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A choice of the best push mowers for you

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Best Push Lawn Mower Reviews

Your house’s exterior is just as important as the interior. It has to look clean, stylish but not necessarily luxurious. Whenever we talk about a house’s exterior, that always includes its lawns or the yard.

Comparison table: A choice of the best push mowers for you

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Bosch Universal Rotak 550 Electric Rotary Lawnmower


  • Easy to change cutting height with a simple press of the button
  • So easy to use even if you're not the strongest
  • No problem using when damp as long as careful with power lead


  • Hard to justify when the cordless models are equally powerful
  • Ten metre power cord will restrict you whatever

Murray EQ 400 18"/46 cm Petrol Push Lawnmower with Briggs & Stratton 450E Series Engine, Grey/Black, Small

  • Reliable, powerful and easy to start Briggs & Stratton 125CC 450E Series petrol engine...
  • 18 Inch/46 cm Durable steel deck for increased protection against damage and corrosion...
  • High lift blade type
  • 2-in-1 functionality: Bagging and rear discharge
  • Large 60 Litre grass catcher

Keeping your lawn or yard in good shape is not easy and you can attest to that if you have one. There are various equipments that can help you keep your lawn in shape and its bushes trimmed.

One of this equipment is lawnmowers. There are various types of lawnmowers such as electrical and rechargeable but here we will discuss push lawnmowers as they are the most common ones.

There are various advantages of using push lawnmowers. For one, it gives you a wide area to cover as well as gives you control over your work.

Following are the reviews of the few of the best push law mowers available for sale:

Swift 40 V EB132C22 Cordless Digital Compact Lawn Mower

Specification: Warranty: 2-3 years, Power: 40V Lithium battery, Working Area: 250 m2/one charge, Cutting Width: 32 cm, Cutting Height: 20-60 mm

With the help of Swift’s Cordless Digital Compact Lawn Mower, taking care of your lawn was never this easy. Some of the features that it offers are able to help you keep your lawn in shape without breaking a sweat.Features:
Following is the short overview of the features that you can make this push lawnmower stand out in the market:

  • Power & Motor
    Swift cordless lawnmower uses a powerful motor that makes it convenient to cut the overgrown grass. You can easily charge the lawnmower with the help of a charger.
    It only needs 40V to be recharged and work efficiently. Once charged, it can cut 150 square metres of space in just one recharge.
  • Cutting Efficiency
    This lawnmower offers 32 cm of cutting width in just one sweep. Apart from this, the grass’s height should be of 20-60 mm for you to cut it properly.
  • Size & Adjustability
    The grass catcher has a capacity of 30 litres which means you don’t have to worry about the waste. Moreover, there are at least 5 more positions of height that you can adjust before cutting.
  • Design & convenience
    The product has a compact design that is easy to push around while working. You can easily fold it and store it at your convenience. The single level control and the mulching plug is what make it one of the best push lawnmowers in the market.


  • As we’ve mentioned before, the size of this push lawnmower makes it convenient to move around and store it after the work is done.
  • The batteries are rechargeable and you can use the extra batteries once the current one expires.
  • It has a powerful motor with a load sensing feature. It can also give an extra boost to the cutting blades’ efficiency.

There are not many disadvantages of using this push lawnmower. The few disadvantages that can deter you from using this lawnmower are given below:

  • Though the size is compact, the weight of the product exceeds 10 kilograms. This means you will have to use extra strength to push this lawnmower around your garden.
  • The power lever had to be held down constantly while you work. This means you have to pay extra attention to it constantly and this can put a burden you while mowing your lawn.

Bosch UniversalRotak 550 Electric Rotary lawnmower

Specification: Warranty: 2 years, Power:‎ 1300 w (Corded Electric 10 m), Working Area: 550 m2, Cutting Width: 37 cm, Cutting Height: 25-70 mm

Tired of hearing those unpleasant sounds while mowing your lawn? Bosch Universal Rotak 550 lawnmower is designed in such a way that it won’t make much sound and its work efficiency won’t be affected because of it.


  • Power & Motor
    This new series of Universal Rotak uses a powerful motor of 1400 watt that makes it more efficient as a lawnmower among its peers.
  • Cutting Efficiency
    This Bosch Universal Rotak lawnmower can cover up to 37 cm of area at a time and is an ideal choice for lawns up to 550 m² in size. Furthermore, you can adjust the cutting height of this lawn from 20 cm to 70 cm.
  • Size, Weight & Convenience
    The product weighs around 13 kg to 15 kg and has a suitable size for a person of average height. The ergoflex grips and the 40 litres of grass catcher capacity can also help you work conveniently.

This lawnmower has everything bigger in size aside from its overall size which means its overall efficiency is better than any other push lawnmower.

  • The noise pollution caused by this product is decreased by 70%. This is made possible without reducing the efficiency of the motor.
  • Aside from grass cuttings, you can also use it collect the dead leaves scattered around your lawn.
  • This product has a 40 litres of capacity in its leaf and waste collector which is bigger than most push lawnmowers.
  • After you are done working on your garden, you can store the lawnmower easily as it is easy to fold and adjust.
  • The reduction in the noise pollution caused by this lawnmower is beneficial for both the user and the environment.
  • The cutting efficiency of this push lawnmower has no comparison as it uses high quality blades that are created from hard metal.

The disadvantages of this lawnmower are few and those are:

  • Many customers have complained that the build quality of this new Universal Rotak lawnmower is not good. This complaint is mostly put forth by the users that are using a lawnmower from the Universal Rotak series for the second time.
  • Most customers pointed out that the plastic used for the grass collector box is of poor quality, which means that it starts acting up when filled half way through.

TACKLIFE 1600W Electric Lawn Mower

Specification: Warranty: 2 years, Power: 1600 w Corded Electric, Working Area: N/A, Cutting Width: 38 cm, Cutting Height: 25-75 mm

Tacklife is a household name for providing you with the qualitative and the right equipment for your lawn. The overgrown grass at the edge of your lawn shouldn’t be your concern when you have Tacklife lawnmower.Features:

  • Motor & Energy
    The 1600 W motor used in this model automatically raises its efficiency. It uses direct electricity to function.
  • Cutting Efficiency
    The cutting height range for this lawnmower is from 25 mm to 75 mm. The blades used in this push lawnmower are hard and are of fine quality. The combination of quality blades and adjustable height increases the cutting efficiency of Tracklife Electric lawnmower.
  • Adjustability & Durability
    With the help of just one height lever, you can adjust the cutting height of your lawnmower at 6 levels. The latest shock absorber technology makes it a practical choice for heavy lawn mowing work.

Here, we have discussed the pros of the Tracklife Lawn Mower in detail to help you decide on the best push lawnmower.

  • Unlike other lawnmowers, the Tracklife Electrical lawnmower has employed a practical approach while designing this lawnmower. For example, they have used the advanced shock absorber technology which makes it convenient for you to manoeuvre it aroundyour lawn without any worry.
  • With the use of the shock absorber technology, Tracklife has increased the durability of their product and made it more reliable in the customer’s eyes.
  • The most surprising feature of this push lawnmower is that its grass collector can withstand 70 kilograms of weight.
  • It is easy to use to store because of its compact size and easy assembly.
  • Its 3-in-1 advanced functions for mulching, collecting and discharge is a blessing to use for many users. You don’t have to navigate through exaggerated settings to change these modes as a single button can do this job efficiently.

There are not many disadvantages of this product but the few things that the customer’s have complained about are given below:

  • The product is not cordless or digital which hinders its reach unless you have a power outlet at every corner of your lawn.
  • Sometimes the 3-in-1 function doesn’t work properly.

Sun Joe 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier and Lawn Mower

Specification: Warranty: 2 years, Cutting Width: 32 cm, Cutting Height: 10 mm below the soil to 10 mm above the soil

Equipped with the latest electric scarifier technology, Sun Joe’s Electric Lawn Mower is an all in one solution to all your worries. It not only keeps your lawn in shape but it does so with extreme efficiency.Features:

  • Power & Energy
    The motor used in this lawnmower is unlike any other lawnmower’s motor. It works at 12 AMP and uses electricity to power itself. Moreover, it uses a cord to reach its energy source.
  • Raking Efficiency
    This is not just a simple lawnmower as it works as a detacher as well. Dethatcher Joe is another product of Sun Joe but now they have combined it with their lawnmower for better efficiency.
    It covers a 12.6 inch wide path which is quite impressive. Furthermore, the raking depth of this product is 10 mm (–0.4 inches below the soil) to 10 mm (0.4 inches above the soil).
    It is important to mention that the cutting height for this lawnmower is –0.12 inches.
  • Size & Adjustability
    There is a knob that can help you adjust the depth of your rake. Aside from this, the easy to fold and compact size can make your life easier when it comes to storing the mower.

Sun Joe has combined many technologies in their new product which makes it better than most lawnmowers.

  • It uses Airboost Technology which means the picking up thatcher sucks grass more efficiently.
  • Not only does this product use Scarifier Technology to cut your grass at the root level but the detacher makes growing of healthy turfs and grass possible.
  • It is easy to use and navigate through your lawn due to its simple and efficient technology.

The pros of this product far outweigh the cons but still for your awareness, these cons are discussed below:

  • The term dethatching and scarifying might be confusing for many hence they won’t know the purpose of this product.
  • With so many features added in this product, it will be heavy to push around without straining your body.

Murray EQ 400 18″/46 cm Petrol Push lawnmower

Specification: Warranty: 2 years, Power: Push Mower 4-stroke, Working Area: 1,000 m2, Cutting Width: 46 cm, Cutting Height: 28-92 mm

Murray’s Petrol Push lawnmower is reliable in every way possible. It has a powerful engine that makes it easy to cut the overgrown grass and keep your lawn in shape.Features:

  • Powerful Engine
    The engine used in this lawnmower will exceed all your expectations. It is a Briggs & Stratton 450E Series Engine that has high power. It is important to mention that its high power in no way is affecting its efficiency.
  • Cutting Efficiency
    The cutting width for this lawnmower is 18 inches that is 46 cm. It can easily cover a lawn of around 1000 m² in size.
  • Size & Adjustability
    Murray’s Petrol Push lawnmower has 6 heights of cut position that can be adjusted according to your needs. The handle that you will be using to push your lawnmower can also be adjusted at three heights.
    This freedom in adjustability makes this product easy to store and transport from one place to another.

Murray’s has improved on many features in which other lawnmowers are still lacking. Some of these improved features are discussed below:

  • The grass collecting bag has a capacity of 60 litres and is made of soft and durable material.
  • The product is easy to move around despite its weight because of its easy to manoeuvre design.

This push lawnmower is better than its peers on so many levels but still there are few things that can trouble the customer. These are:

  • Murray’s lawnmower uses petrol as its main source of energy. Some people find the use of petrol expensive and inconvenient. Aside from this, they do not feel safe using such volatile liquid in equipment that they will be using every other day.


We have reviewed some of the best push lawnmowers available for sale online so far. These push lawnmower reviews will assist you in deciding which one of these push lawnmowers better suits your needs.

The push lawnmowers that we’ve reviewed so far are customer favourites and their manufacturers are considered the most reliable amongst the masses. Once you are done reading these reviews, you will be able to buy the best push lawnmower for yourself!

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