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5 Best Podger Spanners Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

Podger spanners / podger tools are hand tool usually used for erecting scaffolding and other steel structures. The most traditional design is of a short bar, that is often tapered, with a wrench at the end although most modern products have a reversible socket for securing and loosening nuts. Podger spanners sometimes have additional features such has a means to secure them to the user which comes in handy when you are working at heights. The tapered handle’s purpose is to aid in the lining up of bolt holes.

Comparison table: 5 Best Podger Spanners Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Podger Spanner (Ratchet) 19mm And 21mm Head

  • Podger Spanner (Ratchet) 19mm And 21mm Head

Amtech G4170 Podger Spanner

  • 19 X 21Mm Ratchet Socket Wrench
  • Drop Forged Carbon Steel Handle
  • Forward And Reverse Ratchet Mechanism
  • Tapered End To Make The Lining Up Of Bolt Holes Easier

Scaffold Spanner Ratchet Podger

  • Podgers are used for erecting scaffolding and steel scenery
  • The pointed end will align the bolt holes while the other end with its reversible ratchet socket wil...
  • spanner can be slid down studding or over long bolts without grounding...
  • 1/2" drive fits any 1/2" socket Hi viz orange powder coating finish...
  • lanyard teathering point ( lanyards sold separately) see other listings

Laser 0177 Ratchet Podger Spanner 24mm X 30mm

  • 24mm x 30mm
  • ideal for scaffolding & construction
  • Double sized head
  • spanner with ratchet mechanism
  • Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium

Here are some reviews, complete with bullet points, for the best podger spanners you can buy at the moment. If any of these products takes your fancy, you can simple click on the links provided and they will take you to a page where you can make your purchase.

The Amtech G4170 podger spanner is on sale at the moment for a bargain price of 8.98. This low priced, but still good quality hand tool is made to last and comes with a 3 year warranty.
The product measures 37 x 9 x 5cm, weighs just under 400 grams, and has a 19 x 21mm ratchet socket that works in both forward and reverse. The handle is made of strong, drop forged carbon steel and has a tapered end to help you line up bolt holes.

  • Low price but good quality podger spanner
  • Ratchet socket works in both directions
  • Made from strong drop forged carbon steel
  • Tapered handle for lining up bolt holes
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty

This podger spanner is a fair bit pricier than our first review above, but it is an outstandingly good tool. Made to the highest standards in the UK, this larger than usual podger spanner is double sided and has a spanner ratchet mechanism. The socket has been made extra deep so that it protects the user’s fingers when working near brickwork and such. It is extremely strong, being made out of chrome vanadium, and will last a very long time. The handle is tapered for lining up bolt holes, and there is a small hole that you can use to secure the tool to your body by a safety cord.

  • Extremely strong and hard wearing. Made form chrome vanadium.
  • Tapered handle for lining up bolt holes
  • Extra deep socket to protect the user’s fingers
  • Double sided head to fit different sizes
  • Ratchet mechanism
  • Made to a high standard in the UK

With this podger spanner set you get three different sized tools-a 17 X19MM spanner, a 19 X 24MM spanner, and one measuring 24 X 30MM, all with a ratchet mechanism. A good deal for a penny under 30 pounds.
They are made from strong, durable CRV steel and have a nice looking smoked black finish to them. Like most podger spanners they have a tapered handle and a hole used for tethering the tool.

  • 3 different sized spanners in the set for under 30 pounds is a good deal
  • High quality and durable. Made from CRV steel
  • Smoked black finish looks nice
  • Tapered handle and hole for tethering
  • Reversible Ratchet mechanism

This podger spanner ratchet from mekanik will set you back 15 quid at the moment on Amazon. The main standout features of this tool are it’s bright and vibrant colour and long pointed handle. The bright colour actually comes in really handy when you want to locate this tool in a hurry or if you drop it. The long pointed handle is a common design feature on these types of tools and is used to align bolt holes. The ratchet will fit any ½ inch socket.

  • Made of strong steel and powder coated for longevity
  • Bright colour makes locating the tool easy
  • ½ inch socket
  • Good price at only 15 pounds
  • Reversible ratchet mechanism

This podger spanner comes to us from trusted manufacturers Neilson. It measures 37.3 x 10.7 x 6.9 cm, so it is longer than usual which can be both useful for hard to reach bolts, and a hindrance if you need to get in tighter areas. This hand tool is well made from strong steel and weighs 381 grams. It has a two sided ratchet head for different sized bolts-19mm and 21mm, and the ratchet mechanism can be used forwards or in reverse. The tool has a nice silvery finish to it to make it stand out in the toolbox and like most podger spanners, a tapered end for lining up bolt holes.

  • Longer than usual podger spanner at 37.3cm
  • Well-constructed and sturdy
  • Double sided head for 19mm and 21mm
  • Reversible ratchet mechanism
  • Shiny silver finish looks good

So, that brings to an end this article on the 5 best podger spanners in the UK. As you can see, the products are all very similar in design, with only a few differing features, such as weight and length. All of these products will do what they are supposed to and offer good value for money, and that is why they were chosen.
As already mentioned, if you are interested in purchasing any of the products featured in our reviews, simply click on the links provided.
We hope that you found these reviews helpful and informative and would invite you to visit our other pages, which offer similar information and reviews on a wide range of tools and other DIY products.

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