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Push Sweepers To Make Your Outdoors Tidy

Comparison table: Push Sweepers (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkRatingPrice

Kärcher Yellow Push Sweeper:

  • The large 16-litre waste container allows the large areas such as patios and driveways to be cleaned effortlessly....
  • The S 650 includes two side brushes to clear dirt and debris from right up to the edges of...
  • A two-stage height adjustable handle makes the S 650 comfortable and effortless to use....
  • The handle can be folded down and the sweeper can be stood upright...
  • An easy to remove waste container makes the S 650 easy to empty without contact with the dirt....

4.1/5 from 13 reviews

Lanhope Push Sweeper with Long Handle:

  • Effortlessly Sweep - Rubber Bristles easily gather up dust
  • Pet Hair Remove - Best to remove pet hair from carpets and rugs...
  • Updated Extra Long and Adjustable Handle
  • Reuse Like New - Easy to keep the broom clean by washing under tap...
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use

3.9/5 from 478 reviews

Automatic Hand Push Sweeper With 3600 Rotating Efficiency From Homyl:

  • Broom, dustpan and garbage bin
  • Adjustable stainless steel handle
  • Adopt three roller brushes to clean blind angles in 360° but dont hurt the ground...
  • No need any power source
  • Fully enclosed storage, no fly dust

5/5 from 2 reviews

1. Kärcher Yellow Push Sweeper:

  • If you are penchant about keeping your landscape tidy, you should take home this yellow-coloured push sweeper from Kärcher.
  • With its model number 17663070 S 650, this device is a two-in-one push sweeper.
  • You can clean your huge driveways and patios with this device as it has a huge 16-litre waste container to hold the huge wastes gather from these large areas.
  • Further, this unit has a couple of side brushes to get rid of debris and dirt even from the edges of the curbs and walls.
  • To ensure that users like you can conveniently use this unit, it comes with two-stage height adjustment handle
  • You can place the sweeper upright and even you can fold the handle to make sure that it will not consume much of your space when storing against the wall in your shed or garage.
  • In addition to having a higher capacity waste container, the unit is designed in such a way that you can easily remove the container to get rid of the waste gathered. Most importantly, you need not have to get in direct contact with the dirt when removing, thereby making it safe for your health as well.
  • The good thing about this unit that ensures easy manoeuvrability is that it has a couple of wheels attached, such that sweeping can be done at a speed of five times faster than a broom.
  • It is designed as a corrosion and break-resistant unit and it can cover a sweeping width of 650 mm with its sweeping roller on two sides. For all these features working perfectly, this unit has a 5-star customer rating.
  • The push thermo-handle has two-way height adjustment facility in such a way that it can suit different users.

2. Automatic Hand Push Sweeper With 3600 Rotating Efficiency From Homyl:

  • You might be a person interested in a purple colour. Otherwise, you might be a lover for yellow colour. Not just in these two colours, you can shop for this unit in other colours like green, blue and red colours as well.
  • Even though it looks like a single hand-held unit, it can perform the tasks of three devices. Yes, it can function as your broom, garbage bin and as your dustpan.
  • With a slight push, you can clean dust, hair and other fine particles not just in your patio, but also in other areas of your home.
  • As the handle that comes with this device is adjustable, anybody in your family can use this equipment for cleaning. In addition to saving your back, it will also help you save a lot of your time and energy.
  • It has three roller brushes underneath to clean without hurting the ground. You can use it on your tile floor, wood floor, plastic surface and of course, in your patio and other outdoor areas with cement flooring.
  • Without the need for any power source, it is an energy-saving devices and it brings complete environment protection as well.
  • With its fully-enclosed storage, this unit will prevent dust from flying, thereby making your home cleaning easier and ensuring the health of your family.
  • This unit made out of plastic has a five-star customer rating

3. DaVinci Push Broom from Root Assassin:

  • At the first look, you will think that it is an ordinary broom when compared to the products that we have listed here.
  • However, with its 24” head, it can sweep at a faster pace as compared to other push brooms available in the market. It will work well in your hard floors, cement surface and other dry surfaces in an efficient manner to get rid of wastes.
  • The company has used patented broom technology in this sweeper. The curved end sections of this sweeper make sure that there is little to no unnecessary dust missing out.
  • The large broom funnels dirt away from the sides, thereby making a clean pile in the centre that you can get rid of with ease.
  • You will come across push sweepers with handles that might cause blisters and other uncomfortable results for your hand. But, the handles in this unit is made out of high-strength and lightweight fibreglass. Most important, it is not prone to rust, splintering and chipping like the average broom handles that you will come across in the market. You can ideally store this unit in the closet, storage cabinet and in the shed. Also, it contains durable end loops to easily hang when not in use.
  • Further, the sweeper is designed in such a way that it can reach the corners with ease. This is because of the soft bristles. Also, it is due to the flared threaded ends of the broom.
  • The seller Root Assassin believes in quality without any compromise. So, you can completely rely on this tool to get your job done perfectly. You will get this promise along with this product from this seller.

  • This push sweeper with long handle contains rubber bristles
  • It will help with effortlessly sweeping different areas including your garden.
  • The rubber bristles ensure that you can easily gather dust and it carries 50% more efficient than your normal broom.
  • The updated extra-long and adjustable handle with 59/45.3 and 31.9 inches adjustable heights ensures that it can be used by people in different heights. It is long enough in such a way that tall adults using it need not have to bend. Even kids can use this product as the length can be shortened to their height.
  • Ideal both for indoor and outdoor use. The collapsible handle makes sure that you can store it without occupying much space

5. Electric Weed Sweeper from Garden Gear:

  • This sweeper from Garden Gear will help you easily get rid of weeds in your external space.
  • This device comes with a couple of brushes. One is a nylon brush and the other is a metal brush. These two options are offered to meet all your cleaning needs with the utmost ease.
  • The transparent safety hood in this device will safeguard your eyes from debris that is discarded
  • Comes with a 24-month guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly as it will not cause any damage to the environment
  • The design helps you to safeguard yourself from backache as you can do the cleaning without bending.

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