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Stay safe with these 5 top first aid kits

First aid kits are essential. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there is always the risk that something will go wrong and the potential for injuries to occur. When you are someone who enjoys being outdoors this risk is magnified just due to the types of activities we participate in. Just take camping for example, you could burn yourself while making a fire or while cooking, accidentally hit your hand while hammering in tent pegs, or any other number of things could awry.

Even if you just spend most of your time tending to your garden, you are bound to be working with sharp blades of various types, heavy tools, and chemicals that could potentially harmful.

None of us like to think we will ever get hurt doing what we love, but it is always best to be prepared, and with the price of the best first aid kits dropping all the time, there is no excuse to not buy one.

These kits come in a range of sizes and of varying qualities, and the amount of choice is staggering. To clear the path a little, we have had a close look at the best first aid kits in the UK and reviewed them here for you.

The contents for each first aid kid can be seen by clicking on the links we have provided then scrolling down, so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Comparison table: First Aid Kits for (November 2020 Updated Review)

ProductWhat We ThinkPrice

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit & Added Mini Kit

  • LARGE MED KIT. The kit comes with 200 essential basic life-saving items with additional space to add your own...
  • WATER RESISTANT. The bag is water resistant and all inner items are protected from water in durable laminate pouches....
  • ORGANIZED COMPARTMENTS. You need to know your first aid kit like the back of your hand...
  • ORGANIZED COMPARTMENTS. You need to know your first aid kit like the back of your hand...

The Body Source 220 Piece Premium First Aid Kit Bag

  • 220 ESSENTIAL ITEMS: This Premium First Aid Kit from Amazon's leading provider of First Aid Kits contains 220 essential...
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Extremely hard-wearing outer bag means this product is difficult to break and is made to last....
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: The lightweight and compact design allow you to store the kit away in your home...
  • ACCIDENT READY: This comprehensive first aid bag includes products such as antiseptic towels...
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that you'll love this product that we offer a 12-month warranty...

General Medi Mini First Aid Kit,92 Pieces Small First Aid Kit

  • ✓ Security And Reliability
  • ✓ Contents – Packed with 92 pieces of useful and valuable hospital grade medical supplies...
  • ✓ Design - For maximum efficiency and portability
  • ✓ Comprehensive Care - This ultimate survival kit consists of everything that you need to clean and dress minor...
  • ★★★★★ HIGH QUALITY - You need outdoor gear that's as tough as you are...

This best-selling premium first aid kit comes to us from Body Source for the low price of £24.99 at the time of writing, reduced from the usually £39.99 price tag.
Even when not on sale, this large kit offers the buyer very good value for money, so at the reduced price, it is an exceptional deal.

This is a kit comprising of 220 pieces of medical equipment contained in a surprisingly compact carry back that is about the size of a small, modern laptop computer. The bag is made from a durable yet lightweight fabric that is also resistant to water.

Inside the bag, the contents of the first aid kit have been organised and stored well so as to make the most of the space, but on top of that, there are spare mesh pockets so you can rearrange the kit to be how you like it. It also means you can add anything you think you might need.

As it comes, the Body Source first aid kit is very well equipped, with all manner of bandages, gauze pads, face mask, and just about everything else you would ever need for emergency on the spot treatment of injuries and wounds. There is even a road side light tube for when the batteries of your torch have ran out.

In summary, this is a comprehensive first aid kit available at a very good price and it is no surprise that it is a best seller here in the UK.

The Body Source 220 Piece Premium First Aid Kit Bag

If you want premium quality and don’t mind spending a little more on your first aid kit, then I thoroughly recommend this one from Surviveware.
The moment I put my hands on the carry bag I could tell that this had been made with no shortcuts taken in the quality department and it gave a sense of confidence about the contents too.

Upon opening the robust carry bag, I was not disappointed. Everything inside was separated into specific pockets that were clearly labelled for their purpose. What’s more, these weren’t cheap stick on labels that will fall off or wear away in no time at all, no, these are stitched labels on the entrances to the various pockets and compartments.

Not only does this scream high quality at you, it serves a very important purpose. When there is an actual emergency and your adrenaline is pumping, the last thing you want to be doing is digging through the contents of your bag searching for what you need. With this first aid kit, everything can be found instantly at a glance, saving critical time.

This kit is large and contains 200 potentially lifesaving items such as a removable CPR pouch, emergency blanket for shock or hypothermia, and all the bandages and other basics that you could ever need.

As an extra bonus Survivware have included a 50 piece, mini first aid kit as part of the package. This is perfect to have handy when circumstances dictate that you have to travel more lightly, like on a family bike ride for example.

Also included is a well detailed first aid handbook that can guide you through the proper procedures required to deal with those emergency situations. You will also be sent an email by the company containing a PDF guide so that you will always have a copy available on your smartphone.

One of my favourite things about Surviveware is that for every sale of their first aid kit that they make, they donate a percentage to a non-profit organisation called Hands Free who provide help in getting children and armed forces veterans 3D printed prosthetics. If that’s not a worthy cause, then I don’t know what is. This is well worth paying the extra for.

While it is true that large first aid kits are extremely well equipped and absolute life savers in extreme emergencies, they are not always the most practical things when it comes to needing something more mobile, or when carrying space is limited.

Let’s say you are going backpacking or hiking. You only have so much space in your bag and some of the larger kits can take up a large percentage of that, leaving you with little room for anything else. Big first aid kits are great to keep at home or in the car, but to carry on your back while mountain biking? Not so much.

This is where compact mini first aid kits like this one from General Medi come in. Although they are very small, lightweight, and easy to carry and store, they still contain enough pieces of medical equipment to handle the most common injuries.

For example you’ll find 92 pieces of gear including lots of bandages and plasters, medical scissors, CPR face mask, an emergency blanket, moleskin blister pads, and even an eye wash. All tucked into a bag as small as a woman’s purse (14x20cm)

The bag itself is made of hardwearing material and has a plastic clip so that you can quickly and easily secure it to your backpack or belt loop on your trousers, shorts, or jeans, so it is always right there at hand when needed. The first aid logo on the front of the carry bag has been designed to be reflective so as to make it easy to find in the dark.

The quality of the medical supplies is assured by the company and are all ISO13485, CE and FDA approved. That means you know you can rely on them in those vital moments.

So, if you’re in the market for a compact, travel friendly first aid kit, you can’t really go wrong with this one, and with a price tag that puts it under 10 pounds, you don’t really have any reason not to buy it.

General Medi Mini First Aid Kit,92 Pieces Small First Aid Kit

4. Protect Life First Aid Kit - 200 Piece

First aid kits often come in bags made of soft materials and while this is great for keeping the overall weight down, it does leave them vulnerable to being squashed if accidentally sat on or if they are jammed into a small space.

Protect life are seeking to tackle this problem with their 200 piece first aid kit by enclosing it in a semi-hard case instead of the more common material carry bag. I say semi because that’s what it is, the other material is still stitched and light, but it has a shape and structure to it that will stop the contents being accidently crushed.

In 2020 Protect life have upgraded their first aid kit from a 150 piece set to 200 pieces, and inside you will find that all items have been manufactured to CE and FDA standards. There are all the usual bandage types, gauze pads, and other necessary dressing, as well as essentials like safety pins, tweezers and scissors. I was also happy to see that Protect life had included an instant cold compress pack which is great for dealing with sports injuries when ice isn’t on hand.

On the case there is a carabiner for attaching to something like a backpack, but at around half a kilo in weight, and not being as compact as some other kits, I wouldn’t class this as a model you would carry around on your person like the General Medi mini first aid kit.

This is more like something I would keep in the car or in the kitchen cupboard or garage.

The protect life first aid kit is well priced at 24.97 on Amazon (at the time of writing) and is a well-stocked emergency case that should keep the contents from being accidently damaged. It would be great for keeping in the boot of the car due to the hardwearing design.

5. Ezy-Aid 99pcs Supreme First Aid Kit Bag

Looking for a low cost first aid kit that still has all the vital supplies inside?

Then look no further because Ezy-aid has got you covered with their 99 pieces first aid kit.

You can choose from 2 colours for your carry bag, either the traditional green, or a more striking blue shade. The bag is made from a soft nylon material that still manages to be hardwearing and water resistant and it opens up into three different sections so everything is easy to see and find. There isn’t as much extra space to fit in extra things as some of the larger, more expensive kits, but what is there is more than adequate.

Often with cheaper first aid kits, they contain little more than different shaped bandages, but not with this one. The 99 pieces of medical equipment include some very handy items such as sterile eye pads and wash pods, instant freeze packs, antiseptic wipes, gloves, tweezers, pins, and scissors. All of the contents of this kit are CE certified.

There are also special plasters for children, which any parent will tell you will be some of the first things used, and a thermal blanket to prevent hypothermia, something you should always have handy if you enjoy kayaking or spending time on boats in the UK.

Best First Aid Kits Buyer’s Guide

You would be forgiven for thinking all first aid kits are the same, but that is actually not true, and there are several different types available. Even first aid kits of the same type often have different supplies inside them.
So which is right for you? Only you can answer that question but here is a brief guide to help you decide.

Different types of first aid kit

As we just mentioned, there are first aid kits that are designed for dealing with different situations or possible injuries. For example there are kits for sports, different types of workplaces, general kits, travel first aid kits, and more.
Have a think about your intended purposes and try to find a kit that suits them.


If you’ve read our reviews above then you’ll already be aware that first aid kits come in a range of sizes. Large kits containing 200 or more pieces are great of you have a big family or are doing activities in a good sized group, but they can be quite heavy and not that portable without a car.
Smaller kits, or mini-first aid kits won’t contain as many supplies but can be great for specific purposes like mountain biking or hiking.

Contents of the kit

Most kits will have a selection of bandages and gauzes, but after that the supplies will often vary somewhat. Some kits have thermal blankets, CPR masks, instant cool packs, and more. Fortunately, if you look at the product pages by following our links you can get a list of all the contents.

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