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5 Best Belt Sanders Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

A belt sander is made up of an electric motor that turns a loop of sandpaper that is mounted on a pair of drums. They are used shaping and finishing wood, usually at the start of the process as they remove material very quickly and are maybe not the best tool for more refined work.

They are also sometimes used for removing things like varnish and paint from wood. Belt sanders can vary in size from small handheld tools all the way up to very large sanders used in manufacturing plants that can handle large sheets of wood.

Comparison table: 5 Best Belt Sanders Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Silverline Silverstorm Power File Belt Sander

Silverline Silverstorm Power File Belt Sander & 22 Sanding Belts Assorted 13x457mm 40 grit 60 grit 80 grit 120 grit

  • Electric belt sander with narrow
  • Quick tensioning system enables quick and easy belt changes.
  • Removable vacuum dust extraction adapter.
  • For intricate sanding of various materials in difficult to access areas.
  • Includes two 13mm x 457mm sanding belts.

Neilsen CT1075 AIR Belt Sander/Finger File

Neilsen CT1075 AIR Belt Sander/Finger File, Red

  • 10mm air belt sander
  • Sanding belt - 10 x 330mm
  • Air hose - 3/8 inch
  • Free speed - 1600Rpm
  • 1/4 inch air inlet

Evolution Power Tools Precision File Sander

  • Adjustable sanding arm for comfort (120 degree)
  • Variable speed provides optimum control (300-1700 rpm)
  • Slim-line design, lightweight and portable
  • Three sanding belts included
  • 2 years limited warranty (only valid if purchased in the UK)

Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander

  • Fitted with the Bosch microfilter system for efficient built-in dust extraction
  • Automatic belt tensioning system makes changing the belt quick and easy
  • Manual belt alignment is not required as the belt is automatically held in the correct work position while sanding...
  • Can also be used for stationary work
  • Compact design, improved manageability and handling of the tool

TACKLIFE Belt Sander, 600W

  • 🏡 MULTIPURPOSE: Turn the belt sander upside down and fix it with screw clamp to create a sanding platform;...
  • 🏡 6 VARIABLE SPEEDS: 5A motor rotates the belt up to a speed of 250m/min.Belt speed can be adjusted...
  • 🏡 LARGER & EASIER TO CHANGE SANDING BELT: SDS sanding belt system makes it easier and more convenient to...
  • 🏡 DUST COLLECTION BOX & LOCKING SWITCH: A dust collection port and two vacuum cleaner adaptors are included; Connecting...
  • 🏡 WHAT YOU GET: 1 X Tacklife Belt Sander

On this page we have reviewed our choices for the best belt sanders to be used by your average person, available in the UK. Bullet points have been added underneath the products for you to clearly see the highlights of each one.

The Bosch PBS75A is a great bit of kit that offers a high material removal rate and is great for tackling large areas like floors and tables. This belt sander has been made with versatility in mind and can be used both as a stationary unit (upside down or on its side) or as a handheld tool. To make tidying up easier, it has been fitted with a micro filter system for dust extraction. The PBS75A weighs just over 4 kilograms and is easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic design and low vibration system. The accelerator function allows the user to control the speed which is useful when working with different materials. Belt alignment is dealt with automatically as is belt tensioning. This product can be yours for 79.96.

  • Variable speed control
  • Versatile and can be used as a handheld tool or a stationary unit
  • Low vibration system
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Automatic belt alignment keeps it in the correct position
  • Automatic belt tensioning system
  • Bosch micro filter system helps with dust extraction

The Silverstorm belt sander from Silverline has a sleek and narrow design. The sanding belt is described by the makers as ‘file like’ and I’d have to agree with them. The sanding belt ‘file arm’ is adjustable to different angles to suit your purposes and there are also a selection of speeds to choose from. Weighing less a 1 kilogram, the Silverline silverstorm won’t cause any problems when it comes to handling it and it is great for getting at hard to reach surfaces. This belt sander comes with 2 spare sanding belts and they are easy to fit and change thanks to the Silverstorm’s quick tensioning system. There is also a vacuum dust extraction adapter that is removable.

  • Sleek and narrow ‘finger’ design
  • Very lightweight and good for getting into hard to reach places
  • Quick tensioning system makes it easy to change belts
  • File arm angle can be adjusted
  • Speed variable
  • Comes with 2 sanding belts
  • Removable vacuum dust extractor

This is another finger file style belt sander, this time being air powered and coming from makers ‘Neilsen’. Priced at just 28.49 with free UK delivery on Amazon, it offers very good value for money. The finger design and super light 322 gram weight makes it a great tool for grinding down hard to reach plug welds. The sanding belt measures 10mm x 330mm and the sander comes with 3 different sanding belts. It has a ¼ inch air inlet and 3/8 inch air hose.

  • Narrow build makes it easier to get into tight spaces
  • Very light at only 322 grams
  • Low price
  • Comes with 3 different sanding belts
  • Air powered tool, has a free speed of 1600rpm
  • 10mm x 330mm sanding belt

The Evolution power tools precision file sander is perfect for finishing off the edges of curved metal or wood work. The speed can be controlled from 300 to 1700rpm giving you a lot of control when you want to do some precise work. At 1.75kg it is far from heavy and can be handled by anyone without too much hassle. Its compact design make it ideal for what it is designed for- precision sanding and finishing. The sanding arm angle is adjustable and that allows you to keep your hand in a comfortable position even when in tight spots. This product comes with 3 sanding belts and a 2 year warranty in the UK.

  • Small and lightweight design
  • Adjustable sanding arm keeps your hands in a comfortable working position
  • Adjustable speed from 300-1700rpm gives you control
  • Perfect for precision jobs
  • Comes with 3 sanding belts and a 2 year warranty
  • Comes with single and twin wheeled sanding heads

Priced at 42.99 on Amazon with free UK delivery, the Tacklife 600W belt sander is a product that offers great value for money. This is a powerful sander and can be used for heavy duty material removal. It can used as a handheld tool or fixed in place with the supplied screw clamps to act as a stationary sanding platform. There are 6 different speeds to choose from and the large 75mm x 457mm sanding belt can reach speeds of 250m per minute. Included in the box are a dust collection port and 2 vacuum cleaner adapters for collecting your debris. This sander also has a locking switch so you don’t have to hold the trigger in when working for extended periods. The Tacklife belt sander comes with a 2 year warranty.

  • Powerful and heavy duty belt sander
  • Can be used as a hand tool or fixed with clamps and used as a stationary unit
  • 6 speeds to choose from
  • Large 75mm x 457mm sanding belt
  • Dust collection port and 2 vacuum cleaner adapters
  • Locking switch for trigger for when you work for long periods
  • 2 year warranty

That brings to end this page of reviews for the best belt sanders out there on the UK market. If you are interested in the products and want to know more, please click on the links provided.

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