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How to use a garden multi tool – what can it do and is it value for money?

Garden multi tools have literally changed the way that we go about looking after our garden. This is generally because even the most versatile garden multi tools cost less than a couple of hundred pounds for a reasonably well made setup. You can expect incredible quality and performance as you move up the Price range too. For example the Makita Garden multi tool setup is a fair bit more money but then it’s a cordless battery arrangement so that’s expected.

Using these tools the right way can save you a huge amount of work so I’ve decided to put together some of the best ways to use a garden multi tool. What’s shocking about the list I’m about to produce from my personal experience of using the BU-KO 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool is that all of these tasks are possible for less than the price of a top brand single tool. For example, a cordless chainsaw from Makita costs more. Although I have to say, that is a stunning tool all in itself 😀 Still the point is you can get incredible value for money and I am glad to be sharing my experiences:

Chop down small trees with a garden multi tool chainsaw attachment

One of the coolest and most fun things you’ll do with a garden multi tool is trim and cut down small trees. If you’re trying to clean an overgrown area then you will have absolutely no trouble at all working your way through even the most neglected of areas in a couple of hours. I cleared an entire garden in a day using this setup.

Garden multi tool hard at work taking down an overgrown garden in no time

This multi tool literally left piles of green waste after piles. It was absolutely relentless, in fact it stood up to the harshest of punishment I could give it. That’s saying something because if you watch my little video demos you’ll se that I absolutely love putting tools right through their paces. And to be fair sometimes they fail. But isn’t that the whole point in testing so you know how good a tool really is? 😀 I as I mentioned a quality cordless chainsaw from Makita costs more than this entire setup!

You’ll be able to cut 8 inch logs from experience with relative ease. Whilst this is by no means a big tree tool, for a little garden it’s getting you by.

Remove thick brush and bramble

Where this tool scores the absolute best is removing thick brush and bramble. If you look at the cost of a cordless brushcutter you’ll see that a multi tool costs less and does the job just as well. Granted we are talking about a lesser known model when compared to the garden multi tool range, the performance is still right up there.

You’ll literally rip through blackberry, thick brush, you name it. The cutter wheels on these with blades are absolutely superb and smashing their way through the most dense of shrubby material. Quite frankly I don’t know any one way to get rid of bramble than use a garden multi tool cutting wheel these days.

Trim hedges with a long reach attachment rather than a tripod ladder

You buy a long reach hedge trimmer only to find out that a garden multi tool has it covered with superior reach and a fraction of the price as an overall kit! As we go through the uses of a garden multi tool it’s becoming clearer by the minute that these tools really are taking over for value and performance. You’ll have no trouble at all reach hedges hat are 2.4m in height and that’s from personal experience. I am only 5 foot 10 with short arms if that helps you to visualise and gauge how much you’ll be able to reach standing at floor level.

Given that you’re free standing rather than up a tripod ladder it lends itself to much straighter and neater looking hedges. This is obviously a significant bonus as well as the fact it’s far more comfortable to use.

tripod ladders are great but I would rather stand on the ground with a long reach hedge trimmer in my experience.

Cut lawn edges and weeds with the strimmer attachment

Whilst cordless strimmers are pretty sensible money, if you’re looking for any of the other functions mentioned in how to use a garden multi tool then it’s a no brainer to go down this route. Being that they are often petrol setups they have insane amounts of power for your general trimming. In fact from experience I would probably say they are overkill. The noise and power is at the top end of what you would need for simple lawn edging though it certainly does beat using lawn edging shears.

Weeds are just the same. They stand little chance just with the trimmer attachment, let alone if you really go at them with the cutter wheel.

Prune trees with a garden multi tool

Whilst I love using a pruning saw, you would not believe how much enjoyment I get from trimming my trees using the chainsaw attachment. The job is just so easy. You literally stand in one position comfortably with the extension pole and simply remove branches in seconds. I’d say it takes little more than ten minutes to completely prune a tree back. Rest assured the pruning saw takes much longer and requires far more effort!

Are garden multi tools value for money?

A resounding yes, garden multi tools represent stunning value for money and all my research points to the fact that people are buying these one tool fits all setups far more than individual kit nowadays. This is generally because garden multi tools are absolutely ideal for the average hobby gardener which is the largest market in the UK.

I am glad I have been able to go through you you can use a garden multi tool and hope you’ll find plenty of use for yours in your garden too!