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6 Best Angle Grinders Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

Angle grinders are commonly found in machine shops, metal fabrication shops, and construction sites. They are used to grind or polish metal and can be powered by a petrol engine, electric motor or connected to an air compressor. The basic design is of a geared head that has an abrasive disc or cut off disc mounted on it, but more modern designs can sometimes be used with various attachments. Angle grinders are available with different sized discs and motors and there are also a wide range of different discs that serve specific purposes, such as cutting discs, grinding stones, sanding discs and polishing pads.

Comparison table: 6 Best Angle Grinders Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Makita GA9020S Angle Grinder with Soft Start, 240 V, 230 mm

  • Magnesium Alloy gearbox housing
  • Replaceable carbon brushes
  • Removable side handle can be mounted on either side.
  • Superior anti-dust structure
  • Machined bevel gears.

Wolf Angle Grinder

  • Very Powerful 230v Angle Grinder Suitable for Cutting & Grinding Masonry
  • Fitted with a Spindle Lock
  • Powerful 850 Watt Motor
  • 2-Position Side Handle
  • Includes Diamond Tipped Cutting Disc

Bosch Professional GWS 12V-76 Cordless Angle Grinder

  • Handy in every situation
  • Fast work rate thanks to the high-performance EC motor
  • Highly versatile for different materials
  • The first 10.8 volt angle grinder
  • Easy to swap discs thanks to the new spindle lock

Meterk Angle Grinder, 750W

  • 6A motor with 750W max output power
  • Ergonomic design, grip perfectly and easy to control with left-mounted slide safety On/Off switch....
  • Spindle lock for quicker and easier discs & accessories changing
  • Removable and forward canted side handle for greater control and comfort for both right-handed and left-handed users....
  • Widely used for metal rust cleaning

BLACK+DECKER CD115A5 240 V Small Angle Grinder

  • 115mm disc size - useful when working in confined spaces
  • 710w motor provides an ideal balance between power
  • 2 position side handle for additional control
  • Spindle lock makes accessory changing quick
  • Tool free safety guard makes guard adjustment quick and easy

DeWALT DWE4206K-GB Angle Grinder, 240 V

  • High effeciency motor design improves performance in demanding applications
  • The low profile gear case allows access in confined areas
  • New guard design allows guard fitment
  • Abrasion protected motor for increased durability
  • Side positioned spindle lock gives greater protection to button when using in confined spaces...

Read on to see the angle grinders we have selected and reviewed, complete with their main features highlighted in bullet points beneath the write ups. If you want buy any of the products we review, or to see more information and customer feedback, you can simply click on the links we have provided.

1. Makita GA9020S Angle Grinder with Soft Start, 240 V, 230 mm

Makita products have been tried and tested by happy customers for decades. Their products are heavy duty and hard wearing and are often the choice product for many workmen. The GA9020S is powered by 2000 watt motor capable of 6,600rpm and removes materials in short time. The rotations have been made smoother thanks to the gears which have been machine beveled. It also features a soft start trigger that makes starting up safer by feeding the power as it’s required. The motor has dust sealed bearings and replaceable carbon brushes increase the durability and longevity of this angle grinder.

  • Powerful 2000W electric motor
  • Capable of 6,600 rpm for quick removal of material
  • 230mm wheel diameter
  • Machine beveled gears for smoother rotations
  • Dust sealed bearings for longevity
  • Replaceable carbon brushes

This angle grinder from Bosch is cordless and runs off a Bosch 10.8/12V lithium ion battery. The battery and charger are not included in the price and have to be bought separately, but if you already have a Bosch charger and battery from another product, you can use that one. The angle grinder comes with three 76mm cutting discs that can be changed quickly thanks to the clever spindle lock design. When the grinder is turned off, the disc will stop very quickly as a safety feature. This grinder is very lightweight at only 0.9kg when loaded with a battery and is easy to handle.

  • Cordless design gives you plenty of mobility and easier to get into tough angles
  • Intelligent spindle makes changing discs easy
  • Lightweight at under a kilogram with the battery loaded
  • High speed brushless motor
  • 19,500rpm no load speed
  • Great for getting into tight spots

Priced at 78.33 on Amazon, this angle grinder comes with 5 x 115mm spare discs and has received positive reviews from people who have bought it. The 5 discs include 3 metal cutting discs, 1 metal grinding disc, and a stone cutting disc. There is also a spare guard included in the pack. The Black and Decker CD115A5 has a 710 watt motor and produces 1100rpm and is powerful enough to cut through thick metal and concrete. A spindle lock makes the swapping of blades quick and simple.

  • 710 watt electric motor
  • 1100rpm no load speed
  • 2 handle positions
  • Spindle lock for quick disc changes
  • Metal and masonry discs included
  • Made by trusted brand

Powered by a 230v 850 watt motor, this angle grinder from Wolf offers its users great cutting and grinding performance for only £32.93. Like our previous review, this grinder has a spindle lock so changing discs is straight forward and swift. The side handle has been designed in an offset position so as to make controlling the grinder easier and it can be used in 2 different positions. Despite the cheap price, this angle grinder has been made to a high standard and comes with 3 grinding wheels and 3 diamond disc cutting wheels.

  • Powerful 230v 850 watt motor
  • Great cutting and grinding performance
  • Cheap but very solid product
  • Comes with spare grinding and cutting blades
  • 2 position handle for better control
  • Spindle lock for easy disc changes

The Dewalt DWE4206K-GB 115mm angle grinder has a small diameter body to make it more comfortable to hold and easier to control. It also has a soft start feature to make operating the tool safer. The guard design allows you to adjust or remove it without the need for tools and the disc is prevented from locking up by the anti-lock flange. The build quality is as you would expect from Dewalt- strong and robust and the motor is abrasion protected to improve the longevity of the angle grinder. This product comes with its own storage/carrying case.

  • 240v 1010 watt motor
  • Anti-lock flange
  • Soft start feature for safety
  • Small diameter body makes it more comfortable to hold and control
  • Robust build quality
  • Comes with a carry case for storage
  • Tool free guard adjustment and removal

This 115mm disc angle grinder from Meterk is available for £34.99 at the moment on Amazon. It is a powerful tool, being driven by 750w motor with a no load speed of 12000rpm and will cut through a range of materials from wood and plastics to ceramics and metal. This angle grinder comes with 3 grinding wheels and 3 cutting wheels, assuring you can handle a selection of jobs. A useful feature of this product is that the handle can be switched to either the left or right side. There is also a stereoscopic heat dissipation system that keeps the grinder cool, spindle lock for disc changes, and a 2 stage safety trigger.

  • 750w motor
  • 12000rpm no load speed
  • Fast heat dissipation system
  • Adjustable handle to left/right side
  • Very cheap price
  • Spindle lock
  • 2 step safety trigger

Well, that was our last angle grinder review. Hopefully, you found this page useful and informative. As we stated above, you can purchase these products by clicking on the links we provided.

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