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Best Garden Bags and Garden Bins

Comparison table: Buckets & Tubs (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

GardenMate Pack of 3 Large 272 litres Garden Waste Bags

  • Pack of 3 reusable garden waste bags
  • Made from strong 150g/m² polypropylene (PP) woven fabric
  • 4 sturdy carrying handles (2 upper
  • For large amounts of lightweight garden waste such as leaves and plant waste...
  • Premium quality from GardenMate

Norjews 272 litres Large Garden Waste Bags Pack of 3

  • Simplify Garden Work - With this garden waste bag
  • Durable Material - The waste bag is made of strong 150g/m² polypropylene (PP) woven fabric Environmentally friendly...
  • Free Standing Bag - 4 sturdy carrying handles (2 upper
  • Extra Large Volume - Pack of 3 reusable garden waste bags 272L maximum capacity Height 76 cm...
  • Perfect Free Gift - 1 Pair Comfort Gardening Gloves

Green Outdoor Plastic Waste Bin



KD & Jay 80 litre capacity Outdoor Waterproof Garbage Bin with Lockable Lid

80L Capacity Outdoor Waterproof Garbage/Rubbish Bin With Lockable Lid

  • Strong & Sturdy with a lid
  • Black outdoor clip lid for a tighter stronger seal
  • It has very strong Comfortable carrying handle's

S & MC Gardenware Small Coloured Outdoor Plastic Bin

Small 50L / 70L Coloured Plastic Bin Outdoor Rubbish Dustbin Animal Feed Seed Storage (50L, Black)

  • Strong plastic design / Handles on either side for easy movement
  • Locking lid to ensure the bin is kept away from those pesky rodents / This budget bin is ideal...
  • 25L: Size (approx.): Width: 39cm Height: 40cm // 35L Size (approx.): Width: 43cm Height: 40cm...
  • 50L : Size (approx.): Width: 45cm Height: 50cm
  • 70L : Size (approx.): Internal Width: 41cm / Height: 52cm // External Width: 48cm / Height: 57cm...

GIOVARA 300 litres Garden Waste Bags Pack of 3

  • LARGE CAPACITY :300 liters of max capacity (each bag)
  • USER FRIENDLY: foldable, double stitched strong webbing handles with a flexible hoop increasing stability...
  • HEAVY DUTY: 150g/m² of polypropylene
  • WIDE APPLICABILITY: not only for garden waste like foliage
  • REUSABAE: simple to clean and dry fold flat

Sterling Ventures 25 litres Garden Waste Rubbish Dust Bin with Locking Lid

Sterling Ventures 25L Garden Waste Rubbish Dust Bin with Locking Lid (Blue)

  • Weather resistant, suitable for use outside
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Metal locks that clip to the lid very securely
  • Plastic handles on each side making it easy to move around the home or business...
  • Suitable for general rubbish

Garden Bags

Ease your garden waste collection effort by using these large volume garden waste bags by Norjews. The main features of the bag include:

  • The bags are made of high grade and durable polypropylene fabric which is lightweight, durable, waterproof, tear resistant and UV resistant.
  • The bags are built with 2 sturdy handles at the top and 2 sturdy handles at the bottom, all of which are stitched properly to the bag.
  • The bag material is flexible and hence you can easily fold them and store them when not in use.
  • Each of the bags has a good capacity of 272 litres.
  • The diameter of the bag is 67 cm and the height is 76 cm. The bag weighs 1200 g.
  • The package comes with 3 pack of garden waste bags and 1 pair of gardening gloves which protects your hands from any thorns, sharp edges, shrubs or other prickly stuff while you are collecting garden waste.
  • Care must be taken while using these bags as they are mostly suitable for dry garden waste, which makes them reusable for a number of times.

These large capacity garden waste bags by GIOVARA have the following key features:

  • Each bag has a capacity of 300 litres and the product dimensions are 84 cm x 67 cm.
  • The bags are easy to store as they are foldable and you can store them in less space when not in use.
  • The 2 handles at the top and 2 handles at the bottom of the bags are strongly stitched and webbed into the main bag material.
  • The bags are made if heavy duty polypropylene plastic, which makes them water resistant, robust, tear resistant and UV resistant, and hence increases their shelf life.
  • These bags are multipurpose as apart from being used for garden waste collection, they can be used in the household for storing toys, clothes etc.

GardenMate is a leading brand in the garden tools and supplies manufacturing industry and has been selling professional garden waste bags in a number of sizes over the past many years.

The GardenMate garden waste bags have the following unique features:

  • The garden waste bags are available in a number of sizes: including 60 litre, 120 litre, 272 litre, 300 litre, 400 litre and 500 litre sizes.
  • The 2 handles at the top enable ease in carrying the bag from one place to another and the 2 handles at the bottom enable the user to easily turn the bag and remove the stored garden waste from the bag. All the 4 handles are strongly stitched to the main bag.
  • The top edge of the bag is stitched with a plastic hoop, so that it stays open on its own and stays upright when the user is filling it with garbage.
  • The bags are made from 150 gsm strength polypropylene fabric, which makes the bag tear resistant, UV resistant, water resistant and resistant to organic solvents.

Garden Bins

1. Sterling Ventures 25 litres Garden Waste Rubbish Dust Bin with Locking Lid

The Sterling Ventures Garden Bin is perfectly sized for outdoor garbage use and has the following key features:

  • The bin is made of sturdy plastic and has a capacity of 25 litres.
  • The bin is made of weather resistant material and hence is perfect for outdoor use.
  • The bin comes attached with metal locks, which enable you to tightly close the lid if you want.
  • The sturdy plastic handles at the sides make it very easy to move the bin around from one place to another.
  • The bin is multipurpose: you can use it to store garbage in the garden or in the household or you can use it to store toys, clothes etc.

This Keto Plastics Garden Bin is perfect for garden and other household waste storage outside your home and has the following product features:

  • The bin has a capacity of 80 litres.
  • Manufactured in the UK, the bin is made of high quality virgin material, which makes it durable and weather resistant.
  • The bin has 2 lockable metal handles, which enable you to secure the bin with its lid, to prevent any unnecessary attack by rodents or birds.
  • The bin is made from food grade plastic, and hence, it can also be used indoors to store bulk vegetables, or keeping pet and animal food.

This 50 litre garden bin manufactured by S & MC Gardenware has the following unique features:

  • Strong and durable bin made with high grade superior plastic.
  • Storage capacity of 50 litre.
  • 2 handles on either side for easily carrying the bin from one spot to another.
  • Comes with its own lid and 2 locking clips attached on either side, so that the user can lock it to keep away the pests and rodents.
  • Suitable for outdoor use i.e. storing garden waste, household outside garbage, as well as ideal for storing indoor waste or storing toys, clothes etc.
  • The product dimensions for the 50 litre bin are: 45 cm width and 50 cm height.

4. KD & Jay 80 litre capacity Outdoor Waterproof Garbage Bin with Lockable Lid

  • This garbage bin manufactured by KD & Jay has the following unique features:
  • This 80 litre outdoor bin comes with a strong top lid and 2 clips on either side to secure the lid.
  • Strong handles on either side to carry the bin from one spot to another.
  • Made with durable plastic and is waterproof.
  • The product dimensions are: 61 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm and the product weighs approximately 3.02 kg.

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