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Garden Planting

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Garden planting equipment you just can’t live without

Building a good-looking back or  front garden is the dream of many home owners living in the city. Garden equipment comes in handy in making that possible because it allows customers to shape their gardens into the way they wish and work hard for it. Large garden owners generally hire gardeners but there is nothing like taking your time to make your own garden a pleasure to look at.

Imagine coming back home all tired just to see a wonderful garden with colourful flowers or refreshing green grass. You can’t help but take off your shoes and step on the grass to feel the earth beneath you and it is blissful. Gardens therefore play an important role in healing not only a mood but also give you time to connect with your family and friends. Back gardens are the best for having a BBQ party or a campfire in the winter surrounded by pots that have plants you grew yourself in plant trays.

It all sounds wonderful but turning your garden into this sort of paradise is the difficult part. When you start out, you might not have flowerbeds, trees, perfectly trimmed grass or a garden gnome standing in the middle. People have to work hard to get the garden they desire and that requires you to possess the right equipment. That’s the reason we have prepared the following list of garden equipment and accessories to get you started.

Why do you need Equipment?

Gardening equipment keeps makes gardening a lot easier. A person needs all the help they can get when they are dealing with a job that requires a lot more manual labor than other tasks. The time duration to digging up a hole is very much reduced with a shovel and similarly a gardening sieve can help you sort out the different compositions in the soil. Garden planting equipment is essential if you are to just start your gardening adventure or are already a seasoned veteran at it.

What Equipment do I need?

1. Plant Pots

Plant pots are a great way of utilising space in your garden as well as any elevated object you have placed there. They can contain a range of flowers that can beautify the spot. The LUKEGO 6 in Set 2.5 inch owl pots on Amazon are cute, compact and just lovely to place in your garden. They can be used to grow seeds and also have all-weather durability for outside use.

Normally, pots tend to lose colour on texture when there is a lot of rainfall. These owl pots are made from ceramic and are perfect for holding herbs and cactus plants. Furthermore, pots also contain a hole at the bottom that acts as a drain for excess water, so the soil could breathe. These small pots can even be given as gifts to friends and family and are a great decoration to have in the backyard or front garden.

The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee on the pots, so you can rest assured that they will last longer than normal. You could also end up buying two sets if you own a larger garden, so more cacti could be planted to give a better effect. Plant pots are the best way to fill up an entire garden wall or align them to near a fence to give off that forest vibe. Make sure to water the plants regularly otherwise you will have to go through the rigorous task of having to change plants.


  • Compact and easy to move.
  • Vibrant colours with variations to look good in a garden.
  • Perfect for small cacti.


  • Cannot plant larger plants.
  • Their small size may make them look redundant in a large garden.

2. Plant Pot Accessories

Plant accessories like VanEnjoy 6 Inch dinosaur shaped ceramic planter on Amazon are a great way of decorating your garden and letting the kids have some fun planting too. Naturally, kids would be much more interested in planting a seed and caring for a sapling when the pot is shaped like their favourite cartoon character.

The ceramic planter has enough durability to act as a toy in the hands of a child and can also act as a pencil, candy and tissue paper holder indoors. The planter is suitable for hydroponics, succulent plant, cacti or any other small living plant. The plants you grow in them look better than ordinary pots because of the shape of the dinosaur that jogs the imagination of children around them. What’s more is that the VanEnjoy dinosaur planter is a perfect gift to give to one of your family members or friends.

The company also gives a full warranty and replacement if their customer is not satisfied with their product. This adds further credibility to the purchase. You can cash-in on the warranty anytime you see the accessory having broken or if you see a crack.


  • Strong ceramic, weather resistant planter.
  • Good for planting smaller cacti.
  • Full-refund warranty.


  • May not be visible in a large garden.

3. Trenton 10 Pcs Water Lotus for Pond Planting

These lotus flowers are perfect for a pond that you have set up in your garden. The lotus flowers come in several colours including red and blue. These plants could be used to decorate your pond and make it look as exotic as the real deal. Let the visitors to your garden look at the pond and feel like they are actually outside of the city and witnessing nature first hand.

The water lotus pond planting requires a water temperature that stays beneath 16 degrees. It takes about 50 to 60 days for the first lotus flowers to bloom and from there on, you can expect the most beautiful scenery each time you look at your pond. Lotus flowers often give us that vibe of being in the middle of a forest. The feeling is associated with peace and that is exactly what gardens are for.

The company provides clear instructions in an instruction manual that can be used to learn about growing water lotus plants. Take your time as you use the water lotus scenery to improve your mood with a good sip of fresh orange juice in the summer. The winter might pose a few problems with the water temperature needed to keep the growth of the lotus flowers but that can be adjusted. Make sure to read the manual properly to understand the working in and out.


  • Look beautiful in a garden pond.
  • Multi-coloured available.
  • Can grow very quickly.


  • Need loads of care in the winter otherwise may wither away.

4. Planting Workbenches

Garden lovers often go for planting workbenches that they can use to plant more seeds into pots. They use these workbenches as a means to freshen up the soil, fix a pot or replace it. The planting workbench is an elevated structure that is a gardener’s favourite tool to own. The patio chairs, swings & benches new potting bench outdoor garden workbench station allows gardeners to use their gardening time as productively as possible.

The workbench is made from construction fir wood that can last years. The workbench also has natural wood finish that is perfect for those of you who love DIY painting. Your kids can use the bench as a kind of outdoor table to do their homework. Working outdoors in the garden can be much more beneficial to productivity rather than being cooped up inside.

The workbench also features a lower shelf and upper work station for easy soil access. When left on its own in a garden, the workbench fits right in like a decoration item. The upper and lower shelves can hold small pots with flowers in them when you’re not working to include the workbench in the garden as well.


  • Can both act as a decoration piece and planting area.
  • Lower and upper shelf for better soil access.
  • Strong and sturdy for heavier items.


  • Assembly directions are hard to read.

5. Plant Trays

Having a small nursery in your garden can provide you with a range of different flowers and plants that you can use to decorate your garden further. Buying fully-grown flowers in pots can be expensive. Instead, try buying plant trays and seeds to grow your own plants. This can be a cheaper way of making sure your garden is all covered in lovely flowers for the spring.

The JETTINGBUY 105 cell thickened seed starter on Amazon is the perfect plant tray example you can find on the internet. The plant tray has extra strength in propagation and allows for plants to grow stronger roots. They are the perfect germination stations with drain holes at the bottom to allow excess water to pass through. What’s more is that you can plant 105 different types of seeds altogether so you get different results that you can use to decorate your garden.

These trays can also be used to grow vegetables. The trays act as a small nursery where the seed develops into a baby sapling. After this, the seed can be transferred to a proper pot and from there on you can properly monitor the plant, so it may give you fresh produce one day. The ideal cell size of the plant trays helps to transmit room temperature that can improve the overall health of the sapling. The healthier your plant, the better it will look.

A lot of gardeners own plenty of plant trays because they are a much efficient way of gardening than simply buying the plants. They help give you the experience of having to raise a baby.


  • Cell size allows for good temperature for better health of plant.
  • Cheap and easy to maintain.
  • Can be used to grow 105 different combinations of plants.
  • Quite flexible.


  • Are susceptible to breaking easily.

6. Plant Troughs

Plant troughs are useful for gardeners when they wish to grow something separately but want to arrange them close to a planting area. The reason behind this could be how two plants may end up fighting for necessary nutrients in the soil. Instead of fighting, gardeners can simply grow these plants separately.

Plant troughs come in different shapes and sizes and the FidgetGear Vintage Wood flower planter is compact all the while spacious enough to hold 5 to 6 plants. Another advantage to using plant troughs is that you can take the set of plants you grow in them to anywhere you like. They are like pots but add more to the decoration aspect of the entire process.

The FidgetGear Vintage wood flower trough box has is an amazing and innovative planter that can be customised as per your requirement. The outside of the box has been sanded down to make it smooth for painting, which kids would love to do while they work on their gardening skills as well. A planting trough is a necessary equipment to hold if you own a garden and have quite a few elevated objects that require décor.


  • Portable and fun to use.
  • Can hold up to 5 to 6 plants.
  • Can be painted as per requirement.


  • Do not have holes for drainage.

7. Propagators

The thing about seed propagators is that they act much likely the same way as plant trays but they can help grow your seedlings into a much better quality plant. The propagator allows for greater germination as well proper sunlight input to allow the water vapors to rise. When the vapor rises, the closed lid turns them back into moisture and keeps the soil inside the propagator moist.

This ability helps to reduce the consumption of water in the entire process of growing saplings. Seeds can take anywhere from two weeks to four weeks to grow into baby saplings which is why you need to take care that you do not waste any resources. Especially water that is essential at this point in time with climate change changing our day to day lives.

The Nutley’s full-size seed propagator on Amazon is perfect for you to use as a gardening instrument. The lightweight, durable and environmental friendly plastic can help you grow plants without having to worry about it breaking or increasing plastic waste on the planet. The full-sized tray you get also comes with tiny holes at the bottom to let the soil breathe from time to time and at the same time, the lid on top keeps the soil moist.


  • Better quality plants.
  • Conserves water.
  • Compact and easy to carry and grow seeds.
  • Made from recyclable plastic.


  • Not suitable for large-scale plantations.

8. Garden Sieves

Garden sieves are a must have for any gardener or household that consists of a backyard or front garden that is being actively used. A garden sieve helps to separate any compost substance from normal soil so you may change the soil’s chemical composition.

Certain plants require certain conditions and often times we end up putting too much fertiliser or compost in one place. A garden sieve can help separate the soil with the added compost so you may only add the desired amount. The Apollo Gardening 3/8-inch 7mm metal garden sieve helps to keep all soils in check. You can also use the sieves to separate certain vegetables from the soil itself.

Garden sieves need to be very strong in order to work properly. This is the reason why the Apollo gardening sieve is made with an aluminium alloy that not only reduces the weight but also improves the look of the sieve. The sieve weighs around 1.2 pounds and has a strong wire mesh with enough space to let soil out but keep the big chunks of fertiliser in.

The same could be said while picking you favourite vegetables.


  • Made of strong metal alloy.
  • Helps to separate compost from soil.
  • Lightweight to lift.


  • Small rocks and pebbles occasionally get stuck in the sides.

9. Garden Planters

These planters are larger in size and provide the perfect area in your garden for growing organic vegetables. If you feel like you don’t want to ruin the grass underneath, you can purchase these garden planters that come in separate and raised garden beds. These beds can be filled with soil and compost that you can then plant seeds in.

The Greenes Fence RCEC6T21B cedar raised garden bed on Amazon is one of the best garden planters in the market. The features include being easy to set up with greens fences that use dovetail interlocking joints. This reduces the time it takes to set it all up. Each board slides into the corner posts without tools to form a secure open-bottom garden frame.

The company also makes expansion of the planter a possibility as the borders can be opened up and more can be added to increase the length and width of the planter. This feature further allows gardeners to increase the range of vegetables they can grow in one go. Tomatoes are the most widely grown vegetables in garden planters but people can end up growing a lot more in a lot less time. The product weighs around 30 pounds when it is done.


  • Great for large-scale planting.
  • Can be expanded for more area.
  • Durable walls with extra tight screws.


  • Very heavy.
  • Expensive.

10. Plant Pot Saucers

This is another invention that helps in growing plants the right way. A plant pot saucer is the wider version of a normal pot that covers a wider area with lesser depth than a pot does. People use plant saucers to grow several seeds all at once because saplings do not require a lot of space. This is due to their roots not yet having grown deeper into the soil.
The Penseetek 10 Pack Plastic 12 Inch plant saucer allows for customers to not only use the pot saucer as a nursery but also use it beneath a pot to collect water that pours out from its drain. The durable construction allows for you to use the saucer through several growing seasons. The Penseetek plastic plant saucer will not disappoint and it’s a guarantee given by the company itself.

The best part about the saucer is that the hard plastic can help lift much larger weights than pots. The company has made sure that customers do not have to worry about the plastic breaking while they are moving their pots around with the saucer. All in all, plant saucers are a helpful tool to have alongside your other garden equipment as they help keep your porch and anywhere outside your house clean.


  • Made from strong plastic.
  • Flexible and easy to use.
  • Long usage life.


  • The plastic is not recyclable.


A well-maintained garden can help give a positive impression of the owner at times. People who visit your home make an instant impression starting from the house’s exterior. A garden that has many flowers along with other decoration items can give off a friendly and accepting vibe to the visitors. The opposite is also true. If you have a garden that has overgrown grass, mossy fences with a pond that has grown fungi, you will most probably make the visitors run away before they even get close to the door.

By purchasing the above-mentioned equipment, you ensure that your garden is well looked after and is filled with accessories that make it look even more wonderful than it already is. Equipment such as pots and propagators help build a nursery in which you can plant all the seeds you get out of the produce you make. Garden equipment helps the customer customise their garden into the way they wish and being sustainable about it.

Hopefully, this article may have interested you in these products or other products that will help to support your gardening passion.

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