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How do cordless lawnmowers work?

I remember the very first lawnmower that I ever had a go on. It was in my Grandfather’s garden and I was a young child, probably about 5 or 6 years old. It was a very old and rusty push lawnmower that barely did what it was supposed it, but I still remember enjoying pushing it around and feeling like I was helping.
My next memory involving lawnmowers was seeing the brand new electric model that my mum brought home from B&Q with her, and when compared to my grandfather’s rackety push mower, this thing looked like a spaceship with shiny plastic and brightly coloured buttons and was a hell of a lot easier to use than any push mower, I can tell you.
Technology moves so quickly, and although I never saw or heard of a cordless lawnmower while growing up, today’s market is awash with excellent products to choose from, but are they a good option for you? Let’s look at how they measure up to other types of lawnmower.

Comparing cordless lawnmowers to other types

The most obvious products to make comparisons with are of course corded electric lawnmowers.
The advantage that cordless models have over standard electric mowers is the freedom of movement they give you. There are no power cords limiting how far from the wall socket you can operate the tool, and also nothing to get tangled up or trip on.
When it comes to power and cutting performance, they are mostly on par with each other, however, some of the higher-end electric mowers tend to be a bit more powerful. For all intents and purposes though, you wouldn’t really notice much difference.

The other main rivals of cordless lawnmowers are petrol mowers, and these provide the same freedom of movement but with more power, and longer running times.
So why choose a cordless model over a petrol one? Well, for most people, the type of power you get from a more expensive petrol lawnmower just isn’t needed. Then there is the increase in noise, and of course the fumes, fuel costs, and the environmental impact associated with petrol models. Here’s a video that compares the different types of lawnmower-

In recent years there has been an increase in robot mower products on the market, and they are growing in popularity. Still, some people are put off by having to set up the guidewire, and programming that is required to use these mowers, and many still prefer to be in control of the mower themselves, and that’s why they opt for a cordless lawnmower instead.

How do cordless lawnmowers work?

Cordless lawnmowers don’t run from the mains supply of your house or even a generator. Instead, they are powered by batteries, and because of technological advances in the science of batteries, cordless lawnmowers are a much more viable product than they were a couple of decades ago.
Apart from the power source, cordless lawnmowers work in much the same way as any other mower; a blade spins around and cuts the grass. Just like their corded and petrol-powered counterparts, they have collection boxes for the cut grass, adjustable cutting lengths, and all the other features you’d expect. The only major difference with cordless lawnmowers is their reliance on batteries, oh, and that you won’t ever find yourself doing this-

What batteries are used in cordless lawnmowers?

The batteries used in cordless lawnmowers are not your standard AAA type. Because of the increased energy needs of these products, a special lithium-ion (sometimes referred to as li-ion) battery, or batteries for more powerful mowers, are used. These batteries come in a range of sizes measured in volts and also in their capacity, which is shown by a number followed by the letters mAh, for example, 2600mAh. You’ve probably already seen this measurement on power banks that are used for mobile phones. The higher the number, the larger the charge it is able to hold, so bigger is better when it comes to batteries.
These batteries are not only used for cordless lawnmowers, but for all kinds of garden tools such as cordless strimmers and hedge trimmers.
If you really want to know how lithium-ion batteries work, and how they differ from traditional batteries, you can watch this short but informative video-

How long do cordless lawnmower batteries last?

It all depends on the size of the battery and its capacity, but generally speaking, you should get at least half an hour of continuous use out of a standard cordless lawnmower on a fully charged battery, with some models lasting longer because of power-saving modes.
The lifespan of a typical li-ion battery is between three and five years, but depends on how times you charge it. Some battery makers will even advertise that their batteries are good for 500, 600, etc. charges before they need to be changed for new ones.
There are a few tricks you can use to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your batteries, and this video does a good job of covering them-

How long are the charging times for cordless lawnmower batteries?

Again, there are a few variables to consider here, like the size of the battery and the quality of the charger that is used, but on average, a cordless lawn mower battery will be fully charged in around one to two hours. As technology is improving, these times are getting shorter and shorter though, and the most up-to-date cordless mower batteries are charging in as little as half an hour.

Should I buy a cordless mower?

Whether or not to buy a cordless lawnmower is really just a matter of personal preference, as there are pros and cons to them.
Yes, they are quiet and produce no fumes, and very easy to maintain. Then there is the fact that they are highly maneuverable and have a much better range than standard electric mowers.
On the other hand, you do have to remember to keep the batteries charged, and it is even advisable to have more than one battery, that way you can have one charging while one is in the machine. These batteries don’t come cheap though, and a lot of cordless lawnmowers are sold without them, so that is something to think about.
After all has been said, I suppose it comes down to how much you want to spend on your lawnmower, and if you don’t mind charging batteries. From the high numbers of sales in recent years, plus tweets like the ones below, it seems that many of you don’t mind at all.

We hope we have successfully and informative answered the question ‘how do cordless lawn mowers work?’ here today, and maybe even given out some extra info that comes in handy. Until next time. bye-bye guys.