build quality as Stihl (very picky negative since it’s less than half the money)
  • Pull cord and braking system have the odd failure

2. Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II 14 inch. 38.2cc Petrol Chainsaw

For the mid-range petrol chainsaw I’m going to look at the best value for money. To me, it makes sense that we find the best value somewhere in the middle almost always. The best value petrol chainsaw doesn’t have to be cheap either, but in the interest of trying to keep this balance with a low, medium, and high end petrol chainsaw, I’m going to try and find one that’s pretty sensibly priced down the middle.

Husqvarna HUSQ120-14

With that said my selection for the best value petrol chainsaw is the Husqvarna petrol chainsaw. It’s light, easy to use, well balanced, and suitable for almost any normal garden removing bushes and mid-sized trees. There were a few contenders for the best value petrol chainsaw but this one nudged out just ahead because of the sheer number of five-star reviews it received. It’s also in the lower end of Middle in terms of cost as well, normally this petrol chainsaw can be found for less than £170.

Some of the main reasons I picked this chainsaw is the durability, sturdiness, and it’s reliability. Taking a closer look at the feedback it’s received overall this is a great piece of equipment and excellent safety track record. Let’s take a closer look at this feedback and features with pros and cons to this great petrol chainsaw:


  • It comes with 38 CC, 2-stroke engine, so delivers tons of power – 1.4 k/w is plenty for a 14 inch bar
  • It’s very neat and tidy, it comes with a carrier bag and an extra bar.
  • The toolkit is provided in a nice study case.
  • Great instructions.
  • Solid customer services

Aside from the really impressive spec it comes with a lot of really cool feedback. Many people are saying that it’s super quick and easy to set up. Some people have got this thing from open packaging to cutting trees down in less than 30 minutes!

Many uses of notice just how incredibly powerful the engine is on this petrol chainsaw. It’s more than capable of taking down 15 inch trees with ease. That’s a lot of wood for an amateur chainsaw user. If you look in the mid-range costs then a piece of equipment that’s capable of removing a 15 inch tree is quite incredible, especially when this thing is sensible money for a well known, and trusted safety chainsaw brand.

A quality mid-range and safe chainsaw with quality customer support is hard to find under any normal circumstances, but Husqvarna have been great all through Covid and I continue to back them here too.


If I had to draw on any specific problem with the Husqvarna HUSQ120-14 120 II 14″ 38.2cc Petrol Chainsaw it would be simply the limitations. This isn’t a big machine for felling huge 200 ft trees or even half that size. However, where in the UK are you likely to do that? Let alone the garden.

And like any petrol if you flood it getting it going is quite a task. I would probably say walk away for five minutes then try again rather than getting worked up and invariably cutting your hands pulling the engine to the point of the cord snapping. This applies to all garden petrol engines.

Now, if power isn’t the key thing you’re looking for, and especially if the Hyundai chainsaw option in first place is a little bit expensive for what it is in your eyes, then perhaps this UWINGARDEN chainsaw is for you. This is easily the best chainsaw option if you’re on a budget but still want that power that a chainsaw so majestically provides.

It only costs sub one hundred which may not be miles cheaper than other petrol chainsaws, but it’s still very good for what you get. You get a 52cc, 20-inch blade chainsaw which includes spare chains, a cover tool kit and other free supplements included in that price which make it even more of a bargain. Don’t be fooled by its cheaper nature too, as the quality is still there and it really did perform well (Not as powerful as the previous two options, but still impressive for 52cc!).

However, what I think makes it the best budget option is that yes its cheaper than usual and includes lots of accessories, but it also uses a hell of a lot less fuel than most petrol chainsaws (up to 50% apparently) and it also says it has a longer run time too, which makes it a lot easier to use compared to those powerful chainsaws that burn up fuel quickly. You can feel reassured that this is a chainsaw that in the long term will save you money and fuel, but that will still give you that bit of power that you need in a chainsaw.

Summary: This might not have the same amount of power as our previous two petrol options but it still performs damn well, and yet it costs less and includes more. It contains an array of accessories at a cheap price and will save you money in the long term, primarily because of its efficient fuel consumption and long running time, which is estimated to be around 72 hours and uses 50% less fuel than most conventional petrol chainsaws. On top of its efficiency and value for money it even gives you the option to go up to 62cc for a little more than the money you’re going to be paying for this 53cc chainsaw which is easily the best budget option there is for petrol chainsaws.

4. Makita EA3201S35B 35cm 32cc 2-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

The cheapest petrol chainsaw is the Makita 2-stroke petrol chainsaw, and when I say cheapest I probably mean best value for money with a low price. You can see a whole host of the best petrol chainsaws at this link if you’re strictly talking price with unknown brands that pack a punch for no money at all. Given the price of this petrol chainsaw, it really does some cutting but there are mixed reviews and in this little section of the article I’m going to go through the pros and cons of this petrol chainsaw so you know exactly what you’re buying into:


  • It comes with a 3.4 horsepower engine. This engine is 35 CC, 2 stroke.
  • Being two stroke it only weighs 5 kg. This makes it very easy to handle.
  • It has a very fast acting chain break. This means that it’s extremely good for safety.
  • The chain is self lubricating so there’s minimal maintenance.
  • The bar is 35cm which will cut through a very thick tree.
  • Handily they supply this chainsaw with an extra chain for free.
  • They also supply a second bar in case that breaks too.


While this clearly isn’t the most sophisticated petrol chainsaw on the market, one has to consider that it’s double the price of a cheap electric chainsaw. With that in mind this is a really good deal, Whilst I’m not sure about the quality and it lasting, all feedback points to this thing being a great cutter.

There’s been a few reports of failed components – chokes, chain loosening too easily and some even struggled to get the thing going. Quite frankly, this is in stark contrast to their superb Makita DUC355Z Cordless Chainsaw which blows this away in my mind when thoroughly tested and compared.

This cheap petrol chainsaw allows that freedom that electric chainsaws simply won’t give you, and considerably more powerful with a two-stroke petrol engine.

First up, is one of favourite petrol chainsaw Brands (on a budget) there is, the 62cc Parker chainsaw sells on amazon at lower end money – much cheaper than the top brands. It’s not a bad price for a petrol powered chainsaw, but of all the petrol chainsaws I’ve tried, this is one of the most efficient and most favourable to use. I can’t say I’d heard of Parker before Amazon, but I was certainly impressed by what they had to offer with this chainsaw and before we get into the review here’s a little look around it from the manufacturer:

So, what makes it reach the best picks for chainsaws? Well, to start its got 62cc (3.45 horsepower) of power (with a Hyundai engine is a big deal in terms of reliability on a budget chainsaw) which is directed into a 20 inch bar, so it has the optimum specs any chainsaw could have already. On top of that, it has an air cooled 2 stroke engine, so it cuts efficiently and actually noticeably better than the others I tried. It’s easy to use, easy to set up and I found that the instructions were pretty clear too. It has an anti-kick back mechanism to reduce any risks to your safety, and it has automatic chain lubrication for longer lasting bar life.

That all sounds quite impressive, and it is, but it stands out from the rest to me for its simple yet effective nature, on top of that the fact that for that price you also get a carry bag, a multitool kit, extra chains and a bar cover. Ergonomically speaking it was wasn’t bad too, as at 7.5 kg but my cordless chainsaw for example when compared is considerably lighter. It’s made from a reliable mix of steel, aluminium and plastic for maximum effectiveness too, so it’s a nice tool to use.

Overall, this is easily the best petrol chainsaw there is when weighing up all the attributes of a good chainsaw. Its sensible quality, its price is justified and its simple and pleasant to use, so what is there not to like?

Well, first off there’s been a few complaints of the thing dismantling with vibration and a couple of engine failures. The light weight tool comes at a price – there’s a fair bit of plastic. But for raw cut power can you knock it at this money? That’s the better question and it’s a buy rating for me especially with 2 year warranty noted after those failures.

The Parker 62cc Petrol Chainsaw is one the best petrol chainsaw options available on the market right now for me (overall) in terms of price, power, and performance. This is when compared to the rest it stands out in terms of price justifiability, effectiveness and ease of use. You get plenty of helpful accessories, a 2 year warranty, and a high quality product on top of that. I found it dead easy to set up as well as the instructions to be quite helpful, not even to mention how pleasant it is to use. It should last you a long time and is great for large blocks of wood or thick trees, so I can guarantee it’ll be a good overall option for you who want that extra bit of kick from a petrol chainsaw.


  • Cheap chainsaw – great competition for the Hyundai petrol chainsaw
  • Nearly 3.5 HP which is pretty impressive
  • 50cm Bar so can make serious cuts
  • Some quality control issues
  • Few engine failures


When it comes to corded chainsaws there are quite a few options, especially since this is the most common type of chainsaw there is, and it was a bit difficult to consider which ones to go for. Battery powered chainsaws are on the rise whereas petrol are on the decline, and yet electric sits nicely in the middle with a lot of reliable and efficient options on offer. So, after a good look and a few tests of the ones that appealed to me the most, it became clear that this OREGON electric chainsaw was the best option there is for corded chainsaws…and here’s why.

Firstly, it comes with plenty of buying options for accessories (such as gloves, oil, chains, etc.) so you can handily get everything you need all in one place. This doesn’t cost too much more than the base price, and even without buying any of that, you get yourself a bloody powerful chainsaw that’s going to last you a long time. It operates at 2400w (optimum high power for chainsaws) and has an integrated chain brake which aids cutting in harsh conditions or with thick branches, so it really has some kick to it and this thing can really take some abuse:

OREGON Electric Chainsaw can really take a beating.

Putting the power and price aside though, the reason I like this one so much compared to others is because of its nifty design and ergonomic features. It has a specialised 16 inch chain (shorter than most petrols I reviewed, I know, but this means more concentrated and even power on the blade) which has a 14.7ms speed and that automatically oils. As well as that, it has a built in chain tightening system to maintain maximum performance, which isn’t a very common feature in electric chainsaws. Finally, it’s designed to be ergonomically superior to other corded chainsaws on the market, with it being more lightweight than most others with specialised over-mould grip and a design to ensure it feels balanced when being used.

It’s safe to say this is the best overall, as all the individual features and design aspects really do put it to the top. It’s reasonably priced and good value too, so I’m confident that when considering all aspects of a good corded chainsaw, this fits the bill pretty damn well. It would definitely be my go to if corded was what I was after.

This is without a doubt the best corded chainsaw on the market that I’ve found, particularly due to multiple design features and good value properties that puts it right to the top. Its specialised to be ergonomically superior to other corded chainsaws to make using it easier and more comfortable for a better cut, but its also got some really great specs for a great price. With 24000w of power, a 14.7ms speed and a 16-inch blade, this great value, ergonomically superior corded chainsaw fits the bill as the best overall option there is, and I’d be more than happy to have it in my tool arsenal.

7. Makita UC3551A/2 240V 35cm Electric Chainsaw

Now then, anytime I try out a Makita tool I expect to be impressed, only because their brand is famous for reliability and high performance tools, and that expectation was fulfilled once again with this chainsaw. If there’s any power tool Makita have to get right its this one, and whilst its not my best overall option because of the price and value (this isn’t unusual when I rate Makita tools, if they were cheaper/better value they’d be at the top), its without a doubt the best performing option there is that I’ve found. It’s also got an upgrade on the cordless 35cm version – this one is tool less so you can change without the need for a socket (very nice touch):

Tool less Makita electric chainsaw for blade change

It has optimum power at 2400w just like the OREGON in first place, but it’s the blade and chain that really gives it that edge when it comes to performance. It has specialised metal spike bumpers which grip the wood for enhanced cutting, and the automatic chain oiling system which has been improved recently aids this smooth cutting motion. Ergonomically its impressive too, with a large on and off switch and over-mould handles for better grip. It is a tad heavy at 5.5kg, but this isn’t unusual for chainsaws of this size, especially with specialised oiling systems.

Makita UC3551A:2 240V 35cm Electric Chainsaw

Like I said, the only thing stopping it from being in first place is its value for money. Sure makita will last you a long time and you wont need to buy an additional battery with this, but it doesn’t come with any crucial accessories or additional items that make it worth the money. That’s why I’d say that if you’re on a budget or looking for good value, perhaps options 1 or 3 might be better for you. On the other hand, if power and performance is what you need and you’re willing to spend a bit more, then this is easily the best corded chainsaw option for you.

This is a bit more expensive than other corded electric chainsaws in this list, but makita really delivered on it this time in terms of power and efficiency, which Is why this is the chainsaw you want if it’s power that you’re after. It isn’t the best value product I’ve seen, but it doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount more than it usually would, and with specialised cutting technique and blade design, you get guaranteed performance. So, if you think you need that bit of extra power and you’re willing to make the investment, this is for you.

Next up in our corded chainsaws top 3 is this great value option by Einhell, which when I saw it stood out to me not only for its price, but its fantastic reviews as well. Its actually one of amazon’s choices for the best chainsaws and with over 2500 reviews averaging at 4 and a half stars, I had to try it though I feel it’s a tough place for Einhell to be – in between a well known super priced Oregon and a higher performing Makita known for reliability and performance – but let’s see 🙂 Let’s start with features:

Einhell Electric Chainsaw Features

First things first, this corded chainsaw is cheaper primarily because its only 2000w compared to the higher power chainsaws of 2400w. It’s only 400w but it makes a difference in terms of power, and whilst this chainsaw performed excellently, it’s not for you if you’re after the utmost power there is, which is expected really (if its power you want, look at options above).

That aside though, I love this chainsaw and what it has to offer, it has to be said. For such a cheap price of just under £70, it cuts more efficiently than expected and performs excellently. This chainsaws feels and performs reliably, which makes me think it should last a while, especially according to some reviews which have stated that they’ve already had this tool a couple of years. The Einhell ergonomics are better than most chainsaws, with specialised handles for comfort and grip, and on top of that it has great kickback protection-a benefit to every user but particularly first time chainsaws. It’s a tad heavy I will admit, but apart from that, I can honestly say this is without a doubt the best budget saw option on the market at the moment. It’s such a cheap price for a chainsaw this good, and I was really pleased with it.

Summary: At such a cheap price this product is the best budget or best value corded chainsaw option I’ve found, and I was really impressed with it. It has slightly less power than other chainsaws at 2000w, but it still performs excellently and should last you a long time, which is supported by so many positive reviews and experiences. Its features make this a great chainsaw for first timers, as well as providing a cheap replacement or budget option for every chain saw user out there. If it wasn’t for the fact I needed a tad more power, this would be my go to.

We’ve already covered the best electrical chainsaw for sale at a reasonable price but I also mentioned earlier on in the article I would also try and go through the absolute cheapest electric chainsaw for sale . Don’t get me wrong, this chainsaw still does the job and I really want to be clear about that there’s absolutely no problem at all with the wood cutting, but it’s just not got the power of the one we’ve already been through. If you have a little bit of time and you’re not worried about the cut speed then this one might work out well for you too.

Hyundai Powerful 1600 Watt 230V Electric Chainsaw

The cheapest electric chainsaw I’m aware of is the Hyundai 1600 Watt 230V Electric Chainsaw that’s sensibly warranty (3 years) and from a quality manufacturer. It also delivers over 2 HP which is a substantial but of cut force.

One thing that will niggle you if not reading this review carefully. You’ll find yourself ordering the chainsaw to only then have to wait for chainsaw oil to rock up as this electric chainsaw does not come pre filled or included!

In the interests of being unbiased I would like to run through some of the positives of this cheapest electric chainsaw for sale:

  • The price, it just can’t be touched by other quality brands
  • Extremely easy to set up.
  • 1600 watt motor packs a decent punch.
  • 35 cm bar length is more than enough for home use.
  • Buy from a reputable retailer so if there is an issue then can be returned.

There’s not really a lot more to say than that, it is an extremely cheap electric chainsaw, it does the job but it’s not the best in the market. If you’re willing to spend that little bit more money then you’re going to get a lot better quality. And let’s be fair, it clearly obviously beats using a bow saw.

To conclude this electric chainsaw for sale article I would definitely consider the Hyundai 1600 Watt 230V Electric Chainsaw to be a good buy. It has enough power and reliability to get the job done in a medium garden, but at the same time enough quality to last. Of course as we’ve already covered, it’s electric and therefore a little bit cumbersome, but if you’re only using it for a few specific jobs then definitely not worth the full on petrol investment.

10. Worx WG303E 2000W 40cm Electrical Chain Saw

For my money the Worx 40cm electric chainsaw is without a doubt the worth it’s place in the best chainsaw review and especially the electric chainsaw market, as far as using in the home garden is concerned. It’s absolutely ideal for a part-time users and requires absolutely no maintenance at all as well as being very safe for DIY’ers. Please note though, always read the safety instructions before use. They also have a lovely bit of kit called the Worx Cordless Pressure Washer which may be of use to you too.

What I do like about the Worx WG303E

I like this electric chain saw in particular because it’s relatively high powered, and well priced too. It also comes with safety features as well as other useful practical functions. In fact, let’s take a look at those features right now:

  • Easy to adjust chain and has an automatic tensioning system
  • The chain automatically lubricated.
  • Easy-to-understand oil lever indicator.
  • Has a quick stop gear system for extra safety.
  • Comfortable grip for a vehicle purchase and safe to use.
  • It also comes with a metal spike bumper which is extra handy.
  • It has a 40cm cutting bar which is capable of any home garden cutting.
  • The oil tank is 200 ml is which is going to last along time without my team.
  • With it only weighing 4.8 kilos, it’s extremely easy to use.
  • The chain speed is impressive 12 meters per second.
  • This electric chainsaw comes with a free lubrication oil pack.
  • Blade protection for safety and maintenance.

What I don’t like about the Worx WG303E

If you asked me to name some negatives I’d really be struggling. The biggest issue for me of course is always carrying around the power lead with me. Carrying the cable extension lead becomes cumbersome and difficult. Especially if there’s prolonged use. But then, as we’ve already discussed, if you’ve got a lot of work to do then you are probably going to be better off with a petrol chainsaw. The electric chainsaw isn’t designed to be used all day. It’s designed for a little bit of cutting here and there.

Another thing I don’t really like about the electric chainsaw is the fact that cutting in wet conditions is almost impossible. If you think about needing to lay a power lead down on the floor, then it’s not ideal because you’d be worried about getting an electric shock. You’ve got two options really, you are either way for the weather to improve, or you have to work a system to get the power of you’ve got two options really, you either way for the weather to improve, or you have to work a system to get the power cable off the floor. But let’s be honest, this is actually a problem with all electric corded tools and we always work a way around it. No one particularly wants to work out in the rain anyway. Working out in the rain is not fun and it’s actually no good for your health either.

First up in our battery powered chainsaw list is what I consider to be the best battery powered option, and whilst I favour corded or petrol options, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some great battery powered chainsaws out there. So, I had a good look and tried a few myself, and its clear that this is the best option there is. So, why’s that?

Well, BLACK+DECKER is a reliable tool brand that offers ergonomic, powerful tools that rarely disappoint. I’d put them up there with Makita and Bosch, especially with battery powered tools, so this one I had to try. It costs sensible money at under one fifty, which isn’t actually bad for a battery powered chainsaw (battery powered chainsaws have been known to be more expensive since they have to be made to withstand high powers using just batteries), so this is actually reasonably priced.

This chainsaw only weighs 3kg, and also has special ergonomic features such as a double handle and handle covers to make using it easier. The blade is 25cm, which whilst relatively small, provides a lot of balanced power into the wood being cut. Lots of battery powered chainsaws tend to have smaller blades anyway (20-30cm as opposed to 40cm in petrol and corded chainsaws), so this isn’t actually too bad. The 18v included battery really does deliver the power you need, and I found that this chainsaw performed fantastically and was really efficient with its cutting and operation.

Overall I couldn’t really fault it, it’s a great, lightweight saw which puts itself in the top spot for battery powered chainsaws just nicely. The price is justified alongside this, which gives it that good value aspect as well as good performance which reassures me that this is the best overall option.

For a reasonable price, this reliable black decker chainsaw is the best overall option for battery powered chainsaws due to a balance of good value and high performance. Its ergonomic design and high power delivery system put it in its top spot, and it’s a tool you’ll be able to rely on. Black & decker are known for the high quality battery powered tools, and this chainsaw doesn’t deviate from that pattern.

There’s no point going into the Makita DUC355Z model too much here as I reviewed it in incredible detail on the cordless chainsaw page. Now I know I get excited about Makita but this one is an absolute cracker. The only thing this model doesn’t have when comparing to the Makita UC3551A/2 240V 35cm Electric Chainsaw is the Tool less change of chain – or blade if you prefer.

Obviously it doesn’t quite have as much power but the cut for a cordless chainsaw is shockingly good:

The cutting is smooth, doesn’t lose power, and if you couldn’t hear or smell, would easily think you’re using a lower powered petrol engine it’s that good. 12 Inch logs are no problem – and that’s greenwood too! All in all it’s the top pick as far as cordless chainsaws are concerned based on power, safety, reliability, cut speed, and ease of use – it’s not heavy at all even with two batteries loaded on it.

13. Ryobi OCS1830 18 V 30 cm Bar ONE+ Cordless Brushless Chain Saw

Next up is Ryobis chainsaw, and whilst battery powered, this one was actually one of the best performing chainsaws there was in the entire set I tried (electric, battery and petrol) and it really did impress. Granted it does cost upwards of £200, so value isn’t the word to use here, but performance is definitely the keyword that comes to mind, but not as good as the Makita cordless in my opinion

It has an 18v battery similar to other chainsaws but has a 30cm blade (slightly larger than battery powered blades), and so you can cover a wider area with the same amount of power compared to most battery powered chainsaws. It has 18hp and you can feel it too, as it can cut efficiently and effectively even with tough wood. Its lightweight with a similar weight to the black decker option in first place, but its ergonomics could be better. Slightly better comfort on the handle would go a long way, but since its lightweight, this isn’t crucial.

So, whilst its not the best value there is and there could be an improvement or two to make it the best, its optimum when it comes to performance and power, and that’s why I think it would be worth the extra investment if what you need is a battery powered chainsaw that will give you the strongest and most efficient cuts. Being Ryobi it will last you a long time, and it is amazon’s choice for battery powered chainsaws with just short of 1000 reviews averaging at 4 and a half stars, so I’m not the only one who’s impressed.

This is one of the more expensive chainsaw options in the list, but since its Ryobi, it’s going to provide you with reliability, high quality and high performance. In my opinion, this gives one of the most efficient and effective cuts, especially for a battery powered chainsaw. So it might cost you quite a bit, but if you think it’s worth the investment for the power you want, then this chainsaw is for you.

In our final spot is a slightly more compact cordless chainsaw, which costs lower end and is by a relatively unknown brand, is still a powerful enough saw and has a blade length of 30cm! I was fairly surprised by this and so I had to try it out, and whilst it doesn’t have the power capability of the Ryobi, its still good quality and performs well enough to cut wood efficiently and with power.

Greenworks cordless chainsaw G40CS30

It has a chain speed of 4.2ms which may not be huge compared to other saws, but it still gets the job done properly. It’s compatible with the Greenworks battery which works with the rest of their battery powered tools, and whilst not included in this price, you can get it elsewhere for a fairly cheap price, so it’s still damn good value. Its ergonomics are pretty good too, with double, extra grip handles to aid balance when cutting and being one of the most lightweight chainsaws I’ve found at 2.8kg.

So, whilst it doesn’t have the same power as some other chainsaws, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper for battery powered options and really is good value. The lack of battery is a bit of a pain, but it isn’t difficult to get hold of one, they’re just sold separately. I personally think this one still performs well, but I would only suggest it if you’re on a budget or if you’re a first time chainsaw user. It’s compact and lightweight enough to get used to, and yet powerful enough to get jobs done. Overall, another great option, but not If its power you’re after.

Summary: This less well known branded chainsaw is a lot cheaper than most battery powered chainsaw products, and whilst not the same level or power as other options, it still performs really well and gets the job done efficiently and effectively. It has a 30cm length blade which is quite high for battery powered chainsaws, and it’s comfortable to use, so it would be great for a first time chainsaw user. If you’re on a budget its great too, but if its power you’re after, it would be safer to consider the Ryobi option.

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