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The log splitter accessories you should have

Log splitters are really a boon to mankind. We have been cutting firewood with great physical effort for centuries. Using an axe make it risky too. Possibility of getting injured was more with an axe. When this became physically challenging humans started to think about a way to achieve this using lesser effort. This resulted in the invention of log splitters. There are many types of log splitters. There are manual, electric, petrol, and gas log splitters. Manual and electric log splitters are mainly used for domestic use. Even though the manual splitters are still physically demanding, the risk involved is very less compared to axe.

Comparison table: Best log splitter accessories (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Forest Master Ltd Logsplitter Stand, Orange

Forest Master Ltd Logsplitter Stand, Orange

  • FM8 & FM10 compatible stand
  • Adjustable frame to fit 52cm and 37cm length machines
  • Allows for a comfortable working height
  • Heavy Duty
  • Wheels allow for portability with the log splitter attached (wheels not supplied...

4.3/5 from 22 reviews

Universal Electric Log Splitter Stand Trolley

  • Bring The Splitter Up To Working Height
  • Edit Product Info.htm
  • Adjustable To Fit A Wide Range Of Log Splitters
  • For any further information please contact our UK customer helpline on 0191 2966966

4.7/5 from 8 reviews

Oregon 536321 Tongs for Lifting Logs up to 18 cm Diameter with Non-Slip Leather Handle

  • Lifting tongs are made of forged steel
  • Non slip ergonomic leather handle
  • 180 mm jaw opening

4.4/5 from 8 reviews

Classic Accessories StormPro RainProof Heavy-Duty Log Splitter Cover

  • Fits gas or electric log splitters 82"L x 45"W x 34"H (when in horizontal position)...
  • Four-year limited warranty
  • Reflective piping on air vents for safer night-time visibility
  • Adjustable tension panels with click-close straps provide a quick and customizable fit with exceptional security in windy conditions...
  • Critically taped seams help keep rain out and your equipment protected
Not enough reviews to accurately rate this product.

A log splitter that is run by a machine (electric or petrol or gas) is very easy to work with and you do not need any training for that. The only thing you need to do is place the log, turn on the motor and use the lever to move the log forward. For petrol run log splitter you may need to pull a cord to start the motor. Using the log splitter will make the task easier. So if you have some more log splitter accessories that can support the job and make it faster. Log tongs, multi-way splitting wedges, log saw horse, and log splitter cover are some of the accessories. Here we are going to check some of the beneficial and important accessories you should have to make firewood cutting faster and efficient.

Splitter wedges

All the log splitters come with an in-built cutting wedge to split the log. But using that you can cut the log only into two pieces. There are wedges that can be used to cut the log into 4 or 6 pieces at one go. These types of wedges can be time savers if you have more pieces to be cut. Let us see two of the models that are available online in this category.

The first one here is a 4-way wedge from Swisher that can be used to cut the log piece into 4 pieces. This is the best choice if you have wood pieces that have a lesser diameter and you need to make them into only 4 pieces. If you want to cut the log into 6 pieces, the next wedge will be the correct choice.This model is mainly designed for the Swisher brand however you can get the correct model from your machine’s manufacturer. These types of wedges just slip down on the top of the built-in wedge. These even have holes so that you can attach this to the log splitter using nuts and bolts. Having one of these that is suitable for your model is a great addition to your firewood cutting tool kit.

2. Scheppach 6-way splitter head

From the name itself you would have understood what does this wedge does. This wedge helps you to cut the log piece into 6 pieces. This wedge has 5 blades that are in different sizes. The length of the four sidewise blades is different. The main blade is 11.8 centimetres long. The other blades are 4 centimetres, 5 centimetres, and 7 centimetres respectively.This can be placed at the end of the splitting wedge and you can easily cut the log into 6 pieces. This saves lots of time and work. In one stroke the wood is cut into 6 pieces. The above link is of the 6-way cutting wedge from Scheppach. Since the side blades are not that long this particular model will be ideal for softwoods.

Log tongs

Tongs are tools that are used to lift things from the ground or places where we cannot use bare hands. In the kitchen we use tongs to hold hot pots or utensils. Just like that, there are log tongs that can be used for various purposes. You can lift a piece of log to place it on the splitter or on the pile of firewood. Log tongs can also be used in the fireplace where it is hot and has a risk of burning your hands. Below are two of the log tongs that I found good.

This log tongs can be opened up to 7 inches wide and hence can hold wood logs that have a diameter of 7 inches. The total length of the tool is 8.7 inches. The main purpose of this log tongs is to reduce the strain you will have on your back while lifting the wood logs or firewood. You need not bend down to lift the log from the ground. The 8.7 inches log tongs will cover this distance.FITOOL’s 180 mm log tongs has a compact and simple design that can make the log splitting an easy job. These tongs are handheld tools to lift the logs. The handle of this accessory is ABS plastic and has a comfortable soft TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grip. Both the plastic types that are used on the handle are thermoplastic.

This is another log tongs that can be used to lift logs that are up to 18 cm wide. The holding part is made of forged steel. This is a very strong metal that is the combination of iron and carbon. These two are compressed using high pressure or you can say extreme pressure to make it hard. Unlike the tongs from FITOOL the tongs’ handle from Oregon is made of leather to make it non-slippery.All the customers who bought tongs had agreed to one fact that using tongs is the easiest way to lift logs. This makes the job easy and physically less challenging. While cutting firewood carrying the wood pieces is one of the arduous tasks involved. The log tongs from Oregon will help you in this regard.

Log splitter cover

Whatever machines you buy, covering it with a proper cover is necessary to increase its lifetime. They increase the machine’s life by protecting it in monsoon, summer, and winter. These days dust is also another factor that can cause damage to the machines. If you are using the log splitter in a timber mill the cover becomes a necessity. So let us see models of log splitter covers here.

1. Champion medium waterproof log splitter cover

First, I will include a medium sized cover from Champion. They are manufacturers of powers systems like generators and log splitters. This is a waterproof cover for log splitters. This cover is made of polyester that is tough on the outside. This material makes it durable and scratch-free in any weather. The manufacturer has mentioned the capacity of the splitter it can cover as 15-27 ton. This means you can use this cover for those particular splitters.Based on your requirements you can buy the cover if it satisfies your need. The cover comes with a drawstring that can be tied at the bottom side of the splitter. This will ensure that your splitter is well covered even in a windy climate. The dimensions of the product are 144.8 x 66 x 68.6 cm weighing just 1.36 KGs. Check and match your machine’s dimensions before you order one of these.

This is another log splitter that can be used on any model; be it electric or petrol run splitters. The dimensions of the splitter should be within the limits – 82 x 45 x 34 inches (LxWxH). The measurement should be taken when the log splitter is in a horizontal position. You will be storing the splitter in the garage and at night it will become difficult for you to locate the machine. To help that there is piping on the cover that is reflective in nature. These are on the air vents.The cord at the hem is elastic which enables the user to cover the splitter efficiently and easily. The stitches are made in a way that the seams are taped to stop it tearing off. There are clips to keep the cover together at the bottom of the log splitter. This keeps the cover safe on the machine. Log splitter cover is a must have accessory for your log splitter.

Log splitter stand

This is an accessory that is helpful mostly for electric log splitters. These stands can be used to achieve the needed height to work with. Some of the electric models in the market are recumbent models. Not everyone can work with these models. So you can buy one of these stands and use the log splitter. Let us see two models that are available online.

1. Forest Master log splitter stand

The first splitter stand is one that is compatible with the Forest Master electric log splitters. However, this stand is compatible with machines that have a length of 37 centimetres or 52 centimetres. According to your comfort, you can adjust the height and work on the log splitter. This reduces the physical strain you will have to face.
There are options to connect two wheels for portability. The company does not provide wheels however you can use the wheels that came with the log splitter. This stand is really helpful if the surface you keep the splitter is uneven. The metal used is a heavy duty metal which makes it strong and durable.

2. Universal Electric log splitter stand trolley

The next stand is a trolley model like the first one. Here also you need to remove the wheels of your log splitter and attach it to the stand to move it. This stand is compatible with most of the log splitters. According to the model you are using you can adjust the length of the stand. You do not have to bend down to work on your machine. This becomes a herculean job if the model is a recumbent one. The trolley stand from Universal Electric becomes a saviour here.

Log splitter work bench

A log splitter work bench is something that you can attach to the splitter to keep the cut pieces from falling down. This helps you to stand properly and work. The wooden pieces will fall down and you will have to bend down to lift each piece. Below is one example for you to understand what it is.

1. Forest Master log splitter work bench tray

This work bench is compatible with 52cm log splitters. You can bolt this bench onto the splitting rail to use this. Along with the above accessories if you have this work bench cutting firewood for the winter becomes a fun job.

I have included some of the important add-on tools above to make your wood cutting job easier. Consider your needs and budget before deciding on one.

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