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5 Best Ice Scrapers Reviewed

We’ve all been there, going out to the car early on a winter’s Monday morning and having that feeling of dread come over you as you see your car windscreen encased in snow. You then realise that you don’t have a proper ice scraper and will have to make do with a poor substitute fashioned out of a piece of card or something like that. My hands are getting numb now just thinking about it, and that is why a good ice-scraper is a must. A well designed scraper can go a long way to making the removal of ice and snow a much more tolerable task.

Comparison table: 5 Best Ice Scrapers Reviewed

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars and Pick Up Trucks - The Almost Indestructible Windscreen Scraper Will Scrape Pesky Frost And Ice From Windscreens And Side Windows With Ease


desired tools Premium Ice Scraper Set (2 Pack) Heavy-duty Frost & Snow Removal for Car Windshield and Window (Red & Blue)

  • Removes the toughest of ice & snow with its extra sharp blade...
  • Extra thick & comfortable foam handle enables a strong grip for both men and women....
  • Longer than regular 1-handed ice scrapers and portable enough to fit inside your glove compartment....
  • Incredibly sturdy, durable, frostproof
  • Package includes: 2 High Quality Ice Scrapers (Red & Blue)

Carpoint 1723239 Ice Scraper Vileda

Carpoint 1723239 Ice Scraper Vileda

  • Value for money
  • Safely packed
  • High quality
  • Range always up-to-date
  • One-stop-shop

Bosmere Winter Care Windscreen Ice Scraper with Soft Grip, Multi-Coloured, W120

  • Windscreen ice scraper with soft grip
  • With a comfortable molded handle
  • Tough and durable scraper from Bosmere is an essential winter accessory
  • Scraper makes light work of frost and ice
  • Soft grip for ease of use

MATCC Ice Scraper Mitts Car Snow Scraper Windscreen Scraper with Separable Glove Waterproof Snow Remover Lined of Thick Fleece Window Scraper Black

  • 【Plastic Sharp Blade with Flute Design】Lightweight but effective
  • 【Separable Design】Unique separable design
  • 【Elastic Wrist Band & Durable Handle】Due to its elasticity
  • 【Waterproof Cloth & Warm Fleece Mitt】Made of Oxford waterproof material outside.Prevent ice...
  • 【Built For Extreme Cold Weather】Use the side of the scraper to beat the big chunks of ice on your...

Read on to see that we have picked a selection of the best ice scrapers available and reviewed them for you. Each product will have a short right up followed by bullet points highlighting the features of that model.

Redheads’’ ice scraper is a best seller and well worth shelling out 8 pounds for. First of all, the plastic used to make it is of a much higher quality than the cheap type you find in the petrol station or local supermarket and will last you a lot longer. Speaking of longer, the handle of this scraper is 6 inches long and the total length is 9.5 inches, keeping your hands away from the ice. There are two main parts to this product- the chisel side and the claw side. The chisel side has been designed to bend a little when pressure is applied so that it follows the contours of your windscreen and improves the scrapers ability to remove snow/ice/ frost. For thicker pieces of ice, there is the claw side, that you can wield like a hammer and chip the ice away. The handle has a soft foam grip for comfort and to prevent blisters.

  • Strong good quality plastic
  • 9.5 inches long keeps your hands away from the ice
  • Double sided for different tasks
  • Chisel side bends to follow the shape of your windscreen
  • Claw side can be used to remove thicker patches of ice
  • Soft grip foam handle makes it comfortable to use

The Carpoint 1723239 ice scraper is for sale at just over 6 pounds. It has two sides, one is made from hard plastic and used to scrape frost from your car windows, and the other is made from rubber and is designed to be used as a squeegee, to clear off water residue and leave your windows clear. Both sides work well and do what they are supposed to. To the scraping blade is a good balance between firm enough to scrape frost and soft enough not to damage your windows. The blade is made at a good angle for its purpose too. The whole product feels well put together for such a low price.

  • Low price but well made
  • Double sided for different purposes
  • Scraper is a good balance of hard and soft
  • Rubber side works well as a squeegee

These premium ice scrapers from desired tools have a lot of happy customers. They have a simple yet stylish design and come in a pack of 2 scrapers, one with a red handle and one with blue. The plastic blade has been designed to be extra sharp to remove stubborn ice without scratching your windscreen. On the top side of the scraper blade there is a chipper feature to help with thick icy snow. At 33cm long, it has enough length to keep your fingers out of the snow, and it only weighs 299 grams so you won’t be struggling to use it. This product comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Twin set of ice scrapers
  • Simple yet stylish design
  • The product has a good length
  • Extra sharp blade for removing ice without damaging your windows
  • Chipper feature for stubborn icy snow

The only thing wrong with using an ice scraper is that your hands still get cold. MATCC have designed their product to get around that problem by combining a waterproof mitten with a specially designed scraper that fits into the front of it. 
The outside of the mitten is made from oxford waterproof material, which does a great job at keeping your hands dry, and the inside has thick fleece lining to keep your hands warm. An elasticated wristband keeps the mitten snug and prevents snow from getting in. 
The scraper blade is made from strong ABS plastic and does a good job of shifting ice without causing damage to your windows. The handle is also plastic and the textured shape feels comfortable in your hand. The mitten can be worn on either hand and is 38cm long and 19cm wide. This is a great product for only 6.99 and really does what the makers say it does.

  • Unique mitten and scraper design
  • Waterproof material does a great job of keeping your hands dry
  • Inside of the mitten is lined with thick fleece to warm your hands
  • Scraper is a flute design with a sharp blade for shifting ice but won’t scratch your glass
  • Elasticated wristband keeps snow out of the mitten

This scraper from Bosmere is available for 3.99 for the scraper only or 6.53 if you want the mitt to go with it. The design is modern and is available in a variety of colours. The soft grip handle is made from good quality moulded plastic and is very comfortable to hold. The scraper blade is also well made and shifts frost well. This Bosmere ice scraper is very lightweight yet strong and durable and should last a long time.

  • Low price for scraper only
  • Special waterproof mitt is available
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Excellent super soft grip
  • Strong and durable

There you have it, 5 reviews of the best ice scrapers available at the moment. If you want to purchase any of these products, please click on the links provided.

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