4 Best Bench Grinders Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

What is a bench grinder? A bench grinder is a bench top tool that usually has two abrasive grinding wheels, on one either side.
They come in various weights and sizes and also different power outputs, and also different grinding wheel grades. You should think about what you will be using the bench grinder for before you decide on a product.
For instance, if you’re main reason for buying one is for sharpening tools and such, you probably won’t need the most powerful models.
If you intend to buff and polish things, you’ll be better off with a tool that either has a wire brush/buffing wheel or one that can be fitted with one easily.

Comparison table: 4 Best Bench Grinders Reviewed (November 2020 Relevant)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Sealey BG150WL Bench Grinder Ø150mm with Work Light 250W/230V

  • 250W/230V Induction motor.
  • Suitable for general workshop grinding and sharpening.
  • Features built-in wheel dresser for cleaning
  • Pivoting work light for added visibility in poorly illuminated areas.
  • Supplied with one coarse and one fine wheel.

Silverline 263511

  • Fitted with 150 mm medium and fine grade grinding wheels
  • Large eye shields for operator protection
  • Rubber mounting feet
  • All-steel wheel guards and tool rests
  • Compact size for smaller work areas

Draper 05097 200mm 550W 230V Heavy Duty Bench Grinder with Worklight

  • Two grinding wheels
  • Worklight
  • Adjustable eye protection shields
  • Spark deflectors
  • Wheel guards

Einhell TH-BG 150 W Bench Grinder

  • Four rubber feet for safe
  • Adjustable work supports for different applications
  • Robust compact metal construction for a long service life
  • Zero-play ball-bearing shaft enables precise operations
  • Adjustable spark reflectors for safe operation

Selecting the right one for you is important, so we have decided to lend a hand and review the top 5 bench grinders that offer value for money, you can buy in the UK at the present time.
 The reviews highlight the main features of each product so you can quickly and easily compare them, and if you are interested in purchasing one of them, or you want to find more information, you can click on the links we’ve provided.

1. Draper 05097 200mm 550W 230V Heavy Duty Bench Grinder with Worklight

Our first review is of this offering from Draper, priced at 118.99. 
It sports two grinding wheels- One coarse wheel for more heavy duty work, and one fine grinding wheel for those jobs that require more finesse. There is also the option of swapping one of the wheels for a wire brush wheel in case you need to do a bit of polishing.
The incandescent work light can be moved around so you can find the right position, and it gives off a decent amount of light too.
As we all know, you have to take care of your eyes when using any type of grinder, and this tool has some built in features to help. The eye protection shields can be adjusted, and there are also spark deflectors.
The 550W motor provides a lot of power and torque, so it’s a good job there are wheel guards to help prevent any unfortunate accidents. 
This bench grinder weighs 17kg and measures 47.6 x 33.8 x 31.8 cm. A variation of this model is available with a grinder and belt sander combination.

  • 550W Provides a lot of torque
  • 1 coarse grinding wheel and 1 fine wheel
  • Can be swapped with a wire brush wheel for polishing tasks
  • Built in worklight
  • Adjustable eye shields and spark deflectors
  • Wheel guards, grinding wheel dresser, tool rests and storage tray
  • Solid construction

With a low price of 38.57, and a host of clever features, it’s easy to see why we chose this Einhell TH-BG bench grinder as one of our reviews.
Vibration is always an issue when using power tools, especially grinders, so anything that can reduce that is always welcome. This bench grinder has been fitted with rubber feet to lower vibration, and they are also helped in this task with the ball bearing mounted shaft and the tools sturdy metal frame.
There are two 150mm grinding wheels- a coarse one and a fine one, and they are powered by a 230V 150W motor. 
For safety, this tool has adjustable spark reflectors and the guard hoods have closed sides.
Another nice feature is the adjustable tool rest that can be quickly altered via the locking screws to suit the job at hand. 
At only 5 kilograms, this is a lightweight machine that can be easily moved for storage.

  • Solid construction and durable
  • Rubber feet and ball bearing mounted shafted reduces vibration
  • 1 coarse and 1 fine 150mm grinding wheel
  • Adjustable spark deflectors
  • Guard hoods have closed sides
  • Adjustable tool rest
  • Lightweight at only 5 kilograms
  • Good price

Sealey are renowned for making high quality tools that last, and they can now add this bench grinder to their long list of achievements. 
Everything on this tool feels solid, right down to the sturdy tool rests and other small parts, and you can be sure of the longevity.
A 250W 230V induction motor drives the coarse and fine grinder wheels with enough power and torque to get you through pretty much any DIY grinding jobs, and when not under load, runs very quietly.
Working in dimly lit areas isn’t a problem with this tool thanks to the built in moveable work light, and keeping your grinder wheels up to task is made easier by the integrated wheel dresser.
This grinder comes with spark deflectors, adjustable eye shields and stone guards to keep you safe, and there is also a handy water tray for cooling off your tools once you’ve sharpened them.

  • Excellent build quality. Strong and long lasting
  • 250W motor provides torque while running quietly
  • Moveable work light
  • Built-in wheel dresser
  • Spark deflectors, adjustable eye shields and stone guards for safety
  • Water tray for cooling tools
  • Twin grinding wheels

If you’re looking for a low price, compact bench grinder for sharpening up a few tools at home, then this Silverline product might be for you.
It has a decent 150W 230V electric motor and two 150mm grinding wheels like the rest of our reviewed products. The grinding wheels are covered in steel guards for safety and there are large eye shields too. 
As already stated, the Silverline 263511 is a compact machine, perfect for home use, with dimensions of 29.5 x 20 x 21 cm and a weight of just 5.4 kilograms.
There are steel tool rests that feel strong enough to last and the rubber feet on bottom of the tool help to keep your work areas damage free while reducing vibrations.

  • Very cheap and popular product
  • 150W motor drives twin grinding wheels
  • All steel wheel guards and tool holders
  • Large eye shields
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rubber feet to keep surfaces damage free and to reduce vibration

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