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Auger accessories to help you operate

If you own an auger or are planning to buy one, and are pondering about what else is required, this article will be of interest to you. For those unaware what an auger is, it is a gadget that is used to drill holes into earth or wood. While augers were manually operated earlier, say in the last century; these days we see petrol powered augers being used predominantly. Among the petrol powered ones, the relatively smaller ones have an inbuilt engine that generates power to drill the hole while the bigger ones work on power generated from an external engine such as a tractor engine.

Comparison table: Auger Accessories (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Makita P-46464 Hexagon DIN 200mm standard auger 5 pieces set

Makita P-46464 Hexagon DIN 200mm Standard Auger Set 5 Piece, Multi-Colour, Set of 5

  • Hexagon DIN 200mm Standard Auger Set
  • 5 Piece
  • Perfect for Woodworking tasks
  • NOT for use with impact drivers

4.6/5 from 77 reviews

Flower Bulb HEX shaft drill planter garden grass plug bulb

Flower Bulb HEX Shaft Drill Planter Garden Grass Plug Bulb Auger Spiral Hand Dril Bit Accessories Patio Soil Cultivator Tool for Planting Bedding Seedlings Trees (8 * 30cm)

  • Earth auger post hole digger
  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • Easily dig through most soil types even clay and rocky soil
  • Excellent for planting flower bulbs
  • Non-Slip design that fits any electric or cordless drill

2.9/5 from 6 reviews

Convient electric hand auger drill bit gloves from Lc-tools

  • Precision ground point, flutes
  • Particularly successful in cutting through hard metals such as stainless steel and cast iron...
  • Allows access to previously impossible to reach areas
  • Good quality offer long service life easy-to-turn
  • We do care about your satisfaction
Not enough reviews to accurately rate this product.

Takefuns 40/60mm x 800mm earth auger drill bit and fence borer

  • 1. Heavy-duty construction, good quality and durable in use.
  • 2. Ideal for landscape professionals and tree specialists.
  • 3. Efficiency, easy to carry and conducive to field operations.
  • 4. This auger connects to a standard 20mm shaft so it will suit most post hole diggers on the...
Not enough reviews to accurately rate this product.

Dewalt auger safety eyewear

  • Athletic and modern full-frame design.
  • Soft rubber nosepiece.
  • Rubberized temples for added comfort in any environment.
  • EN166.
  • Material: Polycarbonate/Rubber.
Not enough reviews to accurately rate this product.

Like every other gadget, the auger is no stranger to shortcomings or side effects. While some of the augers are marketed as a kit that includes a set of accessories to go with it, many are sold as just stand alone gadgets. In such instances, it becomes imperative to buy the required accessories to maximise the effect of your auger by swapping its existing parts with high effect ones. You would also need certain accessories to ensure your safety and that of anybody in its vicinity while the auger is in operation. Taking a cue from this statement, let us take a look at some of the accessories for your auger.

The Flower Bulb HEX shaft drill planter garden grass plug bulb is a gadget that can be used as a hand tool or even as a bit accessory for your electric or cordless drill. It boasts of being made of heavy duty steel, possessing a full hex shaft and a non slip design that would fit into any electric or cordless auger or drill. Thanks to its build quality, it is durable and rust proof making it an accessory that can be used for many years to come. Further, the ground drill is easily disassemblable making its storage quite easy. Ideal for planting seeds, grass plugs, small bulbs and nursery stock seedlings, the Flower Bulb HEX shaft drill planter garden grass plug bulb comes in three sizes – 8 x 25 cm, 8 x 30 cm and 4 x 17 cm. With a ⅜ inch to connect with all drills, this is almost universally compatible with all augers/drillers.

If you are a gardener, this is will be a good addition to your arsenal of gardening tools without weighing heavily on your pocket. You will realize that by using this accessory you have planted more plants in very less time.

Much similar to the product reviewed earlier, but differing in dimensions the Volwco earth auger spiral drill bit and post hole borer with non-slip hex drive attachment is a great addition to your list of garden tools. Though this accessory comes in various sizes such as 4 x 22 cm, 5 x 22 cm, 8 x 25 cm, 8 x 30 cm, and 45 x 4 cm, let us take a look at the last one only here since it is the biggest offering compared to the earlier accessory reviewed.

Similar to most accessories of this kind, the Volwco earth auger spiral drill bit with non-slip hex drive attachment can be fitted to a standard electric or cordless drill with ease. This spiral drill bit helps you to effortlessly plough deep into garden soil, saving quite a lot of your time. The non-slip hex drive ensures that the drill bit grips well in the drill chucks thanks to the hex-shaped end. Further, the point on the spiral drill bit keeps it secured and steady when you dig the compacted ground. The Volwco earth auger spiral drill bit with non-slip hex drive attachment is made of quality carbon steel. This makes it strong and durable and not easy to break off. As mentioned earlier, the size that we took a look at was the biggest offered by this range of drill accessories – 45 x 4cm. It helps you dig a deep hole in a shorter span of time. Weighing just about 240 grams, this is best suited to plant flowers and bulbs.

Though not made of steel, carbon steel does the job quite well and it inspires a lot of confidence when used with an auger / driller thanks to its sturdy design.

The next accessory that we are going to review is the Takefuns 40/60mm x 800mm earth auger drill bit fence borer. Unlike the earlier two accessories that we took a look at, this one is specifically for petrol powered augers. Let us see why this would be a worthy accessory to your petrol earth auger.

This accessory has a heavy-duty construction that indicates good quality and durability. It is expected to give trouble free service for long durations. Given the exceptional build quality and durability due to the use of high speed steel, the Takefuns 40/60mm x 800mm earth auger drill bit fence borer is best suited for landscape professionals as well as tree specialists. This is easy to carry and hence is conducive for field operations that their profession demands. As far as compatibility goes, this accessory connects to a standard 20 mm shaft that is most common in petrol operated augers and pole diggers that are available in the stores.  This 40/60/100mm x 800mm earth auger drill bit fence borer has a total length of 800 mm. The bit diameter is either 40 mm or 60 mm or 100 mm while the shaft connector is 20 mm thick. This is best used for drilling fence pole holes, turning and breaking soil, planting trees, ice fishing, and irrigation tasks among others. If you are somebody who has many passions, such as the ones mentioned above, this accessory can be quite useful. In fact, even otherwise this would be a worthy addition.

4. Makita P-46464 Hexagon DIN 200mm standard auger 5 pieces set

While we were reviewing the accessories for the earth augers earlier, now let us venture into an accessory that is meant for the wood augers as well – the Makita P-46464 Hexagon DIN 200mm standard auger 5 piece set. This essentially is a hexagon DIN 200mm standard auger set that has 5 pieces.

The P-46464 set contains five ground auger bits of supreme quality with threaded self drilling point. The auger bits provided include 1 x 6 mm, 1 x 8 mm, 1 x 13 mm, 1 x 16 mm and 1 x 19 mm. Each of these bits exhibits excellent finishing and high speed cutting ability. They ensure that the quality of the hole and good roundness to the hole dig. They can be used for both soft and hard wood. All these are provided in a plastic case for storage. Weighing about 680 grams, the P-46464 set is best suited for wood-working tasks and is not meant to be used with impact drivers.

Until now we have been talking about the auger accessories that will be used along with the auger to accentuate its effect. While it is imperative to understand about the accessories that can make your task easier, it is equally important to invest in safety accessories before you start using the auger. So, now we are going to take a look at a simple but very useful accessory – the auger safety eye gear. This one, the Dewalt auger safety eyewear looks sporty and yet does the job of protecting your eyes with ease.

This auger safety eyewear has a modern full frame design that wraps around your eye ensuring complete protection. It comes in a one size fits-all design that also houses a soft rubber nose piece for extra comfort. The portion in touch with the temple is also rubberised to provide comfort in any environment. This auger safety eyewear is made of polycarbonate making it lightweight and can be easily wiped clean after all the action is over at the garden. The Dewalt auger safety eyewear conforms to the EN166 safety specification.

If you are looking for an auger safety eyewear that scores high in safety as well as style Dewalt auger safety eyewear would be a good choice. It is lightweight, offers the required protection and is sporty.

When you get an accessory that is expected to extend the capabilities of your garden auger and end up getting a pair of safety accessory as free, the benefit is two-fold. That is exactly what the Convient electric hand auger drill bit gloves from Lc-tools offers. If you are going for just the hand gloves, it is adequate to provide optimal safety to your hands, while operating the auger. For those who have never used an auger, it would be wise to point out that the augers, especially the ones running on petrol or a power source generate quite a lot of power. The linear power is converted into a huge amount of torque that is used for drilling. This arrangement can result in vibrations while drilling and can be quite taxing on the palms and fingers, especially when the auger encounters a hard rock while drilling through the soil. Most augers are fitted with ergonomic and cushioned grips to reduce the impact. However, a pair of auger drill gloves is something that would be a good addition to your auger accessories.

The Convient electric hand auger drill bit gloves from Lc-tools offers only a pair of safety gloves in one offering while bundling it with an auger drill bit that can be used to drill through metal surfaces too. This accessory features a precision ground point, tough body, flutes, clearance, and exact drill diameter to offer top notch accuracy and superior performance.

The tough build makes this hand auger drill bit a preferred choice for cutting through hard metals such as cast iron and stainless steel as well as for softer materials. It can turn your auger drill into an all purpose auger drill. This can be used with any electric or cordless drill / auger that can accommodate a ⅜ inch bit. The size of the bit included is 37 cm x 4.6 cm. This auger drill bit is ideal for digging deep holes in your garden and even on sidewalks. It can also be used for fertilising shrubs and trees as well as for deep watering and pesticide application as it allows access to previously hard to reach areas. Equipped with a non-slip handle and ergonomically designed this hand auger drill bit is quite comfortable to hold. The pair of cloth gloves offered further adds to the comfort.

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