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5 Best Air Compressors (November 2020 Relevant)

Having your own air compressor can be a highly useful thing. They can be used for numerous tasks such as inflating things like car and bike tyres, inflatable swimming pools and toys, and balls. They can also be tasked with supplying medium pressure air in order to power some kinds of drills, jackhammers, nail guns, and other pneumatic tools.
Air compressors convert power from electricity or some other fuel source into pressurised air that is stored a tank. The potential energy in the compressed air is turned into kinetic energy as the tank is depressurised and the air is released.
Air compressors can be classified as low pressure, medium pressure or high pressure depending on their discharge pressure psi. 150psi or less is classed as low pressure, 151 to 1000psi is medium pressure, and anything over 100psi is a high pressure air compressor.

Comparison table: 5 Best Air Compressors (November 2020 Relevant)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice


  • [Auto shut off] you can just saunter around the car after the desired pressure value is preset...
  • 【Touch screen display & LED lighting】: The portable air compressor equipped with a large high-precision and bright display that...
  • 【Strong power & fast inflation】: up to 150 psi
  • 【Multi-purpose】: the tire Pump’s 3M long power cord allows to reach all Tires of your car...

4.5/5 from 307 reviews

Oasser Tyre Inflator Air Compressor

  • 【Portable and Cordless】With its built-in large rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium battery
  • 【LCD Digital Pressure Gauge】Just preset the required tire pressure (Max pressure 130 Psi)...
  • 【Fashionable Design】The pump with LED light is uniquely pistol-shaped and portable to use in both day and night....
  • 【Excellent Performance and Great Durability】The maximum inflatable pressure is 130psi
  • 【Abundant Accessories】Package including:12V power base

4.4/5 from 317 reviews

FYLINA AU01004 Updated Touch Screen Inflator

  • [Auto shut off] you can just saunter around the car after the desired pressure value is preset...
  • 【Touch screen display & LED lighting】: The portable air compressor equipped with a large high-precision and bright display that...
  • 【Strong power & fast inflation】: up to 150 psi
  • 【Multi-purpose】: the tire Pump’s 3M long power cord allows to reach all Tires of your car...
  • 【Space-saving & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 】: Portable tire Inflator with compact design makes it easy to lift...

3.5/5 from 56 reviews

Sealey MAC2300 Air Compressor 12V Heavy-Duty

  • Suitable for inflating tyres on cars
  • Powered by reliable, heavy-duty motor producing 45ft³ of air per hour....
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 200psi.
  • Typical Inflation Time: 0-30psi in 218sec (175/70/R13).
  • Accessory kit containing, Presta type adaptor

3.5/5 from 15 reviews

Below, we have selected and reviewed the air compressors that we think offer the best value for money in the UK, at the moment. We have included easy to read bullet points so you can scan through the features faster if you so wish.

For just under 50 pounds you can buy this 130psi hand held air compressor from Oasser. This product is extremely popular and has received extremely good feedback from customers. It is suitable for general home use- inflating tyres and inflatable toys, and has multiple nozzles and connectors so you should always have the right one close at hand. This air compressor is powered by a rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium ion battery which has ample capacity for dealing with the tasks it was designed to tackle. This product comes with a large array of accessories and also a handy carry bag.

  • Compact 130psi air compressor that can be held in one hand
  • 2200 mAh high capacity lithium ion battery
  • Comes with a large selection of accessories such as nozzles and different sized hoses.
  • LCD display shows you the pressure of the pump in 3 different units and also the battery level
  • Weighs just 1.25kg and is easy to carry around
  • Comes with a 12V power base
  • Cool looking modern design, and also well built from good quality materials

2. Wolf Dakota 90 Litre, 3HP, 14CFM, 240v, MWP 150psi, 10BAR Twin Cylinder Pump Belt Driven Air Compressor

The Wolf Dakota belt driven air compressor is a great choice if you’re looking for something to power your air tools in your garage or workshop. It has been made with a twin cylinder belt drive pump designed to run quietly and operates up to 150psi (10 Bar). The pump is powered by a 3HP 230V induction motor that needs to be powered from a heavy duty supply and won’t work well if you are using extension leads. The air receiver can hold 90 litres of compressed air and has been fitted with wheels to make it portable.

  • 150psi maximum operating pressure
  • Powerful 3HP 230V single phase motor
  • 90 litre air receiver tank
  • Fitted with wheels to make it portable
  • Slow running, twin cylinder, belt drive pump runs quietly
  • Air displacement of 397 liters per minute.

3. Sealey MAC2300 Air Compressor 12V Heavy-Duty

If you’re planning a road trip and you want a compact air compressor you can use in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t require a charged battery, than this product from Sealey might be the one for you.
Its best feature that it can be plugged into and powered by the cigarette lighter so you don’t have to worry about remembering to any charge batteries. It’s compact and lightweight design means it can be stored in the boot of your car without taking up too much space. The electric motor supplies enough power to compress free air to 30psi at 45 cubic feet per hour.

  • Can be connected and run off your car’s cigarette lighter
  • 30psi at 45 cubic feet per hour
  • Perfect for inflating caravan/car/motorcycle tyres
  • Comes with a presta type adapter, ball spike and 2 inflatable adapters that can be stored on the main unit
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable composite case

Flylina’s 150psi touch screen inflator is an excellent modern product with some great features and functions and is available at the low price of 29.99. Like the Sealey compressor we just reviewed, this product can also be connected to and powered by the car cigarette lighter and has a 3 metre long power cord. One of the best features is the auto shut off, which allows you to leave the compressor to it once connected and it will inflate to the desired pressure before automatically turning itself off. This is a surprisingly powerful machine and can fully inflate a 35psi tire in under 4 minutes. The digital touch screen is very easy to use and the built in LED light could be a light saver if you have to inflate a tyre on a dark country lane at night. Product dimensions are 23 x 16.6 x 9.4cm, and it weighs 780 grams.

  • 150psi
  • Low price at under 30 pounds
  • Digital touch screen operating system
  • Auto shut off mode gives you more freedom
  • Can connect to cigarette lighter and has a 3 metre power cord
  • Surprisingly powerful- can inflate a car tyre in under 4 minutes
  • Built in bright LED light to help you work in the dark

This air compressor set from Cobra will make a great addition to your garage or workshop. Priced at 96.50, this set includes a 25 litre air compressor, paint gun, paraffin gun, tyre inflator, blow gun and hose. The compressor runs off a 2.5HP motor and has a maximum operating pressure of 115psi / 8bar. There are twin gauges to display working pressure, a fully automatic pressure cut out switch and wheels on the 25 litre tank to make it mobile. The tools are all made of solid materials and work well.

  • A large set that offers good value for money
  • Multiple tools have a wide range of applications
  • Good quality 115psi compressor
  • Tank fitted with wheels for mobility
  • Twin gauges display working pressure
  • Automatic cut out switch

That concludes our reviews on air compressors. We hope you have found it useful and please click on the links if you are interested in buying any of these products.