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Best Garden Swing Seat[UK]: Top 2 Seater Garden Swing Seats and 3 Seaters with Cushions

This article was last updated on July 31st, 2021 at 9:58 am

When asked to think of the ultimate summer relaxation, I’m sure many of us would picture ourselves swinging in a hammock tied between palm trees. Unfortunately, covid-19 has all but stopped our travel plans for the time being, and as good as hammocks or perhaps sun loungers in the garden are, it’s just not the same without the palm trees, is it? And whilst kids love a garden swing, that is true of many an adult, me included. A swing seat allows me to enjoy the beautiful garden I’ve created all the more just as my hanging egg chair does too 🙂


Best garden swing seat top choices

  1. Roma 3 Seater Swing Seat
  2. SORARA Swing Chair 3 Seater
  4. Angel Living Swing Chairs,3 Seated
  5. SORARA Swing Chair 2 Seater
  6. Outsunny Outdoor 2 Seater Swing Chair

A wonderful, and more eye-pleasing, way to get your swing on this summer, is to get your very own swing seat. It’ll certainly elevate the comfort and style of your garden. Whether you go for a two-seater, or a cushioned three-seater offering, we are sure that you will enjoy every minute you spend lightly rocking away while reading your book, or listening to your favourite songs. I know I did, and it’s almost as if a garden swing seat goes hand in hand with a lovely garden full of colour giving off that cozy feel.

Best garden swing seat

Coming up next in this article are reviews of the best garden swing seats that are available for delivery in the UK – we picked from two and three seater for a more rounded an balanced opinion. We have taken the time to test them out, with the help of some of our customers, and feel we can offer you our honest thoughts on their comfortability, ease of assembly, build quality, and aesthetics. And it wouldn’t be Garden Toolbox if we didn’t throw in a garden swing seat buyers’ guide giving you the most useful tips to get the right seat for your garden.

Comparison table: Best Garden Swing Seat[UK]: Top 2 Seater Garden Swing Seats and 3 Seaters with Cushions

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Angel Living Swing Chairs,3 Seated

  • Material:Metal And Polyester. Seat And Back Cushion Can Add The Comfort When You Seating On It....
  • Adjustable Ceiling Angle For Suitable Sun Shine And Shade.
  • Overall Dimension: 169X110X152Cm.Weight Capacity: 240 Kg
  • Keep sheltered with the UV protected polyester canopy.
  • Ideal For Being Placed In Garden

Roma 3 Seater Swing Seat

  • Green 3 seater swing seat with matching canopy
  • Includes 3 thick classic cushions with matching valance and scatter cushions
  • Water-resistant canopy provides shade and cover from light showers
  • Cushions are 100% cotton with comfortable crumbed foam inner
  • Dimensions: Frame - 210cm (W) x 160cm (H) x 100cm (D)


  • Get ready for the summer by grabbing yourself some bargain garden furniture and you won’t be caught unaware when...
  • This super-comfortable swing chair seats three people on its thick padded cushions...
  • It's so easy to set up on your lawn
  • With a comfortable seat and back cushion with thick padding.
  • A wonderful relaxation spot for your lawn

Outsunny Outdoor 2 Seater Swing Chair

  • ✅DOUBLE SEAT SWING: Ideal for bringing into your garden for Spring and Summer...
  • ✅METAL FRAME: In an A-shape to promote even balance at all times...
  • ✅PADDED SEAT COVERS: Fitted on both seats
  • ✅OVERHEAD CANOPY: Protects the seats from UV
  • ✅DIMENSIONS: 175L x 112W x 165H cm

SORARA Swing Chair 2 Seater

  • STABILITY | This swing chair has anti-slip rubber coating applied to the feet of the swing so it will...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS | With a steel frame and applied powder coating
  • IDEAL FOR BALCONY, GARDEN OR TERRACE | Due to it's simplicity in frame and function...
  • COMPACT DESIGN | With this swing chair not being huge like most others...
  • WARRANTY | 2 year warranty

SORARA Swing Chair 3 Seater

  • STABILITY | This swing chair has anti-slip rubber coating applied to the feet of the swing so it will...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS | With a steel frame and applied powder coating
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE | With a simple but sturdy steel frame the swing chair is put together easily and...
  • SUN PROTECTION | Thanks to the tiltable canopy
  • WARRANTY | 2 year warranty

Let’s be honest, you buy swing seats for two main reasons. The first is for comfort, and the second is to look great in your garden, and with the Roma 3-seater swing seat you get the best of both worlds.

The 100% cotton cushions are so much thicker than a lot of other swing seats I’ve sat in, and as they are filled with crumbled foam, you really get to sink into them and enjoy the good weather.

The cushions are available in three different colours; you can either opt for green with coloured leaf prints, blue checks, or green checks. As the frame and overhead canopy are all green, we went for the green checks and were very happy with the decision.

The main seat is a good size for three people to relax on, although the large extra cushions to cover the side rails can make things seem a little cramped for the people on the ends if you decide to use them. Thankfully, they are loose, so you can easily move them around to get comfy, or just not use them at all.

The frame has been well designed so that everything sort of tilts back a little, and this keeps your arms away from the bars of the frame and other moving parts. It also offers great support and is nice and sturdy.

The only real flaw I could see with the Roma 3-seater swing seat, is in the canopy. For the most part it is really good, and gives some much-needed shade and protection from light rain when the darker clouds roll over. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the manufacturers forgot to include in the design, a way to hold the smaller side sections of the canopy in place, so they tend to get blown about in stronger gusts. There are easy DIY jobs you can do to fix them in place, but I have to keep these reviews fair and point out anything that bothered me, so there you are.

Other than having to figure out a way to deal with the wind under the canopy sides, there’s not much to dislike about the Roma swing seat. It’s great looking, very comfortable, and has a robust frame with a clever design to give you more arm room on the ends. At sensible money, I think it’s a good deal too.

Sorara seems to be making a habit of producing incredible looking swing seats for your gardens, and that’s why this is the first of two of their products featured in our list.

This 3-seater has a modern, understated, styling and fantastic colour scheme that will really stand out from the crowd.

Like with their 2-seater, this model has a simple A-frame supporting the chair, but Sorara have used high quality materials, and it is really strong and exceptionally sturdy. It features rubber feet, so you can safely use it on decking and not scratch your beloved timber.

This was an easy build, with clear instructions to follow, and all the fittings and tools needed were included in the packaging. The fittings are, for once, decent, and I didn’t feel the need to swap them for my own.

This is the most expensive of our featured products, but the overall quality is very high. The cushions are nice and thick and covered with soft, yet hard wearing, material, and it is so comfortable to lay back and relax on this swing seat.

This quality is found throughout, including the exquisite looking canopy that is as strong and resilient to winds as it is stunning, thanks to top-notch materials and good quality stitching.

Even the small tables found at either side of the seat are well-made and don’t feel flimsy at all. They are supported from underneath by their own metal framework, and so you can feel confident loading stuff up on there.

I would say, if you don’t mind spending the extra, this is the three-seater swing chair to go for. It looks incredible, and just has a higher level of build quality than the other products.

One of the most popular, low-budget 3-seater options is this product from Bargains Galore, currently priced at just under 130 pounds, and available in either black or grey colour schemes.

Now, with all lower cost products, you have to be able to accept a few things won’t be exactly perfect, and most of the time assembly can be a bit of a pain with screws missing and holes drilled in the wrong places, etc. but we actually had no problems with setting this swing seat up at all. I was ready, armed with my toolbox, but everything went smoothly, even though I have to say the instructions weren’t the most helpful.

Although this is technically a 3-seater swing seat, the actual dimensions of the seat are: L 132cm x W 50cm x H 50cm, and so you might find it a bit of a squeeze with three adults on there at once unless you are oompa loompas. With two people on the seat though, there is plenty of space, but as the main A- frame and the arm rests are a little close together you might want to watch your elbows flaring out.

The cushions provided aren’t anywhere near as thick as the Roma ones, but that is to be expected for something that costs less than half of the former, besides you can always buy separate cushions if you so wish. As they are, they are ok. Nothing special, and a little thin on the bottom, but not uncomfortable.

The canopy works well, and is adjustable so you can decide when to catch the rays and when to take a break from them. It is also water resistant and will stand up to the odd shower, but not a heavy downpour.

With a decent steel frame, and oxford cloth, cotton, and polyester cushions, this is a low maintenance, low-cost swing seat that could actually be quite good with the purchase of some thicker cushions. It’s a little on the small side, but for the price, you can’t complain too much.

Available for under a hundred pounds, the Angel Living swing seat is another option if you don’t really want to spend too much.

Of course, it suffers from the same things as other cheaper swing chairs such as the cushions being a little on the thin side, and the frame bars not being as thick as more expensive products, but that is just a fact of life: you get what you pay for.

We got our hands on the plain beige version, and it had a bit more of a pinky tint to it than I expected, but it still looked nice sitting in the garden.

Like with the Bargains Galore model, it’s a bit of a squeeze with three full-size adults but two fit on just fine, and the frame seemed to do its job well, keeping us feeling safe and secure while we were swinging. The metal springs securing the chair to the frame were large and handled the loads placed upon them without any issue.

Setting up was easy enough, again despite poor instructions, and I swapped the fittings provided for some better ones, as I always do with low-cost products, as it only costs a few extra quid and a trip to B&Q, and gives you peace of mind.

In good weather, the canopy will do its job admirably, but I can’t see it holding up to bad weather and strong winds. Having said that, it is easy to remove it and store away for winter, and you can just buy a cover to keep the rest of the seat safe until next year.

The Angel Living swing seat is not perfect, there are a few niggles here and there, but since you’re paying less than a hundred quid for it, you have to accept these things. Most of them can be fixed by spending a little more money, say on better cushions, but you should still not expect it to last forever. As a low budget option though, it isn’t half bad.

If you want a little touch of class and elegance to your garden swing seat, this 2-seater product from Sorara.

The bronze coloured, powder coated, steel frame, paired with the lighter colour of the seats and canopy, is simple, yet works wonderfully well. I’ve no problems with bright colours in the garden, but I have to say that I did think this was one of the best looking of all the products we reviewed for this article.

Apart from the colour, there is nothing really special about the simple frame on this twin seater swing chair, although it is good quality steel, very stable, and has rubber feet to stop you scratching your decking or patio, which is a nice feature.

Another little extra, is the netted pouch situated on one of the arms of the seat, and this comes in very handy for keeping your phone, charger, water, etc. at arm’s reach. The netting feels strong and I doubt it will tear without some serious abuse.

I really liked the canopy on this Sorara swing seat, as it was fixed into the frame well, and not left to hang too loose. We didn’t get to test it in strong winds, but it gave me the impression that it would hold up well to unexpected gusts. It is also easily adjustable by using the knob found on the outer edge of the canopy.

The seat itself isn’t cushioned, and that is the biggest drawback for me. That’s not to say the seat isn’t comfortable, it actually is, but it can’t compare with a fully padded cushion like found on the Roma model. On the other hand, the lack of cushions means that this is low-maintenance, and can be left out in the occasional shower.

The Sorara is well built, from good materials, and comes with a 2-year warranty. It is a little pricey for a 2-seater swing seat, but it does look fantastic.

Outsunny’s two-seater offering features some nice little extras while still keeping the price reasonable, and that in my book makes it worthy of a place on this list of best garden swing seats.

The first thing you notice about this product is that, unlike most swing seats, the chairs are not shoulder to shoulder, and that there is a section separating them. This is not just style, but actually has function. The central section doubles up as both a storage section, for drinks and snacks, and also a mini table with drink holders. It’s simple, convenient, and I don’t know why it isn’t more common on these kinds of seats.

The seats themselves have padded cushions on them, and while they are not the thickest ones I’ve ever seen, they are, nonetheless, quite comfortable. However, because of the central table, they are a little narrower than usual, so you bigger guys out there might not be so comfortable.

The A-frame is decent quality and provides good stability on its rubber feet, and large metal springs give you a smooth swinging action, and hold up well even with close to the 180kg max weight in the chairs.

I liked the fact that the canopy has strong framing around the edges, and that it is easily adjustable, but the soft fabric used within that frame does seem to be on the thin side, and might tear in stronger winds.

At the moment, because of supply problems caused by the pandemic, most products have increased in price, and this is no exception. Still, I have to say that even with the increased price tag, it is still a very good buy.

Best Garden Swing Seats Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few tips for when you are buying your new garden swing seat. They’re mostly just common sense, and I’m sure you’ve already thought of them, but it never hurts to be reminded.

buying a garden swing seat

A tape measure is your best friend

These chairs come in all sorts of different sizes; there is no standard size. With that in mind, you can never be sure that a ‘3-seater’ will actually be able to seat three full sized adults, and often with the lower cost models, you can’t.

So, I’d suggest taking a tape measure to your existing garden furniture, or even your living room furniture to get a rough idea of the dimensions, and then compare that to the measurements given for the swing seat you are interested in.

Make sure you know both sets of measurements

Another thing to remember, is that there are often two sets of measurements given; one for the outer frame and one for the seat itself. Naturally, you want to compare both as you’ll need to know if you have space to fit the garden swing seat on your patio or lawn, and you also want to know how much space there’s going to be on the seat itself.

You usually get what you pay for, however…

Most low-cost swing seats will be cheaper because there have been cuts made here and there. Usually, it is in the quality of the cushions, the powder coating on the frame, and general quality control when it comes to screws aligning with pre-drilled holes.

While a little annoying, all of these things are quite easy to improve yourself by spending a little bit on some new fittings and cushions, so if you don’t mind putting in a little bit of work, you might get yourself a great deal. The Angel Living Swing Chair is an example of just that kind of bargain.

If you really get annoyed by things like that, then please, spend more on a top quality product, and follow the tips below to look after it properly.

Invest in a cover for winter

No matter how much you pay for your garden swing seat, and no matter how much the manufacturers tell you it is weatherproof, I would still strongly recommend that you buy a weather cover for it. Even with a cover, you should still take down the canopy and remove the seat cushions to protect them from going mouldy during the winter. These covers don’t have to be the most expensive, but they will increase the life of the product a lot, as will a spray of WD40 here and there, every now and again. A little bit of TLC goes a long way with garden furniture.

That’s all for today folks, we feel we have offered up the best selection of garden swing seats we can at the present time, but we will definitely keep this, and indeed all of our review pages updated with new and better products, as and when they become available.

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